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 Ace's Fanfic

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Ace <3
Star Seed

Star Seed

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PostSubject: Ace's Fanfic    20th October 2011, 10:53 pm

So I had this idea a while back for a Sailor Moon RP, but could never find enough people for it. Now I am involved in a SM RP and can't find time to be a part of both, while also moderating my own. So I decided on the fanfiction route. So what did I do for the past few hours? I wrote a 7-ish page prologue. That's right. A PROLOGUE. So I'm putting it here for folks to look at and whatnot, if you'd like.

Please, note, it's the RAW version. No edits. No spell checks. Just straight through.

I also have no title, so suggestions are welcome. ^^

**EDIT: I did draw some inspiration from Moon-Balls's Cosmos theory and used her permission with this**

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Ace <3
Star Seed

Star Seed

Posts : 36
Join date : 2011-10-14
Age : 27
Location : Philly <3

PostSubject: Re: Ace's Fanfic    20th October 2011, 10:55 pm

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and
it was perfectly warm with a light breeze passing through at the just the right
time to cool everyone. Voices of various people from all over the world drifted
around outside the large Crystal Palace. They were awaiting for their great
queen and her family to emerge. Today was a glorious day, as the princess would
ascend to be queen, they would officially present the new heir to the world and
the current queen, Neo Queen Serenity, would bless the world for a final time
with her powers before leaving Earth behind and taking on a new role as the
ruler of all the cosmos.

The Queen was standing behind a white velvet curtain, waiting for Lady Serenity,
High Priest Helios and their daughter—her granddaughter—Princess Nyx to arrive
and be presented together. She let out a sigh, looking behind her and seeing no
one. It had been a while since she was alone like this. Sadly, though, all of
her friends and even her husband, King Endymion, had passed on before her.
Serenity turned solemn, thinking of them all and how she missed them. Images of
the past flashed through her mind like a movie. She saw their smiles, heard
their laughs, felt their warm embraces. A smile touched her lips, remembering
all of their shenanigans, such as making as mess in Makoto’s kitchen or being
chastised by Rei for not studying. It tore at Serenity’s heart, just a little,
to think how they all had gone and left her.

A feeling of warmth broke her from the sad thoughts and she looked down into her
hands. There, sitting on her palms was the lotus-shaped Maboroshi no Ginzuishō.
For once in a long while it shone brightly and in the beams of sunlight pouring
in glistened and glittered a rainbow of colors. A broad smile made its way on
her face, knowing this was a sign from everyone she loved that Serenity was
never really alone. Her friends would always be there, be it physically or in
spirit. Someday their star seeds would find each other one again and they’d be
reunited. Maybe they wouldn’t know it, maybe they’d look different, but their
hearts would know.

“Queen?” The soft voice of a man called to her, causing Neo Queen Serenity to twirl
around. She quickly wiped the tears from her eyes, seeing the High Priest and
Princess Lady Serenity standing there, the princess cradling a bundle of pink
blankets in her arms. Behind the new royal couple were the Asteroid Princesses,
today clad in gowns rather than her soldier suits.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you all come.” The queen said with a gentle smile, eyes
passing over them all. She approached her daughter and son-in-law and looked at
the swaddled baby in her arms. Curly lavender tresses framed her face, parting
around a pink-colored crescent that matched her mother’s. Baby Nyx stirred and
opened her eyes, gazing with deep violet orbs at her parents and grandmother.
The baby formed a smile, as if knowing this was a special day as well.

“Hopefully she won’t give me as much trouble as I gave you,” Lady Serenity said with a
smirk tugging at her lips.

The Queen shared the smile and said, “I hope she gives you all you gave me and
more.” The two women shared a look, saying more than words ever could. This would
be the last time they saw one another as mother and daughter. Tears filled the
corners of their eyes, but both women blinked them back. This was not a day for
tears, but instead for smiles and happiness.

“Your Highnesses, excuse me,” a palace attendant stole their attention now, blushing
with chagrin as she stood off to the side of the curtain. The girl had one hand
gripped on a thick silver rope that would pull the curtain back. “But they’re
ready for you.”

