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 Advanced: Sailor Solar Eclipse

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PostSubject: Advanced: Sailor Solar Eclipse   5th April 2014, 7:52 am

[Visual approximation. I'm going to draw her at some point hehe]

Character Name: Aeliana
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: Her age and birthday approximate to 19 earth years and June 20th, 1995

Appearance: Standing on her tip-toes, Aeliana is only about 6 inches tall, and is of average height for the people of her planet. Her skin is fair, and her eyes are a striking silver color. A pair of golden sparkling wings protrude from her back, which leave behind a faint trail of sparkling dust that disappears after a few moments. Aeliana has long saffron-colored hair, which she likes to put up in many different hairstyles, adorning the styles with beads and feathers and flowers and ribbons. She rarely goes a day with her hair being in the same style.

Aeliana’s taste in clothing is very feminine and girly. She always wears skirts and dresses, as she dislikes the restricting feeling of pants and the like. Her favorite outfit consists of a flowing purple skirt that has beading woven into the fabric to create a sparkling design at the hem, paired with a white blouse with sheer sleeves. Aeliana doesn’t wear shoes of any kind, prefering to go barefoot, but she normally wears a golden anklet.

Personality: Despite the fact that Aeliana grew up amongst an entire planet who feared her and her sister, Aeliana is a kind and warm-hearted person. She often smiles and is quick to see the good in things, opting to completely ignore the bad. This was something she adapted to due to the way the people of Tajule treated her family. They had to be good people, even if they sneered and taunted and hated her, right? There must be good inside of them, even if it was hard to see. This instinct of being blinded to the bad in people can sometimes get her into trouble, however, as she is easily tricked because of it.

Aeliana likes to make people smile, and never refuses a request for help. She has trouble telling a person no, no matter how much she might dislike what that person is asking her to do, though there is a limit to what she will do. She isn’t weak-willed, but she hates any kind of conflict, and tries to adjust things in order to keep conflict from happening. Because of this, she can read other people very quickly and accurately, after having years of practice at trying to guess how people will react so that she will be able to adjust accordingly.

This is very tiring for her, however, and can leave her a little paranoid in wondering how she is being percieved by other people. Aeliana loves to be around people who are happy, and she gives her all in making that happen. But it is not an ability that came naturally to her, but instead it is a skill she has forced herself to adapt to. It is second nature to her now, and not something she even thinks about anymore, even though it does tire her out and she can feel emotionally drained after being socially active for a while.

Aeliana’s relationship with her sister is incredibly strong. They are eachother’s best friend and confidant, and Zelena is the only person Aeliana feels completely comfortable with. She is very protective over Zelena, and does not tolerate people saying anything bad about her. Back on Tajule, she would often defend her sister’s name, even going against her hatred for conflict. Family is very important to Aeliana, even more important than friends, and one day Aeliana hopes to see her parents again.  

Aeliana’s dream is to find a place where she feels accepted and completely at ease.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: As a speedy quick flier, she can zip away from danger in the blink of an eye.


Tajule is a planet with a tropical atmosphere, where the days are warm and sunny and the nights are gentle under the cool glow of the moon. It is a peaceful place made up of a faerie population, where magic is commonplace, and everyone is born with an ability specific to them. Most of the time it is a small thing, like being able to clear a cloudy day, or to bring rain for a short period of time. But some are born with stronger powers, and have complete control over an element like ice or fire.

And then there is the senshi born to Tajule, who has control and gets her power from both the worshiped sun and moon of their beloved planet. It has been many years since Tajule's senshi has existed, but the people of Tajule have not worried. Their planet is a peaceful one, and they have never truly needed a senshi. In fact, peace has reigned on Tajule for so long that they've forgotten what their senshi was really once like. All that remains is the legend of the special lady with the control over the moon and the sun. Stories are still told of the senshi's greatness, but in a way that there are no longer any details of her. People worship her as much as they do the sun and the moon.

