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 When Worlds Collide

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Posts : 1777
Join date : 2013-03-01
Age : 30
Location : Kansas City, KS

When Worlds Collide Empty
PostSubject: When Worlds Collide   When Worlds Collide I_icon_minitime29th September 2014, 7:25 pm

This is a weekly episodic web-series I created based on an old crossover role-playing site of mine set in an original world. Hence its reading more like a screenplay than a book. I have the entire first season written and plan to dish these out every Sunday. I already posted three, so I'll just put these together in spoilers as to not clutter up a single post. Enjoy.

Feedback welcome.

#1 Propaganda:
#2 We Are The Morlocks:
#3 Golden Trio:


When Worlds Collide SailorVSig2
Ayen's Reviews
Now reviewing video games and movies because why not?
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Posts : 1777
Join date : 2013-03-01
Age : 30
Location : Kansas City, KS

When Worlds Collide Empty
PostSubject: Re: When Worlds Collide   When Worlds Collide I_icon_minitime5th October 2014, 4:38 pm

Warning: The following contains mild graphic violence and gore, reader's discretion is advised.

Tori Jacobs
Garrus Vakarian
Melinda Fray
Madeira Roberts
Carl Sun
Peter Fargason

#4 Legion

The scene fades into the sky as the Resistance jet flash through the sky.
The inside shows Kragen, Garrus, Armando, Melinda, and Madeira in the back while Carl and Tori are in the cockpit.

Tori: Where did you learn to fly?

Carl: Moon Valley Air Force.

Tori: You're from Moon Valley?

Carl: Yes, ma'am.

Tori: Same here.

Carl: Where at?

Tori: Over on the country side where the ranches are.

Carl: I'm a city boy myself.

Tori: I can tell.

Carl: How?

Tori: You can always tell.

Carl: How'd you end up in Isafaro?

Tori: Didn't want to live on a ranch the rest of my life. Got a little more than what I bargain for.

Carl: The draft. Makes sense, I suppose. No one in their right mind would work for that man willingly.

Tori: Not a lot of people in their right mind. I'm going to go check on the others.

Tori enters the back and stops by Madeira.

Tori: You planning on killing Vulture troops with an electric guitar?

Madeira: Manipulates the electricity across the guitar's strings Yes.

Tori: As you were. Walks over to Melinda. And what do you do?

Melinda: I dazzle the boys with my charming smile.

Tori: Is that right?

Melinda: I can “separate” people's body parts and objects with my mind. Think of it like an invisible sword that cuts through people from afar. Or crossing a pair of scissors through someone. I always have perfect haircuts.

Tori: So, you're a psychic?

Melinda: I can't read minds. I wouldn't want to, anyway. Being able to know what everyone was thinking? That'd be boring. That trick is as far as my abilities go. I was created to be the perfect assassin.

Tori: You're an experiment, then? You and the girl?

Melinda: We weren't grown in a test tube, if that's what you're driving at. We were turned into weapons by the Vulture. Armando and Carl got us out of it. We've been together ever since.

Tori: I didn't mean to offend.

Melinda: Trust me, I've been asked a lot more offensive questions than that. We're good.

Tori: Goes over to Garrus. What's your take on the new guys?

Garrus: They seem sincere enough. Don't know how I feel about having a kid coming along on a dangerous mission.

Tori: I think she can take care of herself.

Garrus: I don't doubt she can, but that doesn't make me anymore comfortable. A girl that age should be hanging out with friends, or practicing music in her garage, not being turned into a weapon to fight a war.

Tori: That's the world we live in now, Garrus. You either grow up fast or die young.

Garrus: I'll just feel better when we take down General Vulture once and for all.

Tori: You and me both.

Carl: We have company.

Two Vulture jets close in from behind the Resistance's.

Tori: Why can't we ever have a nice flight around town? Runs back up to the cockpit with the others. Can you lose them?

Carl: Not with them right on our asses.

Armando: Lower the ramp. Holds up his gun arm. I got this.

Garrus: You're going to shoot right through their armor?

Armando: What else are A.P. rounds for?

Tori: Do it.

Carl opens the jet's ramp. Armando walks down the ramp seeing the two fighter jets closing in. He lifts up his gun arm with his other hand and charges it, yelling at the top of his lungs while firing off several A.P. rounds at the jets causing a dent in their armor forcing the first one to fly off. The second jet locks onto the back of the Resistance's plane, and launches a missile at it. Armando shoots the missile right on the nose causing an explosion midair covering them from the enemy jets.

Armando: Now!

Carl flies towards Sector Twelve, using the various skyscrapers as cover. By the time the explosion clears up the Vulture pilots don't know where to look for them and fly off in a different direction while Armando rejoins the others.

Garrus: I'm sorry I doubted you.

Armando: Don't sweat it.

Tori: At least now we know what that thing is packing.

Carl: We're reaching the  rondevu point.

Tori: Everyone keep your guard up. The Vulture aren't known for giving up easily.

The jet lands on a roof and opens up the ramp allowing the team to get off.

Tori: We'll go on ahead. The rest of you guard the jet. If you know you can't hold the area get the hell out of here, that's an order.

Armando: Yes, ma'am.

Tori: Kragen, you see anything?

Kragen: Looks through the scope of his rifle to see Fargason and his men four blocks out. There.

Tori: Looks through Kragen's scope before readjusting. Let's move out!

Cut to: Alleyway

Tori, Garrus, and Kragen meet up with Fargason's group. The Hellsing soldiers are quick to aim their weapons at them as the three raised their hands in surrender.

Tori: Don't shoot, we're Resistance.

Fargason: Holds up his hand to the others making them lower their weapons. I am Commander Fargason, member of the Hellsing Organization in Hallowton.

Tori: Captain Jacobs. This is Garrus, and Kragen.

Fargason: Acknowledges them with a nod. Is this all your men?

Tori: The rest are by the jet.

Fargason: It was my understanding that the Vulture had the air under heavy surveillance.

Tori: We were in a hurry.

Fargason: I see.

Tori: So, Hallowton is looking for some payback against the Vulture?

Fargason: Her Majesty wishes to establish a working relationship with Isafaro. That is not possible with its current administration.

Tori: Her Majesty? I thought the Queen was dead?

Fargason: Her daughter, Princess Lori, is Queen now.

Tori: Well, our boss is eager to meet with you. We'll lead you back to the–

A nearby explosion erupts. The group looks around for the source and Tori contacts the others through her radio.

Tori: Armando, where the hell did that explosion come from?

Armando: The research facility. Vulture troops are on their way there now.

Garrus: If one of Vulture's experiments got loose it could spell trouble for the entire sector.

Kragen: We'll be surrounded.

Fargason: Your alien friend is right. If you wish to win over the people, I suggest you not leave them behind.

Tori: We'll check it out. If the Vulture troops can't contain it then we move in.

Fargason: My team and I will cover you.

The group heads towards the research facility and remains hidden. Smoke rises from the roof of the building as Vulture troops line up outside the entrance. Helicopters flying over head and shining their lights on the building.

Speakers: Attention, Isafaro Citizens. Please remain in your homes until instructed otherwise.

The main doors swing open and the Vulture soldiers fire without hesitation. A swarm of bullets hit a small child who stepped outside the facility, the bullets appearing to evaporate as soon as they make contact with her flesh. She looks at the soldiers and they suddenly drop their weapons and clasp their hands to their heads screaming in agony.

Tori: What is she doing?

The soldiers' heads explode. Headless corpses falling to the ground as the helicopters start firing missiles at the child. She remains unmoved from her position after the explosion and glares up at the choppers, causing the helicopters to collapse into themselves and fall to the ground. The child looks out ahead to where the Resistance and Hellsing are hiding and begins to walk forward.

Tori: I get the feeling our guns aren't going to work.

Legion: Lifts the cars they were using as cover into the air with her mind and flings them into the buildings behind them.

Garrus: We need to think of something fast!

Tori: Drops her weapon and raises her hands up. Don't attack us, we're not Vulture! Turns to the others. Drop your weapons now!

The others drop their weapons as Tori slowly approaches child who stops in her tracks.

Tori: We're not going to hurt you. I cannot fathom what you must be going through, but I want to help. If I can.

Legion: Are we alive?

Tori: I'm sorry?

Legion: Are we alive?

Tori: You're breathing, aren't you?

Legion: The gate is prepared.

Tori: What?

Legion: The evil that was vanquished shall rise anew. Wrapped in the guise of man shall She walk amongst the innocent, and terror shall consume they that dwell upon Genesis. The skies shall rain fire, and the seas will become as blood. The righteous shall fall before the wicked, and all of creation shall tremble before the burning standard of hell.

Tori: What are you talking about?

Legion: It begins again.

Tori: What begins again?

Legion stares into Tori's eyes, images of a woman putting on a mask and screaming flashes across the screen as the words “We have been partners in what has been a very long dance” could be heard, like that of a ghost. Tori started to hold onto her head in pain, prompting Kragen to raise his rifle and fire a .50 BGM into Legion's chest blasting a large hole into her and knocking her back into the wall.

Tori: Kragen, stop!

Blood bursts out of the wound like a great flood and drowns the group, smashing through the buildings in the sector and washing away innocents as it consumes the area. We switch back to where Armando and the others are at the chopper seeing the blood come their way.

Madeira: What the hell is that?

Armando: Everyone get inside. Now!

The four got inside the jet and Carl lifts up the ramp. Back in the sea of blood, Tori desperately tries to swim through the current.