“Thank you,” Neo Queen Serenity gave her a smile and a nod of recognition before
giving the remnants of her family and their guardians a glance. She motioned
for the attendant to pull the cord and soon the sunshine poured in. At first it
was blinding, but her eyes settled as Serenity stepped out, her white gown
flowing behind her as always. The preist and princesses followed shortly behind,
standing behind Serenity and flanking her on both sides.

The crowd let out a mix of claps and cheers, hoots and hollers. Her lips curved in
a sweet smile, feeling the love and happiness of the crowd swell and fill her.
Clasping the Ginzuisho in one hand she raised the other to call for silence.
There was no microphone, but as the queen spoke all could hear her.

“Good day, citizens of Earth, of the Crystal Century. It brings me great joy to see
you all here to assist us in commemorating and celebrating this wonderful day.
Today, you shall be crowned with a new queen. As your princess she is wise and
caring. She loves this planet and has over the years protected it well. As my
daughter I’ve watched her mature and start a family. She has been through
different trials and tribulations in her life that have made her into a strong
woman, and in just a short time she will be your loving queen.” Serenity
stopped for a minute, stealing another glance at Lady Serenity before looking
at her people again.

“But, that is not all for today. We are also presenting to you joyously Princess Nyx,
daughter of Lady Serenity and High Priest Helios, second daughter of the Neo Crystal
Kingdom. Already her heart shines with a purity I know will someday spread upon
this Earth. Lady Serenity and High Priest Helios will raise her well.

“And finally, today I will leave this beautiful planet. My life here has been
extended long enough and I am grateful for every day of it. I am going beyond
to see over all the cosmos and help to maintain the balance of peace we have
found.” She moved, laying her Ginzuisho on top of a satin pillow that rested on
a column beside her. The Queen removed her golden tiara and called forth Lady
Serenity. The pink-haired woman passed her baby to her husband and stood beside
the queen—her mother, her confidant, her friend.

“Do you, Princess Lady Serenity, daughter to Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion,
first daughter of the Neo Crystal Kingdom, swear to protect this planet with
all your heart?” Queen Serenity began the oath, holding her crown above her
daughter’s head, smiling down as she responded, “I do.”

“Princess Lady Serenity, do you swear to keep your heart open and let your purity and kindness
shine upon Earth?”

“I do.”

“And finally, Princess Lady Serenity do you promise to use your power for good, to
enhance the lives of all the people of the world?”

“I d—“

For a moment the princess hesitated, the hair on her neck prickling in response to
the air taking a bone-chilling turn. A static electricity began to crack in the
air and clouds began to form in the sky, darkening it. The sun was blacked out
as something progressively swallowed it. No… something large was invading the

“Everyone, transform!” Princess CereCere commanded and in bright flashes the princesses
became soldiers. The large crowd of people began to cry out not, scared and
panicking. Some began to run and flee while others stood in horror, watching.

“Princess, Queen!” Sailor Vesta approached the women, a stern look on her face. “We must
get you both out of here. We must protect you.”

“No! I won’t abandon you!” Lady Serenity protested, her hand reaching into the
secret pocket of her dress, clinging to a heart-shaped compact. “I’m still a
Senshi, too.”

“Yes, but we can’t have you risking your life, not with a daughter to care for. Don’t
worry, we can handle this.” Vesta gave her princess and friend a wink and a
smile before ushering the royal women away and inside the safety of the palace
and following her companions.

A large craft was coming in to view now. It was round with a thin spiral
traveling downward and black as the sky was turning. A large pointed spire was
pointing upward with a large orb at the tip. There was a loud rumble and power
surged up the spire, into the orb and dark purple energy branched out into the
sky. Suddenly smaller crafts in the shape of crystals descended, all with the
same point of ball-pointed tower pointing to the sky.

