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 Meet the RPG Staff

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Inner Senshi Admin
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Inner Senshi Admin Member Support Director

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PostSubject: Meet the RPG Staff   26th January 2014, 7:08 pm

We have four RP Administrators; Let's meet them and hear about their duties!

Outer Senshi Admin
Role-Playing Director
Previous Username: Kyralih
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Hi~ *seductive wink* (XD Just kidding)

I started roleplaying in middle school on Neopets, primarily delving into original characters in the Dragon Riders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey, or the Shannara Series by Terry Brooks (both are excellent, go check 'em out!), and then started on my own stories with a group of friends in high school in paper and then a few more on a forum website (oh god, it still lives).

I started roleplaying Sailor Moon in the fall of 2011, finally getting over that "._. how can I hope to capture these characters?! Who am I to try?!" thing when I found out that Mamoru RPers were scarce, and as I enjoy playing males, I found a place, tried my best, and was successful (yaaay writing practice!). Since then I've written a few fanfiction focusing on space and creation backstories ((like Queen Serenity and the Silver Crystal, the Golden Crystal, Sailor Cosmos, and a few Silver Millennium stories)) and am pretty comfortable with all this stuff now XD. I have a degree in physics with concentrations in Astrophysics and teaching (thus all my space stuff XD).

And that's me. So alluring.


Role Playing Director 
Supervisor of the RPG Administrators and RPG Moderators
RP Welcome Area Personnel
RPG Game Coordinator
General Information - FAQ, Town Hall Meetings, RP Activity Points
Coordinator of Hardcore Events
Co-Coordinator of RP Challenges and monthly Themes

Outer Senshi Admin
Role-Playing Administrator
Previous Username: Sailor Mercury / White Moon Lady 
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2016 Silver Millennium Awards Title: Drinker of Roleplayers' Tears

Mini-Biography: As with everyone else, I grew up with Sailor Moon during my formative years. I fell out of touch with it for a while, but when the 20th anniversary celebration came along, I fell back into the rabbit hole. I had been looking for a new place to roleplay when I finally found GC. Its RP section was tiny at the time, and I remember trying to join all the new storylines since I was so starved for them xD

I've always had a passion for writing and I learned to roleplay when I was in junior high. It was through other fandoms that I first explored the world of role-playing, and it was only after I joined GC that I started RPing in the Sailor Moon world. And what do you know; I love it. I love these characters more than anything and it gives me great joy to be able to write about them. I used to roleplay original characters mainly, but my love for the senshi have made me become a mainly canon player these days.

However, lately I've been developing ideas for original senshi as well, and I'm always looking for new RP partners, so if you want help or just someone to RP with anytime, let me know!


Canon Character Profile Reviewer
RPG Graphics and Advertisements

Sailor Pluto
Outer Senshi Admin
Role-Playing Administrator
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2016 Silver Millennium Awards Title: Crash of Thunder, Brilliant Flash of Light! Here She Comes, It's JTC, She'll Help You Win That Fight! She's Got The Power!

Mini-Biography: I first remember Sailor Moon from the small parts of the anime's dub i'd sometimes catch on TV. I later forgot all about it, but apparently it stuck with me, because I recognized and picked up the manga in my high school's library around my Senior year. Out of curiosity, I read the first book, and was hooked again. I finished all 12 volumes, and then started re watching the anime, this time in Japanese with subtitles. After a while, I really wanted more content, so I started exploring the online fandom, reading fanfiction and eventually joining this site! I'd been RPing since early high school, and I was really craving to start up a Sailor Moon one, so I gravitated to the Roleplay section on the Galaxy Cauldron.

Beyond Sailor Moon, I'm into other shonen anime like Naruto, Gurren Lagann, and Dragon Ball Z, along with a few other shoujo anime I've been introduced to recently. I like reading fantasy and scifi books, and playing video games (mostly Nintendo systems). I'm also really getting back into writing, and I hope to eventually finish an original book at some point.


Otaku Character Profile Reviewer
Co-Coordinator of RP Challenges and monthly Themes
Character Adoption Coordinator

Outer Senshi Admin
Role-Playing Administrator
Previous Username: Verdandi
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2016 Silver Millennium Awards Title: The Admin Reborn
Mini-Biography: Hello there! Nice to meet you! <3

I have been RPing since I was about 15 or 16 (I'm too old to remember exactly when I started haha D: ) but it's always been something that has brought me joy and comfort and I love it very much <3 I have loved Sailor Moon since I was very young. I remember playing out little scenarios with my sister in our backyard and using sticks for staves xD I even made my own otaku senshi named Sailor Eclipse! But I didn't start RPing Sailor Moon characters until I joined GC, and it really just feels so good to RP these lovely characters and to make my own otakus <3! There's something about Sailor Moon that always feel right and good <3

The RP events have always been something that I've adored and I always looked forward to seeing what would come up next! And I'm super excited to now be the one who gets to try and bring about that same kind of fun and excitement for everyone! I hope to do my best for you all! <3  


Coordinator of Casual Role-Play Events
Coordinator of Live-Chat Roleplays
Lady of the Graveyard
Reviewer of Storylines

Past Outer Senshi Admin:



 Graphics by Athena, Neo Queen Serenity, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Mercury, Gemma, and Lust

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Diana Emeritus

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PostSubject: Meet Your Rainbow Crystal Moderators   8th September 2014, 1:52 pm

Hello? Is it working? Hello!!! My name is Tiny Kitten!! I’m here with a very important mission! I have six special people I’d love to introduce to you guys! They’re the backbone of the Role-Playing sections! They help the RP Admins keep things running smoothly and answer any questions we may have! They’re all amazing! Without further ado, here are my favorite Rainbow Crystal Moderators!!!

