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 (Approved) Relaxed Civilian - Makoto Kino

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PostSubject: (Approved) Relaxed Civilian - Makoto Kino    24th October 2013, 10:28 pm

Relaxed Character Profile

Character Name: Makoto Kino
Gender: Female
Age: Mid-20s

Character Image: Makoto is the tallest among the girls, standing at around 5'6". She has long wavy brown hair that's always tied up in a ponytail and green eyes. She usually dresses in shades of green.

Storyline Specific Information:
Medieval Sailor Moon: In this storyline, Makoto is a normal girl living in court. She is the head of the royal guard and in charge of the Kingdom of the Moon's army. She has knowledge of battle strategies and tactics as well as being a brave and capable soldier.

Additional Information: More information about the character's personality can be seen in my Advanced profile of Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter.

RP Sample: Makoto had no idea what this meeting was supposed to be about, but she had an anxious feeling about it. With the princess’ wedding day looming so close, they couldn’t afford for things to go wrong now. The union between the two kingdoms was incredibly important and she was one of the people in charge of making sure everything went smoothly. Though Mako still didn’t entirely trust the people from the Kingdom of the Dark, she knew she had to believe her king and queen had made the right decision. Surely they would not give away their only child if they thought anything could go wrong.

Rushing into the meeting room, Mako remembered just in time that she still had her sword out after giving the army extra training that morning—something that she had ended up enjoying too greatly and in turn made her almost forget about this meeting completely—and she quickly sheathed it back into its scabbard on her belt. “Apologies for being late,” she said, noticing that everyone was already in the room. She tried to slow her breathing from the mad dash she’d done to get her and gave everyone a sheepish smile. “I got caught up in training… again.”


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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) Relaxed Civilian - Makoto Kino    24th October 2013, 11:04 pm

Approved Smile.


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(Approved) Relaxed Civilian - Makoto Kino

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