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 Of Rainbows and Rabbits

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Queen of the darkside of the moon
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Of Rainbows and Rabbits Empty
PostSubject: Of Rainbows and Rabbits   Of Rainbows and Rabbits I_icon_minitime3rd December 2013, 9:43 pm


(Cross posting on DA and )

Rating: PG-PG13

Of Rainbows and Rabbits- Chapter 1

Mamoru Chiba had a very good life.

He was a doctor at a very good hospital, where he specialized in pediatric care, and he had a wonderful family.  Raina was someone he just clicked with while he was in America studying and while they had their differences in a few things, he had felt- no, he knew- that they would be good together.  Sometimes, he thought it was a good thing that he was an orphan as he didn't have to answer or defer to anyone else about such important decision of his life.   Together, they had a beautiful little girl named Nijiko who was nothing but sweetness incarnate.   She was a lot like them, smart little girl with a very big imagination.

Even now, he chuckled to himself at how she told him about her 'friend' she plays with in the gardens.  It was cute and according to Raina, it was expected for little kids her age to imagine such things.

Yes, everything in his life was going wonderfully.

So why on earth, is his daughter chatting in the garden at night and another voice answered her?

"Nijiko?"  He called out to her in their modest garden, "What are you doing out there?"

"Playing,Daddy." Dark blue haired girl popped her head up from her favorite spot in the garden, next to the roses. "Daddy, do you wanna meet my friend?"

He frowned, he really needed to talk to Raina about getter better locks on the patio doors. This was the third time he caught her out here and while having an imagination was all well and good, it would effect her sleeping pattern too much.  After all, she was only five and should be in bed by now.

"Nijiko, it's nine at night. You need to be in bed."

"But-Daddy, she said she wanted to meet you!"  

Mamoru sighed softly, there was a certain pitch in his daughter's voice that told him she would try everything to get him to see what she was doing before she gave up this time.  He figured if he gave into her whims this time, that maybe she would go to bed peacefully this time?  

"Alright, Niko. After this,"  He told her walking towards her, "you'll go straight to bed. Is that clear?"

"Yes daddy." She sounded distracted and whispered something as he came closer.

As he drew near, Mamoru felt odd.  Like there was something not quite right about this situation.  The moon was far too bright, illuminating the garden as if it was daylight, with an intangible something effecting the air around him.  It felt like he was about to discover something- something massively important when he went towards the rose bushes, but what?  What could it be?

"Oh no!" Nijiko cried out suddenly and he rushed around the corner to find...Nothing. "She's gone..."

He breathed out a sigh of relief.  Whatever that weird moment was, it was over and everything seemed normal again.  Still, he scooped up his daughter in her white nightgown and looked back at the spot. It seemed as if she was sharing food with someone, but that can't be right.

"Come on, time for bed for you, princess." He kissed her cheek and carried her off to bed. He'd have to talk to Raina about their daughter's very overactive imagination.

"But she was there, Daddy." His daughter yawned as he tucked her into bed, her light earth-toned hands grabbing the stuffed rabbit, "I think she got scared."

"Well, there's nothing to be scared of." He brushed her bangs and kissed her forehead, "But tell your friend to meet you in the daylight next time?"

She nodded and turned over, "M'kay.."

With his little princess tucked away for the night- for good-, Mamoru went back and made sure the patio door was closed shut. He searched the garden for a moment, before heading back to bed himself.
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Queen of the darkside of the moon
Posts : 986
Join date : 2012-11-10
Age : 33

Of Rainbows and Rabbits Empty
PostSubject: Re: Of Rainbows and Rabbits   Of Rainbows and Rabbits I_icon_minitime3rd December 2013, 9:45 pm

Of Rainbows and Rabbits- Chapter 2


Mamoru turned over in his bed, sinking lower into the pillows as he dreamed.  He's not sure what was happening exactly in the dream, but he knew it felt familiar. Had he had this before?  He's not sure, but someone was calling him.  At least, it felt like it was him. Or was it someone else?

' Endymion..'  

It had been soft, the body pressed against his own. Sweetly calling him by a name he did not claim yet couldn't deny it was part of him.

' Endymion.. I have found you!'

He awoke, suddenly to the shaking hand, and for a moment all he could see in his blurred vision was the outline of two buns..perhaps long hair?.. until his vision cleared and his short dark red haired wife with concerned dark green eyes were staring down at him.

"'Ru, it's time to get up. You'll be late." Her brows rose as she stood up again, "Breakfast is ready."

Rubbing his eyes, he smiled a little at her then suddenly pulled her down onto his lap. He wrapped his arms around her, burying his face against the crook of her neck. Breathing deeply, he could smell everything about her- the scent of jasmine she liked to wear, the faint smell of their soap and.. just Raina.   Soft, loving, real, Raina.

"Maybe I should skip today?" He muttered, kissing her throat.

She chuckled, placing a dark oak hand on his head, ruffling his hair, "Ru, don't you have that meeting to go to today?"   Not that she was actually complaining at his drifting hands. "I..mean I still have that..ahh...Ru, really. I'm trying to say something here."


"Ru, can't it- "

"Mama, Daddy!"

Mamoru groans, but stole a kiss from his wife, "Maybe after Niji goes to school?"  He asked hopefully, letting her go.

Raina shook her head as she straightened out her sage-green shirt and light colored skirt, "We'll see, Mister. " She replied, "Come on down for breakfast. It's your turn to take her to school."  She paused at the door, "And if you get back quick enough, I'll consider on letting you skip today."

