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 Advanced Crossover Senshi: Sailor Skaro

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PostSubject: Advanced Crossover Senshi: Sailor Skaro   6th April 2014, 9:41 pm

Character Name: Kara Goldwood
Gender: Female
Age and DOB: Fifteen; born on April 9

Used Canons:
She's an otaku Senshi, though based off the Daleks from Doctor Who.
Appearance: Kara is medium height as well as average weight; neither fat nor skinny. Her hair is thin, shoulder-length, and dirty blonde in color. She has bright blue eyes. Normally she wears casual clothing, such as jeans and a t-shirt.
Personality: Kara, as a civilian, is actually a very kind person--not the sort of person you'd expect to be a Dalek soldier. She is laid-back and easygoing, but studious when the time calls for it. She is very, very intelligent. However, especially after her awakening, when she gets angry, she gets angry. She yells, she destroys things, and holds grudges for a long time.
As a Senshi, she is mostly the same--at first. Her emotions are very downplayed, and when she does feel any sort of anger or hate, her mind actually becomes a lot more like a Dalek's mind, especially as time passes in Senshi form. This can be very dangerous, because if left like this for too long, she may actually start to turn against her allies.
Any Unique Abilities/Skills: She is actually an excellent leader, and very commanding.
History: Well, some of you may be wondering, why would the Daleks enlist a human as their soldier instead of slave? Well, two things. One, Sailor Skaro was neither born human, nor was she born a Soldier of the Daleks. No, she was actually born a Thal, the other race of Skaro. Beautiful with flowing blonde hair, Sailor Skaro was originally a Soldier of Peace, with healing abilities similar to Sailor Moon's (minus the moon aspect). She hated fighting as much as most Thals, but even so, she had to fight the brutal war against the Kaleds. However, the Kaled scientist Davros kidnapped her, and after perfecting his Dalek race, he found a way to extract her Star Seed without killing her, and basically turned her into a Dalek Soldier. So she is basically like an Animamate, and exists without a Star Seed. She fought in the Time War as well, but was killed early on (by Sailor Gallifrey, no less).
Skaro was reborn as Kara Goldwood, a British human. Kara was raised in London with her two parents to be kind and studious, which she was...until she awoke as the Sailor Senshi of Hate and Extermination.
Ironically, it was during a Cyberman invasion in which Skaro awoke. It all started on a Saturday. She woke up, got herself ready for the day, and went out shopping with her best friend. At one particular store, Kara noticed a charm bracelet with a rather peculiar looking charm--one with a charm that looked like a pepper pot with a plunger and a kitchen whisk sticking out of it. Amused, she bought the bracelet, and both friends also bought a Blutooth with a Cybus logo on it. Now, you may be wondering what these purchases have to do with Skaro's awakening. But ever since Kara bought the bracelet, she would have strange dreams and mutter the same words for no reason: Eggs. Stir. Min. Ate.
The next day, the Cybermen attacked. They channeled the earpieces to hypnotize their victims, leading them to the factory where they would be converted into Cybermen. However, when Kara was about to get upgraded, the Cyber-technology refused to respond. She was not compatible. All the while, she was chanting in her stupor. Eggs. Stir. Min. Ate. And then the words blended together to form a terrifying new word: Exterminate. And then the bronze shape of a Dalek appeared on her forehead like a planetary symbol. As if on instinct, she used her bracelet to transform into Sailor Skaro, exterminated the Cybermen in her path, and escaped the factory with her friend.
As for the rest of the Cybermen? Well, the man with the blue box was also there at the time. But he and Sailor Skaro never met.
Other Noteworthy Facts: In Senshi form, she speaks exactly like a Dalek. Same metallic raspy voice, same commanding tone. This speech also sometimes leaks into her civilian talks as well, for instance when she's confused, she might screech 'EXPLAIN!' instead of asking a question. Or instead of saying 'Who are you?' she might say 'IDENTIFY YOURSELF!'
Storyline Specific Information: n/a
Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Skaro
Realm of Influence(s): She has the same powers as a Dalek would.
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Skaro Power, Make Up!
Senshi Fuku: Skaro's fuku is based off the armor of a Dalek. It is metal like Galaxia's, although it is made of bronze. The main fuku is covered with 'stripes', per say (see image for reference; they resemble the midsection of the Dalek), while the sleeves look very much like a bronze version of Galaxia's sleeves. The skirt, meanwhile, is paneled and covered in rows of the same bumps that appear on the lower region of the Dalek. The kerchief is simple; black and cloth with no stripes. There is no brooch or bows, and while the tiara itself is bronze and looks like a normal tiara, an eyestalk protrudes from where the gem normally would be. This eyestalk is useless and is mostly there for show. Meanwhile, two speech indicators come out of the top of her head (again, see image for reference; they're the lamp things on top of the Dalek's dome). They flash whenever she talks.
Powers: Skaro doesn't have attacks, really. What she can do is fire beams of electricity from one of her gauntlets. These laser beams can either stun or kill, depending on the level of power of the opponent (it does kill most humans pretty efficiently). The other gauntlet  extends into what resembles a toilet plunger, and can be used to crush the skull of an opponent.
Weapons or Magical Items: Basically her gauntlets, which resemble black metal gloves that are segmented at the joints and extend up to right below her elbow. The one on the left, when activated, extends into the kitchen-whisk-like gun, while the one on the right, when activated, extends into the 'toilet plunger'.
Guardian: None
RP Sample: It was a very quiet afternoon. Kara was taking a stroll in the park, alone and with nothing but relaxation on her mind. There was no one else around as the sun set into the horizon. Just the chirping of birds and the occasional statue here and there. This put Kara's mind at ease; the recent exams had put a lot of stress on her mind and she hadn't been able to relieve it until now. But during the whole two weeks, she had felt like just standing there with her face buried in her hands.
Just like that one angel statue.
It looked very old and very serene, yet something about it both intrigued and frightened Kara. Hesitantly, she stepped closer to it. And as she did, she blinked.
It moved.
And it didn't just move closer. Its position had changed. Now it stood, looming above her with a snarl like that of a lion. Sensing danger, Kara immediately took a step back and yelled, "SKARO POWER, MAKE UP!"
With that, Sailor Skaro appeared, and did not waste any time. "EXTERMINATE!" she screeched. The gun extended from the gauntlet, and the laser was fired right at the statue, which exploded. With that, the Senshi detransformed, ready to continue her relaxation.


 Right bumper by PallasMercury, avi by Neo Queen Serenity   
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PostSubject: Re: Advanced Crossover Senshi: Sailor Skaro   8th April 2014, 4:52 am

I remember RPing with Skaro! She's a neat character (though I know nothing about Doctor Who xD). I love the way she talks when she's transformed, it's fun to read. And her fuku sounds really cool!



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Advanced Crossover Senshi: Sailor Skaro

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