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 [Selling] Volumes 1-4 of the Original Sailor Moon Artbooks

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PostSubject: [Selling] Volumes 1-4 of the Original Sailor Moon Artbooks   29th December 2013, 7:47 pm

I have four of the Original Sailor Moon Artbooks for sale on Ebay. Specifically, volumes 1-4. 

A word about their condition: As long as I have had these books they have been treated with the utmost care, almost as if they were the Silver Crystal itself. Our home is smoke-free. However, (here's the bad part) the seller in Japan that I got these from treated them very poorly. So I can only list these as being in fair condition. 

Individual Condition

Volume 1: Has the obi. But the obi is faded, scratched, and worn. The outside corner edges bear wrinkles and shelf-wear. The inside covers have small, light brown stains. The good news is that the inside pictures and the poster are in mint condition. 

Volume 2: No obi. The only damage here appears to be on the dust jacket. It has small scratches and some wrinkles. These was some staining but I carefully wiped off as much as I could so there aren't any readily apparent stains. As with the other book the inside pictures and poster are in excellent condition. The poster has an almost imperceptible scratch (I had to shine a light over it to see it) across Ami's face but is otherwise perfect.

Volume 3: No obi. The damage is on the corners of the outside. They are actually somewhat curled and have shelf-wear as well. The top right corner on the back has a fold and some pick marks/scratches and the bottom left corner on the front has a fold and a small bit of wrinkling where the curl is. Also, on the back side of the inside of the dust jacket (hidden by the hardback itself) is a small light brown stain that I couldn't remove. Possibly foxing. As with the last two, the inside pictures/pages have been checked and are in excellent condition. There are two posters with this volume and both are beautiful. I checked them and there are no signs of any damage. This volume also comes with a Japanese ad (I have no idea what it says) and it is in mint condition.

Volume 4: No obi. This volume was better treated than the others. However it still has shelf-wear and there are three indentations and slight fold along the top of the dust jacket front and back (as if it were pulled on lightly). The hardback (inside spine) has a fold. There are also some slight scratches on the dust jacket (basically where it was slid around and the finish came off a certain area but not a tear or anything). One of the pictures on the inside unfortunately has a similar scratch (had to shine light on it to see it otherwise it wasn't visible). All of the other pages are in perfect condition and the posters have been checked and are mint. The same ad mentioned for volume 3 comes in this volume as well and is in excellent condition. 

Sorry for the TL;DR but I want you to be informed. I can take more pictures if you would like; just ask. 

Anyway, here are the links:

Volume 1: http://www.ebay.com/itm/231123877128

Volume 2: http://www.ebay.com/itm/231123879484

Volume 3: http://www.ebay.com/itm/231123881487

Season 4: http://www.ebay.com/itm/231123883212

Thanks, guys!


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[Selling] Volumes 1-4 of the Original Sailor Moon Artbooks

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