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 Relaxed Civilian: Selene

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PostSubject: Relaxed Civilian: Selene    19th July 2014, 5:27 pm

Relaxed Character Profile

Character Name: Selene
Gender: Female
Age: 880, but looks to be in her early 20s

Character Image: Named for the goddess of the moon, she's a very cool individual, as distant and mysterious as the moon. The dark side of her is her warm personality, reserved only for her sisters and parents. She knows Selenography like the back of her hand. She wears odango with smaller ones in front with regular pigtails.

Storyline Specific Information: (Optional! To be filled in during storylines, not before! This section is for you to detail information about your character that is specific to a certain storyline(s). Fill out this section with each separate storyline, so you don't have to send multiple character profile applications for the same character.)

Additional Information: She is one of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion's children. She's one of the older ones. Called Princess Moonlight Serenity.

RP Sample: Your character is running late for a meeting! Why are they late and what do they say when they get there? ((Reply as a role-playing post!))

I was running late for a family meeting/dinner. My sisters and I were invited to have dinner with mom, dad, and the other sailor senshi. I had been studying the moon again and learning about the stars. I had gotten so caught up in studying that I hadn't even realized what time it was! So I closed my books and put them away before running to the dining hall. I burst into the room and my whole family was waiting with the senshi. They all turned and stared at me. I stood there cool and collected. I smiled slightly at everyone and said, "I'm sorry. I got caught up in studying."


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PostSubject: Re: Relaxed Civilian: Selene    19th July 2014, 6:00 pm

looking pretty cool! i like how you added that she has a bit of an interest in the stars as well. ^-~


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PostSubject: Re: Relaxed Civilian: Selene    20th July 2014, 6:32 am

I like that she is kind of distant except with her family, that's very sweet! It will be interesting to see her interacting with them in the RP.



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Relaxed Civilian: Selene

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