"Yes, ma'am." He smiled, throwing his legs over the side of the bed, rolling up to stand. "I'll be down there in a minute."


He headed to the bathroom to shower for the day, the silly smile on his face didn't seem to want to go away.  Though, as the hot spray of the water cleared the fog up in his mind better, he looked up at the ceiling, brows furrowed a bit as he tried to recall his dream again.  He knows he's had it before- a dream where someone, somewhere, was calling him.  Who was it..?

"Sounded female..."  He said to himself before finally giving it no more thought.  After all, it was just a dream.

It didn't really matter, now did it?


"Daddy?" Nijiko swung her legs a bit, sitting in the chair, eating her blueberry oatmeal. "Daaaddeeeee"

"Yes, princess?" Mamoru glanced over at his daughter.

"Do you think I could invite my friend over?"

"Which friend?"

"The one from the gardens."

Raina shot him a look, not sure if that was a good idea or not. "Sweetie, do you think she'll come over?"  

Nijiko thought about it for a moment, spooning her food into her mouth, "Yeah."

"Alright then." Raina gave her some milk and kisses the top of her head, "Hurry up and Daddy will take you to school."



The conversation was forgotten, mostly because they were preoccupied with each other the moment he returned from dropping their daughter off. Migrating from the living room to the bedroom, they were much more concerned with themselves and their own pleasures than anything else.

"Gods.." Raina breathlessly laughed, cuddling up with him and kissed him lightly . "If we keep at it like this, we'll have another one."

He smiled, "You make it sound like it's a bad thing."  He rested a possessive hand on her hip, "Besides, how could anyone resist you?"

Raina sighed softly, running a hand along his chest. "You're too good for me."

"Don't you mean the other way around?"  Mamoru pressed a kiss to her forehead. "You know.. I had a dream."

"Hm..? Was it good?"

He shrugged a bit, "Maybe? I don't know.  It felt like I had it before."  ran his hand along her side, "Someone was calling me in this mist, but I didn't see who it was.. it sounded like a woman."

"Weird." Raina leaned up and kisses him, "Well, whoever your dream woman is, she better realize you're an honest man."

"Heh, you know I am." Returning the kiss, he ran a hand through her hair, enjoying the soft texture of it. " What time is it?"

She looked over at the clock, "It's one.  Niko gets out at two-thirty."  There's a small smile on her face when she turned back to him, "What are you thinking of, Mr. Chiba?"

"Well, Mrs. Chiba."  Mamoru moved, playfully pinning her to the bed, "I was hoping you would give this poor man another taste of heaven."

She laughed, "Honestly, you are going to ruin me."

"You say that like it's a bad thing."


"It's close.."

"Patience is not a virtue I have plenty of. Hurry, locate it!"

"Soon, my queen, we will have it soon."


"When's your friend coming, Niko?"  Raina, dressed in a simple pair of pants  and one of Mamoru's t-shirts as she set the table while Mamoru cooked.

Nijiko looked up from her seat at the coffee table working on her homework, she frowned a little thinking about it, "Soon. She said she'll be here."

"Is her mother bringing her?"

"I don't know."  Nijiko chewed on her lower lip for a moment, " But-"

There was a knock on the door.  Mamoru and Raina exchanged looks before  Mamoru went to answer the door.  

"Wonder who that is?"  He peeked through the peephole, before opening it slowly. " Hello?"


Mamoru looked down and saw this pink haired girl in a navy blue school uniform,  with a strange cat-head ball floating behind her.    For a moment, he felt..something - something oddly familiar yet not at all.  He simply couldn't put his finger on it.

"Ru, who is it?"

Raina's voice snapped him out of it and he smiled at the girl, "In a minute, Rai." He called back but looked at the girl, "Can I help you?"

"Um, I'm.. "  The girl fidgets for a moment before fixing her ruby-red eyes on him, "I'm  Chibiusa- Nijiko's friend.  She..uh.. said I could come over?"

Before the man could say anything else, the high pitched squeal of his young daughter was the only forewarning he had when the  child barreled passed him to the pink haired girl.  

"Usa!"  Nijiko giggled and grabbed her hand, "Come on! I want to show you something!"


Mamoru looked back over at Raina as the girls ran off to play.  "Well, at least we know she's made a friend."

"True." Raina agreed with a slight smile, "Though I wonder where she got that toy from?  Do you think she's from a rich family?"

"Maybe but as long as they're happy, it shouldn't matter."


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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Queen of the darkside of the moon
Posts : 986
Join date : 2012-11-10
Age : 33

Of Rainbows and Rabbits Empty
PostSubject: Re: Of Rainbows and Rabbits   Of Rainbows and Rabbits I_icon_minitime3rd December 2013, 9:47 pm

Of Rainbows and Rabbits- Chapter 3

The next day was his wife's turn with the car and he, having volunteered, was going to drop Nijiko off at school.   Since her school wasn't too far off, they walked together holding hands.  Nijiko was humming some tune he's never heard before.

"Niko?" He glanced at her with a smile as they stood at the crosswalk, "What's that song?"

"Hm?"  She looked up at him with amused purple eyes, "Oh! Usa taught it to me."

"Really?"  Mamoru's brows rose, "It's a pretty song."