Neo Queen Serenity stopped in the doorway leading back into the palace and looked
out to the terrified people and at the four Senshi who were warding off this
new evil. Her head turned to see Lady Serenity and Helios had stopped as well;
Nyx was crying. And then she looked down, seeing her crown in one hand and crystal
in the other. She was still the queen. Serenity had to fight back.

“Momma…” Lady Serenity’s voice was nothing more than a soft whisper. They locked eyes
and the princess knew her mother was about to do something reckless. She always
had a knack for it.

“Lady Serenity… Chib-Usa, my daughter…” Serenity stepped forward raising her hand
with the crown and smiled. She let it rest on the crown of pink hair and
watched as it took a new shape. The tiara was colored with a rose gold, taking
on a more pinkish hue than normal. The metal curved in to swirls and hearts
made of pink and red jewels and pearls adorned it. “You are the queen of this
world now, my heir. Your Pink Crystal will help bring light to this world after
I move on. Protect it. Protect your Guardians, your family.” The older woman
could only smile softly at her daughter who was bravely holding back tears.

“But how can I protect it when I can’t fight?! As the Queen I can’t… I can’t transform.
I can’t help!” She pleaded, a tear making it down the side of her face.

“Use the power in your heart. Protect everyone with your love and faith.” The mother
embraced her daughter for a brief moment, letting her sob. The castle then
shook, most likely from an attack from the outside. They separated and a set of
serious eyes focused on Helios. “In your chambers there’s an underground door
under the floor rug that will lead you below the palace and to a safety bunker.
Stay there until someone comes for you. It’s stocked with enough supplies to last
you a month or so.”

“Understood my queen,” He nodded, holding his daughter close to his chest. “Please… be
careful.” Helios added, a look of worry and admiration in his eyes. One arm
wrapped around his wife’s shoulders and slowly began to lead her away. However,
she turned back one last time to look at her mother, mouthing ,”I love you.” and
rounded the corner in order to find safety as soon as possible.

It broke Serenity’s heart to watch her daughter and family disappear but she had
to do this. If she hadn’t taken away Lady Serenity’s powers she would have
fought and if something were to happen to her to world would surely fall to
darkness. The Ginzuisho was glowing in her hands and Serenity was ready to let
its power fully consume her, transforming her for a final time.

As she made her way back outside, her heart lurched. In the short time she had bid
her daughter goodbye, the Asteroid Senshi had fallen. The area was bare, devoid
of any people except for the bodies on the ground, seemingly lifeless. Serenity
was heartbroken, devastated and angry. Her eyes focused up on the large craft
that was still sparking with a dark energy.

“Who are you?!” she demanded, eyes glowering and narrowing. “Why have you come to
our world and attacked?”

A dark cackling that radiated over the entire space resounded and made a chill
crawl up her spine.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t the Moon Princess, now Queen of the Earth. I’d
recognize the symbol on your forehead anywhere.” The voice came before the
being it belonged to emerged. It was a tall and slender woman, enrobed in a
clinging black fabric that was dotted with what looked like stars from a
distance, glittering in a night sky. Her hair was just was dark and short, cut
like a pixie and tipped in a flaring purple. Icy, cold blue eyes glared at
Serenity. “If I had known if was this easy to invade your measly planet I would
have done it before now.”

“I will not be so kind to ask a third time,” Serenity again demanded the woman, “Who
are you?”

“I am Discordia, Mistress of Discord and Destruction. I’ve been lurking around
this galaxy, just waiting for my chance to strike. And here I am, all powerful
against you.” Discordia let out a cry and rose her hands above her head. The
orb that was surging power grew in strength and burst, making a straight line
for the now former queen.

Please, Ginzuisho, lend me your power
one last time… Let me defend this planet again.

With the crystal floating between her hands she held it out to counter the attack. At
first Discordia’s attack swallowed Serenity and the evil woman laughed, feeling
she was victorious so soon. But then beams of white light began to piece the
darkness before eradicating it entirely.

