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 Blue Fire Devil [TV14]

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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Blue Fire Devil [TV14] Empty
PostSubject: Blue Fire Devil [TV14]   Blue Fire Devil [TV14] I_icon_minitime19th January 2014, 4:36 am

Ayanna Kaktas
Ra Constantine
Pastor Paul

#1 Blue Eyed Devil

It was the dead of night, rain poured down hard from the heavens as a woman ran down the street with something held closely to her chest, wrapped tightly in her arms. She looks over her shoulder in a panic, breathing heavily as she ran up the stairs of a church building and then placed something down in front of the entrance. Banging on the doors before running away.
Pastor Paul: Runs to the door to find a baby wrapped in cloth outside. He opened the door and picked the baby up in his arms while looking around for who may have dropped it off. He went back inside and moved over a piece of the cloth to look at the baby's face. He gasped at the sight of blue flames burning where the baby's iris should have been before everything went black.


The scene opens up to a bedroom as the sound of an alarm buzzes through the air causing the woman to groan as she turned underneath the covers and sheets that were untucked and kicked all over the place.
Pastor Paul: Distant It's time to get up, Ayanna!
Ayanna Kaktas: Groans again, gets up out of bed and slams a fist into the alarm breaking it upon impact before turning around and leaving her room.

The scene cuts to the bathroom, looking at herself in the mirror as she brushes her teeth and then washes her mouth out and spits it back into the sink.

It cuts again to show her putting on a jean jacket over a white tank top and matching blue jeans, walking into the living room where her dad was putting on his coat

Ayanna Kaktas: Why does church have to be so early in the morning?
Pastor Paul: God should be the first thing you think of when you wake up and the last thing you think of before bed.
Ayanna Kaktas: My head is only so big.
Pastor Paul: Then maybe it's time to clear out some of the junk. Come on. Walks away
Ayanna Kaktas: Looks unenthusiastic

The scene cuts to the church sanctuary, sitting in the back pew by the door is Ayanna while Paul is up at the alter behind a podium.
Pastor Paul: God takes ordinary everyday people like you and me and turns them into something extraordinary. Something that is buried deep, deep inside every single one of us that we don't see by ourselves–
Ayanna Kaktas: Looks like she's getting a fever
Old Lady: Turns around in the pew in front of Ayanna and sees her not looking well Are you okay dear?
Ayanna Kaktas: Looks at the woman What? Oh, yeah, I'm fine.
Pastor Paul: Distant David was just a boy when God saw fit to use him for his purpose and Noah was an old man, so don't think that age is ever a factor–
Old Lady: You don't look fine, dear.
Ayanna Kaktas: I assure you I am– Almost throws up, covers up her mouth with her hand and then runs out of the sanctuary
Pastor Paul: Sees his daughter running out, pauses for a moment before getting back to his sermon If we have faith–
Ayanna Kaktas: Runs out of the entrance and throws up on the church's lawn.
Man: Is heading back to the church, spots Ayanna Hey, are you okay?
Ayanna Kaktas: Wipes her mouth off and straightens up Never been better.
Man: Are you sick?
Ayanna Kaktas: Turns around now looking perfectly healthy I'm fine. Just something I ate.
Man: Okay... Walks back inside
Ayanna Kaktas: Sighs in relief that he's gone

Scene cuts to Pastor Paul shaking the hand of people as they leave the church, Ayanna is inside the car on the side of the church building being joined by the pastor when he's done at the church's entrance
Pastor Paul: You okay?
Ayanna Kaktas: I'm fine, Dad. We go through this every Sunday you should be used to it by now.
Pastor Paul: Doesn't mean I still can't worry. Just this once I would like for you to be able to sit through a sermon without incident.
Ayanna Kaktas: Take it up with God. I have little say in the matter.
Pastor Paul: It wouldn't hurt for you to talk to him yourself, you know.
Ayanna Kaktas: What do you say to someone who makes you throw up for sitting in his house?
Pastor Paul: God isn't the one that makes you sick.
Ayanna Kaktas: He's doing very little to prevent it.
Paul starts up the car and they take off, returning home and parking in the driveway leaving plenty of space between himself and the garage door before getting out
Pastor Paul: I have a present for you. Opens up the garage door to reveal a 2002 Ford Mustang inside Happy Birthday, hon.
Ayanna Kaktas: Gasp Oh my god, Dad, it's great! Thank you so much!
Pastor Paul: Hey, what I tell you about using the Lord's name in vain?
Ayanna Kaktas: Sorry.
Pastor Paul: It's okay. You're eighteen now, so I think it's high time you had your own way to get around. Here. Holds up keys You earned it.
Ayanna Kaktas: Takes the keys and gives Paul a hug I can't thank you enough!
Pastor Paul: Just try not to throw up in it.
Ayanna Kaktas: Har, har! Sarcasm. Kisses her dad on the cheek and enters her new car
Pastor Paul: Be home before six, we still have evening service.
Ayanna Kaktas: I hear ya! Passes Paul's car and exits the driveway heading up the hill
Pastor Paul: No speeding!