"Yup!" Nijiko rocks back and forth on her feet, then tugged her skirt down a little, "She said her Mama's friend taught it to her."

"Did she now?" He looked up and kept a firm hold on  his daughter's hand as they began to cross, "Say, where does Chibiusa live?"

His daughter fell quiet for a while at that. With a look, he saw her eyes were trained on the sidewalk only, "I can't tell."

"Why not?"  Something was setting off alarm bells in his head as they stopped in front of her school. He knelt down to her level.  "Nijiko, look at me."  When she reluctantly did so, he held her hands. "Why can't you tell me where Chibiusa live?"

"Because.." She looked off, worrying her lower lip, "I promised."

"Listen, Nij-"  He began but the bell rang and the teachers were calling for the kids to hurry up. "Mama will pick you today, ok?"   He kissed the top of her head and lets her go.

Mamoru couldn't help but wonder why it was so important to keep where Chibiusa lived a secret?


A few days rolled by and life in the Chiba household was quiet for the most part.  Chibiusa didn't make another appearance at their home, Nijiko stayed in bed at night and for all tenses and purposes everything had fallen back into it's usual routine before.

Everything except the dreams that started to haunt Mamoru  during the night.  For the past week or two since meeting the pink haired girl, his dreams have taken on a strange clarity that woke him up in the middle of the night. Images of a place,  vague in detail, but he had sensed that it was very beautiful.  That there was someone waiting on him and yet he couldn't figure out who it was.  Then there was a menacing darkness that threatened this beauty.   He would always tell the person- woman?- that he would return and would then disappear into the darkness where he would then wake up in a cold sweat.

Now, he's taken to writing for the majority of the night about his dreams to give Raina some peace at night.  He felt guilty for having also woken her up with his nightly vivid dreams. Especially since she's been under the weather lately, she still found it in her to console him and change the pillowcase when he went to shower.

Now, he sat in his chair, staring at the blinking cursor on his computer as he wondered what to write next.  He had been adding and editing in details or erasing some for some time now but could never go beyond the moment he disappeared.   the last line of the document bothered him, so he deleted it and tried again- when he heard something.

Frowning, he quietly got up and went to check in on Nijiko.    Her room was on the second floor, a little ways down the hall from the Master's room and Raina's art room.   Pushing the door open a little, he waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness to see if his daughter was in bed.

"Niko?" He flipped on the light, only to find the bed was truly as empty as it had been in the dark.    Mamoru tried not to panic, moving to the masters' to see if perhaps she was in there with Raina.

But Raina was alone in the bed.

It took him only a few moments to realize where his daughter might be.  "The garden."  

He breathed out, annoyed for the most part, then headed out to the backyard to  Nijiko's favorite spot.

"All right, Niko,  you've had your fun- what?"   The sight that greeted him was a perplexing one.   Chibiusa, the pink haired girl that met them only a month or so ago, was holding his daughter's hand wearing a pink dress with a tiny kitten perched on her shoulder.   "What is going on here?"

"Daddy?"  Nijiko drew closer to her friend, "We.."

He shook his head, "Look, it's late for the both of you. Why don't we all go inside and go to bed?  In the morning, Chibiusa, we'll call your parents who must be worried."

"But..We are going to Usa's house."  Nijiko told him confused.

"In our backyard?"  Mamoru knew that it's a trial to have your patience tested but it was becoming slightly thin by the girls' make-believe game.  Trying not to laugh at the absurdity of it, he took Nijiko's free hand, "Come on, girls."

Neither girl moved,  Chibiusa looked up and smiled, "It's here!"

"What's here?"  Mamoru didn't like the sound of it, or the feeling he was getting, "We should- what is this?"  

Before he could move, they were all bathed in bright light and began to float up into the air.   "What's going on!"

"We're going to the moon."  A new voice said- one he didn't recognize until the tiny gray kitten jumped from Chibiusa's shoulder to his chest inside the bubble of light.  "To the Moon Kingdom."

This has to be a dream.  Mamoru thought, staring at the kitten with wide ocean blue eyes.  Has to be a dream!  "You can talk?"

"Yes." the kitten chirped with a smile, "Sorry  for the late introductions, but I am Diana, royal advisor to her majesty, Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom."

"Princess?"  His head snapped towards Chibiusa, "You? "

Chibiusa smiled a little nervously, "Sorry for lying to you."  She twisted her fingers into her dress.

Nijiko took her friend's hand frimly and looked towards her father, "Usa and me have been playing together since she came down by accident."

"Mama told me that Earth was full of pretty things and I wanted to see it..." Chibiusa trailed off, "I'm sorry for causing trouble but I really like being there and being with Nijiko.."

Mamoru wasn't sure how to process this all.  At first he had thought Nijiko's friend had been imaginary, then the child turns out to be real and what's more- she's a moon princess with a talking cat?  

He did what he could only do in that moment and that was laugh at how his life had turned out so absurdly strange.

This real...


"My queen."  The servant bows low before her, "Our plans must change, we have located the priest- however the prince is still unknown."

"I see."  The Queen said, "Bring the priest to me.  We will free ourselves from this prison soon using his powers. Then we will find the prince and take this moon."

"As you wish my Queen.."  

With the servant gone, she looked through the darkness at the mirror of the world outside.  Soon, she'll be free and Queen Serenity will pay for trying to stop her.

She'll pay for it all.


"Small Lady!"  

"Small Lady, where are you?"


"Diana?   Small Lady?"

