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 Triple the Dose of Trouble

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Reito Herena
Pyramidal Crystal

Reito Herena

Pyramidal Crystal

Title : ╣Writer, Veterinarian, Graphics Designer, Starbucks lover; Jurietto Herena!
Posts : 391
Join date : 2014-09-07
Age : 33
Location : "In the name of Juliet, I shall punish you!"

Triple the Dose of Trouble Empty
PostSubject: Triple the Dose of Trouble   Triple the Dose of Trouble I_icon_minitime23rd September 2014, 9:52 pm

Title: Triple the Dose of Trouble
Original Story: The Wicked Games
Pairings: N/A

Summary: A fun AU-versed piece of fiction to one of my original stories I've been working on over the last year but it's aimed at a trio of three rambunctious troublemakers and how their shenanigans winds them up in one place they don't want to share with, well obviously together. This is more like a modern loosely-magical peek at the young teenage rowdy lives of the Mothers Three.

A/N: The girls names have pivotal meanings behind them. In the exact order they are introduced in this tale, their names mean; grace, wisdom, and courage. :3 Also any comments and critiques are very welcomed! 

-Chapter One: The Rambunctious Rantings-

mongst a comfortably warm somewhat cloudy school day inside the little northwestern United States town known as Primera, and within the hallways of the town's very own Primera Secondary School there were these three stunning girls who were all sixteen years old and clad in the most beautiful clothing attire.

The one girl standing close to five-feet-six-inches tall with an athletic-fit tanned body frame, having long wavy dark blonde hair brandishing an adorable orange flower on the side of her hair with hazel-grayish eyes and wearing some assortments of jewelry on as well as being dressed in a medium orange thin shirt along with some brown and white and beige chrysanthemum floral patterns on her shirt. She had a rich dark brown silk above-the knee length skirt on with some pretty dark gray stockings, and dark brown Chanel boots.

While she was currently hauling over a classy floral green styled backpack and taking out her cell phone, the dark blonde gets bumped accidentally by the other girl pacing the long royal-blue marbled wall hallways next to her. She lightly, though sarcastically stares her down.

The second teenage girl was standing only an inch less than the first one had, also having a stunningly slim body frame herself with long chestnut brown wavy hair put up into a half of ponytail tied with a thick Gucci red ribbon band and had a pair of piercing dark-bluish eyes. She herself had an attractive assortment of jewelry on, and was wearing an indigo one-piece outfit which was like a joint tank-top and a long beautiful skirt connected to the whole attire which hung comfortably a little above her knees. The chestnut-headed teenager also had a leathery dark brown belt around her waist and wore a charcoal gray military-like jacket whilst sporting some comfortable short thin black docs, and slung over the small pale bare bulb of her shoulder was a light purple and dark vermilion snazzy backpack.

However she was staggering clumsily backwards from someone else.

Bar the sudden flinching was prompted by another teenage girl. The third girl was revealed to be almost the same height however being half an inch more. She had gorgeous long semi-curly reddish-black hair and had a slim body frame herself. Her light green eyes shone vibrantly. Much like most of the wealthy teenage girls, she too had a dashing assortment on and was wearing a periwinkle and silver-coloured mixed wavy loose early summer shirt, and was dressed in a light gray cardigan with an aqua-blue and maroon nearly-pleated plaid skirt hanging along her beautifully toned legs as well as wearing a pair of light red stockings and mid-thigh length black thin H&M black boots.

She was trying to regain her standing structure after her denim pink backpack had been nearly thrown to the steel-blue tiled ground.

Hey! That was totally uncalled for, Anne Hayes!” the redheaded girl spat out.

The dark blonde teenager Anne made a small taunting laughter from the inside and remarks, “Aww, I'm so, so, so sorry there Zophia Paulson! But it seems as though Rita Strathmore, aka Lil Miss Wrathmore the iphone-obsessed one triggered the push!”

