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 Eternal Cosmos [Advanced]

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PostSubject: Eternal Cosmos [Advanced]   24th October 2013, 5:06 pm

Name of the Storyline:  Eternal Cosmos
Name of the Creator(s):  Lust
Forum: Tokyo City
Plot Summary:  
Chaos has returned once more. The Light of Hope is in the mind of everyone, but Chaos is as well. People's minds have become darker as times have become harder and Chaos has grown stronger and stronger.

Moving as just simple stardust in the Universe, Chaos is stronger than never before. Planets turned against themselves as the people's fears, anger, frustration, and worries became amplified as Chaos manipulated their minds. Planets were destroyed one by one as Chaos moved from Galaxy to Galaxy.

Never forgetting about Sailor Moon, Chaos built strength to finally take revenge on the light that tried to trap it away. Four more Villains appear to challenge up against the Sailor Senshi from the White Moon Kingdom along the side of serving Chaos to receive the immortality promised to them.

As the Villains get stronger, the Sailor Senshi will have to go past the point of no return and find their inner Eternal strength as Sailor Moon must find her power in the Cosmos!

Details on any necessary information: 


- No Otaku Sailor Senshi
- The Villains must have their name as Sailor + Mineral + Something along the lines of their element (Examples: Sailor Amethyst Tornado, Sailor Topaz Flame, Sailor Onyx Willow, Sailor Sapphire Shower)
- Each post MUST consist of at least 200 words.


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PostSubject: Re: Eternal Cosmos [Advanced]   29th October 2013, 5:21 pm

I love this, Lust. The story is so dark and wide, yet you summed it up in as little wording as possible. Great Job.



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Eternal Cosmos [Advanced]

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