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 [Advanced] Ally - Kyubey

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Ally - Kyubey   1st July 2014, 1:53 pm

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Kyubey
Gender: Unknown--does not object towards masculine or feminine pronoun usage.
Age and Date of Birth: None
Used Canons: Some Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime and manga canon combined with some Sailor Moon manga and anime notes as they relate to Luna and Artemis. However, this character is neither Luna nor Artemis.
Appearance: Kyubey is a small quadrupedal animal that vaguely resembles a cat. His short fur is an indigo-violet hue. He has small beady eyes with a ruby shine, no visible nose, and a small curved feline-esque mouth set into a large, round, expressionless face. He communicates telepathically, and thus does not need to move his mouth to speak. His absent eyebrows or other facial features add to the lack of visible emotion. His forehead is marked with a golden crescent moon, rotated so that the horns of the moon are both facing up. At the top of his head are two triangular ears similar to those of a cat, tinted a light salmon pink on the insides. Protruding from just below (and seemingly within) those ears are strange appendages, roughly 10 inches long, that vaguely resemble hands or wings--one on each side. Each appendage ends with three finger or wing-like suggestions. His fur deepens to a dark gold gradient and is marked with three thumbprint-sized white dots near the bottom of the strange features. Suspended around each appendages is a bracelet-sized thin gold ring, positioned just above the beginning of the gradient. His lithe body is marked on the back with a large gold crescent moon, positioned with the tips of the horns just behind his shoulder blades. He has a thick fluffy tail that he is capable of curling and manipulating with great dexterity.

Personality: A personality is not something Kyubey generally seems to exhibit. As an Incubator, he and his kind share a single goal of avoiding entropy. To achieve this objective, he will use any means available to him, focusing on efficiency and logical progression. Emotions and feelings do not exist for an Incubator.

In interactions with magical girls and candidates, Kyubey relies on calculated manipulation. He has no guilt about his task nor does he feel any personal responsibility or duty. The assignment of an Incubator is to seek candidates with potential to defeat witches and eventually become witches themselves. Whatever must be done to successfully convert candidates to magical girls is necessary and required. To this end, Kyubey omits information when it impacts the attractiveness of his request for a contract.

Kyubey closely observes the behavior of humans, seeking the best methods to influence them towards his goals. If this requires actions or words that he does not understand or that contradict logic, he will do so. His pleas frequently give an impression of honesty that does not exist. He phrases his requests to appeal to the emotions of the candidates, without actually sympathizing with them. He maintains a facade of advice and cooperation to guide magical girls and candidates down his intended path. As the undesirable truth about his mission is slowly unraveled, he displays no regret or shame.

During regular communication with magical girls and candidates, Kyubey exhibits traits that best suit his impression of what these teenage girls would be most likely to heed and obey. He can seem cloying and cute, or knowledgeable and caring, but under pressure (or simply when convenient) he frequently betrays his true nature. When not focused on maintaining an outward appearance, his lack of humanity arises as rudeness or apathy. He is uninterested in the emotions of humans.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
Telepathic Broadcast and Receiver - Kyubey communicates entirely through telepathy, and enables the magical girls contracted through him (and potential candidates) to communicate telepathically among themselves when Kyubey is present.
Selective Visibility - Kyubey can only be seen by magical girls and candidates.
Teleportation and Levitation - Kyubey is capable of traveling without moving. He can will himself to appear in areas when necessary or convenient. He is also not bound by the traditional laws of gravity, and can stand or float in places that should not be possible.
Regeneration - If killed, another identical Kyubey will appear in the vicinity and ingest the remains of the previous incarnation. The replacement Kyubey will have most if not all of the knowledge and memories of his predecessor.
Wish Granting - As part of the contract to become a magical girl, Kyubey will grant any single wish from the candidate.
Soul Gem Creation and Manipulation - As part of the contract to become a magical girl, Kyubey removes the contractor's soul from her body and places it with the Soul Gem. He is also able to impact the physical body and emotional state of the contractor via contact with her Soul Gem.
Energy Collection - The specifics of this process are unknown, but he collects energy from witch transformations and battles. The crescent moon on his back can open as a repository for Grief Seed fragments.
History: Energy continually diminishes in the process known as entropy. Seeking to avoid a heat death of the universe, Incubators harness replacement energy from an unusual source--the emotions of girls experiencing adolescence. To this end, Incubators contract with adolescent girls showing potential for emotional energy to fight against witches. They collect the energy generated from the battles between the magical girls and witches to replenish the universe's energy. Incubators focus on the overall state of energy in the universe, not the needs and desires of individuals or groups. They travel and exist in many worlds, harvesting energy and seeking methods to negate or reverse entropy.

Other Noteworthy Facts: It is not necessary for Kyubey to eat or sleep, but he indulges in these luxuries at his whim. His physical body does not seem to have any specific functional needs.
Storyline Specific Information:
Puella Magi Usagi Magica - Upon contracting with Tsukino Usagi, Kyubey believes that he has found a magical girl whose state change into a witch would emit so much energy that it would negate entropy and ensure the continuation of the universe.
RP Sample:
Kyubey flicked his tail, the thick violet fur rustling behind his back. Ruby eyes stared up at the girl, unblinking. He could sense the potential in her; it radiated from her body like waves of heat. It almost shimmered in the air around her, illuminating her. Such a vast quantity of potential energy.

This was exactly what he sought. Unlike the others who had fought and changed before her, she could be the greatest Magical Girl ever contracted. He could envision the witches she would defeat and the energy her battles would generate. Her Soul Gem's brilliance would eliminate the darkness of countless Grief Seeds.

How long would it take for such a Magical Girl to become a Witch? How much energy would be generated when such a conversion occurred? It would be more than enough. Her despair would seal the future continuance of the universe.

The moonlight glinted across the golden crescent that marked his forehead, and the words unspoken rang out in her head.

"Usagi, do you want to become a Magical Girl?"
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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Ally - Kyubey   4th July 2014, 4:55 am

Ooh, this is perfect. I like how specific you got with his appearance, and I love the handle you have on his personality and goals. It will be really great to see him in action in the RP.



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[Advanced] Ally - Kyubey

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