Nobody responds. Tori felt a hand grab her ankle and pull her down into the blood. She looks down to see several zombies clawing at her as she struggled to shake them off. Tori turns and starts swimming only to find Legion staring at her from under the blood. Tori tries to get away, but is blocked by a mirror. As soon as she turns back she found herself surrounded by mirrors everywhere with no means of escape.

Legion: Herald.

Tori: Let me go!

Legion: Herald.

Tori: LET ME GO!

Tori smashes the mirror in anger, and every single bone in her body shatters along with it. She screams, sinking to the bottom of the sea. Her eyes wide open and unable to move. Legion standing over her with a blank expression on her face while the undead closes in. The sound of clothes being torn could be heard, their teeth biting into her flesh drawing more blood as all Tori could do is scream. Tears drip down her cheeks. We see a zombie crawl over her and start to descend, teeth bare, before everything went black.

Cut to: Garrus, Kragen, and Fargason, making it to high ground to look down at the flood and the people who have turned into zombies. Among them were Fargason's team.

Garrus: I don't understand, the heads of those troops were destroyed. There's no way they could have turned and spread the infection.

Kragen: The child.

Garrus: You think she–? Fargason?

Fargason: Eyes closed and head bowed. In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished to eternal damnation. Amen. Shoots his teammates in the head.

Garrus: I'm sorry.

Fargason: They served their Queen and country. Their families will be well provided for. Sees the Resistance's jet overhead. If those are your people circling up there we best get their attention before the Vulture does.

Garrus: Right. Wait, Tori is still down there.

Kragen: We have to go.

Garrus: I'm not leaving her.

Fargason: Look around you. An entire sector is flooded with blood and people are becoming the undead. We don't know what that blood can do if you enter it. Are you willing to throw your life away?

Garrus: Garrus dives into the blood.

Fargason: I guess so.

Garrus swims deeper into the sea. A zombie blocks his path and he plunges a knife into the zombie's skull, kicking him away. He continues to swim deeper to the bottom, hacking and slashing the undead who got in his way until he saw Tori's body surrounded by a swarm of them, like insects feasting off her remains. Garrus took out his rifle and started to fire at the herd, forcing them off her long enough to grab Tori and begin swimming upward. Garrus reaches the surface and is helped back up to the high ground by Kragen and Fargason, gently laying Tori down to examine her with the omni tool.

Garrus: Her bones are broken.

Kragen: How many?

Garrus: All of them. Her entire skeleton is shattered.

Fargason: How in God's name is she still alive?

Kragen: She won't be for long. Kragen directs their attention to the bites.

Garrus: Damn! If we get her back to the base June may be able to help her.

Fargason: There's no time. You saw how fast those people turned. Would she really want to become one of those things?

Kragen: Draws his pistol.

Garrus: No. Let me.

Kragen: You sure?

Garrus: Rise to a stand. Yeah, I'm sure.

Garrus pulls out his pistol and the three are seen standing over Tori as Garrus aims the pistol at her head and fires.



When Worlds Collide SailorVSig2
Ayen's Reviews
Now reviewing video games and movies because why not?
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Posts : 1777
Join date : 2013-03-01
Age : 30
Location : Kansas City, KS

When Worlds Collide Empty
PostSubject: Re: When Worlds Collide   When Worlds Collide I_icon_minitime12th October 2014, 7:13 pm

Tori Jacobs
Garrus Vakarian
Melinda Fray
Madeira Roberts
Carl Sun
Ghost (voice only)
Walter C. Dornez
Peter Fargason

#5 River of Blood

The scene fades into a flooded Sector Twelve. We see the blood running through the street like a current, people stranded on the rooftops as the undead growl from beneath the river of blood. Garrus, Kragen, and Fargason remain in their spot. Kragen shoots up a flare to get the others attention while Garrus stays by Tori's body.

Fargason: Walks up to Garrus. My condolences. I did not get to know her for long, but I can tell she meant a great deal to you.

Garrus: She meant a great deal to all of us.

Fargason: What will you be doing with the body?

Garrus: Take it back to the base. Tori always said if something happened she'd want to be shipped back home to Moon Valley to be buried.

Fargason: She's a long way from home.

Garrus: Yeah, she is.

Kragen: Approaches the others. Hear a ripple in the air and immediately jumps in front of Fargason grabbing razor sharp wires with his bare hands and holding them in place as blood flowed from his hands from where the wires cut him.

Walter: Is on the building across from them shocked to see Kragen had caught his wires.

Fargason: It can't be.

Kragen: Fire!

Garrus and Fargason open fire on Walter. Walter abandoned the wires on Kragen's hands and leaps back, creating shields with the wire to defend against the bullets before launching a new strain to slice through the building they were on cutting it in half. Kragen and Garrus used their grappling hooks to make it to the next building away from Walter, Kragen grabbing Fargason with his free hand. But Tori's body was lost in the river of blood.

Garrus: Tori!

Kragen and Fargason fires more shots at Walter to keep him busy.

Fargason: Tell your people to get out of here. If he sees them he'll slice up their jet to pieces.

Garrus: Who is this man?

Fargason: Walter C. Dornez. The Angel of Death. A former member of Hellsing, at least in our world.

Kragen: Your world?

Fargason: There's no time to explain. Move!

The three continue to run, going from rooftop to rooftop to get away from Walter. Walter bit down his teeth against the wires and launched more through the air impaling the bullets they sent his way and firing them back twice as fast, hitting Fargason in the back. Garrus caught him before he could fall of the ledge of the roof and they kept running, Garrus contacting his comrades in the air.

Garrus: Armando, get out of here! You're in danger up there!

Armando: We can still get you.

Garrus: Just go!

Armando: We're not leaving without you. Carl! Get a lock on that bastard.

Garrus: Armando!

Carl fires a missile towards Walter. Walter just stands there, catching the missile in his wires and looking at the nose of it before flinging it back into the jet. The explosion from impact taking the jet out of the sky and crashing into the city below.

Garrus: Goddammit! We have to swim, it's our only way out of here.

Fargason: My back is shot. Leave me behind.

Garrus: No one else is getting left behind. Grab onto my back.

Garrus helps Fargason onto his back and the group dives into the sea of blood. Walter dives in after them and the chase continue.

Cut to: Closeup of Tori.

Ghost: Time to wake up, Tori Jacobs.

Tori: Eyes open up and a breath of fresh air is taken as she looks around shocked.

Ghost: Stand up.

Tori: I can't. My bones are broken.

Ghost: Irrelevant. Get up!

Tori: Pulls herself up to her feet while going through immense pain and screaming. I-I'm standing! I can breathe! How am I breathing?

Ghost: Reality is relative, Tori Jacobs.

Tori: Who are you? How do you know my name?

Ghost: We are Ghost.

Tori: We? Are you with that child?

Ghost: No.

Tori: I don't suppose you'd know who or what the child was, then, would you?

Ghost: She is an anomaly. A being that was never meant to be. A remnant of the Ancients. Created by a madman who thought himself more powerful than God.

Tori: General Vulture. That bastard!

Ghost: Walk. Your friends need you.

Tori walks until she could see the jet that crashed and the bodies of Armando, Melinda, Madeira, and Carl floating in the blood. Tori swims up and grabs Made, helping her back up to the surface and to a fire escape.

Tori: My entire skeleton is broken and I still have to save everyone's ass.

Tori dives back in for the others. Helping them up to the rooftop of the nearby building. She gives Made CPR helping her come to.

Madeira: Coughs out blood. Tori?

Tori: Hey. You're going to be all right.

Madeira: There's a bullet lodged into your skull!

Tori: A “thank you” would have sufficed.

Madeira: Magnetizes the bullet and pulls it out of Tori's head showing it to her.

Tori: Feels the bullet hole in her forehead. Son of a bitch!

Madeira: Puts it in her shirt pocket.

Tori: You're keeping it?

Madeira: I don't like to waste. Sees the bite marks on Tori. You've been bitten.

Tori: Don't worry about it. Points to her forehead. If this couldn't kill me a couple of bite marks isn't going to do anything. Help me with me the others.

Madeira went over to Carl while Tori moved to Melinda. After Carl came to, Melinda became conscious soon after.

Melinda: Sees the hole in Tori's head. What happened to you?

Tori: Long story.

Tori helped Melinda up to her feet and turned to see Armando being revived by Carl.

Armando: Good morning, Sugar Lips.

Carl: Turns to Madeira. He'll be fine.

Armando: Gets up and look at Tori. Captain. What the hell happened to you?

Tori: What, I just got shot in the head. No big deal.

Armando: Agree to disagree.

Tori: What happened here?

Carl: We got shot down by one of Vulture's men.

Tori: Where's Garrus and the others?

Armando: Lost contact after we went down.

Tori: Tries her radio. Dammit! Radio's busted. How about you guys?

Armando: Checks his radio. Mine's broken too.

Carl: I guess something had to break in that crash.

Madeira: What do we do?

Tori: Garrus and Kragen will find a way back to the base. They'll send help. We just need to– Ahh! Tori falls down to her knees and screams in pain.

Armando: Rushes to her side. Captain! Are you all right? Also sees the bite marks.

Tori: Do I chibi look all right? There's a bullet hole in my head!

Silence befalls the group.

Tori: I can't move.

Armando: Here. Gets down with his back facing her. Helps her up and then stands. We can't stay here, we're too open. We need to find someplace secure and sit tight.

The group begins to move away from the crashed helicopter.

Cut to: The Sewers

Kragen: Opens up the sewer entrance allowing Garrus and Fargason to enter and then closing the entrance behind them. Sets up an explosive programed to blow if the cover is touched.

Garrus: That should keep us from being followed. Let's see about getting you patched up.

The group get clear of the manhole and Garrus puts Fargason down to work on his back.

