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 Ojamjo Doremi

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PostSubject: Ojamjo Doremi    24th September 2014, 5:48 pm

Like seriously we don't have a topic on this cute magical girl anime?  Shocked

Am I the only one who has heard of it? For those who don't know:

Basic Summary wrote:
Doremi Harukaze, a third grade elementary school girl, comes across a magical shop known as the Maho-Do (MAHO堂[size=9]?)[/size], correctly guessing that its owner, Majo Rika, is a witch. Due to a curse placed on any witch whose identity is discovered by a human, Majo Rika is transformed into a magical frog. Wanting to return to her original form, Majo Rika makes Doremi her witch apprentice, giving her the ability to cast magic. In order to become a fully fledged witch capable of turning Majo Rika into normal, Doremi has to pass nine different witch tests, whilst also keeping her identity a secret from other humans.

As the story goes on Doremi's friends become witch apprentices and their goal is to turn Rika back to her former self and become full fledged witches. The series is made up of four seasons and has one OVA. It has two movies, but they're like 30 minute episodes. The show focuses on the girls' lives and using their magic to help those in need. There really is no villain. The series can be pretty heavy at times. You will find yourself crying!! Trust me I have!!! It's a good children series, but I feel like it's meant for all ages. Very Happy

I have seen everything expect for the last season Dokkan. When I discovered Doremi it was on FoxKids. 4kids dubbed the first season, but renamed it Magical Doremi. They did name changes, but they kept the musical theme. I was curious to see what it was about so I looked up and found the first two episodes in Japanese. Sadly the fandub group only did two episodes. I then found the OVA. A different fansub group subbed it and then moved on to the series and movies. So I watched the 13 episode OVA first before diving into the actual series. Which is bad idea because the OVA takes place between the third season Motto and Dokkan. XD

The reason I didn't finish Dokkan was because the person who was uploading it to youtube, got their account  taken down. After I couldn't find a new uploader. It's hard to find Doremi. Even the other seasons. I did find some people who uploaded the series, but it was in Japanese without subtitles.  

(By the way 4kids only dubbed the first season.) As for a 4Kids dub, it wasn't too bad. They kept the message of each episode, but they still pulled their stupid 4kids moments. It's way better than Mew Mew Power that's for sure. 

So yeah. I love this series to death. One of my favorite magical girl series.


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PostSubject: Re: Ojamjo Doremi    30th January 2015, 6:19 pm

I remember watching Magical Doremi on TV when I was little! I even taped an episode! I remember really liking it, but never finished watching the dub. I did try watching the Japanese version some time ago, but I put it off in favor of Jewelpet Twinkle. I really need to start watching it someday.


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Ojamjo Doremi

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