Ayanna Kaktas: Drives down the highway in the city before eventually entering a drive through
Speaker: Welcome to Burger King, may I take your order?
Ayanna Kaktas: I'll have the double whopper, large fries and a large Pepsi.
Speaker: That will be three ninety-nine over at the next window.
Ayanna Kaktas: Thank you. She paid for her meal and then grabbed it at the next window before rounding to the parking lot, getting out of her car and enjoying her meal on top of the hood.
Ra Constantine: Walks up to Ayanna Excuse me?
Ayanna Kaktas: Had taken a bite out of the whopper, waits to finish chewing before speaking Yeah?
Ra Constantine: Are you Ayanna Kaktas?
Ayanna Kaktas: Yeah. What do you want?
Ra Constantine: Oh thank God!
Ayanna Kaktas: Whispers Don't let my father hear you say that. Takes another bite out of her whopper
Ra Constantine: I was starting to think I'd never find you. I'm Ra, Ra Constantine.
Ayanna Kaktas: And I should know you because...?
Ra Constantine: Y-you don't know who I am?
Ayanna Kaktas: Shakes head
Ra Constantine: Great! Just great! Sarcasm They send me to somebody who doesn't even know who I am!
Ayanna Kaktas: What are you hollering on about?
Ra Constantine: Breathes I'm here to talk to you about your gift.
Ayanna Kaktas: The mustang?
Ra Constantine: No not the mustang, I mean your 'gift'.
Ayanna Kaktas: Gives Ra a confused look
Ra Constantine: Leans into her ear to whisper I know what you are. Leans back
Ayanna Kaktas: Really now? Because around here... Puts down her sandwich and gets off the hood words like, “I know what you are” is a good fire way to get an arm or a leg broken.
Ra Constantine: I'm not here to cause you any trouble. I'm here to help you.
Ayanna Kaktas: Help me with what, exactly?
Ra Constantine: Looks around nervously and then back at Ayanna Is there somewhere private we can talk?
Ayanna Kaktas: Yeah, because I'm going somewhere alone with a guy I hardly know. Sarcasm
Ra Constantine: Well, unless you want another random stranger to know about being half demon, I suggest you make an exception.
Ayanna Kaktas: Get in the car.
The two enter the car and Ayanna rolls up the windows
Ayanna Kaktas: Talk. Continues to eat her food
Ra Constantine: I was sent here to– Gets distracted by Ayanna's chewing
Ayanna Kaktas: Sent here to...?
Ra Constantine: Do you have to chew so loud?
Ayanna Kaktas: I'm sorry, whose car is this again?
Ra Constantine: All right, fine. I was sent– You have a piece of meat right here... Points to his chin
Ayanna Kaktas: Will you get over my eating and explain yourself already! Wipes the meat off her chin and sticks it in her mouth
Ra Constantine: I was sent here to aid you in your fight against the supernatural.
Ayanna Kaktas: Are you being serious right now?
Ra Constantine: Yes.
Ayanna Kaktas: By whom?
Ra Constantine: I don't know. God, Zeus, the Earth, the Sun, select your deity of choice. I get visions, visions of the future. Mainly about people in trouble, but this time the visions led me to you.
Ayanna Kaktas: Who do you think you are, Phoebe Halliwell?
Ra Constantine: I like to think of myself as more of a younger Doyle.
Ayanna Kaktas: Doyle dies.
Ra Constantine: So does Phoebe!
Ayanna Kaktas: That gets reversed, Doyle stays dead.
Ra Constantine: Only because the actor passed away. Had he not Doyle would have been brought back as a villain in season three.
Ayanna Kaktas: The fact remains that the character is dead.
Ra Constantine: Throws up hands That's not important. What is important is that you've come of age and you have powers at your disposal that can help a lot of people.
Ayanna Kaktas: How do I know you're not making this up?
Ra Constantine: Why would I make it up?
Ayanna Kaktas: Because you're a psycho loony who wants to play Hero.
Ra Constantine: What do I have to do to prove to you that I'm telling the truth?
Ayanna Kaktas: Looks over to the gas station next to the Burger King I have an idea. Come with me, Phoebe. Gets out of the car
Ra Constantine: Annoyed, follows Ayanna out of the car
Ayanna Kaktas: Grabs a lottery ticket and hands it to Ra Give me the winning lottery numbers. If they're correct then I'll believe you and we can talk Supernatural later.
Ra Constantine: Runs his fingers across the lottery ticket
Ayanna Kaktas: What are you doing?
Ra Constantine: Waiting for a premonition.
Ayanna Kaktas: Can't you just do some hocus-pocus crap?
Ra Constantine: Doesn't work like that.
Ayanna Kaktas: Well hurry up!
Ra Constantine: You can't rush a premonition! Whoa! Nearly loses his balance, being grabbed by Ayanna to help keep him steady as he saw the winning lottery numbers Seven, twenty-eight, fifty-nine, thirty-two, fifteen and twenty-four. Hands the ticket back to Ayanna When you have your one-hundred million dollars call me. Hands Ayanna his cellphone number We'll talk then. Walks off
Ayanna Kaktas: Watches him off and then looks at the cellphone number before tearing it up and throwing it away

