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 Viz Vs ADV

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PostSubject: Viz Vs ADV   Sat Sep 20, 2014 4:12 pm

With Viz's Sailor Moon boxset coming out in another two months, I wanted to rewatch my copies of the ADV sets to compare the two as it's been awhile since I've watched them.  While I appreciate that ADV at least tried to give us uncut Sailor Moon, I've forgotten just how bad the video and audio quality is.  The audio in the first episode turned out ok but for most of the other early episodes on the set, the audio sounds very low and muffled, even when I have the volume on my Tv turned all the way up.  The video looks like an early 90s VHS tape rather than DVD quality.   The episodes are also presented out of order, with the episode preview at the beginning placed after the opening credits rather than before and the next episode previews weren't included at all.  Viz still has the beginning preview after the opening credits but at least they kept the next episode previews this time, which I'm very grateful for.  One thing I do like about the ADV boxset more than the Viz set is that I actually rather like ADV's subtitle translation better than Viz's.  I don't know Japanese to compare their accuracy but I feel like Viz's subtitles sometimes have awkward grammar and sentence structure at times and sometimes it feels like Viz's translation is being almost too literal.  What are your thoughts on the ADV sets if any of my fellow Moonies here own them as well?  Will you be selling your ADV sets once the Viz release comes out?  I'll probably end up keeping mine since even though they were poorly done, I did spend a lot of money on them and they have a nostalgic value for me.
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Viz Vs ADV

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