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 (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Mars

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PostSubject: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Mars   1st February 2014, 10:42 am

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Rei Hino
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Date of Birth: April 17th

Used Canons: Anime mostly, with perhaps a few influences from the manga and PGSM.

Appearance: Rei has a commanding aura about her, and she draws attention the moment she steps into a room. Her features could be described as both beautiful and sharp, a kind of beauty that warns you away before you get too close. Her hair is long and dark, with a sheen of deep purple in certain lighting. She is of average height, and though she is not the tallest of the senshi, she is not the shortest either. Rei’s skin is  porcelain pale, with no blemishes. Her eyes are a deep purple that seem to pierce straight through you.

Her fashion style is very sleek and trendy. She wears a lot of clothes that accent her body figure, whilst still remaining classy and elegant in a way. She is always on top of her own outward appearance and never appears run-down or thrown together, never with a hair out of place or a wrinkle in her clothes. Or so she tells herself. Sometimes, especially when dealing with Usagi, Rei forgets her outward appearance and puts all thought into dealing with Usagi instead.

Personality: Rei is a very self-assured person who goes after her own ambitions with no qualms. Once Rei has set a goal for herself, she goes after it without fail until she achieves it. Failure is not something she agrees with, and so she will not accept anything but perfection. Because of her views, Rei also tends to demand a certain amount of effort from her friends and family. She doesn’t hesitate to push her friends into doing and being their very best, and she doesn’t take no for an answer. She has so many dreams and plans for the future that Rei’s list of things she wants to do with her life is constantly growing and expanding, and yet, no one ever doubts that Rei will be able to achieve all of them.

Rei works hard to present herself as being easily perfect, and she never brings up the fact that she works incredibly hard to achieve her goals. She would much rather prefer having others think that all of her success and achievements came solely from her natural talents. However, it is also kind of important to her that her closest friends notice her hard work sometimes, and this is one of the things that helped solidify her and Usagi’s friendship in the beginning.

One of Rei’s biggest weaknesses is the fact that she tends to push people away, further and further without ever letting them in. A person would have to be very persistant and unaffected in order to keep breaking away Rei’s strong walls that she has built up around herself for years. She tends to take things upon herself and not ask for help from anyone. But she is able to realize when help is the more logical solution, at least when it comes to her friends. With strangers, letting them in is just not something Rei has any interest in.

With her mother and grandfather as influences, Rei has always been surrounded by a sense of otherworldly spirituality. It is a strong presence in her life, and she has only grown stronger in her own psychic powers throughout the years. A part of her wondered why she had such powers, powers which proved to be much stronger than anyone else in her family. It once was a cause of hesitation to Rei, and made her doubt things in her life. But that has passed as she grew more comfortable with her powers, and when she made a strong group of friends to support her.

As a senshi, Mars is both strong and decisive. Much like in her day-to-day life, once she decides something, she just goes and does it without hesitation. Her powers are not as versatile as Venus, and not quite full of raw power as Jupiter, but is somewhere in the middle between the two. Her added psychic ability enables her to sense things that the others can not, and it also allows her to approach certain enemies in a way that the others wouldn’t be able to.

All in all, Rei is a goal-orientated and self confident person, and she will reach her goals without a doubt.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Rei possesses a strong psychic ability and connection with spirituality. This allows her to sense things that most others cannot, and she uses her ofuda to battle evil spirits. Her ability also gives her the power to look into the sacred fire for trying to learn information about things that might trouble her and the other senshi. She also can get visions about the future and the trials that she and the other senshi might come up against.

History: In the Silver Millennium, Mars was one of the four senshi who were sworn to protect Princess Serenity at all costs. Even though she was the princess of her own planet, her duties as Sailor Mars took a might higher precedence in her life, and Mars dedicated all of her time in the Moon Princess’s protection. She did not mind, as she had grown to be close to both the princess and her fellow senshi. Protecting the princess wasn’t something she had been forced to do, it was something she had chosen and sworn to do, and Mars took her role seriously.

Things were going well, even with unease beginning to brew between the Moon and the Earth kingdoms. No one truly believed that Earth posed any true threat. Earth was still just a new planet, one that was still trying to learn and evolve, whilst the Moon had been a bustling civilization for many many years. They had the advantage in any kind of battle that might start between the two kingdoms.

Or so they thought. It came as a bit of a shock when Mars found out that the Princess had been sneaking out to visit the Earth Kingdom and had fallen in love with the Earth Prince. How could the Princess do this? There wasn’t much time to deal with it, however, as not long after, the Moon was attacked by the Dark Kingdom, and Mars was in the front lines to fight against the Earthlings. But their strength seemed to be powered by something dark and invulnerable. She fell alongside her senshi comrades.

