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 What is a Casual RPG Event?

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PostSubject: What is a Casual RPG Event?   11th October 2013, 3:38 pm

 Casual Events   
Casual events are friendly, easy-going free-for-all roleplays that generally follow [Relaxed] standards, but welcome [Advanced] posting as well. They are coordinated by Sailor Saturn, take place in the Casual Events Area and come in two different durations: Weekend and Two Weeks.

  1. Weekend Casual Events: (2-3 days) 
     No tasks to be completed. 
     Activity Rule: Members must be active more days than not and meet the given goal. (Typically a weekend event is 3 days, but in some instances may cause for an extra day or two. Example: An event lasting Friday through Sunday with a a goal of posting 5 times using 50 or more words per post. (The participants must post 2/3 days and have at least 5 posts using at least 50 or more words per post)
  2. Two Full Weeks:
     Tasks are assigned by Saturn during the roleplay and they must be completed within the given time frame, usually 1 to 2 days. Tasks are meant to keep roleplayers engaged through simple roleplaying in order to obtain one overall goal.
     Activity Rule: You are allowed to miss 2 tasks
  3. Overall Rules:
     Follow the RPG rules (Relaxed posting)
     Steady Paced and Simple posts are preferred, however advanced posts are welcomed
     If you break any of the Activity Rules, then you might be disqualified from being able to use the end of the Casual Event prizes (bumpers, signatures, etc) as it is not fair for everyone to be able to use these prizes when only certain members were active.
  4. Requirements:
     Must be active enough to complete given tasks & goals
     By joining events, you agree to the Activity Rules
     Casual events do not require character profiles.  

Examples of Casual Events: The Calcite SenshiAlter Egos, and A Senshi Dollhouse 

 Point Card: You can mark the event square on a Monthly Point Card only if you did not fall inactive during the casual event.


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What is a Casual RPG Event?

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