Garrus: Perhaps now you'd like to explain what you were talking about earlier?

Fargason: Do you really not know? The tower that stretches up to the sky, the Downward Spiral, it's been bringing people from other worlds to here for some time now.

Garrus: So, you're one of the outworlders?

Fargason: We come from a place similar to Hallowton, but closer to Moon Valley in technology. We were in a war with a group called Millennium who used vampire experiments to attack our home. Walter was the Hellsing Organization's butler at the time, and he betrayed us to join with Millennium. He died in the conflict and not long after all hell broke loose we were brought here just in time for the Vulture's attack on Hallowton. We assisted the Queen in fighting back the Vulture's forces and won ourselves a place of residence as part of the nation's defense. That was when Sir Integra sent me to make contact with you.

Kragen:  And hell came again.

Fargason: So it would seem.

Garrus: Finishes and stands. That should do until we get back to the base.

Fargason: Stands up after Garrus.

Garrus: Keep your guard up. It's going to be a long walk back to the base.

The three are seen walking down the sewers.

Cut to: an abandoned office building.

Armando puts Tori down near the desk with Melinda and Madeira.

Armando: Carl and I are going to secure the rest of the building. You ladies stay and look after the captain.

Melinda: Righto, Boss.

Armando smiles and then departs with Carl. Melinda and Madeira sits on either side from Tori.

Melinda: How are you feeling?

Tori: Like moon turds.

Melinda: I hear ya. What I wouldn't give for some booze right about now.

Madeira: What happened back there?

Tori: There was this girl. She couldn't have been much older than eight. She came out of the lab and killed the Vulture troops that arrived at the scene. Blew off their heads. I tried speaking to her. She said something about a gate being prepared and evil rising anew disguised as a person. None of it made any sense. Kragen thought I was in danger so he shot him and the blood caused all of this.

Melinda: Man!

Madeira: How is that possible?

Tori: I don't know, but whatever Vulture is meddling with it's not good.

A moment of silence befalls the three.

Tori: I was raped. I was paralyzed and those things out there raped me.

Melinda and Madeira are unsure of what to say.

Tori: I shouldn't even be alive.

Melinda: The important thing is that you are. We're going to make it through this.

Tori smiled and turned her head to see Melinda's face begin to peal off.

Melinda: Tori? What's wrong?

Tori: Your face.

Melinda. What about it?

Tori: You don't feel that?

Melinda starts feeling her face as Tori turns to see the same thing happening to Madeira. Skin pealing off making way for the muscle underneath.

Madeira: There's nothing wrong with her face, Tori.

Tori: Screams. Looks down at her hand to see the skin on the back of it start to peal off. Holds onto the hand in pain trying to stop the skin to no prevail. She rises to her feet, hurting herself in the process due to the bones barely holding on inside as everything around her started to crumble into ash.

Melinda and Madeira stand up.

Madeira: Dammit, Tori! What's wrong?

The glass in the office building breaks, and Walter jumps onto the desk the three were sitting by, the razor sharp wires behind his back and monocle glowing in the light as he towered over the three, bringing his attention to Tori.

Walter: There you are.

Walter swing his arms, using his wires to keep Melinda and Madeira at bay while stringing Tori up and bringing her to him. Melinda cuts the wires with her mind and fires several shots into the side of his chest causing him to drop Tori. Madeira grabs Tori and runs off while Melinda continues to shoot more bullets into Walter's body. The bullet wounds regenerate and Walter sends several wires into her body and slices her to pieces just in time for Madeira to see.

Madeira: MELINDA!

Walter stomps on the remains of Melinda and turns his head over to Made. Made continues to run with Tori at her side while Armando and Carl returns.

Armando: What's going on?

Madeira: Melinda is dead!

Walter: Stalks the group.

Carl: Go. I'll hold him off.

Madeira: No! I'm not losing you too!

Carl: I said go!

Armando and Madeira take off with Tori. Carl takes out his long rifle and starts firing explosive rounds at Walter who blocks them again and again with ease while entering the next room. Carl jumps out of the path of Walter's wires and move from one desk to another once they were sliced apart by the wires, firing more shots and managing to pass the Angel of Death's defenses sending him crashing into the wall.

Cut to: Office hallway

Armando and Madeira continue down the hallway as fast as they can. Tori drops down to her knees holding onto her head.

Madeira: Tori!

Armando: What's wrong with her?

Madeira: We don't know. It happened just before that man attacked us.

Cut to: Tori's point of view

Everything is continuing to crumble into dust. Her hands now showing the broken bones inside only to reform and begin pealing off again.

Tori: Make it stop!

Armando and Madeira move to her side.

Madeira: Make what stop?


Tori starts digging her hands into her eyes, clawing at them. She grabs a hold and gouges out her eyes, crying out in pain as blood pour down her cheeks and the scene fades to black.



When Worlds Collide SailorVSig2
Ayen's Reviews
Now reviewing video games and movies because why not?
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Posts : 1777
Join date : 2013-03-01
Age : 30
Location : Kansas City, KS

When Worlds Collide Empty
PostSubject: Re: When Worlds Collide   When Worlds Collide I_icon_minitime19th October 2014, 1:16 pm

Tori Jacobs
Garrus Vakarian
Melinda Fray
Madeira Roberts
Carl Sun
General Vulture
Alexander Kross
Walter C. Dornez
Revolver Ocelot
Sergei Dragunov
Peter Fargason
Imai Katayo
Logan S. Gunn
June Greenaway
Shinta Greenaway
Lily Mayweather
Nex Aaron
Mary Thompson

#6 Angel of Death

The scene fades in on Tori screaming, her eyes crushed inside her hands.

Madeira: Tori, what the chibi?!

Tori: Make it stop! We see from Tori's perspective that she can still see her surroundings decaying and coming back to life in her mind.

Armando: We don't have time for this. Picks Tori up over his shoulder.

Madeira: You're hurting her!

Armando: You have a better idea? Move!

Cut to: Office Building Top Floor

Carl: Fires a couple more shots from his long rifle into Walter before slowly approaching where he sat against the wall. Poking him with the barrel of the gun and turning away to catch up to the others.

Walter: You shouldn't waste ammunition.

Carl: Turns around to be impaled by Walter's wires and then split apart piece by piece until there's nothing left.

Cut to: Office Hallway

Armando and Madeira stop at a staircase which leads down to the flooded levels and then look out the window to see Vulture's helicopters circling the area.

Madeira: What are we going to do?

Armando: We're going to commandeer that helicopter.

Madeira: Are you crazy!?

Armando: You need to ask? Here. Puts down Tori for Madeira to take and then climb out the window and up the wall to the roof. He stays hidden from the helicopter lights as he tries to get closer.

Madeira: Helps Tori to a sit and keeps an eye out for Carl. Please be okay.

Armando: Performs a running jump to the next building, grabbing the ledge and pulling himself up. He rolls away just in time to avoid the searchlight of the helicopter above.

Madeira: Rips off a part of her sleeve and wrap it around Tori's eyes, tying it up tight to stop the bleeding. Talk to me, Tori. Let me know you're all right.

Tori: Silence.

Madeira: Hears footsteps approaching and stands up to look towards the corner.

Carl: Comes around the corner.

Madeira: Carl!

Made moves to embrace Carl only to stop when she got a closer look at his body. It appeared to be held together by wiring as he walked like a puppet. Joining his side was Melinda who looked exactly the same. Both of them raising their weapons and the puppeteer, Walter, appearing out of the darkness. Madeira looks on horrified.

Armando: Waits for the helicopter to flies over again and then makes a run for it. Leaps up through the air and grab onto the helicopter's skids. Climbs up the side of it and forces open the door punching the Vulture troop on the other side and tossing him out of the helicopter. Walks up to the cockpit holding a pistol at the pilot's head. Fly!

Pilot: chibi you! You shoot me and the autopilot will–!

Armando: Shoots the pilot in the head and push his corpse aside to take control of the helicopter.

Cut to: Office Building

Madeira: What did you do to them?

Walter: I made them more useful in death than they were in life. Surrender Captain Jacobs and I might let you live.

Madeira: You bastard!

Walter: Forces Carl and Melinda's corpse to open fire on Madeira's position.

Madeira: Jumps out of the way. Swipes her hands across the strings of her guitar to sends an electric charge towards Walter.

Walter: Uses Carl and Melinda as shields while having them continue to fire on Madeira's position.

Madeira: Pinned down by Tori's side, unsure of what to do.

Tori: Do you still have that bullet?

Madeira: Looks to Tori, taking out the bullet from her pocket to look at it. Yes.

Tori: Am I right in assuming once it's been touched by you you can channel your powers through it?

Madeira: What are you suggesting?

Tori: Jam it in his head and fry his ass!

Madeira: But he has all these wires. He'll just stop the bullet.

Tori: That's okay. It's from Garrus' gun. The bullet is small enough to maneuver through all that. You just have to steer it.

Madeira: Looks at the bullet.

Tori: He did something terrible to your friends, didn't he?

Madeira: Yes.

Tori: Make him regret it.

Madeira: Looks at the bullet one more time before sending it flying through the air. The bullet passes Carl and Melinda's corpses and heads straight for Walter. A barrage of wires swing through the air to block its path, but Made manages to maneuver it through them and hits Walter in the head.

Walter: Staggers back on the floor, dropping his grip on the corpses allowing them to fall back to pieces.

Madeira: Snaps her fingers and causes the electricity surging through the bullet to spread out to the electricity in his brain and overcharges it.

Walter: Screams in pain, his whole body shaking at the electrocution from inside his head before it stops, body falling limb to the floor.