"They must be around here somewhere!"  Luna sighed, her blue eyes turning to  Princess Venus.  "They couldn't have gotten far, could they?"

Venus shook her head, "I don't believe so, but just in case- I had Artemis check with Sailor Pluto.  You know how Small Lady loves to visit her sometimes."

"I wish she wouldn't." Luna  rubbed her arms, "Queen Serenity has forbidden anyone to go there.  There must be a reason for it."

"If there is," Jupiter walked over to them, "we'll never know.  Anyway, I checked her usual hiding spots but it seems they're not there."

Luna looked back towards the winged doors that lead to the throne room, "I hope we find them soon.  You know how worried she gets when she hasn't seen Small Lady."

"I wish she wouldn't stress herself out so much." Venus followed her gaze, pink lips pursed for a moment in thought, "Ever since this place had awaken and others coming here, she's been stretching herself so thin trying to accommodate everyone."

"What with not having found Endymion either..." Jupiter trailed off.

"Everyone?"  Mercury jogged up to them, "Have you had any luck?"

"No, not yet."  Luna answered, "And with you?"

The blue haired woman shook her head, "None of the readings gave any indication that she may even be here."

"Well we could've told you that, Ami." Jupiter looked amused.

Exasperated, Mercury shook her head again, "No, I mean not on the moon."


"Don't tell the queen." Luna blurted out, "We can't have her worried even more."

"I don't know, Luna."  Artemis and Mars joined the group.  "It's pretty hard to not be worried when the heir to the throne is missing."  Artemis finished.  "I take it we still haven't found her?"

"No.  It's getting late too." Mars muttered, "Maybe-"

"Wait."  Mercury turned, pressing her earring for the visor to appear. "According to the sensors, the teleportation port is active."

"Maybe it's the princess and Diana?"  Venus took a step forward, "Honestly, she worries us so much like this- just like her mother used to."

Mars frowned a bit, placing a hand on Venus's arm. "But she and Diana aren't alone.  I sense two more energies with them."

"Two more?"  Venus stared at Mars for a while longer then nodded, "Very well, Jupiter and  Mercury- you two are with me and Artemis.  Luna, you and Mars go back to the queen and keep her occupied until we sort this out."

"Right.  We'll be in touch via the communicators." Mars added with a nod as she and Luna went to the throne room.

Venus's group moved in uniform towards the teleportation ports.  Anything could have happened to the princess and Venus, for one, did not want a repeat of her failure ever again.


Mamoru was, for the most part, speechless.   He looked over at his daughter's face which showed nothing but pure wonderment and joy at this.  Chibiusa looked pretty pleased with herself as she leaned over and said, "Didn't I tell you?"

"Hm, it's really pretty! Like in fairy-tales."  Nijiko told her, though she frowned a little, "Do you think it's ok for us to visit? Won't they be mad?"

"No way!" Chibiusa told her, " I'm the princess and you're my best friend!"


"After Diana, of course." She amended and pets her kitten advisor. "Besides, it'll be fun."

However, Mamoru highly doubted any of that.  Especially when three women in sailor uniforms and one white haired guy were all staring at them with not so pleasant expressions.

"Girls, I don't believe 'fun' is the correct term here."


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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Queen of the darkside of the moon
Posts : 986
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Age : 33

Of Rainbows and Rabbits Empty
PostSubject: Re: Of Rainbows and Rabbits   Of Rainbows and Rabbits I_icon_minitime18th December 2013, 12:36 pm

Of Rainbows and Rabbits Chapter-4

Raina woke up the following morning and found the spot next to her empty and cold.   She didn't think much about it, figuring that  Mamoru had probably nodded off in his study again.   As she walked into the bathroom for a shower, she noted that she felt better than before.

"Maybe it was something I ate?" She yawned and brushed her teeth, going about her normal routine, thinking that maybe she'll make breakfast this time.  It was her turn anyway.

Once she had gotten dressed and finished  curling her hair, she went to wake up Nijiko first.    Raina hummed, padding down the hallway towards her daughter's room and pushed it open.  "Niko, time to get up."  
She gasped softly at the empty bed, "Niko?"    Everything in her was alarmed, but she tried to reason with herself as she moved to check under the bed and even in the closet for her little girl.  Maybe Mamoru had taken her?

That was a thought and she moved to the study, "Ru, is Niko with..."  She gazed around the  office, the computer still on but in sleep mode, " Where are they?"

Raina tampered her worry, thinking maybe they went for a walk or perhaps were out getting breakfast?  Yes, that's it.  With a quick pace, she checked outside, but saw the car in the driveway.    She steadies her hand and  searched for her cellphone in her purse.  Upon finding it, she called Mamoru's cellphone.  Maybe.. maybe they were just out on a walk and-

The sound of her favorite song was coming from up in the study.  Raina turned to look up towards the stairs.  She and Mamoru had it so that their ringtones for each other were a favorite song that that the other liked.   Mamoru was never without it.

" gods..." It was as if all the strength had left her and she crumpled down to the floor, tears running unchecked down her cheeks. "Where...where are they?"


"Princess." Sailor Jupiter took an inward breath but smiled at the pink haired girl, "Why have you brought them here? You know it's against the law to bring Earthlings here, unless they're one of us."