Rita looks over to Anne and shrugged feeling indifferent, but she gleamed an unconvincingly innocent smile nonetheless while openly asking her, “What was that, sweetheart? Did you do something without noticing it?”

Anne broiled with considerable frustration and stares Rita down sourly with an almost-hole burning one amongst protesting, “Oh, and you just love being projective don’t you Wrathmore?”

Feeling incredibly bugged to the core with her silly high school pet-name, Rita however shrugs it off thus letting another charming smile spread across her adorable and lip-gloss covered lips. She brought her hands up to her chest, and lightly presses them both over it whilst her long peridot-gladiolus shaped necklace dangle a bit in her long lean fingers.

She challenges shamelessly, “Oh dear. Your mind is totally in the gutter, isn’t it? Or is it found within that one planet with the anti-cyclone storm spot there known as Anne's Spot? Tell me, Hayes; are you really from here or truthfully from Saturn?”

'What the...?! The Hell is it with her and others with these stupid astral infatuations? Maybe she's truly projecting because she's clearly taken one huge dose of something called gone way off the rails!'

Sighing among seething with more annoyance, Anne resorted to arrogantly poking her tongue out at the dark bluish-eyed girl. “No! I happen to be born magnificently from Queen Anne in Seattle! Also that’s enough from YOU, Hollywood wannabe twit!”

Rita made an inward melodious chuckle and counters back firmly, “Oh come on, Spot! How could I be a Hollywood girl when I am in gracious fact a true blue townie Primerian babe?”

Anne just continued the stare-down here. “Sheesh, since when were you raised around the Whitfield Mansion anyhow?! I think the Winter Wonder wench there has gotten through to your pretty little head, huh Wrathmore?”

The other girl continued smiling her straight white pretty devilish smile. “Hmph! First of all it's STRATHMORE, not WRATHMORE to you! Secondly...aww, well don’t you remember? You have a suite around there too, Anne! You and me, we're like neighbours Spot!”

Trying not to let this insolent teenager get through to her, Anne sighed heavily and pokes her tongue out again though a little bit more, and before she could let Rita have another wind of her royally-peeved-off verbal cyclone, Zophia giggled softly at the audibly sparring pair.

Straightforwardly the redheaded teen chimes out, “Oh come on, dearies. Let’s just say that both y’all have stunning tempers which inevitably get ya both into detention posthaste AND very deservedly too!”

Having a fit of irritation pinch them both deep inside their bellies, Rita and Anne turned around and the two of them had some shocked but pissed-off looks on their beautiful countenances whilst simultaneously crossing their arms over their chests amid glaring at Zophia.

The hazel grayish-eyed teenager Anne mockingly pipes out, “The Human ZAP hath arrived, everyone. YOU get into detentions yourself, Paulson!”

'Oh my gosh I can't believe her! So it was something I accidentally blurted out during that horrific test! I'm no Human ZAP, but man I'd sure love to let them have a real FEEL of such a thing!'

Even her own tiring pet-name fumed the redhead to her very core as Zophia groaned bitterly and spits out, “Hey come on! I worked my butt of inspiring wisdom off to ace that test in astrophysics, you both!”

Snickering haughtily amid shaking her head slowly, Rita reminds the redheaded girl, “But then, you did raise that so-called wise tone of your voice and then got a good week in the principle’s office serving your custody time in there!”

Zophia nearly bunched her hands up into a set of furious balled fists and continued groaning hotly. She rolled her eyes while flinging her arms up in the air and remarks, “Oh geez, Wrathmore! You’re the silly composer of getting those confinement times in the head-cheese’s office, you know!”

Snuffling thoughtlessly, Rita again places her sly taunting grin back along her lips and reminisces daringly, “Aww but you so happen join in on the fray too as you zap your well-deserved way into there all on your own, Z.P!”

Anne grinned delightedly while she taunts Rita, “And just to imagine – you orchestrate the symphony of deviousness all too well, She-Who-Brings-On-Her-Wrathmore!”