So when the signs begin to show that the birth of their senshi was soon imminent, the people of Tajule rejoiced and began to celebrate the arrival. Their senshi would soon be here!

At the time, there was only one family with a pregnant woman, and so the whole place knew exactly who would be the lucky family to bring the revered senshi into their world. Together they all took care of the woman and her husband, giving them everything they needed until the time was right.

When the woman gave birth to a pair of baby girls, there was a bit of shock. Was it possible that the signs had been wrong? But they could feel the raw power emanating from the twin baby girls. Despite their age, it was incredibly potent, and so the people decided that they must be very lucky to have two senshi born to them!

The celebrations continued for a long while after that.

However, everything came to an abrupt stop when one night a year later, the moon, full and silver in the sky, sudden became as red as blood.

Instantly the people of Tajule turned with frightened accusations to their previously beloved senshi girls. Though they were only a few years old, they blamed the two girls without hesitation. They were the ones responsible for this! The moon was red and dying, and the world must be ending for such a thing to happen! These girls couldn't possibly be their true senshi! The real senshi would never do such a thing to the beautiful moon!

Frightened and confused, they demanded that the girls be banished from the planet. There was no way that such monsters should be allowed to harm the moon any longer.

The girls' parents pleaded with the others to see reason. These girls were just babies after all. Babies with incredible power that they did not know how to control and it would be silly to punish them for being too young to understand. They promised to teach the girls control, and that it wouldn't happen again.

The people backed off after that, though a lot of them were still suspicious and cast judging looks at the girls. But the riot was over for now, and the parents took their girls back inside the house.

There were no more celebrations after that. Most of the people tended to stay away from the girls as they got older, for fear of what they might do to them. So the girls stayed with each other instead, growing incredibly close with one another, and relying on eachother.

Aeliana disliked the fact that they were constantly being feared by the other people on their planet, and she tended to overcompensate in order to make everyone like them again. Her attempts never really worked, but instead of becoming disheartened, Aeliana would only try even hard to make people trust both herself and her sister.

Years passed without incident and so people began to forget that night of the Blood Moon.

Then one bright and sunny day, the sun went dark.

The people of Tajule were utterly terrified, and they did not hesitate to storm the home where the girls lived. They were convinced that the world was ending and that something had destroyed their beloved sun, and how dare those girls do something like this? They believed without a doubt that the girls were corrupting everything and they would not be allowed to ruin anything else. They banished the girls from Tajule completely, not listening to anything that the parents or the girls' themselves said.

When the people began to get violent, the girls decided that they would leave. Their parents wanted to go with them, but the mother was too weak to travel such a distance, and so they stayed behind. Their parents told them of this beautiful green and blue planet that was said to be the home of the most powerful senshi in all of the entire galaxies. They said that the girls should go there, so that they could perhaps learn more about other senshi beings, and how they dealt with having so much power.

The girls were sent to Earth in a spaceship, being put into cryostasis for two years while the ship traveled the vast distance.

When they woke up inside the ship, they could hear sounds that they were familiar too, sounds that reminded them of home. Chirping birds, the bubbling of a stream. Opening the hatch, they were caught off guard by just how huge everything was. In fact, there were rocks bigger than theirselves. A leaf almost knocked them off their feet! Why was everything so gigantic?

After three months there, together they learned how to live in the forest, how to avoid the birds who tried to swoop in and catch them, and how to hide from the snakes and mice and other floor dwelling creatures. They found a small hollowed hole in an apple tree, and made a home of it. They have yet to find any other beings besides the enormous animals, and soon they plan to go and search outside of their home.

Because they remember the things their parents told them, about this planet's senshi who were said to be the most powerful in the world, and the girls have a desire to meet them.

Other Noteworthy Facts: Due to her size and the nature of eclipses, she only has a small amount of magical energy to use before she must rest. As such, Solar Eclipse must try to use her attacks wisely as she only has a limited amount.

Storyline Specific Information: Not available at the moment.