Chibiusa nodded but looked down, her Luna-P ball floated just behind her shoulder.  She was pretty sure that Diana was getting the same treatment form her mama and papa too.  She couldn't imagine what happened to Nijiko and  Nijiko's papa. As soon as her mother's guardians showed up, they had escorted both her friend and her friend's father off to one of the other rooms and she had been sent to her own.  

Miserably, she wished she could see Nijiko so she could apologize to her at least.

"I-I know." Chibiusa looked up at Jupiter, "But..Nijiko's my friend and..she just wanted to see where I lived and she's a good person too! So is her papa!"

Jupiter sighed, "I know, but even if-.." She stopped and looked up. "I think we'll have to tell your mother about this."

Chibiusa's head jerked up, ruby eyes wide as she shook her head causing the pigtails to sway with the motion, "Wa-wait! No, you can't tell Mama!"   Her eyes watered, "Mama'll be mad and-and.."

"A little too late." Jupiter muttered nodding to the door as Neo-Queen Serenity entered in her white flowing dress, "Your majesty."  She bowed her head.

"Mako."  The queen smiled a little, "You know you don't have to address me as such in private."

Jupiter returned the smile, "I know, but you know what they say- practice makes perfect."

"Then you've been practicing for a decade." She chuckled but allowed herself to look somewhat serious, "Where are Chibiusa's guests?"

"In the waiting room on the west end."  Jupiter told her heading to the door, "I'll go check on them for you."

"Thank you, Mako."  The queen said and waited until her friend was gone to deal with her wayward child.  

Neo-Queen Serenity moved towards the chair, gracefully sitting down.  Her daughter didn't look up at her, making the queen smile sadly.  Even though she knew she would reprimand her daughter, she could understand well why her child did such a thing.  Even if he  was there, she would bet anything that this would still occur.


The pink haired girl glances up cautiously, "Yes, Mama?"  She still looked as if she would burst out in tears at any moment.   A second went by and she couldn't contain herself, throwing herself on her mother's lap. "Mama, I'm sorry! I just-" She sobbed, "I just wanted a friend like me!"

"Shh.." Neo Queen Serenity stroked her daughter's hair, "It's alright, Chibiusa.  It's alright."

The child sniffed and dared to look up at her, "I-is it?"

"Well, no, but it will be."  The Queen replied, "I understand how lonely you must feel in this place. Had you been born on earth, you would've had a normal childhood like those there."   She pulled her child onto her lap, wrapping her arms around her. "I'm sorry for not being able to give you that- or my attention."

Chibiusa only nodded, though she only half understood what her mother was saying. Instead, she relishes this moment of cuddling up against her and breathing in her scent.   Chibiusa wished it could be like this all the time but...

"However," Neo-Queen Serenity continued, "you must understand what you've done was very grave.  You know that the Gods have forbidden contact between the Earth and Moon.  To bring your friend and that man here breaks that rule that keeps us safe."

Chibiusa looked up at her, "Are-will they be alright?"

"Of course."  the queen smiles, "We'll simply erase their memories of this place and send them back home."

" have to erase Nijiko's memories?"

Her mother nodded slowly, "Even Nijiko's.  Humans must not know of us and our vigile over their planet.  We do not want a Great War again."

"No.." Chibiusa sighs, "Are we sending them back now?"

Serenity smiled a bit indulgently, "Not until the next Earth Night."  She leaned forward, setting her child down. "So, you can spend your time with your friend for now."

"Mama..." Chibiusa smiled gratefully, "Thank you!  Can we see them now?"  She paused and worried her lower lip, "I mean, if you're not busy...?"

"Of course."   She rose, "Lets see how they're doing."


"I told you." Mamoru sighed, annoyed now, "I stumbled upon them both in our garden and got trapped in that bubble thing."  

Sailor Venus eyed the man and his daughter for a while longer before nodding to Jupiter, who came in and whispered something in her ear.  Of course, it was as they thought already, but having the conformation that the princess -did- do this was something else entirely.    She sighed, with her back towards them.  Something about him set her on edge and she couldn't help but feel distrustful.  However, she couldn't find it in herself to be openly hostile with a child present.

It'll be over soon.  She thought to herself then said, "Jupiter?  Could you watch them for a moment? I need to discuss somethings with the others."

"Don't worry."  Sailor Jupiter offered a small smile.

With a nod, Venus left them alone, feeling confident that  Jupiter could handle whatever that man could do and then some.   As she stepped out, she frowned at the odd look that Mars was giving her.  

"What is it?" She asked, "Is there something on my face?"

"No." Mars answered but continued to stare intently at the door, "But I have a feeling about that guy in there."

Venus instantly felt on edge again, "You too? What do you think it is?"

"A number of things." Mars found herself walking away a bit, "It could be he's like the people out there or-"

"No, it can't be." Venus shook her head, "The Castle wouldn't premit such people in here."  Though she didn't feel confident in that assessment, "I think."

Mars studied the door a while longer before turning to look back, "Perhaps I should meditate on this- see if I can get a better reading."

"You do that." Venus agreed, "It might be nothing, but I would like to feel sure about it."

"Yeah."  Mars trailed off a little, wondering if she could also add that the little girl felt just as odd as the man, but wasn't sure if she should add to the uneasiness. It might be nothing.  She hoped it was nothing.  

"Rei, why are you spacing out?"  Mars snapped out of her thoughts as the regal form of the queen appeared down the hallway with the princess in tow. "Usually, that would be my job."

"I'm spacing out at a better time than you do." Mars smiled, "Though why are you here?"

