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 Guide To The Dracul Series Characters~ Miyukimoon SPOILERS ABOUND!

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Guide To The Dracul Series Characters~ Miyukimoon SPOILERS ABOUND! Empty
PostSubject: Guide To The Dracul Series Characters~ Miyukimoon SPOILERS ABOUND!   Guide To The Dracul Series Characters~ Miyukimoon SPOILERS ABOUND! I_icon_minitime17th October 2011, 6:42 pm

There's a lot of characters with a lot of ulterior motives and manipulation going on in the Dracul Series of the Sailor Moon musicals and sometimes its hard to keep up. So here's a list of them, feel free to add and lets all discuss them


1) Introduced in "Shin/Henshin Super Senshi e no Michi - Last Dracul Jyokyoku"

- Professor Souichi Tomoe / Undead Berserk

Ryuuji returns as Tomoe, his story has been altered from the original "Super Senshi e no Michi". He is no longer leader of the Death Busters wanting to create daimon. He's now a mad scientist hoping to create Homunculi, artificial humans in something called "Samael Flasks". His failed creations "The Death Mannetjes" are still the comic relief, but their characters and names have very much changed. It's revealed Undead Berserk is really nothing more than a deranged beast who wants to eat flesh, and in fact wasn't Hotaru's father all along (Hmm... perhaps this is a continuation of Anzamoon and Tomoe's body was taken over by Berserk after the events of that musical). The Sailor Senshi attack him and release the side of him that can't be controlled, even with the Samael Sword he is defeated and is dead by the end of the musical.

- Death Lamia

A similar character to Kaolinite in some ways, being the right hand woman of Tomoe but massively different in others. Unlike Kaolinite, Death Lamia doesn't seem to like Tomoe at all and is merely working alongside him for her similar aspirations. Lamia is a vampire and in many ways the main villain of the musical. Her main mission is to drink the blood of artificial humans, feeling that nowadays human blood has become dirty. She particularly enjoys the blood of young men. After a classic Sailor Moon speech on humanity, Death Lamia decides that what she has been doing is wrong and abandons Undead Berserk, she is never seen after this. Later villains remark that she's a "traitor" and should be "put to death". Implying she's alive, even if she has been rejected by the vampires. It is Lamia who invades Usagi's dreams telling her of calamity that would happen if Usagi transformed.

- Count Dracul

Anza's Mamoru returns as the leader of the vampires, Count Dracul. Count Dracul is revealed to have married a human woman who has since died and produced a dhampir (half vampire/half human) daughter, whom hates the idea of drinking blood. Count Dracul wants an alternate source of blood for his daughter. During the battle against Undead Berserk, Count Dracul dies when he jumps in front of the blade to protect Sailor Moon. Dracul is absent for "Transylvania no Mori" but is ressurected in the revision. There he is revealed to be the reincarnation of Abel from the "Cain and Abel" story in the bible, story of the first murder among humans. Dark Cain is therefore his brother. It is Count Dracul who seals himself, Cain and the Nightmares in the Underworld.

- The Death Nightmares

Simply called Nightmare I, II, III and IV. These are Death Lamia's henchgirls. They are a species of spirits called "muma" (literally nightmares). Their function is rather small in this musical. In "Last Dracul" Nightmare II is bitten and becomes a Vampire, who Count Dracul names "Le Fay" after his deceased wife. He instructs her to look after his daughter after his death. They are absent from "Transylvania no Mori" apart from "Le Fay". She is initially rejected by Vampir but she warms up eventually to her new mother. The vampire spell on "Le Fay" is broken in the fourth musical where she reverts to being a nightmare called Olam Tiphareth. The Nightmares are revealed to be spirits specifically created to cause suffering among humans.

- The Death Mannetjes

Comic relief for "Last Dracul". They are named Death Pa, Death Pi, Death Pu and Death Pe. They are failed homunculi as they were made from unpure hearts. Death Pa's came from a gay-bar district he is portrayed as very flamboyant, calling himself "Super Lady no Pa". Death Pi's came from a cycling race track, she was very excitable, screaming most of her lines and at one point crawled across the stage yelling for no apparent reason. Death Pu's from a show theatre and he was very melodramatic and whined often. Death Pe, from an amusement park and was often clumsy. All four were killed by their creator. They were shocked when the Sailor Senshi told them that being perfect meant you were no longer human.

