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 A New Beginning

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Honestly, I’ve never fit in with the world. I was always alone.
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A New Beginning Empty
PostSubject: A New Beginning   A New Beginning I_icon_minitime16th June 2014, 10:14 pm

Here is a (small) tidbit from my fanfic. I hope you guys like. if it is well received I will post more. I have so much inspiration for this fanfic...on page 20. so yea I hope you all like.

Usagi woke up late as usual, but that was okay, because she knew today would be a normal day. Ever since she and the others defeated Nehelenia, all was calm in Tokyo. For the first time in 2 years everyone was living a life of normalcy. Tomorrow Usagi would be seeing Mamoru off to America. She was sad to see him leaving, but happy for him to have this internship. Usagi quickly got dressed and rushed off to school. Usagi had began to study more and try to do better in school. She wanted Mamoru to be proud of her, sure he loved her even if she wasn’t the smartest girl, but she wanted to do well in school, so she could become an eloquent Queen one day. The school day passed quickly and after school, Usagi, Naru, Rei, Ami, Mako-chan, and Minako all went to grab shakes together.

            That night Usagi could not sleep, she wanted to be with Mamo-chan on his last night in Japan, but also wanted him to get a good night sleep. Usagi decided to write Mamo-chan a letter to read on the plane ride to the states, this way she could tell him all she wanted without waking him. She sealed the letter and placed it under her pillow before she turned in for the night.

            The next morning, Usagi put on her best outfit, grabbed her letter, and placed it in her bag and headed to meet Mamoru at the airport. When she saw Mamo she forced herself to smile. As Mamo walked closer to her she began to tear up. When he came up to her he put his hand out and brushed her cheek with the back of his hand. “I’m sorry, I promised I’d send you off with a smile.” Mamoru pulled Usagi into a hug, don’t worry Usako, I will write and call every chance I get, but you have to promise you will do the same.” Usagi looked up at Mamoru and said with a big smile “I promise…I will write every day.”

            Mamoru told Usagi he had to go, but just before he left, he pulled out a little box and placed in Usagi’s hands- “this is for you.” Usagi opened the box to see what was inside, and was shocked to see a beautiful pink heart shaped ring with small diamonds all around it. “This is for me Usagi said, barely able to utter the words, can I put it on?” Mamoru nodded as he said “I love you Usako, until I return.” He gave her one last kiss before boarding his plane to Massachusetts.

            Usagi watched until Mamoru’s plane departed before heading back home. Usagi ran into her room and fell on her bed and held a pillow over her mouth and screamed. She was so happy, well as happy as she could be, Mamoru was gone, but he had given her a ring. It was a promise of his love to her, and at the moment Usagi was happy with that. She pulled out her phone and let the girls knew she had some news for them and she wanted to meet at Crown Fruit Parlor in 30 minutes so she could tell them the news.

            Mamoru was sitting on the plane admiring the view above the clouds. He was sitting next to a young lady and her child. He decided to test out his English skills and asked where they were going. It turns out they were also going to Boston, they were visiting the young woman’s brother for graduation, and now were heading home to her husband and baby. Mamoru asked the lady if she knew how to get to Harvard, the lady gave Mamoru directions and wished him luck in his studies. Mamoru decided to catch some sleep before his plane landed, hoping to avoid a bad case of jetlag.

            Mamoru arrived in Boston and took a cab to his apartment. He elected to get a roommate, to help with the costs, but also so Mamoru could get around easier in Boston. Mamoru opened his apartment door and saw his roommate sitting on the couch watching TV. The young man turned towards the door, “you must be Mamoru,” he said as he got up and walked towards Mamoru. “My name is Tyler, I am your roommate, please make yourself at home.” Mamoru told Tyler it was nice to meet him too, and made his way to his room. Mamoru had his belongings shipped to the apartment to make unpacking a bit easier. He placed his suitcase on his bed, opened it up, pulled out a picture of him and Usagi and placed it on his dresser.  When Tyler had seen Mamoru go into his room, he pulled out his phone and made a call, “he’s here, I just thought you should know,” Tyler said as he hung up the phone and walked back to the couch to watch his TV show.

            Back in Tokyo, Usagi and her friends were all at the Crown Fruit Parlor desperately waiting for Usagi to spill her news.  Usagi told her friends about what happened at the airport, and then she pulled out her hand and showed them the ring he gave her. The girls were all screaming, and Usagi was blushing. They were all so happy for her. Usagi hoped this happiness would last while Mamoru was away in America.