Neo Queen Serenity nodded to her daughter, "We wish to see her guests.  After all, she did bring the here, it would be bad manners to just keep them in one room when we're only going to erase their memories later."

"But-"  Venus was alarmed, "We haven't cleared them yet. They could still be-"

"Minako, you're being a bit more paranoid than usual." Serenity just smiled and went to the door, " They're just normal people of Earth.  What harm can they pose to us on our own home?"

"You never know..." Venus trailed off but sighed in defeat, "However, if that is what you wish...Usagi.."

"It'll be fine."  Serenity told her and opened the door.


"Hmm.." Nijiko made a face, sitting next to  her father on a pretty couch.  She squirmed a bit more and looked up at her father again. "Daddy..."

Mamoru was steadily wondering the chances of getting by this woman in a weird green sailor uniform- isn't she too old for that?-  when he noticed his daughter's expression.  "Hm? What's wrong, Niko?"

"I'm hungry."  She whined softly.

"When we get out of here, we'll find you something to eat." He pulled her close, hugging her, "Just hang in there, ok?"

"Ok.."  She didn't seem too happy and huffed a little as her stomach grumbled.

Sailor Jupiter looked at the girl feeling pity for her. After all,  it wouldn't be much to pop into the kitchen for a moment and get the child something to eat, right?  Of course not.   "Wait, we can get someone to get her some food."

Immediately, the five year old brightened up, "Really?"

"Thank you, but no thank you. We'll wait until we get home." Mamoru seemed firm about this. After all, who knows that kind of food they eat? Or what effects it would have on their bodies.  Better to be safe...

"If you're sure?"  Jupiter wanted to assure the man that the food was fine but didn't get a chance to continue as the door opens and the pink princess came through ahead of the regal queen.  

Immediately, the senshi of Jupiter bowed before the queen, moving out of the way so the others could also enter without trouble.

The moment the queen entered, Mamoru was momentarily entranced.  He had a feeling.. he's een her or maybe they've met somewhere before?  However, he  had been certain that they hadn't.

Equally, she looked as startled as he did, with a sense of having met him before.  As if he was someone very important but she was certain...No.. they couldn't have met before.  Or had they?

"Mama...?"  Chibiusa looked at her mother then at Nijiko's father wondering, just as much as Nijiko, as to what was going on.

That's when Venus saw it.  Her eyes widen in utter surprise as she saw the strings appear around the two.  She backed away slowly, " can't be."  A shaky whisper  escaped her lips.

"Venus..?" Artemis became worried about his charge. "Mina, what is it?"

"Artemis, " Her breath was shaky, "Look- really look at him."

As it begun to dawn on the others, it was the Queen that said it while stepping forward and reaching out to him with an expression of wonderment.



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Of Rainbows and Rabbits- Chapter 5

Raina had debated back and forth on calling the police.  She wanted to, however she knew from formative years, that they wouldn't look yet. Not until a certain time limit had passed.  Especially since nothing extra had been taken.

Yet it didn't still her shaking hands or quivering stomach in the least.  She knew she wouldn't be able to calm down unless she could hold them again in her arms.   For now, she paced her home, restlessly going from one room to the next, trying to find some clue of what had happened.

On her third circuit around the house, the door bell rang startling her from her thoughts.    

The shot of hope went through her as she went to the door. Maybe he just forgotten his keys?  He used to do that when he had been studying for his doctorate...  She wondered, idly, if his nightmares were the cause of this one. Maybe..?

"Coming." She said, hoping her voice was steady, even though her throat felt dry. Maybe it's him.. maybe...  

However, as she opened the door, she felt hope deflate at the men that stood there on her porch seemed to be looking around expectantly.  Nervous and not wanting to let them know she was very much alone, she kept the door semi-closed staring up at them.

"Can I help you?"

"Is this the Chiba Residence?"  The blonde asked nicely enough. Though there was something about his eyes..

Raina pursed her lips, "It is."  Her eyes flickered back and forth, "Is there something I can help you with?"

"We're looking for a Mamoru Chiba." The brunette told her flashing a smile, "We were hoping to find him here."

"What do you want with him?"

The wheat blonde sighed in annoyance, "That is between us and your boss."

"Excuse me," Now Raina's eyes narrowed threateningly on him, "Mamoru is not my boss. He's my husband."   She got an extremely satisfied feeling at seeing that look being wiped off their faces. "I think I've heard enough. Get off my property before I call the police."

The tallest of the four shot a look at the wheat blonde, who just seemed to cower a little under it.  He then turned to look at her, "I apologize for his rudeness."  He told her, "He's young and hasn't been socialized well."

"Hmph." She wasn't impressed. "No excuse. Get out and leave me alone."

"Please, if you would-"

"Would what?" Now she was completely losing her patience. Not only that, she could feel tears welling up, stinging her eyes. "What do you want? why don't you just leave me alone already? Go to his office!"

"Ma'am.. we did but-"  The other blonde paused for a moment, "Well they said he hadn't come in."

"And they gave you our home address!" Raina was outraged. How could they do that?

"No, no.. please, just hear us out." the tallest one again. "If we may introduce ourselves?"   At her continued silence, he went on, "I am Kunzite. These are my friends, Jadeite, Nephrite, and the rude one was Zoisite." He bows slightly to her, "We are the Four Heavenly Kings."

She raised a brow at the names, "What are you?  A  boyband?"