Madeira: Walks over to where Carl and Melinda's remains are and look at them quietly. The sound of the chopper closing in gaining her attention. Turns to her right to see Armando outside the window.

Armando: Get in!

Madeira: Runs back to Tori and helps her up and into the chopper.

Armando: Flies away from the building and heads out of the sector.

We move down to the city below to see Legion walking atop the surface of the sea of blood, unmoved by the surrounding chaos. The scene suddenly transform into a monitor, the camera panning away to show us Alexander, Revolver Ocelot, Sergei Dragunov, and Vulture watching the footage.

Alexander: Freezes the footage. Reports say an explosion at the research facility released her from her confinement. She flooded an entire sector because she bled.

Ocelot: What of Captain Jacobs and her little command squad?

Alexander: Dead. That alien saw to it himself when he put a bullet in her head.

Sergei: Cracks knuckles.

Ocelot: It would seem you have one less nuisance to worry about, General.

General Vulture: Raises up his glass to the screen. Gentlemen, to an astounding success! Project Legion.

Cut to: Resistance H.Q.
Garrus, Kragen, and Fargason enter the base to be greeted by Imai and Logan.

Imai: Commander Fargason. I'm Imai Katayo and this is my right hand, Logan. It's an honor to meet you.

Fargason: Nods head in greeting. Her Majesty, Queen Lori, and Sir Integra send their greeting as well.

Imai: You seem to be short one.

Garrus: Lowers his head in sadness.

Imai: Looks shocked.

Logan: What happened?

Fargason: I would allow them time to grieve. They'll be more good to you later, trust me.

Imai: Agreed. Commander, if you'll come with us, we have a lot to discuss.

Fargason follows Imai and Logan upstairs. Garrus and Kragen doesn't make it two steps before June arrives on the scene.

June: You made it back. Realizes Tori isn't with them. Where's Tori?

Garrus and Kragen look at each other.

June: Unsettled by the silence. Garrus, where's Tori?

Garrus: I'm sorry, June. We–

Resistance Soldier: Vulture chopper inbound!

The three look at each other and then run out to the front of the base to see the helicopter approaching.

Resistance Soldier: I'm going to shoot it down!

Kragen: Gets a closer look through the scope of his rifle to see Armando at the helm. Hold your fire! It's Armando!

Garrus: What? How? We saw them crash back at Sector Twelve.

Kragen: Dumb luck.

The helicopter touches down and the three approach in time to see Madeira come out of the chopper helping Tori to walk. Garrus looks shocked at what he sees as June runs towards them.

Madeira: We need a medic!

June: Tori! What's wrong with her eyes?

Madeira: Just get her to a medic.

June: Follow me.

June leads Tori and Madeira back inside as Garrus and Kragen meets Armando coming out of the chopper.

Garrus: Where's the rest of your squad?

Armando: They didn't make it.

Garrus: Damn! Looks back to where Tori and the others were in the distance. This is going to make one hell of a field report.

Cut to: Medic room.

June: Lay her down on the table.

Madeira helps June lay Tori down on the operating table. Junes removes the piece of cloth from Tori's eyes to see the damage that was done.

June: W-what happened to her eyes!?

Madeira: She gouged them out. Kept saying “Make it stop! Make it stop!”

June: Make what stop?

Madeira: I don't know.

Tori: June?

June: Tori! Grabs her hand tightly.

Tori: Groans in pain.

June: Lets go of her hand. Don't worry, Sweetie. We're going to fix you right up. Sees the bullet wound in Tori's forehead and feels it up. What is this?

Madeira: She was shot.

June: She was shot?! By who?

Madeira: Stays quiet.

June: That's a shot to the brain. She should be dead.

Madeira: But she isn't. If it wasn't for her, there'd be none of us left instead of two.

June: She's good at that.

Madeira: There's one more thing you should know before you examine her.

June: Looks towards Madeira.

Cut to: Outside Medic Room
June and Madeira leaves Tori's room to find Imai, Garrus, Kragen, Shinta, Lily, Nex, Mary, and Armando waiting outside.

Shinta: How is she?

Mary: Is she going to be all right?

June: Her skeleton is severely fractured, she's been shot in the head and raped. She shouldn't even be alive right now.

Imai: How is that possible?

June: It isn't.

Shinta: You said rape. Who raped her?

Kragen: The undead.

Garrus: Sector Twelve were crawling with them by the time we got out of there.

Shinta: She was raped by zombies?

Nex: That's possible?

Lily: But you will be able to fix her, right?

June: The damage to the skeleton is irreversible. There's nothing I can do.

Lily: There has to be something!

June: One thing. There are healers in Aircano said to be capable of impossible feats, maybe one of them can help her.

Imai: You can't be serious. You want to put her fate in the hands of some religious fanatics?

June: What else can we do!?

Garrus: If they can help her then they're at least worth checking out. We owe Tori that much.

Armando: You need a pilot? Because I have a spare chopper.

Lily: I'm going too.

Shinta: So am I.

Nex: Third.

Mary: Then you know I'm going.

Imai: Fine. Take half the chibi base for all I care! Storms off.

Madeira: What crawled up her ass?

Garrus: I'll talk to her. As much as we want to come, Kragen and I better stay here to help secure the base. Who knows what the Vulture might try now that we have a Hellsing operative.

June: I understand. Looks to the others. Thank you. All of you.

Cut to: Isafaro Helicopter

The group helps Tori into the helicopter and take off for Aircano. June looks at everyone who is with her and offers them a smile. She turns back to where Tori lay and gently held onto her hand as the chopper disappears into the sky.



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Tori Jacobs
Madeira Roberts
June Greenaway
Shinta Greenaway
Lily Mayweather
Nex Aaron
Mary Thompson

#7 Aircano

The scene fades into a temple. We see Miracle praying by the altar with Jehanne watching from the doorway. A knight approaches Jehanne and tells her something before leaving. Jehanne push off the doorway and walks over to Miracle.

Jehanne: Miracle? I'm sorry to disturb your prayers, but I just been informed that a Vulture helicopter was spotted coming this way.

Miracle: Finishes her prayers and stands up. Turning around to face Jehanne.

Cut to: City Gate

Miracle and Jehanne join up with Solomon and Aircano troops as they wait for the helicopter to land. The helicopter's door opens making way for June and co., pulling Tori on a stretcher.

June: Are you Miracle?

Miracle: I am.

Jehanne: High Priestess Miracle.

Miracle: Jehanne, please. What brings you to Aircano?

June: We have a friend who needs healing.

Miracle: Looks Tori over.

Jehanne: What happened to her?

Lily: Long story.

Solomon: What are you doing with an Isafaro helicopter?

Armando: We're not Vulture, if that's what you mean.

June: Are you going to help us or not?

Miracle: Follow me.

Cut to: Healing Room

The group helps Tori onto the bed as Miracle continues to look her over.

June: Every single bone in her body is broken, and she's been shot in the head. Takes off the blindfold. And her eyes have been gouged out.

Jehanne: How is that possible?

Miracle: The Lord has kept her alive so that you may all bare witness. Pours oil on Tori's head, healing the bullet wound. Brings her hands over Tori's body, white light shines from her hands healing Tori's skeleton.

Tori: Cries out in pain.

June: Tori!

Shinta: Holds June back. Let her work.

The light from Miracle's hands fade and she lowers her arms.

Miracle: Sit up.

Tori: Starts to rise.

Miracle: Slowly.

Tori: Slowly gets up to a sit.

June: How do you feel?

Tori: Moves around a bit. They aren't broken anymore.

June: You're sure?

Tori: Trust me, when they're broken you know.

June: Hugs Tori and looks at Miracle. Thank you!

Lily: Wait, what about her eyes?

Miracle: I can't reconstruct them from air. I need that part of the body stable in order to repair it.

Lily: I thought God was supposed to be capable of anything?

Miracle: I'm not God. I'm just his instrument.

Tori: Knock it off, Lily. It's my own fault they're like this, anyway. Puts her blindfold back on.

Miracle: You're all welcomed to stay here for as long as you need.

Solomon: Miracle, we're already overstocked with the refugees.

Miracle: We'll find a way, Solomon. Have faith.

Armando: Refugees?

Solomon: Ever since that tower came out of the ground in the Crystal Expanse more and more people from different worlds have been showing up here. We've been giving them shelter until we figure out a way to send them home.

Tori: Tower?


Legion: The gate is prepared.


Solomon: They're calling it the Downward Spiral. Everyday more and more people come out of the tower and either find their way to Aircano or Hallowton if the ice monsters don't find them first.

Shinta: I still remember the earthquake when that thing came out of the ground.

Nex: He was scared, but I took care of it.

Shinta: That's not how I remember it.

Mary: What was that about ice monsters, again?

Miracle: The Crystal Expanse is home to many creatures that have adapted to the environment. They prey on anything with body heat.

Solomon: If the cold don't get you the ice monsters will.

Nex: Thank Allah we flew here.

Miracle, Solomon, and Jehanne look at Nex.

Nex: I'm not taking it back.

Tori: We won't take up space here for long. We need to get back to Isafaro as soon as possible.

June: Could you guys give us some time alone.

Miracle: Of course.

Miracle, Solomon, and Jehanne lead the others out of the room. June pulls up a seat and sit across from Tori's bed.

Tori: Why do I get the feeling I'm in the doghouse?

June: Made told me what happened back in Sector Twelve. What those things did to you.

Tori: Says nothing.

June: Takes Tori's hand. Just tell me what happened.

Tori: I don't want to talk about it.

June: Tell me why you don't have any eyes, at least! You owe me that much.