We cut to the living room of Ayanna's house late at night who is seen watching TV with her ticket in hand
Television: And the winning lottery numbers are: seven–
Ayanna Kaktas: Looks at her ticket
Television: Twenty-eight.
Ayanna Kaktas: Looks at her ticket again
Television: Fifty-nine, thirty-two, fifteen...
Ayanna Kaktas: Starts to sit up with her eyes wide
Television: And twenty-four!
Ayanna Kaktas: Screams and jumps up and down
Pastor Paul: Enters the room What are you screaming about?
Ayanna Kaktas: I won! Shows Paul the ticket
Pastor Paul: What? Takes the ticket to look at it
Ayanna Kaktas: I have the winning lottery numbers. I just won over a hundred million dollars!
Pastor Paul: This is fantastic – well, it won't be that much once taxes get a hold of it, but we finally have enough money to take you through college and to donate to the church–
Ayanna Kaktas: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Takes back her ticket You're making a lot of plans with my money there.
Pastor Paul: It's just that the church can use that money.
Ayanna Kaktas: The church doesn't need any more money, Catholics in particular. I don't see God using any of that money to feed starving kids in Africa.
Pastor Paul: I know I raised you better than that, you're being selfish.
Ayanna Kaktas: You raised me to protect what's mine, and I'm doing just that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a lottery ticket to cash in. Leaves the house
Pastor Paul: Looks on disappointed

The next night Ayanna enters a club and walks up to the front
Ayanna Kaktas: Buy a round for everyone, I'm rich now.
Bartender: ID.
Ayanna Kaktas: All right, fine, give me a Pepsi. Buy a round of soda for everyone else.
Bartender: Goes to fix drinks
Young Man #1: Walks up to Ayanna Hey, girl, I gotta ask you something. Did it hurt when you fell from–?
Ayanna Kaktas: Keep walking, buddy.
Young Man #1: Leans towards Ayanna And what if I don't?
Ayanna Kaktas: You'll be walking out of here with a black eye.
Young Man #1: Is that so?
Ayanna Kaktas: Grabs the back of the man's head and slam his face into the table repeatedly until he passes out onto the floor So.
Young Man #2: You just messed up!
Young Man #3: Gets ready for a fight
Ayanna Kaktas: Sighs
Ayanna turns around and punches the second man in the face so hard blood starts dripping out of his nose, and she punched him again this time sending him falling on his chibi. The third man got a swing at her only to get his arm caught by Ayanna, bent back behind him and then thrown across the nearby table falling on the floor.
Ayanna Kaktas: Anyone else want to hit on me?
Those looking on just turn around and mind their own business
Ayanna Kaktas: That's what I thought. Grabs the Pepsi she ordered and lay down enough cash to pay for the drinks and the damages before she made her way out of the building and into the parking lot
Ra Constantine: Walks up behind Ayanna Ms. Kaktas!
Ayanna Kaktas: Looks behind her shoulder to see Ra, smiles and turns her head back Fancy bumping into you again.
Ra Constantine: You never called.
Ayanna Kaktas: Comes to a stop, turns around to look at Ra Hurts, doesn't it?
Ra Constantine: Comes to a stop as well Are we projecting?
Ayanna Kaktas: Look, I don't have much use for someone who can see the future unless you want to accompany me to Vegas.
Ra Constantine: My power isn't meant to be used like that.
Ayanna Kaktas: Yes, I'm sure you have some 'no personal gain' rule or something stupid like that.
Ra Constantine: As a matter of fact I do, it's called Morality Bites.
Ayanna Kaktas: You have fun with that. Turns around and starts walking
Ra Constantine: Follows Look, you can try to fight your destiny, but nine times out of ten destiny wins. Everyone thinks they're going to be the exception, but they never are. Fact of the matter is you could help a lot of people instead of just running around picking fights with guys at bars. Hey, are you listening to me? Reaches out and grabs Ayanna by the wrist, suddenly sees an image of Pastor Paul being attacked by a blue demon surrounded by fire before the image vanishes
Ayanna Kaktas: Yanks her arm away from Ra Don't touch me! What? Why are you looking at me like that?
Ra Constantine: The church, the church in Bonner. Across from the parking lot? It's on fire.
Ayanna Kaktas: Pauses Dad! Runs off
Ra Constantine: Ayanna, wait!