"No, but if you give us a few moments of your time, we will explain."

Raina looked from one to the other before she finally nodded, "Allright, but under two conditions."

Relieved, Kunzite smiled, "Anything."

"First," She held up one finger, "Take off your shoes.  I rather not vaccum today."  She lifted up a second finger, "Second, Zoisite has to apologize for being rude."


"You heard me." She folded her arms, "You apologize, or you can sit in jail for ten hours or so. What do you say?"

Zoisite looked to Kunzite and the others at a loss before closing his mouth. He then bowed to her while saying his apology.
"No, like you mean it." She chide him.

He sighed, though acknowledged that he had no one but himself to blame for this.  "Please accept my humblest apologizes, my lady. I was wrong to address you in such a rude manner."

After a moment, Raina smiled, "Good."  She turned and went inside, "Take off your shoes before you come in here."


Mamoru didn't hear the gasp from the others in the room.  In fact, it felt like all his senses had dampened and  focused tightly on the woman in white.  He knew, with utterly startling clarity, that it was her.  The woman that had haunted his dreams in more than one way.  This woman he had a strange unnameable connection to.  He had no idea why he stood up, or if he even did so consciously.  

He just knew that the moment she touched his cheek with her hand, the eyes filled with a certain kind of longing, that he lost himself.  Going back..back to a place he's certain he's never been before.

Yet, he could see it- even feel it- by the touch of her hands.

She was younger in his vision, not a queen...princess? Yes, a princess. He saw himself and her  under the moonlight kissing.  It flashes to a profession of love and a gift of some sort, yet he can't see it clearly.  The flashes came faster than he could completely grasp it. It felt like he was reliving them now.

'Endymion?' the princess had drawn closer to him in this one, 'What are those black rocks?'

'I do not know.' he had said to her, sensing danger, 'They appeared one day.'

Then the images changed to people- he can't see their faces well- but he knew he trusted them.  They were like family and to hear them say these things, hurt and ached.

'Stop this madness!' he had shouted protecting the princess but it was no use. They had to go. They had to warn the Queen (but what queen? He doesn't know but it was important.).

He sensed, rather than saw, the darkness creeping up on him and her. That someone called out to him and he turned to tell them something. Another familiar but too consumed by darkness.  And then-!

'Endymion!'  The princess was screaming, crying..he hadn't...she should run. she had to run but he was..

Mamoru stumbled back from the queen's grasp, feeling sick and sweat matting his forehead as if he had been running too fast and hard, he felt his vision swim.  
"It..was you.." He panted, "The princess in my dreams...Princess Serenity."

"You should sit down." Mercury advised, her voice tinged with worry. "At this rate you'll pass out."

He shook his head but did sit, running his hand through his hair, "What.. what was that? What is all this? Why-"  He was at a loss for words for a moment.  This was impossible!  "Why did I see that? Why are you calling me Endymion?"

There was a pained look that crossed the queen's face, yet she seemed to have made up her mind.  "Luna..can you bring his memories back? With the mind meld?"

Luna blinked and frowned as she thought about it, "I..well perhaps, yes, I think I can."

"Mind meld?"  Mamoru eyed them warily. "What is that?"

"It'll help clear up your confusion about this matter by reawakening your past-life memories." Mercury explained handing him a glass of water.

Venus moved over to the queen, whispering, "Are you certain about this?"

"Shouldn't we?"

"There's no real guarantee that he'll stay, you know." Venus looked at her seriously, "He has a child with another and also married. Do you really want to make him choose?"

That made the queen hesitate.  For so long she had dreamed of him, dreamed of the time they may be together. Now,  with him before her- so close- and yet...

She steadies herself, in a quiet voice she asked him, "Do you wish to remember?"  

Mamoru frowned, "Remember...?"

"It is up to you to decide if you wish to remember the past." Serenity told him quietly, "I cannot make this decision for you."

Mamoru sat back for a long while, thinking before finally, after what felt like an eternity, he looked up at her, "I wish to remember."


"Now you two stay out of trouble." Jupiter was telling Chibiusa and Nijiko, "I have to go check on something."

"We will!" Chibiusa told her with a smile, "I'm going to show Nijiko the play room!"

"Very well then." Jupiter smiled at them before leaving the girls alone to their own devices under the eye of Diana.

Nijiko was still looking around in amazement, "Everything is so pretty- like a fairytale!"

"I guess it does.." Chibiusa giggled, "Come on, we can play dress up and Diana can be our baby."


Diana pouted, "Why am I always the baby?"

"Because," the princess grinned as they entered the very large room filled with toys and a swing set, "you're little enough to be one."

For a while the girls played in the playroom, Chibiusa taking pride in showing everything to Nijiko, even letting her have one of her many dresses.
"I got lots of them." She had told her friend, "I'll get more anyway, so you can have it."

Once Nijiko was dressed in the shimmering blue dress,  Chibiusa proposed they go exploring.  

"I want to show you something really cool!" She said. "Mama has this really pretty crystal in the prayer room and there's this really neat mirror in her room too."

"A crystal?  Mirror?"  Nijiko was puzzled by this. What could be so interesting about those? Then again, she thought the crystal would be pretty at least, but mirrors are just...mirrors.

"You'll see." Chibiusa told her as they hurried down the marble and crystal hallway with giant pearls wrapped around the columns. "It's this way!"

"Slow down!" Nijiko pouted and glanced over at Diana, "What's the crystal she's talking about?"