Tori: There was this child. A Vulture's experiment. She attacked us. I started seeing nightmares all around me. My skin pealing off straight down to the bone. Everything dying. I just wanted it to stop.

June: A hallucination?

Tori: It felt real, June. I could even feel the pain.

June: There has to be some explanation for this. Maybe if we knew more about this child we could find out what it is.

Tori: I need to talk to Miracle. Gets up.

June: Rises and catches Tori as she stumbles. What's for?

Tori: See what she knows.

June: What makes you think she knows anything?

Tori: Just take me to her!

June: All right, jeez! Take my hand.

Tori and June enter the temple's sanctuary and finds Miracle with Jehanne talking to one of the refugees. The refugee smiles and bows his head at Miracle before leaving and Miracle turns to face Tori and June.

Miracle: I'm glad to see you up and walking around.

Tori: I wanted to thank you. I wasn't sure I was going to make it.

Miracle: It's nothing short of a miracle that you survived as long as you did. Surely, the Lord is watching over you.

June: Looks at Jehanne. So, what's your story?

Miracle: Jehanne is my bodyguard. She's been by my side since I became a priestess.

Tori: And the man?

Miracle: Solomon is in charge of the city's defenses. He doesn't like strangers all that much.

Jehanne: And with good reason.

Tori: I'm Tori. This is my girlfriend June. Is that going to be a problem?

Miracle: It's not my place to judge. Do you require something of me?

Tori: I do have a question.

Miracle: What is it?

Tori: I don't know a whole lot about your religion, but you guys seem to have a handle on prophecies and stuff. Have you ever heard these words? “The gate is prepared. The evil that was vanquished shall rise anew. Wrapped in the guise of man shall She walk amongst the innocent, and terror shall consume they that dwell upon Genesis. The skies shall rain fire, and the seas will become as blood. The righteous shall fall before the wicked, and all of creation shall tremble before the burning standard of hell.”

Miracle: Where have you heard this?

Tori: From a child back in Isafaro. A Vulture experiment to be precise. Not much younger than you, I imagine.

Miracle: That is the prophecy of the Ancients.

June: Ancients?

Miracle: The Ancients were a force prayed to long ago. Only remnants remain of their followers.

Tori: What does it mean?

Miracle: There are many interpretations. The most common one is that it's a telling of the end of days.

Tori: Do you think the tower might be the gate the prophecy is referring to?

Miracle: It's possible. I really can't say.

Tori:What would be the evil, then?

Miracle: I don't know.

Tori: There has to be some way to figure out what this all means!

June: Tori, calm down.

Miracle: If you really wish to decipher it for yourself, then the Jherrazad Desert may very well have the answers you seek.

June: The Jherrazad Desert?

Tori: Where?

Miracle: In the Jherrazad Desert there are many caves. These caves used to be use by a cult that worshiped the first Ancient many years ago. It was the first Ancient that cited the prophecy as a word of warning to humanity. You may be able to find something from their text, but be careful. The first Ancient was known to be capable of bending the fabrics of reality itself to release terrible terrors on Genesis. The cult embraced the dark arts for this very reason.

June: How did something like this even come into existence?

Miracle: I'm afraid I can't answer that either.

Tori: Thank you, Miracle. I appreciate the help.

Miracle: I hope you will find what weighs heavy on your heart. You'll be in my prayers.

Tori: Hopefully the next time we meet I won't be on a stretcher. Come on, June.

Tori and June heads for the temple's exit.

June: You can't be serious about going back into the desert. You should be resting.

Tori: I don't have time to rest. Whatever that child was she knew about the Ancients Prophecy and something was keeping me alive back there. Don't you want to know why?

June: For goodness sakes, Tori! You're blind!

The two leave the temple to the outside.

Tori: I wasn't planning on going alone. Unless you're saying I have to.

June: No. Of course not. I just think we should learn more about the child before doing anything else. Or at least stock up back at the base before going cave hunting in the desert.

Tori: I want to hear what the others have to say.

Cut to: Vulture Helicopter.

Tori: So, that's the long and short of it. If we want to learn what happened to me back in Sector Twelve and what all of this means I need to find those caves. What do you guys think?

Shinta: It's a lead. A lead is worth checking out.

Armando: You know I'm with you.

Mary: I don't like it.

Lily: No one does.

Madeira: We don't know what we're dealing with. We could be walking into a trap.

June: I agree.

Nex: Is there a chance I get to shoot some cultists?

Tori: Not unless they're resurrected from the dead, which given my luck could happen.

Nex: Then I am in.

Tori: That's four in favor and three opposed. Lily?

Lily: You have to ask?

Tori: Okay, five in favor. Do the rest of you want to return to base?

Madeira: If Armando is going, I'm going.

Mary: I'll go.

June: I know you're not asking me that question.

Tori: Armando, how are we doing on weapons?

Armando: The chopper comes equipped with assault rifles, pistols, a couple of grenades. More than enough weapons for everyone in case we run into any trouble.

Lily: Shinta and I bought a cane while we were in Aircano. Hands it to Tori.

Shinta: We figure you could use it.

Lily: It's retractable so you can make it as long or short as you need.

Tori: Takes the cane. Thanks. Armando, get us to the desert.

Armando: Yes, ma'am!

Armando enter the cockpit with Madeira and starts up the helicopter. The propeller above starts to spin around as the chopper takes off into the air with Miracle and Jehanne watching them from below We see a closeup of Miracle looking up into the sky before the scene fades to black.



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Tori Jacobs
Madeira Roberts
June Greenaway
Shinta Greenaway
Lily Mayweather
Nex Aaron
Mary Thompson

#8 Walking the Demon

The scene opens up in a dark cavern. The group are walking along with lights and weapons in hand.

Nex: Sneaks up on Mary and mimics the sound of a monster.

Mary: Screams and whacks Nex over the head with her flashlight.

Nex: Ow!

Mary: Dammit, Nex! That's not funny! I could have shot you! Hits Nex on the arm and storms off.

Shinta: Real smooth.

Nex: Worth it.

June: How are you holding up?

Tori: Had better days, June.

June: If it makes you feel any better it's not much brighter in here for the rest of us.

Tori: Yeah, think of the money we could save on batteries.

June: How's the... other thing holding up?

Tori: Comes and goes. Every time I try to picture your face it breaks down into a skeleton.

June: What happens if you just think of a skeleton?

Tori: Not feeling brave enough to test those waters.

Armando: Captain, we have something over here.

The group stop in front of a large door next to Armando.

Tori: You guys are going to have to spell it out for me.

Armando: It's a door of some kind, but it's sealed. There's an inscription on it.

Tori: What does it say?

Armando: It's in Latin.

Tori: Of course it is.

Lily: Anyone here speak Latin?

June: Let me see it.

Armando: Holds the light for June.

June: Only he who knows the prayer of our Lord may gain access to enlightenment.

Shinta, June, Lily, and Nex all look at Mary.

Mary: What?

Lily: You are the Christian of the group.

Tori: No. Remember what Miracle said? They worshiped the first Ancient? I don't think they're talking about God. And if that child is connected to the first Ancient... Clear the way.

Armando and June get out of Tori's way. Tori approaches the door and puts her hand on it. For a moment nothing happens, but then the ground begins to shake and the door opens. Wailing can be heard coming from the other side as the group continues on.

Madeira: What's that sound?

Mary: They sound like they're in terrible pain.

Armando: This place is a tomb. The wailing is the souls of the dead reaching out to the living. It was believed by the desert dwellers that they were the victims of horrors so great that even death couldn't free them.

Tori: Veneficus. Must have been the cult Miracle was talking about. How did you know all that?

Armando: You weren't the only one who had to survive out in the desert.

Madeira: I don't understand. What's Veneficus?

Tori: Veneficus was a group that practiced black magic thousands of years ago. They originated from Aircano before the ancestors of the current Theocracy forced them out.

Lily: Christians stealing things from the Pagans? What are the odds?

Mary: Looks disapprovingly at Lily.

Armando: The desert dwellers are all that remain of the group. Passing down their teachings to those born of the desert.

A loud roar stops the group dead in their tracks.

Mary: Nex, please tell me that was you.

Nex: Wasn't me.

Armando: Everybody, get back!

A large golem charged the group, raising its hand to smash them as they move backwards. Armando unloaded on the best with his minigun and the others joined in as Tori felt a throbbing pain enter her head as the nightmares began playing in her mind once more. A second golem just as large as the first joined in on the fight, splitting the group in two as they used the tombs as cover.

Shinta: They just had to be golems. Why couldn't the guards be a couple of polite rabbits?

Nex: Hey, Lily. These golems have big, strong hands, don't they?

Lily: Shut up, Nex!

June: Tori, what's wrong?

Tori: Claps hand onto her head and groans in pain before falling down one of the tombs and disappearing into the abyss below.

June: Tori!

Armando: Continues firing at the golem to no avail. Made, a little help here!

Madeira: Plays a couple of notes on her guitar sending a jolt of electricity at the golem with no effect. It's not working!

Armando: Don't try to electrocute it! Dodges the golem's arm and fires more bullets into it.

Madeira: Charges up a more powerful shot and then sends it into the chest of the golem knocking it flat.

Cut to: Underground Temple

Tori: Reaches around for her cane, pain aching across her body as she felt her own skin pealing off and crumbling to dust just to be revived to endure the suffering again and again. Grabs her cane and pulls herself up to her feet slowly proceeding forward. June!? Shinta!? Lily!? Armando!? Hearing no response, she pressed on. Pressing a hand against a wall and feeling its texture. The wall was replaced with nothing but air and she reached around, feeling a statue of a masked individual, two more similar to it standing nearby as she felt the words carved into the stone. Sighs and leans back against one of the statues, the temple beginning to shake and forcing her down to her knees as the statue crack and broke apart. The walls of the temple exploded, as did the rocks and she hit her head and went unconscious.