Ayanna arrived at the church to see it consumed by blue flames, firefighters and ambulances being parked around it as civilians look on in terror. Ayanna got out of the mustang and ran towards the building only to have one of the firefighters block her.
Firefighter #1: Ma'am, stay back!
Ayanna Kaktas: Get off me! Pushes the firefighter aside and runs into the burning building
Ayanna entered the building, shielding herself as best she could from the flames while trying to see past all the smoke.
Ayanna Kaktas: DAD!
She could hear a commotion coming from downstairs and hurried down to the basement where she found a muscular two-legged blue devil with wings, black horns atop his head, small round eyes and razor sharp teeth from inside his mouth, his tail having impaled Paul and keeping him held up in the air.
Ayanna Kaktas: DAD!
The demon turned his head towards Ayanna and swung Paul into the wall while Ayanna charged him in a rage. She connected with several left and rights against his chest, barely making him stumble back as he caught her arm before she could connect with another punch, seeing the blue fire that burned in her iris before tossing her across the room like a rag doll and into a set of stairs on the other side of the room, parts of the ceiling starting to fall thanks to the fire. Ayanna watched as the devil turned around and disappeared into the flames, turning her head to look at her father who was unconscious against the wall. She crawled to try to reach him just as the rest of the building began to fall on top of them.
Ayanna Kaktas: DAD!

Ra Constantine: Runs onto the scene seeing the church has collapsed Ayanna. Starts to make a run for the building before being stopped
Firefighter #1: Stay right there! Nobody else is going anywhere near the site.
Ra Constantine: But I–!
Firefighter: No one else!
Firefighter #2: Is helping to clear out the rubble when he hears crying, follows the source of the noise to find Ayanna, her clothes burned off and smoke covering her body, but no real wounds to speak of as she was holding her father in her arms I found a survivor! It's that girl!
Firefighter #1: Motions for the medic to go over to them
Firefighter #2: It's going to be all right. Lends a hand
Ayanna Kaktas: Slaps it away and continues to cry while holding her father
The scene fades ahead to show Ayanna sitting on the back of an ambulance with a blanket wrapped around her as paramedics are loading up her father. Ra walks over to Ayanna to see if she's okay.
Ra Constantine: Are you all right?
Ayanna Kaktas: Do I look all right? Looks around to make sure the paramedics can't overhear Why didn't you warn me sooner? I could have saved him!
Ra Constantine: I can't control when and where I get the visions.
Ayanna Kaktas: Then you better learn how to shout into the sky! What was that thing?
Ra Constantine: A demon.
Ayanna Kaktas: Thanks, Sarcasm I figured that. I mean what is it exactly?
Ra Constantine: A Blue Fire Devil. They look like a traditional demon except the fact that they're blue and they're pyromancers, as has been demonstrated here. Their pyromancy leaves them immune to the effects of fire. Immunity you seem to share.
Ayanna Kaktas: Are you saying I'm one of them?
Ra Constantine: I'm saying there's a reason they targeted the church, and there's a reason I was sent to you now. Don't you think we owe it to your dad to find out what that reason is?
Silence falls between them, Ayanna looks unsure of what to do next as the paramedic informs them they're ready to leave and Ayanna stands up and enters the back of the ambulance and sits down by her dad side, looking at his unconscious form before looking back at Ra a brief moment before the ambulance doors slammed shut.