It was not the end, as she was reborn to the present-day Earth due to Queen Serenity’s wish to give her daughter and her senshi another chance. Mars was reborn as Rei Hino, a feisty little girl who even at a young age was already showing strong signs of having a psychic ability that would surpass both her mother and her grandfather.

Rei spent a lot of time with her mother and father as a young girl. Her mother sometimes disappeared for the day to rest, but her father was there to play with. However, it seemed that her mother was quickly growing more and more sick. And over the years of her deterioration, Rei’s father became more enraptured with his work life and was never home anymore. Rei was unable to understand that her father could not deal with seeing his wife becoming more and more frail, and instead she believes that her father never truly loved her mother nor even Rei herself.

And when her mother passed away from her illness, Rei swore to never forgive her father for not being there with his family.

She acted out and continued to run away, refusing to stay in the same home as her father. It didn’t matter that he was very rarely home, Rei would not live with him! She kept running away and refusing to play the perfect daughter when her father brought her with him to some social function. Finally, her father sent her to live with her grandfather. It took a while before Rei warmed up to him, but he treated her like family and was patient enough to know when she needed help and when to leave her alone. Her relationship with her grandfather only continued to get stronger as she grew older.

Rei spent most of her time either at school or working with her grandpa at the shrine. Being at the shrine also helped her come to terms with her psychic abilities, and helped her to grow them to be even stronger than before. She often spent time in front of the fire, meditating about her dreams of the moon...

Rei became Sailor Mars for the first time soon after meeting Usagi and Ami for the first time. It came as a surprise, but it helped to solidify Rei’s confidence in her powers. Things suddenly made more sense, and the bullying she had to put up with because of her powers no longer mattered.

And somehow, despite her better judgement, both Usagi and Ami became her friends as well as her comrades. Soon after, she also became friends with Makoto, and later Minako, despite the fact that Minako liked purposely to drive her up the wall. Rei never truly believed she would become so close to so many people.

At the final battle between the Dark Kingdom and the senshi, Rei was the last one standing between Usagi and their enemies. Even though Usagi pleaded with her to go home, Rei didn’t listen to her. This was too important, Usagi was too important, to just leave. She knew the risks, she knew the odds, but if she could just get rid of the remaining enemies, then Usagi would be free to deal with the last and final enemy. With her heart racing, Rei walked up to the two remaining DD girls, and was able to defeat them both before dying from her injuries.

Everyone was revived after the battle, as if the whole thing had simply been reset to the beginning, though Rei did not remember any of it for a while until her memories were returned to her when the need for the senshi was too great. Rei suddenly found herself with her friends pushing theirselves back into her quiet life.

Somehow, it didn’t bother her so much.

Together, they were all able to deal with anything that come up against them. There were trials that they all had to overcome, and over the years, Rei became a little less cold and a little more warm, though no less pushy.

Their greatest battle was when they faced against Galaxia. Rei fought her hardest alongside the other Inner Senshi, but they fell. As Rei laid dying in Usagi’s arms, she reminded Usagi that she was strong and how there were many things in this world that Usagi loved. Usagi’s tears were the last thing Rei saw before she disappeared.

Being brought back once again, bathed in the warth and light of Usagi’s love, Rei wasn’t sure how to react she she and the rest were greeted by Usagi’s smile. Of course Usagi had won, and of course Usagi had brought them all back. Who else but Usagi could do this much for everyone?

Now the senshi are focusing on living their lives as fully as they can. Things seem peaceful for now, and so they plan to enjoy theirselves as much as they can before the next enemy arrives, for they all know that peace can not last forever. Rei has so many different things she wants to do, and she strives to work towards all of them. Through the days, she doesn’t let herself think about her senshi duties, and focuses on the things that excite her about normal day-to-day life.

But every night, when darkness spills over the city and everyone is asleep, Rei can’t stop herself from looking into the fire, just in case.

Other Noteworthy Facts: Although she loves to show the world that she is a refined person who is clued in on all the best things, Rei’s favorite brand of food is the Here! brand (especially Here! Curry!). It is known for being a somewhat low-quality recipe box that can be thrown together in the matter of just a few minutes. Rei loves it for its quick and easy appeal, and she doesn’t have to waste time to make something that tastes just as good as other restaurant-prepared dishes! Makoto, however, no longer allows her to bring any food to their study groups.  

Storyline Specific Information:

Dream Vs Duty:

As the Keyblade Strikes:

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Mars
Realm of Influence: As Sailor Mars, she gains a strong influence over fire, able to manipulate it in various different ways. She is one of the stronger of the Inner Senshi in terms of raw power.
Henshin/Transformation Phrase:
Mars Power, Make Up!
Mars Star Power, Make Up!
Mars Planet Power, Make Up!
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up!

