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 [Advanced] Magical Girl: Makoto Kino

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Magical Girl: Makoto Kino   14th July 2014, 6:29 am

Character Name: Makoto Kino
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth:16 / December 5th

Used Canons: Sailor Moon and Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Appearance: Most people notice Makoto’s height first and her strength second. She is very tall, especially for a teenage Japanese girl. Her muscles are taut, strong and clearly visible, from all the hours she spends in training. Makoto’s hair is a wavy auburn brown, and she normally wears it up in a ponytail held together with two green baubles. When she lets her hair down, it reaches to her lower back in soft waves, but she rarely is seen without her signature ponytail. Makoto’s eyes are green and can appear to be big and soft, but change to small and threatening in an instant.

Makoto’s style is generally fairly tomboyish, consisting of simple jeans or shorts with plain t-shirts, but sometimes when she is feeling particularly confident, she’ll give in to her favorite outfits that she has in the far corner of her closet. These clothes are significantly more traditionally seen as feminine, with skirts and flowery patterns, lace and frills. Makoto loves these clothes, but most of the time she feels that it is silly for someone of her stature to wear such things. However, she always wears a pair of pink rose earrings, almost as a rebellious stand to always wear something more feminine, even when wearing some of her more tomboy-like outfits.

Personality: Makoto is a mix of both feminine and masculine traits. She is strong enough to lift an adult male above her head, but graceful enough to do it while ice skating without falter. She is as tall as most men, but she loves pink lacey clothing that is soft to the touch. She enjoys doing physical labor and sports, but she also loves to bake and garden. She also loves arts and crafts, as well as ballet, and dreams of being in a happy marriage with someone she loves.

She is a gentle person, despite her appearance, and is unflinchingly devoted to those who are close to her. One thing that Makoto can not stand are bullies, and whenever she encounters a bully treating someone poorly, she can not just stand at the sidelines and watch. She gets in there and stops the bullying right away. This has given her bad reputation of being a trouble maker and that she starts fights with other students which causes her to get get kicked out of her schools.

Most people hear of her reputation or see her appearance and automatically believe that she is a delinquent, and want nothing to do with her without ever giving her a chance to prove herself. This is a constant thing that Makoto struggles with, especially as she already struggles with her own self-image, fighting against her desire to be who she wants to be. Because of this, she stays to herself and allows people to believe whatever they want about her. She continues to fight against bullies and bake the best cakes, but she is lonely. She often wonders what it would be like to share that cake with someone she adores, or what it would be like to laugh with friends, feeling completely comfortable with them and with herself.

But she believes that she is not suitable for such relationships, and so she continues to keep to herself and has given up trying after multiple times of being let down.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Makoto is strong and agile, having spent many years training in various kinds of martial arts. She is also a incredibly talented chef and baker.

History: Makoto’s first memories are of warmth and the smell of roses and freshly baked bread. She was young when her parents died, but she clings to the memories that she is thankful to have, and tries to be someone that her parents would be proud to call their daughter. Makoto was under the care of the government for a while until she was able to be taken under the wing of a far and distant relative. She never met this relative, but they set her up with a liveable pension and paid for her schooling, and so Makoto doesn’t question it. It’s lonely, to be by herself, but she fills her small apartment full of plants and flowers. It feels a little more like a home that way.

An average student, Makoto’s grades suffer more from the fact that she gets moved from school to school despite the fact that she does tries to learn the material. Every time she starts in a new school, she tells herself that this time it will be different. She’ll keep her head down, do her school work and nothing else. Sure, it will be lonely to keep to herself without trying to make any friends, but past experiences have made her learn that she is just not good at making friends. Better to work on getting her grades back up. Someone like her isn’t suitable for friendship, right?

Sometimes she can get through a month or two before she sees a bully picking on someone, and she can not keep from taking it upon herself to stop the bully. She gets into a fight with them, and before she can explain her side of the story, her own reputation speaks for her and the school decides that she is not worth the trouble.

It’s a continuous circle, one that Makoto can not seem to break.

During her move from one school to another, Kyubey showed himself to her, promising her anything she could ever want, all in exchange for her becoming a magical girl. Makoto wasn’t quite sure if she could believe this strange creature, but, feeling more down and defeated, Makoto gave in. It took a few moments of hard thinking before she settled on what she wanted: Love.

Of course, Makoto was keen for any kind of love, be it through friends or family or a lover. She did not want a new family, as she had no desire to replace the one in her memories, no matter how much she missed them, and she hoped that one day she would perhaps be able to find a friend who did not run away from her. And so Makoto decided to go with the one thing she thought she would never ever be able to find for herself. A boyfriend who loved her.

Kyubey granted her this wish, and she met her boyfriend almost instaneously after. He introduced himself as Yoichi, and claimed that he had fallen in love with her from the first moment that he had laid eyes on her. It felt exactly like all of the love stories that Makoto had read about or seen in the movies, and so she pushed away all of her apprehension and let herself fall into this feeling of being loved.

