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 Erica's Short Story

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Lotus Crystal

Title : Honestly, I’ve never fit in with the world. I was always alone.
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Erica's Short Story Empty
PostSubject: Erica's Short Story   Erica's Short Story I_icon_minitime27th February 2014, 9:44 pm

OK so I decided to write a short story and it just kept flowing so I want to share it with you.

Usagi had just laid her head down for the night to get some sleep, when her communicator began going off like crazy. She picked up, the girls needed her help. One of Beryl’s monsters was attacking the city. Usagi felt confused as she had sealed Beryl long ago and could not figure out how she could have a sent a monster to attack Tokyo. After a moment, Usagi said she would meet them at the Hino shrine as fast as possible. Usagi pulled out her brooch and said “Moon Crisis Make Up” in a voice just loud enough to allow her to transform, but not to wake her family, and with that she headed to the Hino Shrine.

Usagi got to the Hino Shrine but once the girls saw her they took off. Rei shouted “what took you so long; we have to do smash this monster.” Usagi tried to answer but she was trying to catch her breath as she pushed herself to catch up to the others. She heard Ami talking about how this monster was different and had more power than anything they had faced yet, and Ami was strategizing about how to destroy it. The girls seemed to move at lightning speed, while Usagi felt like she was walking in comparison to the senshi. It was at that moment she wished she would have eaten more at dinner. Usagi was skipping meals and eating less, claiming to be on a diet and wanting to lose weight for Mamoru. She was also tired because she had stayed up too late playing video games, trying to see how far she could get and beat her previous score. Usagi was moving so fast she didn’t see the tree branch, causing her to trip and sprain her ankle.

Usagi tried to call out for the senshi to know she was hurt, but they were too far ahead, and Usagi realized she had the wind knocked out of her and was struggling to get back on her feet. She heard a chuckle behind her, and wondered who could be laughing at her in this state. She turned around to see a tall figure with dark brown hair, almost black and green eyes. In the dark she thought it was Mamoru. “Very funny Mamo-chan, now help me up would you.” “Who is Mamo-chan”, the figure said with a slight chuckle as he stepped into the light revealing his grey military like suit. My name is Melanite and I am here to take you back to Beryl. With that he grabbed her and took her away, leaving behind a single red boot that was stuck in the tree stump where Sailor Moon had fallen only moments ago.

Usagi had blacked out, but when she came to, she tried to move but was bound to the wall. She tried to budge loose from the wall, but it was no use. Melanite entered the room, “it’s no use Sailor Moon, or should I say Princess Serenity, you are not going anywhere until Beryl is finished with you.” Usagi was still confused about Beryl, and who was this Melanite, she did not remember him from her previous encounter with Beryl. “Just who are you Melanite,” Usagi said in a bitter voice, “I battled the Shittenou in the past and I definitely do not recall battling you.” Melanite laughed, “of course you do not remember me, I was young then and Beryl and the others were training me to become the strongest soldier of the bunch, well at least as strong as Endymion, Beryl wouldn’t let me pass him up.” Now is my time and I have had my eye on you Serenity for some time now, so get comfortable we have lots to talk about.

Meanwhile the Senshi are battling this monster giving it their all. Uranus and Neptune even show up to help. Tuxedo mask comes in and contributes his efforts. Somehow, they are all able to defeat the monster. Once this monster was defeated, Sailor Mars turns around and says “what were you doing back there, why didn’t you help us Sailor M---?” She catches herself and looks around and sees that Sailor Moon is nowhere in sight. “Has anyone seen Sailor Moon?” Mars says in a slightly nervous voice. “She was right behind us a moment ago, wasn’t she?” Jupiter said. “We better go see if we can find her,” Uranus said. They all thought maybe she had gotten distracted on the way and that is why she didn’t show up at the battle. Everyone de-transformed and walked with Rei, Ami, Minako, and Makoto as they retraced their steps back to the Hino shrine. It wasn’t until they got to the tree where Usagi had fallen that they began to be a little concerned. Mamoru saw the red boot and ran straight to the tree. “Usako” he yelled out. Where could she have gone they all wondered, and why would she leave a boot behind. None of this made sense, but everyone split up to see if they could find Usagi, before going into a panic. Maybe she was playing a prank on them, after all this was Usagi they were dealing with. They were to meet back at the Hino shrine at sunrise. Everyone was to keep in touch via the communicator on Usagi’s whereabouts.

