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 [drabble] greenpea501] Home In His Arms

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[drabble] greenpea501] Home In His Arms Empty
PostSubject: [drabble] greenpea501] Home In His Arms   [drabble] greenpea501] Home In His Arms I_icon_minitime12th April 2014, 4:11 pm

i did that all wrong i'm sure. oh well i'll deal with the fall out later. anywhoz it. this drabble came to me after i read a post by HikariDemand in the RP brainstorming thread... so here it is:

Home In His Arms

She just got on the plane, didn’t tell a soul, didn’t pack a thing, just up and left; leaving Senshi, cats, friends and family wondering, worried and scrambling to find one Tuskino Usagi. She’d just up and left leaving no note behind, telling no one [not even Luna] where she was going. She didn’t pack anything short of the money she needed for the ticket. She didn’t even take her purse! Ok maybe she did since it seems to be missing as well. So where did one moon princess/sailor moon/Tuskino Usagi vanish to? She went to see the earth prince/tuxedo kamen/chiba mamoru for no reason other than she missed him more she ever let on. She knew her friends and family [and Luna] would say she was insane for doing this just because she missed her boyfriend who’d only been gone 2 days at this point. She wished she could go back and leave a note at least but, what’s done is done. She’s walking up to his dorm room door now. –Knock- --COMING-- usako?! What in the world?! What are you doing here? (mamoru) he didn’t get a response; just an armful of a very tearfully happy moon bunny. Said moon bunny knew there’d be grief to pay when she got home but, for right now all she cared about was the man she was hugging. She was there with him and that’s all that truly mattered in that moment. She was home in his arms.

please comment. i'll be sad if you don't.


[drabble] greenpea501] Home In His Arms Navyandgold
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[drabble] greenpea501] Home In His Arms

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