'What the heck gives?! I mean that was a one time ONLY thing where I truly flipped out during soccer practice and some stupid clock-obsessed boy gave me that ungrateful nickname! Damn it, these two are really getting under my skin!'

However after she was done internally scorching from the high school memory, Rita insisted under a fierce smile on her face, “Well you are technically the true ringleader of reeling in all the detention servitude to yourself, Spot!”

Zophia kept chuckling deep inside and while she attempted to bow out peacefully, both Rita and Anne caught this hence shaking their heads.

Anne snarks out while remotely pursuing the retreating teenager, “Oh no you don’t! You’re not going ANYWHERE!”

The cunning redhead abided smiling sarcastically and just as she carried on with her evasive agenda, she announces, “I guess I’ll see you meddlesome dearies after chemistry! Take care of yourselves!”

Rita quickly moves around and lightly taps on Zophia’s shoulder while smiling at her amid remarking, “Oh yeah! The evil Human Zap continues begging for the D-Room's luxurious time!”

Rolling her eyes and grumbling irritably again, the other girl claims, “Hey, I am NOT the evil one here, yo!”

Anne proceeded onward with a wicked grin on her face while stating shamelessly, “But you know you love to muddle up the best agendas to send yourself to detention! How marvelous of the Human Zap!”

Coming to the pique of fury, the green-eyed teenager really wanted to slap some sense into the dark blonde girl. She instead snipes out, “That’s enough from the lady of all foulness and butt-thwacking ordeals! You know? Anne's Spot shoulda totally been originated from the detention room where she's meant to be, hands down!”

Then the school bang rang…



Triple the Dose of Trouble 1NHOp6X  Triple the Dose of Trouble OpcAHsl
╣Avi & Signature both done by me, Mentee Bumper Sticker provided by my mentor, Miss Moon Rose ♥
Previously: Eidolon :3
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Reito Herena
Pyramidal Crystal

Reito Herena

Pyramidal Crystal

Title : ╣Writer, Veterinarian, Graphics Designer, Starbucks lover; Jurietto Herena!
Posts : 391
Join date : 2014-09-07
Age : 33
Location : "In the name of Juliet, I shall punish you!"

Triple the Dose of Trouble Empty
PostSubject: Re: Triple the Dose of Trouble   Triple the Dose of Trouble I_icon_minitime24th September 2014, 10:41 pm

A/N: This update contains some blood and gore. Just a head's up to my readers. :3

-Chapter Two: Tasting the Asphalt-

Rita was incredibly busy trying to send out a text message through her blue iphone while realizing literature was the last class of the day. Zophia was occupied placing the school binders into her backpack whilst Anne darted quickly inside the girls' washroom and lightly dabs some more lip-gloss to her lips.

The three of them individually proceeded towards the front of the Primera Secondary building and saw the crowd of school jocks wear the Primera Glaciers school blazers on.

Rita stepped outside to see the long light orange school bus there. While she was remembering one frustrating circumstance, she mentally face-palmed and grumbled lowly, “Damn it! I need to get my Chevy fixed soon! I hate the buses here!”

In fact, the young brunette despised them considering she lost her mother from one during a road accident back when she was a little girl. It was a numbing recollection and therefore Rita never absolved such vehicles ever since.

Standing closely behind her amid feeling a wide smile cross her lips, Anne smirked at this. “Oh goodness, Wrathmore! You and your wheels! But you’re super lucky anyhow! I still need a stupid bike sometimes, and that can be VERY annoying!”

That sent an extremely scathing glare from the dwelling girl to the dark blonde teenager and Rita snaps, “Shut up, Anne!”

Zophia laughed at these two and made another attempt to high-tail away from them whilst heading towards the left of the front building of Primera Secondary. However Anne caught this with sheer luck from the corner of her eye and stalks up to the redhead, tapping her shoulder again just as Zophia turns around and envisioned she was going be fancied up with another cute jock of Primera Secondary like she had been the other week.