Cut to: Tomb

Shinta, Lily, Nex, and Mary fired on the second golem while keeping their distance. June was by the tomb Tori fell down trying to see inside it while Armando jumped on the first golem and repeatedly punched it in the face before being thrown off.

Shinta: It's no good! We have to fall back!

June: Tori fell down this hole, we have to get her out!

Shinta: I'm sorry, June, but we don't have time!

June: I'm not leaving her! Jumps through the hole.

Shinta: June!

June: Makes it to the bottom only to find the path blocked by fallen rocks above. No. No! No! No! Bangs on the rocks. Tori! Tori, can you hear me!?

Cut to: Tomb

Shinta: Runs over to the open tomb. June! JUNE! Goddammit!

Golem #2: Reaches Shinta and swings its arm towards him.

Shinta: Jumps out of the way and unload more shots into the beast before running on empty. I'm out!

Lily: Me too!

Nex: Why couldn't action movie rules apply?

Armando: Fall back! Get to the temple!

Nex: Who builds a temple next to a tomb?

The group makes a run for it, the few with ammo left keeps firing at the golems. They make it inside the temple and proceeds to barricade the doors.

Cut to: Underground Temple

June: Continues to bang on rocks. Tori! TORI! Starts to cry. Tori, don't leave me.

Tori: Starts to come to on the other side. Once again reaches out for her cane to find a pair of feet instead. June?

Dyne: Balance...

Tori: June?

Dyne: You shift it with your presence here, your existence.

Tori: Gets up as fast as she can and grips her cane. Who are you?

Dyne: Why have you come here? Was it to get away from the terrors in your mind?

Tori: Who are you?!

Dyne: You do not make demands of the Ancients.

Tori: So, you're one of them. I should have known, you sound like a small child.

Dyne: You have been touched by the Essence. The mark of the Ancients is visible on your head, Herald.

Tori: The Essence? What Essence? You mean the visions running through my head?

Dyne: They are not visions. They are reality.

Tori: What do you mean?

Dyne: The world is coming undone, nothing but death awaits mankind. For this reason I have been awakened.

Tori: What are you? Some kind of warrior?

Dyne: I am but only an instrument of the Ancients. An extension of their will.

Tori: How interesting that you all require children to do your dirty work for you.

Dyne: Children are pure. They are not subjected to the corruption of adults.

Tori: What about the child who attacked me in Isafaro? I thought she was just an experiment?

Dyne: Isafaro wanted to create a god, little do they know how successful they were. The Ancients have chosen her just as they have me. Soon all of Genesis will know the terrors of the First.

Tori: And what of you? What terrors do you plan to descend upon us now that you're awake?

Dyne: I only seek to restore the balance that have been broken. If you, your friends, or any should interfere, then you shall be struck down by the full force of the Ancients.

Tori: You're evil.

Dyne: Good and evil are creations of man. Gods do not entertain such delusions.

Tori: It's “gods” now, is it? I thought there was only one?

Dyne: There has always been more than one. Have you not traveled across the sea to Elim? Have you not seen the gods who rule under the thumb of the Creator? Have you not seen the Creator's light that fuels all things in this world?

Tori: Can't say I have.

Dyne: Humanity: the true children of the universe.

Tori: I witnessed your sister in arms kill innocent people. She raped me! If that's not evil then what is?

Dyne: You want revenge?

Tori: I want to know what she did to me. How was I able to survive getting shot in the head? Why am I seeing everything waste away into nothing? What are the Ancients!?

Dyne: We are guardians of creation. You are the Herald of Prophecy, you will not, cannot die until your duty is fulfilled.

Tori: What duty?

Dyne: Tell the people what you have seen. Tell them that is the fate of all those who stand in the way of the Ancients. Until balance is restore Genesis will not see peace.

Tori: How was the balance broken in the first place? What triggered the tower in the Crystal Expanse?

Dyne: I do not know.

Tori: You don't know?

Dyne: I am only to restore the balance, not worry about its cause.

Tori: Follow orders blindly like a good little soldier?

Dyne: We are both soldiers here.

Tori: What are these Ancients? What's their function?

Dyne: You would not understand the workings of the Ancients.

Tori: Of course... Mysterious ways and all that happy nonsense, right?

Dyne: Do you intend to get in the Ancients' way?

Tori: If the balance is restore will the nightmares stop?

Dyne: Yes.

Tori: Then no.

Dyne: Then we've nothing further to discuss. Turns around and begin to walk away.

Tori: Wait! Tell me what the prophecy means! Please!

Dyne: Stops and turns her head back to Tori. Pray you never know.

Tori: How am I supposed to herald a prophecy when I don't even know what it means?

Dyne: If you really wish to know, seek the one who marked you. Turns away from Tori and resumes her walk through the temple.

June: Tori!? Faint.

Tori: June? June!

Cut to: Temple First Floor.

Lily: Great, now we're stuck here.

Armando: We need to find the captain and June, and find another way out of here.

Nex: What makes you think you're in charge?

Armando: I'm the guy with the minigun.

Nex: Good answer.

Mary: Guys, something's coming.

The shadow of Dyne could be seen approaching on the walls.

Armando: This way! Move!

The group takes behind cover and watches as Dyne walks past them without a care in the world. Dyne continues until she makes it to the front entrance of the temple. The temple shakes, the barricade is destroyed, and the temple's doors fly open. The golems catches wind of Dyne and begin to charge at her, but collapse in on themselves before they can even reach her. Dyne continues onwards, undisturbed by the obstacles in her path until she makes it out of the cave. With a wave of her hand, the helicopter lying in wait is swallowed by the ground and she looks up to see Aircano on the horizon and begins walking towards the holy city.



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Tori Jacobs
Garrus Vakarian
Madeira Roberts
June Greenaway
Shinta Greenaway
Lily Mayweather
Nex Aaron
Mary Thompson

#9 Pathway of Destruction

The scene fades into the underground temple with Tori and June divided by rocks.

Tori: June, is that you?

June: Tori? Oh, thank God, you're okay.

Tori: You don't believe in God.

June: It's a figure of speech, you jerk!

Tori: Where are the others?

June: Up there, still fighting the golems. Shinta wanted to leave you.

Tori: I'm sure he didn't want to leave me. Help me move these rocks.

June: What was all that commotion back there?

Tori: I met one of the Ancients.

June: What?

Tori: A vessel, more like. She sounded like a small child just like the first one. She talked about restoring the balance.

June: Balance? What balance?

Tori: The tower in the expanse and the people coming from it. That balance.

June: Where is she now?

Tori: Gone.

June: You let her go?

Tori: What was I supposed to do cane her?

The two pull away enough of the rocks for June to squeeze through and hug Tori.

June: Come on, we have to find the others and stop her.

June starts walking to find another way out, but Tori remains standing where she is prompting June to turn back to her.

June: That was our cue to leave.

Tori: I'm not getting in the Ancients' way.

June: What!?

Tori: The child said she only wants to restore the balance. If the balance is restored these nightmares in my head will stop.

June: And you believe her? You saw first hand what these things are capable of.

Tori: That's exactly why I'm not getting in their way.

June: I can't believe this. You're afraid.

Tori: Afraid? Yes, I'm afraid. That's why I traveled to the middle of the desert in a cave that leads to only God knows where! I can't see!

June: Don't you think I know that?

Tori: No, you're not listening. I can't see! I can't see anything! The only thing I can see are those things back at Sector Twelve. Blood all around me and everything decaying and I can feel unimaginable pain, but I can't die! No matter what I can't die! I'm in my own personal hell, and the only chance I have of getting any peace is if that child succeed in whatever the hell she's going to do!

June: Listen to me, I can't imagine what you're going through. I really can't, but we will find a way to fix it. But before we can, I just need you to go a little father. You already made it this far, so I know you have it in you. Maybe you're right and this guardian or whatever won't be a threat and just wants to help, but we have to be sure. Because if it's a threat then you know what's the right thing to do is.

Tori: You're right. You're right. I'm sorry.

June: Kisses Tori. Don't be. Let's go.

The two take off.

Cut to: Temple First Floor Corridor.

Lily: What the hell was that?!

Shinta: It looked like a kid.

Mary: What is a kid doing here?

Shinta: Tori said the one who attacked her back at Sector Twelve was a little girl. Maybe she's connected with the Ancients?

Nex: Looked like the girl from Silent Hill.

Everyone looks at Nex.

Nex: Am I the only person here who played Silent Hill? Figures. You guys wouldn't know a good game if it came up and jammed its case right up your–!

Armando: We need to keep searching for the others. We can figure out what that thing was later.

The group walk down what remained of the damaged halls after Dyne walked through them.

Madeira: This place looks like a war zone.

Shinta: If she can do this just by walking I don't want to see her when she's mad.

Nex: All women are dangerous when they're mad, Shinta.

Made, Lily, and Mary stare at Nex.

Nex: See what I mean?

Armando: You could probably work on your people's skills.

Nex: Whatever you say, Rocky.

Armando: Raises eyebrow.

Mary: Guys, look. There are some drawings here.

See images of people bowed before a single mask in the sky.

Shinta: These must be thousands of years old.

Mary: Where's June when you need her?

Lily: Why would we need her? It's a bunch of people bowing around a mask, what's not to get?

Shinta: The mask must represent the Ancients, or the first Ancient at least.

Armando: That girl wasn't wearing no mask.