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Solar Eclipse
Realm of Influence(s): Plasma and Heat, as well as the movement of Tajule's Sun and Moon.
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Diamond Tajule Power, Make Up!
Senshi Fuku: Solar Eclipse’s main colors are black and silver, with a few accents of gold. Her hair is tied halfway up, whilst the rest cascades down her back, and she gains face markings once transformed. Her fuku is made up of a black corset dress with sleeves that rest off of her shoulders, and the skirt flows to one side with two layers of sheer material underneath the main dress. One layer is gold and the other is white. Attached to the chest of the dress is a brooch that resembles her senshi symbol, and is inspired by the "diamond ring" of a solar eclipse. A black sash with two grey stripes rests on her shoulders and connects to the dress of her fuku. She has two gloves that reach up to her elbows, and at the wrists it is adorned with a white ribbon. A full white bow sits at the back of her waist, with its two long tails reaching down to her feet. Even in her senshi form, Solar Eclipse does not wear any shoes, and her anklet is the only thing on her legs.
Plasma Fountain! Solar Eclipse raises her hand above her head and closes her eyes. Plama begins to swirl around her before collecting in a pool above her head. She then directs all of towards one target. This attack does a substantial amount of damage, but she can only attack one enemy at a time.
Plasma Fountain Rain!Same as above, except instead of attacking only one enemy, the plasma rains down on a large wide area. With this, she can attack multiple enemies, but can’t control it as well, and the attack does smaller amounts of damage.
Diamond Pulse!: Solar Eclipse’s only defensive attack. She stretches out her hands, and a blindingly white heat begins to form in her hands, before shooting out from her in a wide circle with her in the center. Enemies are temporarily blinded by the sheer brightness of this attack, and they sustain minimal injuries.
Antipode Dual Eclipse! An attack she can only do with her sister. They call out the attack together, and then Lunar Eclipse's element hits the enemy first, encasing them in a thick layer of ice, both freezing and holding the enemy in place. Then, Solar Eclipse is able to attack with her element right after, attacking with very hot plasma,  melting the ice and creating a hot steam that burns the enemy. This takes a lot of energy to complete, and the girls try not to use it unless very necessary.
Weapons or Magical Items: She has no real weapons or items besides that of the golden anklet she wears. It has no name, as it is essentially a but it is the item she uses in order to transform. It was once part of a singular necklace that the original Tajule senshi used, but it broke in half when the twins were born, and now they each have their own piece.

RP Sample:

They were attempting to be quiet with their whispers and with their stares, but Aeliana saw them anyway. She heard what they were saying, too, but she was trying to ignore that and instead was focusing on continuing to sweep the porch of her family home.

But the key words of their whispers still dug at her.

Freak. Abomination. Those twins are going to ruin us all.

Aeliana glanced over at them, though she said nothing. She caught them staring over at her, and after a moment she smiled over at them, putting as much warmth and kindness as she could into that one gesture. The two Tajulians turned their backs to her as they left, though they did not stop with their whispering.

Frowning, Aeliana sighed. She gripped the broom tightly in her hands, feeling uncomfortable and wondering why everyone had to treat her family in this way. She didn't even remember the Night of the Blood Moon that everyone blamed them for.

And nothing like that had happened in so long! But that fear still persisted, and Aeliana had yet to figure out a way to get through to the other Tajulians in order to make that fear go away. Baking cookies, helping yard work, sewing up so free clothing... none of it had helped in any way.

Aeliana set the broom up against the side of the house and flew up into the sky. A part of her wanted to go bake something to set out at the town square, just to attempt at another effort in making the people of Tajule like her and her family.

Instead, she flew off to where she knew her sister would be, knowing that at least with Zelena, she would be welcome.


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PostSubject: Re: Advanced: Sailor Solar Eclipse   6th April 2014, 7:47 am


=D And so good for them to find a planet where their powers won't be feared! =D Yaaay!



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Advanced: Sailor Solar Eclipse

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