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 (Approved) (Advanced Senshi) VesVes/Sailor Vesta

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Empress Vesta
Lotus Crystal

Empress Vesta

Lotus Crystal

Title : GC's Official VesVes/Sailor Vesta and GC's Official Sailor Quartet Lover
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PostSubject: (Approved) (Advanced Senshi) VesVes/Sailor Vesta   Sun 20 Oct 2013 - 23:22

Character Name:


Age and Date of Birth:
Unknown, looks in her teens, but is probably hundreds of years old because of Moon Kingdom/Crystal Tokyo lifespans and stuff like that. However, it is noted that she is the youngest of the Sailor Quartet. Her exact date of birth is unknown.

Used Canons:
Combined anime and manga canon (though mostly manga)

VesVes is the youngest of the Sailor Quartet. However, no one would guess that from the way she looks. She is tall--about as tall as CereCere, if not taller. Her skin is almost as dark as JunJun's, giving her a rather tanned look. Her facial features are rather sharp and foxlike, giving her a sly and cunning look (though she is definitely not the cunning type). Her eyes are scarlet in color, and she is rather skinny. Her hair is just as scarlet as her eyes, with a bit of an orangeish tint. Incredibly long, her hair is styled rather peculiarly. All of it is gathered at the top, and held in place by four gold bands beaded with rubies. After the fourth band, it is tied together by a brown string, and the very tip of her hair hangs out of it like a lion's tail tuft. Instead of earrings, plastered on her ears are gold platelets. These really serve no purpose other than decoration.
In canon, VesVes is usually seen wearing one of three outfits. The first is a very long sleeveless red shirt, with red armbands, white sneakers, and a very short pair of white shorts with red trim. The next is very similar: a red long-sleeve sweater with the same shoes and shorts. And then there's her Circus outfit, which she would not be caught dead in during the future. It's a very skimpy two-piece. The top half is black with red trim, and only covers her breasts. It is linked to a black choker around her neck by two thin, silver chains. The bottom piece is also black with red trim, with a red skirt sprouting from it. Her leggings are scarlet in color. She also wears gray spiked shoulder pads, black wristbands with red trim, and golden tribal-looking sandals.

VesVes is the youngest of the Sailor Quartet, in addition to being the most rebellious, stubborn, brash, and even a bit violent. She's always quick to raise her voice and make a big scene if she doesn't get her way, though she does it with yelling instead of crying. Easily angered, she has a sort of "kick-butt" attitude and is always wanting in on the action. In fact, she sometimes makes the action if things start to move slowly for her. She has little to no respect for authority, and is quite the rebel, seeing as she goes far enough to attack Zirconia for no reason other than believing she could run the Circus better. She has a bit of a playful streak, believing all play and no work. She even has some kindness inside of her, and while she'll never admit it, she cares more about her "sisters" than anything else in the world. She's incredibly protective of all of them, and if you hurt any one of them, you'd better be prepared to be on the receiving end of her full-blown wrath. If not prepared, then too bad, 'cause she'll give it to you anyway. The Beast Tamer of the Dead Moon Circus shows no mercy to her enemies.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
As a side effect from coming from the Dead Moon Circus, VesVes is incredibly quick and agile, able to jump long and high distances. She has no qualms about running across something such as a balance beam fifty feet in the air. She also has the rare and unique ability to start an argument with an empty room.

VesVes used to live in the Amazon jungle with her three "sisters", CereCere, JunJun, and PallaPalla. There, the Quartet dreamed of living a long and happy childhood, since they believed that childhood dreams can only be achieved while still in childhood. However, what they did not know was that they carried the power of the planets, and would awaken sometime far in the future. however, while they did not know this, the evil Nehellenia sensed their power and gave them their Amazon Stones, which let them keep their dream of an eternal childhood. In exchange, they would do her bidding and work for the Dead Moon Circus. The Stones corrupted their minds, turning them evil and heartless, until the Sailor Senshi came along. At first, they attacked each other. The Quartet targeted Sailor Venus and the rest of the Inner Senshi, but the Outer Senshi came to the rescue. When Sailor Saturn and Sailor Chibi Moon chased after them, the former recognized their power, and said they were just being corrupted. The Quartet was about to redeem themselves when the angered Zirconia trapped the six girls inside a mirror. Eventually, when Sailor Moon rescued them and defeated the Dead Moon, Saturn kept the Quartet safe (they had been trapped inside their stones). Then, Neo Queen Serenity blessed them with her power, and they became the Sailor Quartet: the Senshi of the future, with VesVes being Sailor Vesta. They bid farewell to the others, but eventually returned to the past along with Sailor Chibi Moon to help Eternal Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Chibi, and Sailor Kakyu defeat Galaxia. Vesta helped save the odd trio from Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, and was there to witness Kakyu's death by Sailors Phi and Chi. She, along with the other four future Senshi, was quickly felled by the Planetary Senshi, who had been corrupted by Galaxia's bracelets. However, she along with Sailors Ceres, Pallas, and Juno was revived by Sailor Cosmos and, after a long talk with the mysterious new Senshi, was sent back to the future.

Other Noteworthy Facts:
She had a huge soft spot for animals.

