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 Relaxed Senshi/Antagonist: Sailor Theia

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PostSubject: Relaxed Senshi/Antagonist: Sailor Theia   12th April 2014, 10:40 pm

Character Name: No regular name, just goes by Theia

Gender: Female

Age: Looks around 18, but has existed since the beginning of the Solar System.

Character Image:
• Theia has Long silver hair with black streaks done up in odangos. Her skin is paler than usual because she hasn’t been exposed to light very much. Her eyes are golden colored and under her tiara is an open circle mark. She looks very much like a relative of Sailor Moon.
• She wears a silver tunic dress and her chest is covered in simple, cracked golden armor and shoulder plating.

Storyline Specific Information: Main antagonist of Ghost Planets.

Additional Information: Theia is charismatic to others and is good at rallying people to a cause, strong willed and stubborn, determined to a near obsessive level, sympathizing with other’s plights, and above all desires friends. Her personality is coincidentally similar to Usagi, but more jaded.

Theia was reborn from the Galaxy Cauldron when Chaos was pushed into it and woke her inactive Sailor Crystal (or at least the shards she had left). This formed her body, but her memory was still riddled with holes, leaving her with a sort of amnesia. She had no idea who she was and why she exists, wandering around the galaxy in search of answers. She jumped between planets and asteroids gathering information, gleaming that she was something called a Senshi and had a planet to guard. She finally located someone who had enough knowledge of the galaxy to realize what she originally was and taught her about the Solar System’s formation, her planet’s destruction, and the birth of the Moon and Earth.
Furious, she finds a ship and heads to the Solar System in an attempt to take her rightful place back by force if she has to, finding allies hidden in the cores of the dead planets along the way. She and her group of Phantom Senshi are now closing in on Earth.

RP Sample:



Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Theia

Senshi Fuku: It is very much like Sailor Moon’s original outfit, except instead of pinks and blues, there are gold and silver colors incorporated into the sailor uniform. Her circular broach holds the shards of her Theia Crystal inside.

Powers and Magical Items:

Theia Crystal Rebirth- She opens up her broach and a bronze light radiates from it, healing injuries and damaged bodies of any kind, with the added effect of being calming to others.

All Seeing Eye- The symbol on her forehead glows bronze, and she can see through illusions.

Theia Planet Impact-A ball of bronze energy is formed and thrown at the opponent, engulfing them. It can also be used to push large objects. It grows in size based on how much energy is put into it.

Theia Broach- The locket that holds her crystal shards. It is the sole source of her powers since her planet is gone.
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PostSubject: Re: Relaxed Senshi/Antagonist: Sailor Theia   13th April 2014, 11:47 pm

Characters who are both senshi and antagonists are always so awesome xD I really love that, even though she is an antagonist, she has a healing ability. That's rare to see, and it's very neat! This will be a really cool RP to read about! =]



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Relaxed Senshi/Antagonist: Sailor Theia

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