            Several weeks had passed since Mamoru’s departure, and slowly Usagi, Rei, Ami, Minako, and Makoto all began doing different things. Life was calm in Tokyo, there had been no attacks since defeating Nehelenia. Ami was busy with cram school and applying to study abroad over the summer, Rei was busy training to become a priestess at her grandfathers temple, Makoto was taking cooking and gardening classes, and Minako was playing volleyball at her school. Usagi was busy, but she was mostly occupied with her studies. It seemed like she never saw any of her friends anymore. She couldn’t remember the last time they talked since they were all together at the Crown Fruit Parlor. It wasn’t until she got home and saw the letter from Mamoru on her bed that she began to feel a glimpse of true happiness. She opened the letter, excited to hear from her Mamo-chan, it read:

                        My Dearest Usako.
            I hope you are well in Tokyo. Life here in America is so different from Japan, but I am adjusting. Did I tell you I have a roommate? His name is Tyler, he has helped me out a lot getting around here in Boston, He also goes to Harvard, he is studying to be neurosurgeon. How are your studies going? I hope you are doing your best. I am sorry I took so long to reply to your last letter, my studies keep me busy and when I want to give up I look up at the moon (if it is clear out at night) and hope you are looking at the moon too. On those nights when the light of the moon does not grace me with its light, I look at our picture or read one of your letters. It gives me the strength I need to push through. Tell everyone hi for me. Until next time.
With all my love,


A New Beginning HikariDemand
  Sigs by Mercury, NQS, Venus, mystery, and green pea. Avie by Sunyeons
 A New Beginning 3120549547  Yumi's forum wife A New Beginning 3120549547  Batgirl's soul sis
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : that one j-idol and k-pop fangirl.
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Location : pink ocean

A New Beginning Empty
PostSubject: Re: A New Beginning   A New Beginning I_icon_minitime8th July 2014, 10:40 pm

gaah, the ending of it. it's so cute! keep this up omg. <33333


A New Beginning X3IOY
I'M BACK! :3  || k-pop & j-pop fan

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Honestly, I’ve never fit in with the world. I was always alone.
Posts : 8662
Join date : 2013-05-26
Age : 29

A New Beginning Empty
PostSubject: Re: A New Beginning   A New Beginning I_icon_minitime23rd July 2014, 10:35 pm

 Here is another section:   
  Usagi rushed to her desk to write Mamoru back. She told him her studies were going well, and she was doing her best. She wanted to tell him the truth about how she hadn’t seen any of the girls in weeks, but she didn’t want him to know she was sad, so Usagi lied and said that her and the others went out after school every day and sat in the park together. She told him she would say hello to everyone for him. Usagi was curious about Tyler, so she asked Mamoru to find out more about him. It wasn’t that Usagi was interested in another man, but she wanted to make sure that this Tyler was a good friend, a friend like Motoki, someone Mamoru could tell anything. She sealed her letter after enclosing her math test, the first one she aced….ever. After she sealed her letter, Usagi went downstairs to help Ikuko mama with dinner.

            Back in Boston, Mamoru and Tyler were playing a game of pool when the phone rang. Tyler answered it, 

“Hello” he said.

 “Can I speak to Mamoru please” the voice on the other end said with a thick accent. Tyler handed Mamoru the phone.

 “Hello” Mamoru said. When he heard Usagi’s voice his smile stretched to his ears. He sat down on the couch and talked with her for awhile. Tyler couldn’t understand what Mamoru was saying, but knew he had to be talking to his girlfriend. Tyler observed Mamoru from afar before going back into his room.  Mamoru and Usagi talked for about 30 minutes and bid each other farewell for the night. Mamoru went to ask Tyler if he wanted to finish their game of pool, but when he got no response, he assumed Tyler went to bed. Mamoru turned off the light in the living room and made his way to his room. He was going to do some research for one of his classes before he turned in for the night.

            Tyler had heard Mamoru’s knock, but chose to ignore it, for he was a bit busy at the moment. When Tyler entered his room he went to his bookshelf and pulled a book off the shelf, the bookshelf split in two, revealing a secret room. Tyler went in to input data on Mamoru, noting that when his girlfriend calls, something in Mamoru’s aura changes. Tyler was determined to figure out what it was, was Mamoru someone with power, of course he was, Tyler thought. He had been watching Mamoru from afar for years and now he had Mamoru right here in Boston in the same apartment. “Mamoru Chiba, or should I say Endymion, soon everything you know and love will crumble and fall into my hands,” Tyler said devilishly. For I Typhus shall take revenge on you, on behalf of my planet Coatl shall be victorious.”