Blue Fire Devil [TV14] SailorVSig2
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Blue Fire Devil [TV14] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blue Fire Devil [TV14]   Blue Fire Devil [TV14] I_icon_minitime24th January 2014, 5:49 pm

Ayanna Kaktas
Ra Constantine

#2 By the Horns

The scene opens up to a grave site, storm clouds overhead sending down rain in the middle of a funeral service. People gathered around an open grave dressed in black with umbrellas over their heads as a casket was lowered into the grave and the preacher spoke. The woman standing in the rain refusing to let anyone get close enough to hold an umbrella over her head was Ayanna, looking down at the casket in sorrow. Once the funeral service was over and people started to leave, the preacher came over to Ayanna and gently rested a hand on her shoulder.
Preacher #1: If you ever need to talk, you know where to reach me.
Ayanna Kaktas: Thanks.
Preacher #1: Offers a weak smile and then goes on his way
Ayanna Kaktas: Stays behind and watches her father be buried in silence

The preacher is seen heading to the parking lot, being watched from afar by an unknown creature that breathed in the cold air heavily. The preacher stopped for a moment and turned around, prompting the creature to hide behind one of the other cars to keep hidden. Thinking it was just his imagination, the preacher turned around and made it to his car door, unlocking it just as the creature came out of hiding and sprinted into a run at the preacher, its growl causing him to turn around just in time to see the creature lunge towards him, screaming and holding his arms up over his head as he was tackled to the ground, the car window is all we see as we hear the sound of a man being torn apart and everything went black.


The scene fades into the driveway of Ayanna's house where Ra can be seen holding up a paper with an address on it that matched the one above the garage door.
Ra Constantine: I be damned, she actually gave me the real address.
The roar of a motorcycle engine from behind Ra catches his attention as he turns and sees Ayanna coming down the hill on a blue bike with a matching helmet on her head. She slows down as she reached the driveway, going over the small bump on the curb and parking in the empty space next to the mustang.
Ayanna Kaktas: Takes off her helmet and shakes her hair about, smiling at Ra Hi.
Ra Constantine: Hi...
Ayanna Kaktas: Puts the helmet away and hops off the bike Make it here all right?
Ra Constantine: I'm here, aren't I? What's with the bike?
Ayanna Kaktas: I saw it at a lot and decided, what the hell I have money. I figured if I'm going to be demon slaying I need something a little bit faster than my car. Come on.
Ayanna leads Ra inside the house, turning on the light and proceeding to take off her jacket to hang up in the closet
Ra Constantine: Nice place.
Ayanna Kaktas: Thanks. It's as old as dirt with a few cracks in the wall, a lousy paint job on the ceiling and a garage door that's broken, but it's home.
Ra Constantine: Who painted the ceiling?
Ayanna Kaktas: The city.
Ra Constantine: Nods his head with a knowing expression on his face, notices a black case on the couch What's in the case?
Ayanna Kaktas: My gun.
Ra Constantine: Opens up the case to see a handgun and a single clip inside
Ayanna Kaktas: Pulls it out and loads it up Smith and Wesson SD40. Aims it at the wall I bought some ammo for it online, for now the clip will do. I like to make my shots count anyway.
Ra Constantine: You have a gun?
Ayanna Kaktas: It's Kansas, Ra, everybody has a gun.
Ra Constantine: It's not like you need it. You're half demon you have twice the strength of the average man.
Ayanna Kaktas: The average man, not the average demon. Lowers gun and turns to face Ra That 'Blue Fire Devil' or whatever tanned my hide and my fists hardly phased it.
Ra Constantine: That's because you lack training and experience, but don't worry. I'm here to help with that.
Ayanna Kaktas: What would I ever do without you? Sarcasm
Ra Constantine: Takes off his backpack and pulls out several books These are all the research I gathered on demons, the undead and various other supernatural creatures you'll most likely be fighting in the coming weeks.
Ayanna Kaktas: What, are you trying to upgrade yourself to Giles?
Ra Constantine: Can you be serious just this once? I'm trying to help you. There's more knowledge and power in these old books than that pistol you have in your hands – are you even allowed to have a semi-automatic at your age?
Ayanna Kaktas: I have one hundred million dollars, the seller didn't ask questions. Well, had, after the hospital bills, paying for the funeral and the bike it's less than that now.
Ra Constantine: Oh, right, the funeral. I meant to attend but I–
Ayanna Kaktas: Forget it, it's fine. You didn't know him. Puts the gun back in the case
Ra Constantine: Did you want to–?
Ayanna Kaktas: No I don't. Looks at Ra And I would appreciate it if we didn't discuss it further.
Ra Constantine: Right, okay. That's your business.
Ayanna Kaktas: Now for my first question, Grabs the remote and turns on the TV where in those books does it say how to kill a Blue Fire Devil?
Ra Constantine: Well, it's going to take more than bullets.
Ayanna Kaktas: Will you get over the gun thing already, you're as bad as the liberals.
Ra Constantine: Picks up one of the books and opens it to the chapter about Blue Fire Devils As is the case with most things, you can kill the demon by either removing its head or cutting out the heart. They're mainly sensitive to blessings or any and all holy artifacts that you can find, more so than other demon classes. Many of them can't even enter a church building without dying or becoming severely ill.
Ayanna Kaktas: That would explain why I always had to throw up during church.
Ra Constantine: If you hope to inflict any harm to them with that pistol then you'd need to get it blessed.
Ayanna Kaktas: Easy enough.
Ra Constantine: You really think you're going to get a pastor to bless a gun for you?
Ayanna Kaktas: You obviously haven't been to the Midwest before. Notices something on the TV and raise the volume
News Reporter: Local baptist preacher Charles Edwards was found dead this morning just outside a cemetery. Police report that the victim appeared to have been mauled by a wild animal and is now on a lookout for bears, mountain lions and anything else that might have been involved in the attack.
Ra Constantine: Someone you know?
Ayanna Kaktas: Friend of my dad's. They used to go golfing together. He performed my father's eulogy.
Ra Constantine: You think it might have been the same demon that attacked your dad?
Ayanna Kaktas: One way to find out. Looks like we're breaking into a morgue.