2) Introduced in "Kessen / Translyvania no Mori - Shin Toujou! Chibimoon wo Mamoru Senshitachi"

- Lilith of Darkness

Probably the main villain for the musical. Lilith is a priestess/magician who despise the current world. humans and God. (implied to be the Christian God). She believes, that if God existed there would be no suffering for the spirit world (including the vampires and werewolves). Lilith seeks to create a new world with herself as the creator and convinces very many characters to join her side. Sometime between this and the last musical she found the Samael Quartet in the Samael Flasks and manipulated them onto her side to use their powers. Lilith herself is a skilled magician, although it is later revealed that anyone is able to use magic if they are focused enough. Lilith's primary goal is to channel the power of Dark Cain through Astarte for Death Vulcan. She does not enter battle as often as the other characters. During the last battle she was defeated with "Moon Princess Halation" and "Moon Healing Escalation" in the original and revision respectively, it is therefore unlikely that she died.

- Bloody Dracul Vampir

With her father dead, Vampir takes the role unwillingly of Head of the Vampire clan. She refuses to drink blood and instead befriends the Samael Quartet, she has a grudge on the Sailor Senshi, blaming them for her father's death. While Haruka has a grudge against vampires for briefly turning Michiru into one. Vampir in Transylvania no Mori transforms Haruka, Rei and Makoto into vampires. Other villains are critical of her leadership. Bloody Dracul joins the Sailor Senshi side during the musicals, later she appears as going through a rebellious period, noted by her sudden wearing of modern clothing.

- Siva Shingetsu Astarte / Sailor Astarte / Astarte

A teenager with Phoenician ancestry, Siva is having the power of Dark Cain run through her by Lilith of Darkness, during the musicals she begins to lose control as Dark Cain begins to dominate her personality. Siva becomes close to Usagi and very frightened at what is happening to her. Sailor Moon eventually frees her from Dark Cain.

- CereCere / Sailor Ceres

The apparent leader of the Samael Quartet, or at least the one who tells the others what to do. The Samael Quartet replaces the Amazoness Quartet of previous versions of "Sailor Moon". Here they are children born from Chibiusa's star seed which was taken by Death Lamia and put into Samael Flasks. They are true homunculi. CereCere's magical prowess is stronger than the others, she is able to communicate with Chibiusa in her dreams and perform something called "Flower Hypnosis", as well as tell the future with flower petals. She is much more mature and speaks much more formerly than the others. The Samael Quartet join sides with the Sailor Senshi in "Transylvania no Mori" but it isn't until the revision do they gain their Sailor Quartet outfits.

- PallaPalla / Sailor Pallas

PallaPalla is the childish bouncy member of the Samael Quartet, she is very cheerful and occasionally makes remarks that are better left unsaid. She refers to herself as the "angel of love colours".

- JunJun / Sailor Juno

Probably the bravest member of the quartet, JunJun is quick to speak her mind and yells at the adult villains quite often.

- VesVes/ Sailor Vesta

The most rash of the quartet, she is quick to anger and screams for Mandrake to go home six or seven times. When irritated she cracks her whip, frightening even adults such as Gilles de Rais.

- Elizabeth Bathory

"The Blood Countess", claiming to be a Hungarian-American, Elizabeth is an undead werewolf bent on the blood of young maidens. She poses as an English teacher at the girls' school, setting questions that even Ami is unable to do. Prior to the musicals opening, it was stated she had been watching over the girls, even following them home some nights.

- Duke Gilles de Rais

A Frenchman and the former companion of Joan of Arc, the maid of Orleans. When she was burned at the stake, Gilles de Rais was driven mad and became a serial killer. In this musical he is now a werewolf, having now rejected God for delivering the maiden's death. He has taken over possession of the Samael Sword since Undead Berserk. Gilles de Rais is admired by Mandrake, and teased by the Samael Quartet constantly.

- Mandrake

A plant that the Samael Quartet came across while walking around Transylvania, he was born under where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. Convinced he would grant their wishes, the Samael Quartet forced him to uproot himself, disappointed that he was unable to deliver, they chose to abandon him and Gilles De Rais took custody hoping Mandrake could cure his broken heart. Mandrake chose to change sides and allied himself along the Sailor Senshi.

