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 Moonlight Legend: REBIRTH (Advanced)

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PostSubject: Moonlight Legend: REBIRTH (Advanced)   9th April 2014, 8:22 am

Name of the Storyline: Moonlight Legend: REBIRTH

Name of the Creator: Aurae

Forum: Silver Millennium

Plot Summary: This storyline is a alternate universe retelling of the rise to power of the Moon Kingdom during the Silver Millennium era.

After the assassination of the former king and queen of the Moon, the cabinet and other diplomats have rushed to establish order and secure the newly-crowned Queen Serenity in her position. There have been subtle and outward threats from all manner of dissenting groups and terrorists who would prefer to see the Moon's sovereignty end. Even within the governmental body of the Moon there are many who do not support the young monarch. This is a critical time that will determine much of the future for Queen Serenity's reign.

In an attempt to garner support and address concerns regarding the new queen a conference has been arranged on the Moon. The planets within the Solar System have been asked to send delegates to form a special interplanetary committee. There is hope to promote justice and understanding throughout the system through the conference.

The planets of Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are currently in an alliance with the Earth. These kingdoms have declined the invitation to join the current conference on the Moon

The Solar System is a place both varied and similar. Each planet has its own culture, language, and customs. However, they are all united by the technology shared by the Moon kingdom and a common universal language. All technological advances have come from the people of the Moon--the capability for interplanetary travel originated there, among other elements now a part of daily life. This technology has been integrated into the worlds of the Solar System without seriously disrupting any of the cultural elements. The old world and the new are colliding rapidly, but outwardly it doesn't seem like much has changed.

Details on any necessary information:

  • Current storyline goals:

    1. The ambassadors and the Queen meet and get to know each other
    2. The Queen discovers the physical Silver Crystal
    3. The ambassadors awaken as sailor soldiers
    4. The sailor soldiers fight a minor evil force
    5. The sailor soldiers train their abilities
    6. Visiting diplomats enhance political ties with the Moon
    7. The sailor soldiers fight a major evil force
    8. The Queen uses the Silver Crystal in battle
    9. Sailor soldiers come into existence across the universe
    10. Queen Serenity is established as a powerful and just ruler

  • Please keep in mind that the current universal language is not Japanese. Using a Japanese name, elements of Japanese culture, or Japanese phrases is going to be kind of strange unless that is the theme of your planet. The current universal language is similar to Latin. However, it is likely that each planet will have its own language and culture that would be related to naming and history of individual characters.
  • At this time, the sailor soldiers have not been awakened. They are fulfilling diplomatic duties for their patron planets and will be awakened during the conference. They may be princesses, princes, other members of the nobility, or anything else you can pull off convincingly. If you do chose to make your sailor soldier male, please put extra thought into it--male applicants should have convincing arguments for being male sailor soldiers.
  • Your character's planet's customs and culture are entirely for you to decide. The planets are a blend of old-fashioned and futuristic; new technologies incorporated into ancient worlds.
  • The door of Time-Space does not yet exist, and Sailor Pluto has not yet been appointed to guard it. This will be a duty given to her when the door is discovered during the game.
  • Court-style political intrigue is welcome and encouraged: spies for the Earth's alliance planted in the Moon kingdom, sabotage or assassination attempts on the Queen and those close to her, arranged marriages, backstabbing or blackmailing, and more!
  • Queen Serenity is currently 15, and the delegates that will form her court should be close in age range.


  • These are alternative-universe characters. They should not be the canon characters, but may be inspired by them.
  • Required character roles:

    • Queen Serenity
    • Sailor Uranus
    • Sailor Neptune
    • Sailor Saturn
    • Sailor Pluto

  • Optional character roles when all required roles are active:

    • Luna
    • Artemis
    • Nehellenia
    • Nemesis

  • The primary villains will be NPCs, with opportunities for character-controlled villains if there is interest.
  • Sailor Moon first-season/arc roles are not currently available: Princess Serenity, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Prince Endymion, Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, Kunzite, or Beryl
  • Potential visitors would be temporary additions to the plot, but would be expected to eventually exit from the storyline. Suggestions for character roles that may visit the Moon for diplomatic reasons include:

    • Uncorrupted delegates from the planets the Anima-Mates are from (Coronis, Chuu, Mermaid, Cocoon...)
    • Kakyuu and the Starlights from Kinmoku
    • Characters related to sailor soldiers depicted in the manga only (Lethe, Mnemosyne, Chi, Phi...)
    • Characters related to musical-only characters implied to have come from other planets (Astarte, Vulcan...)
    • Characters based on movie "boss villains" (Kisenian, Kaguya, or Badiane...)

  • Otaku senshi not connected to established Sailor Moon universe characters are temporarily permitted as non-transformed diplomatic visitors, but are not needed for the main plot. Cross-over characters are not preferred.
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PostSubject: Re: Moonlight Legend: REBIRTH (Advanced)   12th April 2014, 11:54 am

I really do like your set up here, especially the "GOAL" part Very Happy I also love how you prioritize your characters to most important and needed to NPC to optional.

This idea also gives some imagination on how the King and Queen came to be. Love it.



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Moonlight Legend: REBIRTH (Advanced)

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