Shinta: I sincerely doubt either child are the Ancients themselves, but more of an instrument that they've chosen to act through because they can't manifest on the mortal planes.

Mary: And a child will lead us.

Madeira: Do gods use children often?

Lily: Yawns. As fascinating as all of this is, I'd like to find Tori and June.

Armando: She's right. Let's keep moving.

Cut to: Temple Basement

June: At first I thought there were no textbooks to be discovered, until I realized that the entire temple is just one big textbook. Years of history have been recorded on these walls.

Tori: Anything there about children?

June: Sadly no, but it would seem the Ancients are being represented by these masked beings plastered all over the place in the form of statues. Why the people here chosen to worship the first Ancient specifically is a mystery to me.

Tori: The child back in Isafaro wasn't wearing a mask.

June: The child was most likely just a pawn. She was created in a lab, after all. Gently lays a hand on the drawings on the walls. I wish I had more time to study them.

Tori: We can always come back.

June: You think Imai would let us? She was pretty mad when we left to get you to Aircano.

Tori: This temple could be the key in figuring out what Vulture was working on, she'd be an idiot not to let us study them further.

June: I guess you're right. What about you? What are you going down now that you're... blind?

Tori: We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

June: It's just – it's unlikely that Imai is going to let you back on the field if you can't see anything.

Tori: I said we'll cross that bridge when get to it.

June: Okay. Screams.

Tori: What? What is it?

June: Spiders!

Tori: Seriously?

June: Hides behind Tori. They're everywhere!

A large group of spiders crawl across the floor and moves up the steps.

Tori: They're just bugs.

June: Bugs that can kill you. Spiders in Jherrazad are said to be poisonous.

Tori: You're hiding behind the right meatshield, then. According to child number dos I can't die.

June: What do you mean you can't die?

Tori: Exactly what I said, I can't die. That girl back in Isafaro marked me. I was called the “Herald of Prophecy.”

June: And when were you going to tell me this?

Tori: I just did.

Mary: Faint screaming could be heard coming above.

June: That sounded like–

Tori: Mary!

The pair runs towards the source of the scream. They make it to the ground floor to hear gunshots coming from afar and follow it to find Armando shooting a bunch of spiders and black cobras that are on the floor with Mary on his back.

Armando: There, they're dead! You can get off my back now.

Mary: Are you sure they're all gone?

Armando: Captain!

Mary: Looks up from Armando's back. Tori!

Tori: I see you have a pest problem.

June: Gross! First it was spiders now it's snakes?

Nex: Welcome to the desert. Now all we need is a scorpion to come full circle.

Lily: Are you guys okay?

Tori: We're fine. Couple of scrapes and bruises, but nothing serious. You guys?

Armando: No worse for wear.

Mary: Climbs down from Armando's back.

Madeira: Were you able to find anything?

Tori: Just a cranky child who sounded unhappy I spoiled her bedtime.

Armando: Yeah... Looks around at all the structural damage. We saw her a little while ago. What did you learn?

Tori: I'll explain on the way. Starts moving in the opposite direction of the others.

Armando: We can't go that way. There are golems blocking the entrance.

Tori: Trust me, if that's the direction the child went they aren't there anymore.

The group follows Tori out of the caves and into the desert to find their helicopter wreck

June: Oh no.

Armando: moon turds!

Tori: What?

Armando: Helicopter's been damaged. My guess is the child saw to that, too. We'll have to walk.

Tori: We can't walk. She has too much of a head's start on us already.

Armando: I don't see us having many options.

Lily: Where were she even headed?

Tori: With all the balance talk my guess is she's headed for the tower in the Crystal Expanse.

Shinta: That's on the way to Aircano.

Mary: You don't think–?

Armando: We better get a move on.

Nex: I don't mean to alarm anyone... Points up to the jet coming from the sky. But that's heading right towards us!

The rest of the group looks up to the jet that's about to land, and hightail it back to the cave to hide. When the jet land and the ramp lower, they saw Garrus and Kragen coming out the back.

Armando: They're one of ours!

The group comes out of hiding to meet the two.

Armando: Aren't we glad to see you.

Tori: What are you guys doing here?

Garrus: Miracle sent us a message. Told us you were heading into the desert to find out more about the Ancients, and  we thought you might need help.

Tori: How did she even know how to contact you?

Garrus: We were hoping you could tell us that.

June: You didn't happen to see a child on your way here, did you?

Garrus: No. Why?

Tori: I'll explain on the plane, but we need to get back to Aircano ASAP!

Garrus: Understood.

The group enters the jet and moments later the jet takes off. Down below we see Dyne walking on the black desert sand, a sandstorm accompanying her path as everything she comes in contacts with crumbles up and dies. The holy city once again on the horizon as she moves closer and closer to her designation.



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Say hello to the Season Finale.

Tori Jacobs
Garrus Vakarian
Madeira Roberts
June Greenaway
Shinta Greenaway
Lily Mayweather
Nex Aaron
Mary Thompson

#10 Valley of Death

Voice: She is coming.

The scene fades into the holy temple of Aircano where Miracle is awoken from a deep prayer with a pale look on her face.

Miracle: She is coming. I must warn them.

Miracle stood up and ran outside the temple where Jehanne was standing.

Miracle: Jehanne, tell Solomon to prepare for evacuation.

Jehanne: What ever for, My Lady?

Miracle: I don't have time to explain. Looks up to see the Resistance's jet coming in for a landing. Just do it!

Jehanne: Runs off to find Solomon.

Miracle moves to meet with Tori and the others.

Tori: Miracle, you have to get everyone out here right now! One of the Ancients are coming this way.

Miracle: I am already preparing the city for evacuation.

Garrus: We have the jet here if you need it.

Miracle: That won't be enough to fit everyone.

Tori: She called herself a guardian. She said she wanted to restore the balance.

Cut to: Outside Aircano

Dyne: Approaches the city's gate, a trail of bodies from the villages behind her piling up with every step she takes. The sandstorm coming straight at the city's walls and shaking them, forcing the guards on the other side to act and hold the gate as she continues her walk, storm clouds forming over the sky and blocking out the sun as a great darkness overcomes the city.

Cut to: Inside Aircano

The group looks towards the darkness that descends Aircano.

Miracle: We're out of time.

Mary: What do we do?

Tori: Shinta, you and the others get the refugees out. The rest of us will help Miracle defend the city.

June: What about you?

Tori: I'm staying.

June: Like hell you are! Tori, you're blind. You're not going to be able to stay.

Tori: I can't die, remember? I'm the reason this thing was released, I'm not leaving until it's defeated. Get moving.

June: But, Tori–!

Tori: That was an order!

June: Looks displease with Tori and reluctantly leaves with Shinta and the others.

Garrus: They aren't going to be able to hold that gate for long.

Armando: What's our next move?

Miracle: We force it back. Draws her sword and staff. The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Kragen: Must be Sunday.

Solomon: Arrives on horseback. Form a perimeter! Get the refugees into the temple where Yahweh's magic can protect them!

Aircano Soldier: Sire, do you really think we can combat this enemy? Look what it does outside the walls!

Solomon: David was only a small boy when he slayed the giant. Have faith and we will succeed. Now go!

The soldier runs off and Solomon joins the others with Jehanne by his side. Rain fell from the sky, becoming more violent with each drop. Lightning strikes the sky and the soldiers at the gate fell one by one to dust while Dyne continues to penetrate the walls of the city. The soldiers gathering around the defense group beginning to cower in fear as Miracle watches.

Miracle: And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full. And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake him, and say unto him, Master, carest thou not that we perish? And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still! The storm stops. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. Looks towards the soldiers. Why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith?

Soldiers: Looks back at Miracle in shock.

Solomon: Draws his blade. Hear me now, beast! I am the head defender of these walls, named after the wise King Solomon! Turn back now or be cut down by my blade! Your efforts to intimidate us with your mere presence will not succeed. The fury and wrath of the Lord thy God awaits you should you come any closer!

The city's gate breaks down, the remaining soldiers guarding it perish and scream in terrible agony. Dyne steps over their corpses, rendering them to ash as she took her first steps into the city and stared down the army that stands across from her.

Madeira: I don't think she heard you.

Tori: Oh, she heard him.

Dyne: The war amongst the celestial kingdom shall not be contained; the sons of man shall be engulfed in the flood of conflict, and all hope shall be lost unto them.

Garrus: What is that?

Tori: More prophecy.

Dyne: Looks at Miracle. A child will cradle the seed of destruction in her breast as the heart of man falls under the shadow. Fate shall make war upon the heavens, and the heavens shall gird themselves as for battle. The righteous shall fall upon the wicked and lay siege to the very gates of the house of the Creator. It shall take peace from mankind and loose great destruction upon the world.

Tori: Upon?

Miracle: Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. Begins her march towards Dyne, the others soon following her. Now is the end come upon thee, and I will send mine anger upon thee, and will judge thee according to thy ways, and will recompense upon thee all thine abominations!

Miracle's march turns into a run with her sword up high. Solomon and Jehanne close by her side as well as the other Aircano soldiers. Kragen, Garrus, and Armando fire towards Dyne, and Madeira sends waves of electricity at the child.

Dyne: Lux, Umbra, Vita, Mors, Concordia, Chaos. Walks towards the onslaught. At last the storm surges forth from the holy lands. And the hand of destruction reaches out to undo the workings of the Creator. The tides of judgment surge – ready to smash down upon the shores of the mortal world – to drown the guilty and the innocent alike. The Ancients shall mete out their vengeance upon all flesh. And blood shall run as great torrents. Only then, shall they be saved.