The scene cuts to the morgue, focusing on a window as Ayanna bent down to look through it
Ra Constantine: Is anyone in there?
Ayanna Kaktas: Tears open the window and slides in Just us chickens.
Ra Constantine: Follows Ayanna in It smells like death in here.
Ayanna Kaktas: Well, it is a morgue.
Ra Constantine: Can we just hurry?
Ayanna Kaktas: Don't like being in the same room with the dead?
Ra Constantine: Not particularly, no.
Ayanna Kaktas: Well don't get your undies all up in a bunch, we'll be out of here as soon as we find him. Pulls open one of the cold chambers and finds a body of a mangled woman
Ra Constantine: Oh God! Covers his face and turns away
Ayanna Kaktas: Not him. Push the cold chamber close
Ra Constantine: I think I'm going to be sick!
Ayanna Kaktas: Welcome to my Sundays. Pulls open a couple more cold chambers before finding the preacher's body Found him.
Ra Constantine: Is still turned away trying not to throw up
Ayanna Kaktas: I kinda need you over here.
Ra Constantine: Do I have to?
Ayanna Kaktas: Stop acting like a baby and get your chibi over here!
Ra Constantine: Walks over to the body
Ayanna Kaktas: What do you think? Doesn't look like any bears or mountain lion marks I've ever seen.
Ra Constantine: You've seen a lot of animals maulings, have you?
Ayanna Kaktas: Ra!
Ra Constantine: Yes, it's possible a demon did this.
Ayanna Kaktas: Can you get a premonition from him? Can you do that, see the past?
Ra Constantine: I don't know. I never tried.
Ayanna Kaktas: No time like the present.
Ra Constantine: Is reluctant
Ayanna Kaktas: Hurry up!
Ra Constantine: I really don't want to touch this body.
Ayanna Kaktas: Do I have to literally force your hand?
Ra Constantine: All right, all right! Gulps, slowly brings his hand over the preacher's forehead and waits
Ayanna Kaktas: Oh, the things I could do while waiting for your premonitions to work.
Ra Constantine: Don't let me stop you.
Ayanna Kaktas: I'm going to keep watch by the door. Heads for the door
Ra Constantine: D-don't leave me!
Ayanna Kaktas: Aww, are you afraid of being alone with a dead body? Teases
Ra Constantine: Please...
Ayanna Kaktas: All right, but if we get caught it's your head. Heads back to Ra and waits
Ra Constantine: Looks at Ayanna while he waits
Ayanna Kaktas: Catches Ra's glance What? What are you looking at?
Ra Constantine: Nothing. It's just... you knew this guy, right? I would've thought you'd be... sad.
Ayanna Kaktas: I didn't know him that well. Besides, I have no time to be sad.
Ra Constantine: You always have time to be sad. You think that holding it in or distracting yourself is better, but it's not. It's only make things worse– Ra was cut off by a vision of the preacher being attacked, seeing a close up of his face right before being tackled to the ground, seeing a blue claw tearing open his chest before the vision ended
Ayanna Kaktas: You okay?
Ra Constantine: Nods
Ayanna Kaktas: What did you see?
Ra Constantine: A blue claw ripping his chest open.
Ayanna Kaktas: So it is him... The bastard! Ayanna closes the cold chamber Where would he strike next?
Ra Constantine: He's attacking priests, more importantly he's attacking priests you know. Where do you think he would strike next?
Ayanna Kaktas: Thinks about it for a moment and comes to a realization Come on!