Storyline Specific Information:
None as of now

Senshi Info
Senshi Name:
Sailor Vesta

Realm of Influence:
Fauna/animals (based off her Circus attacks/youmas), as well as fire/embers (a nod to her Roman namesake)

Henshin/Transformation Phase:
Vesta Asteroid Power, Make Up!

Sailor Fuku:
Her fuku is a mixture of the basic and eternal forms. It is mostly white. The single-layered skirt, kerchief, and back bow are scarlet in color. Her knee-high boots form a v-shaped dip in front, and are white with scarlet trim. Meanwhile, her gloves reach the middle of her upper arm, and are also white with scarlet trim. Meanwhile, the bow in front is coal black, and adorned with a golden star-shaped brooch in the center. Her tiara is golden, and adorned with a scarlet jewel in the center. The sleeves of her fuku are bubble sleeves, and are white and opaque in color.

Pink Ladies Freezing Kiss- A group attack used by the Sailor Quartet and Sailor Chibi Moon. Basically, the five put their arms in the air, summon their power, and yell the incantation. The enemy is then frozen solid, and dies from the cold.

Amazoness Jungle Arrow- Another group attack, this one used by just the Sailor Quartet. They call upon their power and shout the incantation, and form an "arrow" consisting of energy and power from all four of them. They use this attack to destroy Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon.

Sacred Blaze- This one is her most simple and basic attack. Basically, the image of a fireplace flashes briefly, before burning out, leaving the holographic embers. Then, the holographic embers turn into actual embers, which Vesta shoots at the enemy. It's purely fire-based, unlike the others, which are a combination of both fire and fauna.

Searing Whiplash- This attack is the second most powerful of her attacks, and the one with the biggest nod to her Circus background. Basically, she takes out her whip, and yells the incantation. When she does, the whip catches on fire, and she lashes the enemy with it.

Vesta Feline Flare- This attack is Vesta's most powerful attack. First, the symbol of Vesta appears in her palm and turns into a spout of flame. Then, as she shouts the incantation, the flame turns into a huge tiger made of pure fire. She can command this tiger to attack anyone, and it only listens to her. It only lasts for a few minutes, though, before it fades.

Weapons or Magical Items:
Her henshin stick is mostly a scarlet red-orange color. The handle is that same scarlet, with tiger stripes running across it. The tip is the shape of a tiger's head with its mouth wide open and breathing fire. On the top of its head is the scarlet stone of Vesta, with the symbol of Vesta glowing yellow-orange as she shouts her transformation phase.
She also carries a whip, and sometimes uses it outside of her Searing Whiplash attack. However, during the said attack is the only time the whip catches fire.
During her time as a Circus performer, she used her scarlet Amazon stone to summon youmas and for her orb attacks. It was the thing that bound her to the circus, and after smashing it in the anime, she became free. In the manga, she was trapped inside it until Sailor Saturn and Neo Queen Serenity freed them.

If this counts, the flaming tiger from her Vesta Feline Flare attack. But it only lasts for a few minutes before fading.

RP Sample: 
Five more bad guys to go. Four. Three. Two. One... "YES!" the redhead yelled loudly, having just completed another level of a fantasy video game inside the Crown Arcade, a building that had been sitting in Tokyo since the 20th century. She briefly celebrated her victory, before quickly moving on to the next level. VesVes absolutely loved this game. It was easy, it was fun, she currently held ninth place in the high score ranks, and she was rapidly racking up the points, getting closer and closer to beating eighth place.
Completely engrossed in her game, she was pleased to see that she wasn't in danger of losing. Whenever she did lose, it was always a sight to see. She would yell, curse, and one time actually feigned punching the screen. But not this time, for she could already taste the sweet flavor of victory.
That is, until the screaming started.
It startled VesVes so much, she lost concentration--and the game. "No, no, no!" she yelled as the words 'Game Over' flashed on the screen. She took a few deep breaths to calm herself, before turning her attention to outside. Yep, definitely a youma attack. She knew the signs anywhere. Quickly, she dashed to the girl's bathroom, where she made sure no one else was around before locking herself in a stall. With that, she quickly pulled her henshin stick out of her pocket.
"VESTA ASTEROID POWER, MAKE UP!" she shouted. After flashes of scarlet and bands of fire, Sailor Vesta ran out of the bathroom and the game center. She immediately saw the youma. It looked a lot like a vacuum cleaner, threatening to suck people and other things inside of it. Right now, Vesta had the element of surprise on her side. But stealth was not her style, so she did the thing she was best at. "Hey, ugly!" she yelled.
The youma--which looked somewhat female--turned towards the Senshi. "She" said nothing, as she has a vacuum for a mouth and could only make some odd noises.
"You terrorize a street full of innocent--you know what, I'm gonna skip the introductory speech!" shouted Vesta, pointing dramatically at the youma. "I'm Sailor Vesta, and you're in a whole lot of trouble!"

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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) (Advanced Senshi) VesVes/Sailor Vesta   Wed 23 Oct 2013 - 18:54

Approved! I hope you enjoy roleplaying as VesVes Smile.


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(Approved) (Advanced Senshi) VesVes/Sailor Vesta

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