            Back in Tokyo, Usagi had decided to take a part time job at Crown Fruit Parlor. She needed something to help the time pass by. It seemed her “so called friends” had found a newfound life, with no enemy to battle; everyone was off living their dreams. Usagi also wanted to earn some more money so she could visit Mamoru in America. It was a slow day at the Parlor, so Usagi’s boss let her go home early. Usagi got home and decided to work on her homework, ever since Mamoru was away, and Ami was not around to help, Usagi took it upon herself to do school work. She actually was enjoying it, partially because it killed time, and it took her mind off worrying 24/7 about Mamoru. She had been working diligently the past month and a half since Mamoru left, that she was getting farther ahead in her studies. Usagi decided to take a stroll around her neighborhood, since it was a cool and clear night.

            While Usagi was out on her walk she saw Makoto walking, and as she got closer, saw that Makoto was not alone, she was with a guy. Usagi hesitated a little not wanting to intrude, but couldn’t resist saying hello to her brown haired friend, plus she had to know who the mysterious man was. “Makoto,” Usagi called out. The brown haired girl turned around at hearing her name.

“Usagi,” Makoto said in a surprised tone. “How have you been, it’s been awhile hasn’t it?” Makoto asked.
 “Yea, but that’s okay, I know you have been busy.” Usagi replied. “How is your cooking class going,” Usagi asked.
“It’s good, I have learned a lot of new recipes, oh and I met someone,” Makoto said while nudging her head over in the direction of her male mate. “Kyron,” Makoto called out, “I have someone I want you to meet.” Makoto introduced Usagi and Kyron, and shortly after they all said goodbye and went on their way. Usagi decided she would go visit Ami next.

            Back in Boston, Mamoru just got out of the shower and was headed into the kitchen to grab some breakfast before his first class, when he got a feeling that something was wrong with Usagi, even oceans apart, he could still sense her deepest feelings. He decided to call her, despite the fact he had a limited amount of time, if it was for Usako, and he would do anything. He dialed her number and waited for her to pick up.

            Usagi was walking towards Ami’s house, feeling slightly down, though she would never let it show, when she heard her phone ring. She pulled out the device and saw Mamo-chan on the calling end, she smiled and answered the phone “Mamo- chan, what a surprise, I wasn’t expecting to hear from you today, is everything ok?”
Mamoru replied, “Yes everything is fine, I am busy working away, but I am surviving, are you ok Usa.”
Usagi hesitated for just a moment before answering, “of course I am fine, silly, why do you ask?”

 Mamoru sensed she was lying and decided to push her just a bit on the topic. “Usa, don’t lie to me, tell me really what is going on.”

Okay so maybe she hesitated, but how could he tell something was wrong and why was he forcing her to tell him what was going on. She didn’t want to bother him or cause him any grief while he was apart from her. But there he was saying Usa again, and when he called her Usa, she wanted to break inside, she longed for him to take her into his arms and tell her it was all going to be okay. Usagi told Mamoru only half of the truth, it wasn’t lying right, he didn’t have to know everything.” I am just busy as well, I took on a part time job at the Crown and now it seems I don’t see anyone as much as I used to.

Mamoru knew she wasn’t telling him everything still, but decided he wouldn’t push his luck. “Well that’s good that you took a job, but make sure you make time for your friends okay Usa.”

 Usagi replied “hai, Mamo- chan thanks for believing in me.”

“Of course Usako, you know I love you, but I must be going now, I have to run to class, but maybe we can talk again soon.”

“Yes of course,” Usagi replied, “Bye Mamo-chan.” Usagi waited for Mamoru to say goodbye also before she hung up her phone. With that she had walked all the way to Ami’s house. She made her way up the familiar steps, and knocked on the door, hoping to see the bubbly blue haired girl.

            Mamoru hung up his cell, just as Tyler entered the room. “That yo girl?” he asked. Mamoru didn’t particularly like the way Tyler spoke in such a way, especially about Usagi, but he just confirmed what Tyler asked. “How is she doing?” he asked. 


A New Beginning HikariDemand
  Sigs by Mercury, NQS, Venus, mystery, and green pea. Avie by Sunyeons
 A New Beginning 3120549547  Yumi's forum wife A New Beginning 3120549547  Batgirl's soul sis
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A New Beginning Empty
PostSubject: Re: A New Beginning   A New Beginning I_icon_minitime

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A New Beginning

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