“So… this is the power of the Silver Crystal, the Maboroshi no Ginzuisho,” A smile
thick with evil and malice stretched out on her pale face. Discordia wanted
that crystal more than ever now and she’d kill Serenity to get it. “Well, we’ll
see how long it can withstand my Dark Electric Beams!” The orb charged again,
more powerful this time and shot at Serenity. She countered again with the
Silver Crystal, but it wouldn’t hold for long.

Silver Crystal, please… Fill me with
your ultimate power. Transform me into the Guardian of the Cosmos!
pleaded, she prayed. She offered to the power her entire being in order to
protect the Earth, the galaxy, the entire cosmos of all that existed. The
Ginzuisho became warmer, warmer and then it became burning hot. It as if
Serenity was inches away from a burning star. She cried out as the world around
her went white.

Serenity’s eyes fluttered open and she saw nothing but pure darkness, the kind one could
only see when in space. Around her were tiny dots the size of pinholes to a
small pearl. Many were white, some others blue or red. There were also colored
swirls and odd shaped areas, these no bigger than the size of a golf ball. “What
is this place?” She called, finding her voice echoed before fading into

“This is the cosmos,” a voice came, loud and clear, but soft and kind. “What you see
all around you is the various stars and galaxy that make up, well, everything.”

“Who’re you? Who’s there?”

There was a small flash of light and before Serenity appeared a small girl, no larger
than her hand. A golden orb surrounded the Guardian Cosmos, and she smiled
gently at Serenity.

“Do you remember who I am, Serenity? Or perhaps I should address you as Usagi, as
that was how you were called then.”

“I remember. You came to me when I went into the Galaxy Cauldron. You gave me and
my friends the choice to be reborn or to keep our lives as they were.”

“That’s right.” The Guardian nodded with a smile. “And now I have returned, this time
to grant you the power to become Sailor Cosmos, protector of all this.” Her
arms stretched wide, indicating to all the surrounded them. “Do you accept this
role? To give up your humanity and protect all the exists?”

“Yes,” she said firmly with a nod.

The Guardian took her staff then, tapping it ever so lightly to Serenity’s bare
breast. A short pinch coursed through her. As Guardian Cosmos pulled her staff
away, Serenity’s star seed pulled from her body. It’s white pure light glowed
and didn’t stop. Unlike hen Galaxia extracted them, this did not burn out. The
Ginzuisho then appeared, materializing out of the air and disappeared inside
Serenity’s body, right into her heart. Again there was a pinch of pain, but as
she let out a gasp it disappeared. Images of stars, of planets, galaxies
flashed behind her eyes. They quickened and blurred before becoming nothing but
flashes of colors that turned to a bright white. She could feel inside her
soul, in her heart she was connected to anything and everything.

Serenity had become Sailor Cosmos.

Her eyes closed, willing herself back to Earth, back to fight off Discordia. When
they opened, Cosmos found herself beneath the protection on a shield, fending
off the blast the evil being had sent. Before her, floating off the ground was
a tall staff adorned with a golden orb, accented with pearls and wings. Her
hand reached out to take it and power expelled, driving off the evil force.

“What’s this?” Discordia looked down, sounding both amused and angered. “So, you’ve
changed your form. Very well. You’ll still be no match for me!”

“We shall see, Discordia. I am filled with the power of the Cosmos. Can Chaos
really overcome that?” Feathered white wings sprouted from her back, beneath
the long cape, allowing her to leave the ground and fly towards her opponent.

“Can your powers survive seeing your precious Crystal City be destroyed?” Discordia
cackled, Cosmos halted in the air. All at once the multitude of smaller crafts
surged with energy and released it down upon the Earth. Anything that had been
there before was gone and all the remained was a crated of blackened dirt.

“No!” Cosmos cried out, but it would be the attack from Discordia that would break her
heart. The woman released an attack, on a much larger scale than before, and
attacked the Crystal Palace. The entire space from the city line to the vast
green grass up until the castle entrance was gone. A large black hole was now
in its place. Cosmos felt sick. Had her daughter and family made it out in
time? Were the quick enough to escape? But a pain unlike any other rippled
through her, seeing amidst the dirt a pink blanket, tattered, torn and almost
completely charred.