The scene cut to a street that separated two rows of houses from each other, the mustang parked across one of the houses
Ra Constantine: How do you know this guy again?
Ayanna Kaktas: My father used to repair lawn mowers for him.
Ra Constantine: A preacher and a mechanic. Nice.
Ayanna Kaktas: He pastors for a pentecostal church up on Parallel, otherwise known as Holy Rollers. No one thinks twice when you throw up there.
Ra Constantine: Nods knowingly
A man is seen coming out of his house and heading towards his car
Ayanna Kaktas: There he is.
Ra Constantine: Are you sure the demon is going to hit him next?
Ayanna Kaktas: You're the one that can see the future.
The man reached his car and Ayanna could spot something standing on the rooftop of his house ready to pounce
Ayanna Kaktas: The roof! Hurries out of the car
Ra Constantine: Follows suit
Ayanna Kaktas: runs towards the priest Look out!
Preacher #2: What?
Ayanna pushed him out of the way, falling with him on the ground as the demon up above collided into the car crushing the roof of the car underneath its feet. Ra came to a stop on the other side of the lawn opposite of Ayanna as he and Ayanna looked over to the damaged car to see a four-legged blue demon with black wings covering its body and matching horns on its head conducting electricity. It snarled at Ayanna, stalking the ground in front of her like a predator. Ayanna took out her pistol, unloading several shots into the beast only to watch them repel off the wings as the demon lunged up through the air, unfolding its wings, extending its claws and opening its mouth as it tackled Ayanna to the ground knocking the gun to the side. Ayanna grabbed the top and bottom of the demon's mouth keeping it from biting down on her flesh as they wrestled on the ground, the preacher scooting back on the ground and looking on in horror while Ra grabbed the gun and aimed it at the demon exposed skin firing on it. The bullets connected and was enough to allow Ayanna to kick the demon off of her, but once it rolled on the ground and got up the bullet wounds healed over instantly
Ra Constantine: You didn't bless this thing!?
Ayanna Kaktas: I haven't had the time!
The demon ran towards Ra, but was intercepted by Ayanna mid-flight and both crashed back onto the ground, Ayanna using all of her strength to hold the demon down as she turned her head to Ra
Ayanna Kaktas: Get the priest out of here now!
Ra Constantine: What about–?
Ayanna Kaktas: Now!
Ra reluctantly agreed and ran over to the preacher to lead him back to the mustang. Meanwhile, the demon electrocuted Ayanna knocking her off. Ayanna got up to one knee and then to both feet just in time to be rammed by the demon's horns, releasing enough force to send her in the air and crashing through a window inside a bedroom. Ayanna held up both her legs to her stomach and kicked the chest of the demon with her feet as it jumped in knocking it back and giving herself enough time to get back up to her feet, grabbing the nearby blu ray player and smashing it into the head of the demon when it got up on its hind legs to swipe its claw at her. Next she grabbed a Wiimote and shoved it down the demon's mouth making the demon choke on it until it bit down hard and chewed on it in-between its teeth. Spitting out the pieces of the Wiimote into her eyes leading up to a strike of its tail and swing of it wings that proved to be sharp enough to cut a piece of skin just above Ayanna's stomach before knocking her back through the wall and into the living room. This time the demon approached more cautiously, not wanting to be caught off guard by Ayanna again. Ayanna stood up and the demon charged in led by its horns, Ayanna took off her jacket and pulled it over the demon's bed as he passed by, tearing two holes through it thanks to the horns.
Ayanna Kaktas: Ole! Ole!
The demon turned and charged again, this time getting Ayanna's jacket over its head temporarily blinding it. As it got the jacket off it turned around to be greeted to the living room's table being thrown at it. Its horns piercing the wood and trying to shock her from the other side as Ayanna held it back through the table grunting, the electricity dangerously close to her face
Ayanna Kaktas: Where's a pair of rubber gloves when I need them?
The demon's body began to charge up, blue flames becoming present on its body before it released in a single surge that incinerated the table forcing Ayanna to jump over the demon and the electricity from its horns landing a few in front of the basement door.
Ayanna Kaktas: That's new.
The demon stood up on its hind legs again, this time the two locking up and entering a power struggle, both trying to rise above the other, the demon's breath causing Ayanna to turn her head away but not break up the grapple, when it looked like the demon was starting to get the better of her she allowed herself to fall backwards and the flip the demon over through the door and tumbling down the stairs into the basement. Ayanna slid down the railing and then jumped into the air, flipping over and then stomping both feet down on the demon's body upon landing before jumping off to avoid another blast of electricity. Looking around the basement she saw an axe and smiled
Ayanna Kaktas: Now we're talking!
Ayanna ran over and grabbed the axe, turning around and waiting for the demon to come to her, swinging the axe towards its head. The demon blocked with its wings. Ayanna swung the axe again, only for the demon to block with its wings again. Her anger grew and she raised the axe over her head again and swung it down, this time having enough strength behind the swing to break through the demon's wings, shattering them on contact and slicing its head open. The act surprising Ayanna as she looked at the axe and then at the demon who fell over on its side and started to bleed out. Ayanna stood over the demon, staring it down through narrowed eyes, her own eyes burning blue
Ayanna Kaktas: Tell the bastard that killed my old man, I'm coming for him.
The demon looked up at Ayanna weakly before its body exploded into blue flames and the fire died out as soon as it appeared leaving no trace of the demon behind whatsoever
Ayanna Kaktas: That's convenient. Ayanna placed a finger over where she was cut only to find it had already healed over before walking away as the scene fades to black