Moderates: Silver Millennium 
Join Date: April 21, 2013
Age: 26
My first introduction to the world of Sailor Moon (excluding watching some random episodes as a kid that I barely remember about) was by trying out its RPG videogame Sailor Moon: Another Story. I always enjoyed astronomy and liked how the show was significantly related to that, plus I found the general concept interesting, so I decided to try watching the original anime. As silly as it could get at times, I found the overall story enjoyable (especially the Classic season - always my favorite).

Originally mostly participating in and hosting GC games, I decided to try a RP event for the first time... and then thought maybe I'd try joining a storyline... and maybe a HC event... and then this happened o_o But yeah... I'm still relatively a newbie when it comes to roleplaying, but it's quite fun with the people here. ^^

Moderates: Tokyo City
Join Date: July 23, 2013 
Age: Ancient
2016 Silver Millennium Awards Title: Most Likely to Actually Belong in the Victorian Era
Sailor Moon is a series that has impacted my life in more ways than I can count. It provided a beautiful story about friendship and love that gave me an outlet for creativity and community. It introduced me to roleplaying, which became a hobby I'd continue to interact with over the years. I adore the manga, the 90s anime series, the musicals, the Crystal anime... all of it! If it's Sailor Moon related, the likelihood is high that I'll find a way to love it. ♥️

I've been very happy to find The Galaxy Cauldron Forums to participate in, both for discussion and roleplaying. All of the other Sailor Moon-themed forums and games that I previously participated in have closed up shop. It's wonderful to have this place to write and scheme with others in the context of the Sailor Moon universe!

Outside of Sailor Moon and the related roleplaying, I wear frilly-frilly lolita fashion, take ballet classes as an amateur adult, obsessively Instagram my desserts, listen to heavy metal music, and drink hot tea regardless of the weather. ♥️

Moderates: Welcome Forum
Join Date: 2 October 2011
Age: 28
Hello, my name is Luna! I joined the Sailor Moon fandom when I was a pre-teen and watched the television show on Toonami. Searching for Sailor Moon on the Internet led me to role-playing and fan-fiction, which kept me hooked into the fandom for over a decade. In 2011, I found the Galaxy Cauldron and eagerly applied to be apart of the role-playing staff several weeks after joining the forums. I stepped down from my role as Sailor Venus, Role-Playing Director, last year, but I could never let go of the Galaxy Cauldron and all of the great friends I made here!  

Now, I am your Member Support Director!   

I am a campaign analyst at a financial services institution that serves the United States military and their families. I love my job and will gladly nerd over mathematics and coding and performance metrics. Prior to my current job, I got my Master's and Bachelor's degrees in anthropology and archaeology. Outside of work, I coach and compete in archery, and I recently married my husband after celebrating our 10-year anniversary. He and I spend many of our hours with our dog, and nerding over video games and comic books. 

I'm part of Team Mom with my partner, Brit-chan! If you need advice about resumes, finding a job, school, or other day-to-day, real life problems, then I'm your woman!   

Retired Rainbow Crystal Moderators:


Avatar by Neptune! Signature: NQS, Hikari, Sailor Mercury, Batgirl, & PallasMercury! Batgirl's Bestie <3

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PostSubject: Re: Meet the RPG Staff   16th December 2014, 6:19 am

Role-Playing Moderators

Role-Play Moderators have the duty of patrolling the threads within their section and checking to make sure that all of our rules (both RP Section RulesGC Rules and the Code of Conduct) are being followed, as well as checking for possible member issues (OOC of course; issues happen all the time between characters IC) and making sure OOC posts are in spoilers to keep our RP clean. They're the RP Admin's eyes and ears. Moderators are expected to be active roleplayers that respect, follow, and support the rules of this section, and are expected to actively participate in staff discussions on how to better the roleplaying experience on the forums, and actively communicate with me their availability and any problems they are having that may negatively affect their duties.

We have 8 sections to moderate at the Galaxy Cauldron Roleplaying Forum. The Casual Events section is moderated by the RP Administrator Sailor Saturn and her assistant. These sections, and their associated moderator, are:

Section 1: Welcome Forum
Moderator: Luna

Section 2: OOC and Discussion
Moderator: Open

Section 3: Silver Millennium
Moderator: Light

Section 4: Tokyo City
Moderator: Sailor Mercury

Section 5: Crystal Tokyo
Moderator: Open

Section 6: Free-Form
Moderator: Open

Section 7: Casual Events
Administrator: Sailor Saturn

How to Become a Role-Playing Moderator

If you think you would like to take on the mantle of the Rainbow Crystal Mods, fill out the following application form and hit submit; our Roleplaying Administrators will receive your application and look over it and any other applications received. When the application period is closed, you will be contacted by Sailor Uranus, the Roleplaying Director, as to the status of your application. If you are chosen to become a Roleplay Moderator, you will begin a two-week training process before graduating to fully become a Rainbow Crystal Moderator. If you have any questions or concerns about the application or any duties of being a moderator, ask them via PM to Sailor Uranus and she will respond as quickly as she can.

Any member accepted as a role-playing moderator can later apply to be a role-playing administrator if/when a position opens up.

Role-Playing Moderator Application


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Meet the RPG Staff

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