Agony, anger, hatred even raced through her veins. Discordia had destroyed her planet.
Her home. Her family. She let out a heart-wrenching cry and turned on the evil
woman and set to attack…

It is said that a raging battle ensued between Sailor Cosmos and Discordia.
Ultimately, Cosmos failed the world and was defeated. Evil had taken over the

Those who were left alive were enslaved for Discordia’s bidding and to rebuild the
world in her image. Most of Crystal Tokyo was left in shambles.

(next page)
~500 Years Later~
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: Ace's Fanfic    21st October 2011, 7:03 am

At first, I wasn't inclined toward this fan fiction, because I'm still uncertain as to whether Sailor Cosmos and Usagi are the same or how that would even come about. However, by the time the attack happened, you drug me in.

And what? Sailor Cosmos failed! Now I really want to know where this fan fiction is going. Please, post a little more?



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Sailor Uranus

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PostSubject: Re: Ace's Fanfic    21st October 2011, 7:29 am


kdfljasiefjaielfje Fine. Only because it's so freaking good. ;_; so brave with the 'we'll meet again' thought. Endymion's dead. Kyralih is sad. ((But is she sad that Lady Serenity, Helios and Nyx might be lost, or that the Sailor Quartet are most definitely dead right now? ... no, because she believes that Cosmos can save them! ... How? well she doesn't know. Maybe some fancy Pluto work. She doesn't take those time-traveling rules super seriously, right? ^^' XD))

Seriously, good. More? Very Happy


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Ace <3
Star Seed

Star Seed

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PostSubject: Re: Ace's Fanfic    21st October 2011, 9:25 am

@Sailor Venus wrote:
At first, I wasn't inclined toward this fan fiction, because I'm still uncertain as to whether Sailor Cosmos and Usagi are the same or how that would even come about. However, by the time the attack happened, you drug me in.

And what? Sailor Cosmos failed! Now I really want to know where this fan fiction is going. Please, post a little more?

I know everyone has their different theories with Cosmos and I realize this is where I may lose people with the story. This is based off a combination of my theory and Moon-Balls's posted in another thread here.

Cosmos failing? I know it seems unplausible, but bear with me so far. Like I said, this is 2-3 raw hours of almost straight through typing.

But please be prepared for some more mind confusion. :3
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Ace <3
Star Seed

Star Seed

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PostSubject: Re: Ace's Fanfic    21st October 2011, 9:33 am

Kyralih wrote:

kdfljasiefjaielfje Fine. Only because it's so freaking good. ;_; so brave with the 'we'll meet again' thought. Endymion's dead. Kyralih is sad. ((But is she sad that Lady Serenity, Helios and Nyx might be lost, or that the Sailor Quartet are most definitely dead right now? ... no, because she believes that Cosmos can save them! ... How? well she doesn't know. Maybe some fancy Pluto work. She doesn't take those time-traveling rules super seriously, right? ^^' XD))

Seriously, good. More? Very Happy

^Me in school computer lab as I read your reply

I'm so happy you like it. ^^ I'm glad how you said Nyx, Helios and Lady Serenity MIGHT be lost. Honestly? I'm not quite sure myself. As the Queen of Crystal Tokyo and High Priest of Elysion, who knows what tricks they have up their sleeves. (They have yet to inform me...-.-)Though, do realize while it seemed like a lot of time passed between when the family left Serenity and when the palace was detroyed, it was no more than a few mere minutes and I'm imagining their chambers were a bit of a ways from the entrance. Hate me yet?? :3

The Quartet are most definitely dead, I'm sorry to say.

But as we know some brave soul will come and save the world... Well, maybe.... 'Cause the orignal Senshi are dead... Helios, Lady Serenity and Nyx poofed and Cosmos is dead (ahem, supposedly...) So how am I going to find a way to save the world?

You'll just have to wait and find out. Wink
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Ace's Fanfic

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