Senshi Fuku: Mars’s main color is red, with an accent of purple. Her skirt and sash are both red with a stripe of white going through the sash. Her front bow is purple with an red gem in the middle, but her back bow is red, instead of also being purple. Her gloves go up to her elbows and end in three lines of red piping. Her shoes are a pair of sexy red high heels. She also has a golden tiara with an red gem, and a red choker ribbon around her throat.

As Super Sailor Mars, she gets the same kind of changes as most other senshi. Her red choker gains a golden star, she gains see-through material on her shoulders and her back bow has longer tails to mimic Sailor Moon’s. Her red gem brooch turns into a heart shape.

As Eternal Sailor Mars, again her changes reflect how the other senshi fukus change. Her red choker is a v shape, and her shoulders gain a sort of puffy red-see through material. Her gloves become longer and have a strip of red at her wrists. Her brooch is now star-shaped, as is the gem in her tiara. Her skirt now has two layers, the top layer still the same color whilst the lower layer is a paler red. There is a red ribbon that follows along the top of skirt and then goes behind to her back bow, leaving the tendrils of the ribbon to trail in the back of her fuku. Her high heels are now gone, leaving her with the white boots that have a thin red strip through the top.

Akuryou Taisan: Rei uses this both as her civilian self as as a senshi. She normally recites an ancient Japanese chant before calling out Akuryou Taisan and using the ofuda on the enemy, but sometimes she skips that part and goes straight for sending the ofuda towards the enemy. The attack has a few varied uses, though normally it is for ridding affected humans of evil, though it can also be used to stop an enemy in its tracks.
Fire Soul: This is one of Mar’s main attacks and was the first attack she used as a senshi. A strong fireball forms as Rei’s fingertips and then swirls outwards to hit the intended target, burning and damaging them.
Fire Soul Bird: Same as the above attack, except she uses her ofuda in the attack, and the fireball becomes the same of a phoenix. It is stronger in strength than her normal Fire Soul.
Burning Mandala:Mars is surrounded by various symbols that become rings of fire that she can shoot at the enemy.
Mars Flame Sniper:Mars throws out her hand and calls out a bow made of pure fire, before shooting an arrow of fire at the enemy. This attack is very strong.
Weapons or Magical Items:
Ofuda: Slips of paper with “Evil Spirits Disperse” written upon them. Rei uses these both transformed and in her civilian form.
Mars Crystal: The name of Sailor Mars’s starseed.
Guardians: Phobos and Deimos. They are two crows who live at the Hikawa Shrine with Rei and her grandpa, and at one point were the only friends that Rei had. Their names are from the names of Mars’s moons.

RP Sample:

The flames danced before her, the heat stinging but never burning. Even when an ember escaped and landed on her skin, the fire never hurt her.

Rei breathed in deeply, smelling the charred wood, tasting a hint of smoke and ash on her tongue. Comforting in its extremities. How long had she been here meditating? It was hard to keep track sometimes. Distantly, she could feel hunger clawing at her stomach, but she did not break her concentration.

Just a little bit longer.

Another deep breath, and then out again. In, and then out.

But there was nothing to see. The flames were not going to bless her with their wisdom today, Rei had already guessed that hours ago. However, she still had the desire to try. Just a few more minutes, and then perhaps the fire would give her the answer to her questions about the moon.

She had seen it multiple times in her dreams. At first, she had thought it to be just a fluke, but as the full moon appeared more and more, often followed by a sense of sadness and guilt, Rei knew it to be more than that.

What could it mean? Try as she might, she had not been able to figure out a meaning for it. And so she had turned to the flames. After three days, the flames had showed her another vision, this time of a faceless girl in a pure white dress and long pale hair. But that was all, and now Rei had even more questions than before.

But as more time passed, Rei had to accept that the flames had no desire to give her another vision today. And with that, she relaxed her pose and her clasped hands fell to her lap. Her striking purple eyes still gazed into the fire, but her meditation was gone now, leaving her tired and a little restless. She had so many questions that still needed to be answered. Who was that girl? What did the moon have to do with anything?

Rei got up from the small mat and stood tall. She walked out of the room with only one more glance at the still roaring flames.

The night air struck cold against her skin, despite it being the middle of summer. Rei shivered, and glanced up at the moon, full and round in the sky.

She didn't understand why it was so prominent in her dreams. But tomorrow, she would consult the flames once again. Again and again until she did understand it.

Because, somehow, she knew it was all incredibly important.


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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Mars   1st February 2014, 8:08 pm

Approved! <3


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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Mars   22nd February 2017, 1:54 pm

I've updated the SSI with an entry for "As the Keyblade Strikes", and it's ready for review! <3


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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Mars   22nd February 2017, 7:31 pm

SSI noted and approved!


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(Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Mars

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