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 Cleaning the Streets of Arkham [Sailor Saturn/Catwoman fanfic!!]

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PostSubject: Cleaning the Streets of Arkham [Sailor Saturn/Catwoman fanfic!!]   22nd March 2014, 4:03 am

Am I allowed to advertise this here?

Well, I've been writing this fanfic for a bit now. Left it for a bit and didn't update it.   
It's placed after Stars(anime) where Saturn goes off on a mission, after not having any purpose for a couple of months. She agrees to sort out the prison island/city of Arkham from the Batman multiverse. When she gets there she is attacked and is saved by Catwoman, who soon become good enough friends. Oops, too many spoilers. Angry 

Here's the link,  I'd appreciate concrit and feedback if you have the patience to read through 8 chapters. Note, not yet completed.

Thanks, PallasMercury


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Cleaning the Streets of Arkham [Sailor Saturn/Catwoman fanfic!!]

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