- Demon Lilim and Demon Lilit

Two demons that follow Lilith around, they don't speak very much and serve as nothing more than henchwomen in the musical.

3) Introducted in "Kessen / Transylvania no Mori (Kaiteiban) - Saikyou no Kataki Dark Cain no Nazo"

- Marquise de Brinvillers

She replaces Elizabeth's function in the revision of the previous musical. She is now a Chemistry teacher who specialises in poisons. She attempted to poison the girls as they ate dinner at Hikawa Shrine, luckily Minako burnt it and it was thrown out. She was revealed to be a homunculi, much to her shock and repented as she died.

4) Introduced in "Chou Wakusei Death Vulcan no Fuuin"

- Mandrako

Not really a villain, just the little sister of Mandrake. She doesn't offer much to the overall plot.

- Werewolf Child Levi

Not really a villain either, she is a werewolf child with no parents, she made a brief friendship with Bloody Dracul Vampir but was killed. Although not specifically stated, it is possible that Levi was saved from an earlier death by none other than Lilith of Darkness herself as there were supposed to be no more werewolves.

- Vulcan

Yet again, not a villain. Vulcan is the personification of the light side of planet Vulcan, she wants the help of the Sailor Senshi to help Death Vulcan and her join together again for a peaceful future.

- Death Vulcan

The main villain of the entire Dracul Series. He had been controlling the situation from the very beginning, being the master of Undead Beserk, Death Lamia, Lilith of Darkness and Dark Cain. He is the personification of the dark half of the planet Vulcan.

- Magi Saint Germain

A man who swore to live until the end of the world. He is a magician that goes to fight the Sailor Senshi under the orders of Dark Cain. He is the one who states that anyone can use magic and uses similar chants to Lilith of Darkness.

- Roi Malkuth & Elyon Yesod

Two Death Nightmares who appear alongside Olam Tiphareth (formerly known as Le Fay), these nightmares exist simple to cause suffering and are later sealed away by Count Dracul.

- Dark Cain

Count Dracul/Abel's very own brother. Dark Cain had been possessing Astarte but now received his own body in "Chou Wakusei". As the world's very first murderer, he created the undead. He was later sealed alongside his brother in the Underworld.

Smile Feel free to add or tell me I'm wrong about stuff ^^

Personally I think my favourite is Bloody Dracul Vampir. I love Hikari Ono.


* Death Nightmare II / "Le Fay" / Olam Tiphareth - Miki Kawasaki's character is the only villain to appear in all four Dracul musicals.

* The part of Transylvania featured in the original "Transylvania no Mori" was in Hungary but in the revision it was set in Romania.

* Transylvania no Mori is two and half hours long! Longer than its own revision.

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Guide To The Dracul Series Characters~ Miyukimoon SPOILERS ABOUND! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Guide To The Dracul Series Characters~ Miyukimoon SPOILERS ABOUND!   Guide To The Dracul Series Characters~ Miyukimoon SPOILERS ABOUND! I_icon_minitime6th April 2012, 1:24 am

oh my god. I missed this until now o.o i am a failure of a fan...

My favourite has to be Lilith, Lamia and Vulcan herself. They were terrific singers. That second Lilith was good but not as great as Ms Matsuoka. Since she got barely any stage time its unfair to judge, though in most of her scenes, it did feel like she was just walking around being pleased with herself for most of the musical XD Lamia was just amazing, and she does the whole vampire thing better than even Yuuta I personally think. ~ This is for the most of it exactly what I agree on, especially I'm sooo happy someone agrees with me on the whole Lilith/Levi thing! Like honestly, I've thought it over so many times in my head that I'm almost certain Lilith saved Levi. Its the only way to make sense of it XD [or the only why that I want to make sense of it]

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Guide To The Dracul Series Characters~ Miyukimoon SPOILERS ABOUND! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Guide To The Dracul Series Characters~ Miyukimoon SPOILERS ABOUND!   Guide To The Dracul Series Characters~ Miyukimoon SPOILERS ABOUND! I_icon_minitime26th April 2012, 11:07 am


Best reference post? I think so.
Also, why had I not seen this until now?
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Guide To The Dracul Series Characters~ Miyukimoon SPOILERS ABOUND!

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