Things went well for a while. Makoto gladly did her duty as a magical girl, fighting witches and spending all her free time on cloud nine with Yoichi. It felt wonderful to be with someone who cared for her, who liked to eat her food and spend time with her. But then things began to change and twist. It started off small. A comment here, a dark look there. Yoichi began to become posessive, overly so. He didn’t like that Makoto disappeared for hours at a time, and Makoto couldn’t explain to him that it was only because she had to fight witches. Yoichi began to become suspicious of her, demanding that she spend all of her time with him, and he became controlling, not giving Makoto any time for herself. He moved her into his own apartment, and threw away all of her flowers and plants, claiming that they were far too cluttering. He demanded that she not spend any time with the opposite sex, and said that she must come home right after school because he needed her.

A part of Makoto wanted to believe that this was wrong, that this was not right. She should just leave Yoichi. But a bigger part of her won over in thinking that this was the only kind of love she would ever get to know. She didn’t have anyone else in her life, and she couldn’t bring herself to break away. She started making excuses for him. He loved her, and it was a strong love. It didn’t matter if he grabbed her arms a little too tight, or that he demanded too much, or that he had no interest in letting her have time to do anything she loved. Instead of ending it all, Makoto devoted her entire life to Yoichi. She still fights witches, as she knows that it is her duty, but now she must find time when Yoichi is sleeping in order to sneak out and do her fighting then.

She has begun to enjoy fighting. Before, it was something she did because she had to, neither disliking it nor taking enjoyment from it. Her physical condition helped her be a strong magical girl, and she was good at defeating witches. But now she relished in being able to fight. It was a kind of release that she looked forward to. She feels guilty, however, because she knows that Yoichi would worry if he knew she disappeared during the night, but she pushes those thoughts aside by telling herself that this was important. She has to keep him and the rest of the world safe.

Makoto just hopes she’ll never have to explain why she is sneaking out.

Storyline Specific Information:
Puella Magi Usagi Magica: Makoto and the others are magical girls in the PMMM universe. Makoto is generally the same exact person as she is in the Sailor Moon universe, except more insecure with her self-image and willing to hide herself away and completely devote herself to Yoichi, her boyfriend.

Magical Girl Information

Realm of Influence: Lightning

Magical Girl Form: As a magical girl, Makoto’s colors are all shades of green and pink. She retains her green hair baubles that tie up her hair into a ponytail, and her pink rose earrings. Her gloves are green and fingerless and have an opening on the top. A single pink ribbon is entwined around the forearm part of the glove, and on her right wrist is where her soul gem rests while transformed. The under garment of her main outfit is a pink corset with a dark pink rose pattern. A green breastplate-esque piece of armor protects her chest, with pink embellishments, some in the shape of a swirl which emulates a rose. Her boots go up to her thighs and are of a green material. Wrapping around her knees are the same armor material as her breastplate. Around her waist is a big full two-tier skirt with ruffles.

Powers: Makoto’s power manifests itself as lightning, though she has a connection with nature as well. She is able to wield lightning bolts like javelins, throwing them with precision at enemies. She can call upon a storm, surrounding an enemy with lightning and thunder, damaging them and keeping them in place while she flings more lightning towards them, or attacks with her weapon.

She also has heightened senses aided to her whenever she is out in a natural setting, helping her locate witches.

Weapons or Magical Items: Makoto’s weapon is a silver pike, where the top of the pike resembles a lightning bolt, and because silver is a good conductor of electricity, Makoto often enhances her weapon with her element as she attacks with it.

Guardian:  N/A

RP Sample:

The plant was ruined, and even if she reached out to save it from the trash can, there would be no reviving it. The soil holding the roots was upturned, half of it at the bottom of the can, and the stem was bent in half, unable to withstand the fall.

Her chest hurt as she looked at the others when they were added right alongside the first one, and so Makoto looked away and focused her attention on Yoichi himself. She was doing this for him. He had allergies, he said, and he was happy that the plants were not going to be in his apartment. All of these plants would clutter up the place, after all.

Makoto had nodded in response, but said nothing at all.

It was exciting, wasn’t it? To be moving in with her boyfriend. Makoto told herself that it was, but the beating of her heart didn’t quite feel like excitement.

Yoichi smiled over to her as he tossed the flower pot into the trash. “This will be great,” he said.

Makoto looked to him, slowly, before nodding. She put on a smile. Yes, it would be great. This was what she wanted. “Yes,” she agreed. “I’m excited that we get to spend even more time together.”

He leaned in and kissed her on the lips. “Me too. I don’t ever want you out of my sight.” He laughed then, as if he were a little embarrased to admit the fact, but this wasn’t the first time he had such a thing. And his brown eyes were intense with the truth of statement. He tossed another plant into the trash. Makoto smiled at him, happy to be the center of his world.

The feeling in her chest had to be excitement. This was everything she had ever wanted.

Wasn’t it?


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Magical Girl: Makoto Kino   16th July 2014, 8:42 am


   This profile, on the other hand, is marvelous! I really like what you chose to be the stipulations of Makoto's contract and how you twisted it in true PMMM fashion. Her outfit is adorable and I like your description of her weapon and abilities. 

I found one grammatical error:
Quote :
An average student, Makoto’s grades suffer more from the fact that she gets moved from school to school despite the fact that she does tries to learn the material.
o_o and I'm not quite sure I was supposed to be looking for those, but with everything else so lovely I feel it is my duty as a proofreader to point this out XD 

ACCEPTED! Very Happy


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[Advanced] Magical Girl: Makoto Kino

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