She smiled slightly but without any recognition, the teenager began saying in a sing-song tone of voice, “Oh, darling. These lips are so going to love the delicate and desire feel of yours, so you better prepare them for…”

She trailed off suddenly when the realization hit her squarely thus seeing the hazel-eyed teenager standing close to her with an enthusiastic grin instead.

Amid a frustrated sigh, Zophia snarks, “Oh how dare you get my hopes up!” then she shook her fists hotly at the girl.

Anne beamed eagerly and wonders, “Hey, it seems like you wanted to give me a nice sweet kiss! Right Z.P?”

All the while within this amusing circumstance, Rita couldn’t hold her gut in from all the laughter and she had seen the dark blonde teenager provoking a stir of resentment from the seething redhead.

“Oh la la! That would be a pretty and illustrious sight to see for sure! You both better pucker up then, sweethearts!” then she continues laughing wildly.

Growling crossly at the brunette and trying her best not to feel overruled by the tedious ignorance, she saunters over toward the sidewalks leading to all around the royal-blue bricked school and protests, “That was so foul! Way too foul of you! I’m heading home before I slap both of you crazy nuisances!”

Raising one of her eyebrows up while feeling piqued, Anne stares her down, “Nobody smacks the face of true beauty EVER! Don’t you even DARE to start throwing threats at ME, Paulson!”

Rita felt her gut caving in with hysterics and chuckles melodiously. “You show her who’s boss, Hayes!”

The redheaded teenager gleams a rather annoyed glower towards the darkish blue-eyed girl and hisses, “You’re such a witch!”

While backing away without noticing the engine commotion resonating from the slew of school buses close by, the young brunette teen slips her hands inside her skirt’s pockets and shamelessly chimes, “Takes a witch to get to know one, darling!”

Zophia was greatly fed up and while the rage broiled deep within her, she almost bolted towards Rita and started prepping her hands amid fussing, “Don’t make me get my slaps on you, you annoying jerk!”

Anne now was struggling to hold her gut in considering it was aching from intense laughter and as she was walking towards her own school bus, the hazel eyed teenager pipes out, “And the enlightening dynamics of terrible duo continues! Aurevoir mah chers!”

During the verbal bantering, a group of jocks smugly oversaw this little threesome teenage dispute and they all smirk at them.

The tall, athletic and charming sandy-blond boy of the five remarks,“Here we have it, brothers. We have the amazing trio and mistresses of trouble who gets all of their sorry pretty, not to mention, tight butts into the D-Room for sweet penalty time so much!”

Snickering mischievously, the short raven-hair boy made a proud thumbs up to his friend and claims, “The ZAR are going to need some serious tune ups, my men. They're the chiefs of misbehaving and do it way too much that they'll need a better lesson learned soon!”

All three Rita, Anne, and Zophia paused stiff while hearing the insulting group of their fellow schoolmates and unison gave them an epic furious stare-down.

Waving her hands threateningly at her sides, the redhead considers, “Oh why don’t I sharpen that broad face of yours, huh Noel?!”

Anne laughs out loud again and teases, “You and your slapping threats, Z.P! I’m surprised you haven’t slapped yourself yet!”

Zophia snarls sullenly and couldn’t take these useless insults anymore and just about stamps her way up to Anne whereas Rita wasn’t too far behind the giggling girl.

Then the angry redhead almost slapped the rude girl across her face, but Anne swiftly shifted herself backwards and accidentally slams her back against Rita’s. The brunette's eyes snapped wide open bar managed to step away from the dark blonde.

Shooting her an icy scowl, she sniped out, “Don’t you dare shove the back of awesomeness, you ridiculous little dolt!”

Zophia tried flashing her hand out to slap Anne’s face but it was interceded when she steps backwards and without realizing it had smacked it involuntarily against the teenage brunette and it was then Rita fell face forwards making an undesired face-plant in the middle of the road.