The scene fades in on Ayanna's house and we see her inside the living room on the coach sewing the jacket that was torn during the fight, Ra entering the room from the kitchen looking her over
Ra Constantine: I didn't know you sew.
Ayanna Kaktas: A woman that sews, whatever will we do? Sarcasm
Ra Constantine: That preacher was pretty grateful, huh? I expected more of a fuss when he saw how much of a wreck his house was.
Ayanna Kaktas: Which reminds me I have to go over there later and help him fix it.
Ra Constantine: That's mighty considerate...
Ayanna Kaktas: Looks at Ra Why do you sound so surprised?
Ra Constantine: Nothing, forget it.
Ayanna Kaktas: Puts down her jacket Ra, when you look at me what do you see?
Ra Constantine: Did you want an honest answer?
Ayanna Kaktas: Yeah, and I want you to look me in the eye when you give it.
Ra Constantine: Looks Ayanna in the eye I see a selfish woman who only cares about herself.
Ayanna Kaktas: That's everyone.
Ra Constantine: Not everyone. There are still good people out there.
Ayanna Kaktas: You keep telling yourself that.
Ra Constantine: How did you grow to be so cynical?
Ayanna Kaktas: By living. Do you have any idea what it's like up here? Points to her head Half human, half demon. Of course you don't, no one does. It's like having an angel on one shoulder and a demon on another telling you constantly what to do, only the demon is yelling in your ear demanding the taste of blood and then you give it to him because you just can't help yourself. And there was a thousand different ways you could have handled that situation, but you don't do any of them because you just want to hurt someone whether they deserve it or not. I grew up not understanding what I was, having a father who was afraid of me when I would lash out. Just trying to be a regular kid and hurting my friends because I don't know my own strength or because I couldn't control the demon's compulsion for pain. I was labeled a freak and a trouble child. Not only were people not able to understand what I was going through, they didn't even care enough to try. My father and his friends were the only ones who gave a damn and now two of them are dead by demons that for all I know could be my cousins! I'm from two completely different worlds and am an outcast to both, so you'll forgive me if I don't have a very high opinion of either. Goes back to sewing
Ra Constantine: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to–
Ayanna Kaktas: Just forget it. Quits sewing again, stands up and walks over to the window looking outside
Ra Constantine: You're not the only one who's an outcast, you know. When I told my mother about my premonitions she thought I was going insane. She took me to see doctors and psychologists to try to figure out what was wrong with me. I eventually lied and told her they stopped. That she didn't have to worry anymore. Otherwise I know she would have had me committed in the end. Chuckles She and my father think I'm visiting family right now. Well, it's half true I am visiting family it's where I'm staying for the time being.
Ayanna Kaktas: You can't compare.
Ra Constantine: I'm not trying to. All I'm saying is I know what it feels like to be alienated by those around you, like no one can understand what you're going through. Believe it or not a lot more people feel that way than you might think, paranormal or otherwise. And what you just said earlier about your dad and his friend proves my point that there still are good people in the world.Walks up next to Ayanna If you ever need someone to lend you an ear, I'd be happy to lend it.
Ayanna Kaktas: Last person who offered me their ear ended up dead.
Ra Constantine: I'm not going anywhere, Ayanna.
Ayanna Kaktas: That's what everyone says. You think you have all the time in the world and then... then the next minute they're gone. And you haven't even a proper goodbye to send them off with.
Ra Constantine: Ayanna?
Ayanna Kaktas: Eyes water up The last conversation I had with my dad was an argument about a stupid, stupid lottery ticket. The last thing he said to me was, “You're being selfish.”.
Ra Constantine: Ayanna...
Ra opened his arms out wide to offer Ayanna a hug and to his surprise she accepted, wrapping his arms around him and crying into his shoulder. Getting past the initial shock he patted her on the back and did his best to console her, remaining quiet to allow the woman to finally grieve the loss of her father as we pan up to the night sky and the scene ends.



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