Everyone met up at the Hino Shrine the following morning. They had searched high and low for Usagi, but no one could find her. The girls were recalling the events up to when Usagi could have disappeared, and nothing was making sense other than that Usagi was going at a slower pace than the others. They all thought, this isn’t like Usagi to not show up for a battle, something has to be seriously wrong. Mamoru was holding Sailor Moon’s boot, and was able to sense that something was seriously wrong with her but could not sense where it was coming from. He suggested they search around town one more time, maybe she had fallen asleep somewhere or had gone to a friend’s house. While walking past the flower shop, Mamoru saw Jadeite out of the corner or his eye, he saw Kunzite while walking by the jewelry shop. They both had quite devilish smirks on their face, and that’s when Mamoru knew Usagi was not in Tokyo anymore.

Back at Beryl’s lair, Melanite was talking with Usagi about how he has longed for this day and he can finally prove himself to be one of Beryl’s right hand man. “She’s just using you Melanite, can’t you see your just one of her puppets?” Melanite slapped Usagi across the face with this comment. “I will not be spoken to that way Serenity, I am a general and you will show me the respect I deserve.” He walked over to her, Usagi thought he was going to slap her again- she tried to resist but was weak. Melanite put his hands in her hair and undid one of her dangos letting her hair fall to the floor; he walked around to the other side tracing his hand along her shoulders till he reached her other dango and undid it as well. “I always knew Endymion had his eyes on you, and now I can see why, you are just stunning with your hair down.” He ran his hands down her long golden locks taking in the sweet smell of her hair. Usagi closed her eyes and cringed, hoping somehow, someone would rescue her.

Beryl was growing waiting for Melanite to gather all of Usagi’s energy, so she took matters into her own hands. She stormed out to the garden where Usagi was being held captive. Wish the thrust of Beryl’s hand she was draining Usagi’s energy. Usagi let out a scream, but there was no one there to save her. She glanced over at Melanite, hoping maybe his fondness for her would outweigh his duties to Beryl. Unfortunately, Melanite cared more about his duties to his queen as he walked over to stand beside her in obedience. Meanwhile, Mercury was finding a way to break through Beryl’s barrier. Neptune had used her mirror and while she couldn’t get a clear image of where Usagi was, the image that came through was one that indicated just how dangerous this situation was. The scouts were also trying to find a way to teleport without Sailor Moon. Luna and Artemis were able to find a way, it did require more power of the Senshi, but there was no hesitation as everyone wanted to get their princess back. Mamoru was concerned about Usagi and her condition, but he kept his composure as he put on his mask.

Beryl had finally gotten what she wanted from Usagi, her energy. Beryl laughed as she walked away and said, “With this power, I can finally take my place as Earth’s rightful ruler.” Melanite waited for Beryl to go back inside before he went to remove the chains from Usagi’s wrists. He laid her down on the platform in the courtyard, kissed her cheek, saying “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you, I will always admire you Serenity, but I have worked too hard and long to lose the power Beryl has given me.” With that Melanite walked into Beryl’s lair.

After what seemed like an eternity Tuxedo Mask and the Senshi arrived on the grounds of Beryl’s lair. The group decided to split up to see what they could find. Melanite was bringing Beryl some wine when an alarm went off. He checked the computer and saw the “unwanted” company. He froze when he saw Tuxedo Mask, knowing his true identity to be Endymion. Beryl saw the screens as well and called her troops to go eliminate the situation. Mercury and Mars bumped into each other while walking around trying to find Usagi when they heard footsteps approaching them. Soon after the senshi and Beryl’s soldiers were battling it out. Tuxedo Mask also had his fair share of soldiers to battle, but his energy was high, as if he could burst into flames from rage and determination to fins his beloved Serenity. It was a tough battle for everyone, but after a long battle Beryl’s soldiers had been diminished. The senshi all regrouped in the courtyard.