Then a loudly honking school bus came wheeling towards her forcing the young teen's eyes opened real wide, and her jaw dropped ten feet under the pavement from the immense shock.

'No! It's too soon to see my Momma! Back away! Steer backwards!' she flustered frantically.

Everyone around the high school had despairingly watched on as the bus driver tried to hit the brakes quickly, but the fearful attempt was way too late when the big transport vehicle accidentally struck Rita sharply on her shoulder and she yelps out loudly in heavily slicing pain.

However the vehicle luckily stopped itself before running over the beleaguered brunette girl completely. She felt the corner of her one-piece outfit's shoulder tear and a clean horrid scrape began a rather long flowing wide trail of blood pouring out next to the side of Rita's head which was still facing the ground.

All of the students and staff at Primera Secondary had seen this while having an extremely shocked expression on each of their faces. One of the teachers quickly flipped a cell phone out and was about to dial the nearby Seaway Health Center.

However in spite of the almost tragic outcome, Anne reluctantly fell backwards and slams her back excruciatingly hard on the ground grumbling terribly in pain.

Much to her displeasure, she was a few good feet away from the other school bus and the tumble severely injured her one arm. The concrete below the sobbing teenager had swelled a nauseating bruise while ripping her skin badly.

The dark blonde girl bellows out in shooting pain again while her head rested upon the pavement. Taking a dreadful peek over, Anne cringes fretfully when she notices that her arm was already leaking a thick amount of crimson fluid and the blood proceeded in forming along the concrete near the school's sidewalks.

The same teacher from before who had his cell phone out panicked when he saw this. His face winced anxiously at the second badly injured teenager. He gave his mobile device a frantic glance and was sure to get another ambulance for the reeling dark blonde girl as well.

Zophia's jaw fell when she saw this and was about to do something to help both the bleeding girls. However the previous action forced the nervous redhead to lose her balance and uncontrollably stumbles forwards thus scraping her knee painfully eliciting an agonizing scream in its wake.

Sobbing frighteningly, the teenager slides down slowly amid closing her eyes real tightly. The green-eyed girl weakly proceeds to leaning upwards but when she grasps her leg gingerly, a series of flustered butterflies swam inside her belly.

There was a piercing piece of cement stabbed into her knee and the swelling tears began rolling down Zophia's shocked face.

“Dear goodness!” some staff gasped.

“Oh those poor little things!” a few wandering pedestrians whimpered.

That same teacher's jaw faltered for the third time when he hesitantly caught the awful sight of the third teenage girl. He was prompted to make plans to call up another ambulance from Seaway Health.

All of the horrorstruck local witnesses, students, faculty, and the rest of the Primera Secondary School caught the bleeding injured glimpse of Rita, Anne, and Zophia and the bruised girls continued tossing and turning in spite of their unfortunate circumstances.

'This is just plain nuts! Those three beautiful academic girls are all heavily injured! This isn’t good!' the tall charming blond male teacher began placing all those urgent phone calls in in hopes the Seaway Health Center would send out three individual ambulances to the high school.

Some of the adult witnesses had formed uneven groups where each of them darted over to the three inflicted teenagers whilst kneeling downwards next to Rita, Anne and Zophia trying their best to comfort and distract them from feeling any further pain.

One of them who was an attractive long-legged brunette mother sighed compassionately.

She compassionately muses, 'This certainly didn't end well for these poor sweeties. Neither of them deserved this fallout. I'm going to try and get a hold of their parents.'

This indeed wasn't a good setting right for all of those around Primera Secondary.

However those same rude boys from before had taken their cell phones out and insolently snapped some photos of this gruesomely unsettling sight of the three bloodied and bruised girls.



Triple the Dose of Trouble 1NHOp6X  Triple the Dose of Trouble OpcAHsl
╣Avi & Signature both done by me, Mentee Bumper Sticker provided by my mentor, Miss Moon Rose ♥
Previously: Eidolon :3
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Triple the Dose of Trouble

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