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 Mobile Website

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Leg Lamp Power, Make Up!
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Mobile Website Empty
PostSubject: Mobile Website   Mobile Website I_icon_minitime2nd May 2014, 10:02 am

So, if I try to access any portion of the forums on my mobile phone that features the header on the main page... the entire forums (not counting the graphics banner) slowly moves from the right to the left, as if it is following the scrolling banner.

And then I am all like "Wait! Let me click on you!" And the forums is like "No! We must keep moving. If you can't keep up, then that is your problem, slow poke."


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Neo Queen Serenity

Neo Queen Serenity


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Mobile Website Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mobile Website   Mobile Website I_icon_minitime2nd May 2014, 11:06 am

i am on my mobile right now with no problems, so perhpas it is a device problem?


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Mobile Website

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