After everyone collected themselves, Tuxedo Mask got down on one knee and put his hand to the ground using the Earth to help guide him to Usagi.  He couldn’t pick up a signal; a rose fell from his coat as he stood. He didn’t know where he was going, but he ran hoping it was not too late and that he could find her. Tuxedo Mask was stopped in his tracks by Melanite. “Out of my way, I will take you out no regrets.” He tried to move but Melanite stopped him. “Wait a moment Endymion, you do not to wander this place forever do you, I know where Serenity is, and I am the one who can take you to her.” By this time the others had caught up to Tuxedo Mask and were wondering who this guy blocking the way was.  Tuxedo Mask motioned for Melanite to lead the way, although he wanted to clobber him for calling her Serenity, which was a name reserved only for those closest to her. Melanite led everyone right to Serenity. He realized Beryl would not be happy, but he would deal with her later. Deep down Melanite was glad he did the right thing. When Tuxedo Mask saw Usagi he ran to her and dropped to his knees beside her. Her wounds were bad and her energy was so low that the silver crystal had begun to encase her. Usagi was encased to her mid calf. The senshi saw Usagi’s state, but stayed back allowing Tuxedo Mask to be with her and hopefully help her.

Tuxedo Mask caressed Usagi in his arms and held her tightly and using the golden crystal poured his energy into her. “Please come back to me Serenity, and forgive me for not protecting you.” Tuxedo Mask willed all his energy but it seemed nothing would happen. Mars asked if there was anything they could all do to help. Tuxedo Mask turned around, tears streaming down his cheeks as he said, “can you lend your energy?” Without hesitation the senshi all ran over and began passing their energy to Usagi, each one wanting her to come back and hoping for the best. After a moment Usagi opened her eyes. “Mamo-chan” she said weakly as she raised a hand to caress his cheek. Everyone froze; they couldn’t believe that Usagi was back. Everyone wiped their tears as they embraced her. Usagi was dazed and unsure of where she was or what had happened. After Usagi had been filled in on what was going on, she was ready to go home.

Leaving would not be easy as Beryl was still going to be after them, but Usagi was too weak to battle and everyone wanted to get her home safe. They could fight Beryl again another day. She had been sealed once, and with everyone’s strength combined, they could seal her away to a place where only darkness exists. Tuxedo Mask carried Usagi piggy back style until everyone got where they could teleport back home. Once everyone was back in Tokyo, they de-transformed and headed home after saying goodnight to Mamoru and Usagi. Usagi could walk now, but held onto Mamoru because she wanted to be close to him. Mamoru wanted Usagi to stay with him until she recovered from the events she experienced. This was because he wanted to be with her, and it would also be rather difficult for Usagi to explain her condition to her family. When they got to his apartment, Mamoru ran a bath for Usagi and got her a tee shirt and sweats for her to sleep in. He also made her some food so she could eat. They discussed what happened. Usagi cried remembering the events, explained she felt she had betrayed Mamoru for having another man kiss her. Mamoru went over to her and took her hands in one of his and tilted her chin to face him in the other. “It was out of your control, and you did nothing wrong.” With that he kissed her lightly on the lips. Afterwards she gave him a light punch in the arm- “don’t ever leave me like that again okay.” The two lay down to go to sleep. Mamoru held Usagi tight in his arms as they both drifted to sleep, and he knew that he would never let her go again.


Here you go enjoy.....goes and runs away....hides in corner


Erica's Short Story HikariDemand
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Erica's Short Story Empty
PostSubject: Re: Erica's Short Story   Erica's Short Story I_icon_minitime7th March 2014, 1:47 pm

I'm not sure how much writing experience you have (not that I have that much) but I still enjoyed reading this story. ^^ The only comment is that I believe you make a new paragraph whenever a different character is speaking.
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Erica's Short Story

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