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 Ari's love of the century's one shots

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : GC's official NaoUranus/myuteer
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PostSubject: Ari's love of the century's one shots   10th August 2013, 6:05 pm

Yay finally got my series of one shots started so here's the deal I will get to them as often as I can it's all the ships I myself love so yea there might be a few others disagree with pleas let me know what you think of my one shots it's been years since I have actively written a one shot so I'm hoping these turn out pretty good.

   Ch 1: A princess and her soldier   

 Uranus didn't usually come to the moon to visit her princess. No the younger princess usually came to her on Uranus but she decided for the girls birthday she would surprise her with a visit. With the time it was when the blond senshi had arrived to the moon she figured Serenity would be in her room so she crept through the halls on the moon palace. She wasn't supposed to be here the outer senshi were meant to guard the outer solar system so it was forbidden for them to visit the inner solar system unless asked to do so. Uranus however wasn't asked to come and the queen had no need of her at the moment. If she were caught she would be in deep trouble but she could live with that. All she wanted was to spend an hour or two with the moon princess so she would suffer anything if she could get that hour. finally making it to the princesses room after several close calls with a couple maids and a few other palace servants as well as Sailor Venus. The venesiun wouldn't turn Uranus in on purpose but the other blond got a bit out of hand when it came to love even more so when it came to forbidden love and no matter how much she ignored it that's exactly what this was. Serenity was a princess granted Uranus herself was a princess she was a soldier first and foremost and to make matters worse she was one of serenity's soldiers it was not allowed. they however didn't care and they would continue to sneak around if they had to.

Neptune had told her it was a bad idea even Pluto had pointed out how bad of an idea it was. Uranus for her part ignored her other two team mates. Opening the door open a crack she looked to see if the cost was clear and quickly slipped into the room. Looking around the senshi noticed one thing missing from the room the moon princess. She heaved out  sigh "could you make this any more difficult for me Serenity." she muttered a fond smile on her face. She wasn't to familiar with the moon palace which meant she needed to enlist some help and the only person to help her at the moment would in fact be non other than Sailor Venus. She already felt a headache coming on. Slowly creeping through the gall she caught site of the blond hair, orange fuku, and red bow of Sailor Venus. she quickly crept behind a column ahead of the blond inner senshi and when the other senshi was close enough she took a hold of the girls glove covered wrist pulling the younger blond behind the column with her. When Venus went to scream Uranus quickly clamped a hand on the girls mouth. 

"Venus it's me Uranus don't scream and pleas be quiet and don't get to loud." she said almost harshly. as soon as her hand moved Venus spun around. "Uranus what are you doing here you know your not supposed to be here." the other blond whispered harshly to the elder senshi. "I know I just wanted to see Serenity and spend time with her before her birthday ball." she said. "before I have to return home to help Neptune and Pluto." she finished. Uranus couldn't quiet figure out what the sad look in Venus's eyes meant and when asked the senshi of love just shook her head and lead her to the gardens the princess was in. Uranus would later wish the other senshi had informed her of what made her look at them sadly though she was happy to spend the night with her princess. She had gone to ask Venus about that look once more but she didn't have the time since as soon as she opened her mouth to speak the had a moon princess in her arms. 

Uranus had no more time to think on what she had been about to ask the other blond senshi all her attention turning to the princess in her arms. The princess that was currently crying into her chest and soaking the top portion of her fuku. She was a bit confused and well she had no idea what to do or say to make things right she had never been good with crying. it was worse when it was her princess that was crying. She grasped the shorter girls chin between her fingers and lifted her head to look at her. Uranus brought the other gloved hand up to whip away the tears. she didn't need to say a word her eyes said it all for her. "Mother is  marrying me off to the earth prince I don't know why but she's announcing it to the rest of the kingdom tonight and word should be reaching the outer solar system soon after that. Uranus looked dumb founded at the news as her world began to shatter around her.


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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : GC's official NaoUranus/myuteer
Posts : 3494
Join date : 2013-04-14
Age : 27
Location : Nao Takagi's House? yea yea I know I wish

PostSubject: Re: Ari's love of the century's one shots   16th September 2013, 2:00 am

 A never ending love 

No this was not happening she had not just been put in the same position her blond had been in not too long ago. The only difference was where as the other senshi had been willing to kill her to protect their princess she was not as willing to do the same. She looked on at the taller blond not sure what to make of this. She could feel the tears start to burn her eyes wanting to come but she would not let them. She would not cry not in front of the enemy and not in front of her princess or any of the other inner senshi. Uranus had known this was going to happen she had known it was coming. TO make matters worse the blond hadn’t thought she needed to know either. It hurt her to know her love would keep such a secret for her but she also knew deep down that her partner had done it to protect her from getting hurt. ‘Haruka why must you be so noble you could have prepared me for this.’ She thought as she picked up the space sword that lay on the ground at her feet.

Not too long before this Haruka had that exact sword pointed at her. Had been about ready to kill her just to protect the princess. Whereas she might have been slightly fascinated by vampires a year before she was getting a bit annoyed with them. First Dracul turns her into a vampire and now his daughter Vampir turned the tables on her. It was than Haruka’s words to Usagi hours earlier made perfect sense. ‘If I turn before even Michiru knows I entrust her to you.’ She knew this was coming she had tried to warn her and she hadn’t taken it to heart. She hadn’t thought the blond was talking this soon or that this was what she referred to. ‘Haruka please don’t make me do this I could never kill you not even to protect our princess.’ Her thoughts were not kind to her and she knew she would be forced to do something she couldn’t do. Her princess was in danger and there was nothing she could do to save her or protect her. She could not bring herself to fight the wind senshi and she wouldn’t fight the sky senshi. She would die before she even thought of harming the blond racer. Her head snapped up when she heard the attacks. She watched without much emotion as mars, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus fell. Not even Pluto one of her dearest friends fazed her much. It was the blond that layed dyeing on the steps in front of her that hurt the most. “HARUKA!!!!”  This was not happening to her she was not just forced to watch the woman she loves die in front of her. No matter how much her brain fought against the reality she knew what she had just seen had actually happened and it killed her inside. How could see go on without the blond. She wasn’t strong like Uranus she was the weakest of the outer senshi. Sure Haruka argued with her about it but she was by far the weakest out of the outer senshi. Saturn had the power to destroy the world and could wield it expertly. Setsuna had control over time and the patience to be a soldier, Haruka was the strongest of them with the power and agility to take down most opponents. And what did Michiru have not a whole lot. She was a musician and an artist nothing more. Sure she could hold her own but not quit as well as the other three could. She fell to the ground tears comeing to her eyes. The only person she had ever been in love with killed right in front of her. How could she go on without the blond at her side? She shook her head standing up tears still in the corners of her eyes she had a job to do. A duty that she must follow through with and that duty was to protect Sailor Moon her princess Haruka would be severely disappointed with her if she was there to see how she had just acted in front of everyone. ‘Maybe if I die here I can join you where you are now, wait for me Hruka.’

(by the way I cried when I wrote this one shot.)


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Ari's love of the century's one shots

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