Diana mews softly, keeping up. "Well, it's this really powerful crystal that belongs to the queen.  My mama said that it's an heirloom to the royal family and only those of royal blood can bring out the full potential of it."

"Oh.." Nijiko said pondering, "What's Potential?"

"I think it means stuff you can do but haven't done yet?" Diana's ears went back. "I don't think we should see the crystal, though. It's really important to everyone. Papa said that if it disappeared, it'll mean everyone will be in danger!"

Nijiko slowed her pace, now cautious. "Maybe we shouldn't, Usa?"  She felt nervous, staring up at the door where the crystal was supposedly kept. "If it's that important, maybe we should do something else?"

"Why?" Chibiusa felt a bit put out. She really wanted to show Nijiko the Silver Crystal.  "I can get in with Luna P!"


"Luna P!"  The toy zoomed over to it's mistress from wherever it's been and landed in her hands. "Great, now.. just wait."   Chibiusa said holding it up to a strange key pattern.   It was a few long intense moments before the keypad clicked and glowed.  With the doors sliding open, Chibiusa grinned at her companions, "See? What did I tell you?"

Nijiko worried her lower lip and reached out to grab Chibiusa by the shoulder, hiding behind her.  "Is-is it safe?"

"Of course it is." Chibiusa walked in, though ehr heart was pounding like crazy. She had only come here with her mother once before when she was younger.
Her mama had told her it was important and that it could heal everything and defeat any bad things that could come. "There it is.." She whispered as they drew closer to the Prayer pillar with  the round crystal floating before it.  "The Silver Crystal."

Nijiko's eyes widen, mostly because she felt.. weird..not a bad weird but a good one. Like a warm comfortable thing. She thought it was a lot like being hugged by her Mommy and Daddy. Safe..warm...but also there was something strong but she didn't know how to really describe it. Like something..something was glowing inside of her...

Diana glanced around nervously but looked up at Nijiko and Chibiusa. She was about to warn them again, when she noticed something about Nijiko's body.  Something was there, she could see it, but she didn't know enough to know what it was.  Other than it was similar to Chibiusa's normal glow.  

She thought to tell her mama and papa about it later.  

For now she had to get the girls out of there.  "I hear footsteps!" Diana told them, "We better go!"

"Right." Chibiusa nodded and smiled at the startled Nijiko, "Lets go to mama's room and see the mirror."


So the trio rushed off from there, as to not get caught, and headed to  the Queen's room.  Chibiusa pushed the door open and smiled brightly at the huge soft white bed and the large paintings that were everywhere.  It was one of her favorite places in the palace.

"Wow, her room is really pretty." Nijiko said slipping in behind Chibiusa. "It's like an entire house could fit here!"

"I guess so." Chibiusa commented and went over to the usual place where her mama kept her jewelry. "Mama has a lot of interesting books and stuff."  She started to spread the jewelery around. "Everything is really pretty.."

"Hm.." Nijiko nodded but looked towards the elaborate mirror. "Wow.."   She walked up to it curious and touches the cool glass. "It looks cool."

"Mama told me that there was another world on the other side of it." Chibiusa said  holding up a crystal earring. "That my grandma, Queen Serenity, locked something bad away there."

"Really?" Nijiko looked over at her, "Is it still there?"

"I don't know." Chibiusa picked up another piece, smiling, "But she said that since Queen Serenity that it's safe and the spell keeps us safe from those people."

"Oh."  Nijiko eyed the mirror, finding herself staring deeply into it.   Something in the depths of the mirror darkened and shifted before her.  She leaned closer trying to figure out what it was. "Usa..there's something there..."

Chibiusa hadn't looked up, "Hm?"

" U..Usa..."  Nijiko backed away, "Th-there's something in the mirror!"

"What do you ..." Chibiusa trailed off, " mean.."

Before them was the image of a beautiful little girl with black hair pulled up into thick pigtails with round buns on either side of her head, with cat-like eyes and a soft smile.  "Come to me."  she said to them, "Come play with me..please?

Nijiko felt as if she was floating.  The child in the mirror didn't sound bad at all. She even sounded lonely.   Her dress was really pretty and she had pointy ears like an elf.  Nothing that pretty should be so bad... "How..?"

Chibiusa was struggling between singing the child and a stranger image flickering between it of a wizen old woman, but she wasn't sure which was real.  She decided that the best thing to do would be to run, but to her surprise- she couldn't move!

Oh no! She thought, ruby red eyes widening as she saw Nijiko sink into the glass.  Niko! NO!

Just then, Diana jumps up and nips Chibiusa's ankle, causing the girl to yelp in pain, but it freed her from the spell she was under.

"Diana!"  Chibiusa looked at her advisor in confusion.

"Not now!" Diana rushed forward, "We have to save Nijiko!"

"Right-!" Chibiusa lunged to her feet and ran towards her friend who was disappearing into the mirror. She gasped as she saw that the child in the mirror had been a lie and it was really a strangely dressed wizen old woman that held Nijiko by the hand.  "That's not a girl!  Niko! Niko, wake up! It's not a girl! Niko!"

But they were too late.

The two hit the mirror, Chibiusa could only helplessly watch as her friend was dragged way while she beat at the door calling out to her.



AN: Question- (I've asked some this but wanted more opinions) What should be End-Game OTP: Mamoru/Raina or Mamoru/Serenity?


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