The ground raises up like tendrils and impales the soldiers charging at Dyne while blocking the bullets and electricity from the others. Miracle, Solomon, and Jehanne manages to dodge the tendrils and continue their charge. Solomon was the first to reach Dyne and swing his sword towards her.

Dyne: Deus Mortis. Twin swords materializes in Dyne's hands and blocks Solomon's strike, pushing him back in the direction of the earth tendrils.

Miracle: Solomon!

Jehanne: Jumps up into the air and grabs Solomon before the tendrils could get him.

Garrus: She has swords now.

Tori: From where? Her ass?

Armando: Made, try magnetizing them to disarm her.

Madeira: I can't.

Armando: Dammit! What is she doing now?

Dyne: Raises her blades.

Tori: What is she doing?

Garrus: Raising her weapons.

Tori: Get down!

Dyne: Tenebrae illius devorant omnia.

Dyne swings her blades, two lines flash across the air forcing the defenders to get out of the way. The lines slice through the holy temple cutting it in half killing Tori's friends, and the refugees that were still inside. The lines continue cutting through buildings and blowing a new hole in the back wall of the city. Miracle jumps over two fallen trees and then sees the damage done to the temple, narrowing her eyes at Dyne.

Miracle: I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth. Holy energy radiates off of her. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber. Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. The Lord is thy keeper: the LORD is thy shade upon thy right hand. The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night. The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul. The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore! Plunges her sword into Dyne's heart.

Solomon: Looks at the destruction cause by Dyne and then his soldiers. Find what few survivors you can and lead them through the new exit!

The Aircano soldiers escape through the back exit with the remaining refugees. Blood drips from the wound in Dyne as she stood there meeting the harsh gaze of Miracle before the ground opens up and swallows Dyne whole, forcing Miracle back.

Garrus: What the hell was that!?

Tori: The wind stopped.

Kragen: Up there!

The group looks up to see a flock of crows circling the air. They come together to form a single wing and then act as the clothes for the naked woman in the air, the wing turning into hair and clothes covering up her form as a witch in black robes and hat hovers in the air above the city.

Armando: Who the hell is that?

Miracle: Maricul!

Maricul: To the one who wrecked my home.

The earth closes over Dyne.

Maricul: chibi off!

The ground close leaving Dyne trap inside. Everyone looks on in silence until the gravity around them intensified and they were bounded to the ground unable to stand. What remains of the buildings around them collapse under the gravity and Dyne rose up out of the ground with no lasting effect seen on her. She began to walk towards the group just as the sun shines on the alter that remain in perfect condition despite the entire church building being left in ruin.

Miracle: Who covereth the heaven with clouds? Struggles to get up.

Dyne: Looks in Miracle's direction.

Miracle: Manages to get to one knee. Who prepareth rain for the earth? Groans in pain. Who maketh grass to grow upon the mountains? Pulls herself up to her feet. It is not you, demon! Closes her eyes. Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Is release from the gravity. Amen!

Dyne appears in front of Miracle as soon as she open her eyes, shroud in darkness while Miracle stood underneath the only ray of sunlight that shines through the clouds. The two stares into each other's eyes for a moment before the silence was broken.

Dyne: A wanderer will pass through the ancient lands, trailing chaos in her wake. The realms will be reunited and the mortal world will tremble before them. A true servant of God shall never teach false doctrine. It shall, in return, never deny new revelation. It will never tell one that the canon of scripture is full, or that Testament, new and old, is the last revelation ever intended to be given to man. The beast shall be upon the earth, and it shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and it shall devour the whole earth, tread it down, and break it in pieces. Draws her blades at Miracle. Let it be heard that Yahweh’s will cometh not from the faith of man – but from Yahweh itself. It is in his divine law that the Ancients draw their blades – and in his duty that destruction must come to pass; for all of his creation. Stares at Tori. A sacrifice of blood is what it demands for the cleansing of this world. Until this moment, the Ancients spared this sanctuary; it will tolerate no further hindrance by the hand of man: Like Sodom and Gomorrah before you, if repentance is not sought so shall Aircano be swallowed by a storm of brimstone, salt and flames as result of the sins and abominations committed against and in his name.

Tori: The righteous shall fall upon the wicked. She was referring to us. We're the wicked. That thing and Miracle are working for the same god!

Miracle: Falls to her knees in shock. The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. This was never about offering shelter to the lost was it? I was leading these people to their deaths to restore what was damaged. I rounded up the sheep so that you could come and take them in one fair swoop. Starts to cry. He knew I wouldn't have the stomach for such a task. He blinded me so my conscious would remain clear. My soul is exceeding sorrowful unto death. Puts her hands together and closes her eyes in prayer. Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done. Stands up and steps aside.

Tori: What is she doing?

Garrus: She's standing aside.

Tori: What? Looks at Miracle. Have you lost your mind?! You can't let that thing succeed!

Miracle: I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do.

Maricul: Chuckles. Somehow, I expected more from you. Lifts up her hand and reverses the gravity from the group onto Dyne.

Dyne: Begins to be held down under the pressure of her own power before the gravity converted into raw energy and flows across her body as she steps towards the witch.

Tori: Gets up and moves in the path of Dyne. If it's a sacrifice of blood you want – Removes her blindfold where the dry blood from her eye sockets were. then take it! Wipes the blood on her hand and then throws it at Dyne. Take it and let this world be cleansed!

Dyne: Is hit in the face with the blood. A violent wind surges through the city blowing back the entire group in the air. Her body turns into a singularity that tears holes into the air. Out from these holes came derange monsters that heads towards the group as a great force can be felt in Dyne, Miracle, Maricul, and even Tori.

Garrus, Kragen, Armando, and Madeira go over to help Tori up while Jehanne runs to Miracle's side to get her away from Dyne.

Garrus: Tori, are you all right?

Tori: Did you feel that?

Garrus: Feel what?

Dyne: Looks sad. The world is broken.

Miracle: What have you done, Maricul?

Maricul: What have I done? Why don't you ask your new friend over there? It's her power that just sent the universe into chaos. Had you never came to this place, Dyne, the balance never would have never been broken in the first place.

Madeira: Someone wants to clue me in on what's going on?

Tori: A paradox. All this power in one place was so great it caused the imbalance the child was talking about.

Garrus: How is that possible?

Maricul: Does it matter? You all see this as a crisis in need of preventing, I see it as the dawning of a new era. Mankind has evolved beyond the need of gods, just like it has evolved beyond the need of walls that serve only to divide us.

Miracle: Maricul, have you lost your mind? Do you have any idea what would happen if you go through with this? Any idea at all?

Maricul: On the contrary, midear, my mind is quite clear. The clearest it has been for centuries.

Miracle: Your fight with Yahweh should stay between you and Yahweh. Don't pull the other worlds into it I beg you!

Maricul: The grand design is flawed. I plan to redesign it. Make it better. Soon these creatures that do not mesh with the realm will be made anew. They will belong here just as much as you and I do now. The Creator could have simply made us in the same universe, but instead it chose to separate us. To create gods to rule over us. Now our people are divided by different religions that all worship a different god further dividing us all. But what the gods fear the most is that mankind has indeed evolved beyond the need for them. We’re no longer afraid to venture into the unknown possibilities of the universe and has expanded our minds to a level of intelligence that makes them obsolete.

The monsters continue to close in on the group

Kragen: Those things are approaching.

Tori: Hold them off!

Maricul: Even you, Miracle. You have surpassed Yahweh himself. Why else would he keep you in the dark? As if it would matter if you weren’t on board? There are many people in Aircano who would have gladly led these sheep to the slaughter, but instead he chose to keep you around. To keep you in the dark so that this moment could take place. I ask you why? Was it really for your benefit, or was it because Yahweh knew if you were aware of his plans from the very beginning you would and very well could stop him before he had the chance to get it off the ground? It is not you who needs Yahweh, midear, it’s Yahweh who needs you.

Miracle: Maricul, please, I beg you. Don't do this!

Maricul: The only thing these people are guilty of is being the victim of a flawed system made by their creator. Do they really deserve death for that? Do they deserve death for the gods that allowed their worlds to perish leaving them with nowhere to turn? All they desire is a new realm to give them hope. Think about it, Miracle. REALLY think about it! Flies up into the air and spread out her arms. It isn't man that should fear God. Blasts the rifts and makes them larger It's God that should fear man!

More things start to come out of the rifts as Garrus, Kragen, Armando, and Madeira continue to fight them off.

Tori: Have everyone in this damn village lost their minds?! You'll kill us all if you do that!

Maricul: Don't be naive! Only life awaits beyond the rift.

Dyne: Words of a witch.

Pieces of the ground shot up to impale the creatures that came through the rifts.

Dyne: Fell thing that conspires against God, mortal, and devil, you are part of two worlds and yet belong to neither. You corrupt man and set mind to motion: An abomination to be eradicated along with your machinations. Turns her head to Miracle as she begins to glow like the sun. FLEE!

Jehanne: Grabs Miracle and runs off.

Tori: We need to get out of here! Runs back to her group. We need to get out of here now!

Miracle: Looks back to Maricul. Maricul!

The group flees Aircano as Maricul holds her ground against Dyne.

Dyne: And so it was foretold that the parallels, once reunited, would be shattered again. Closes her eyes. Their defeat would be illusory – for the final gambit would have yet to be played.

Dyne is engulfed by a blinding light that soon covers all of Aircano. Dyne's body explodes and from its destruction a supernova erupts taking Maricul and the creatures surrounding them with it, the blast escaping into the rifts in the air while Maricul's flesh start to burn in the extreme heat.


And the scene fade to black.

To Be Continued!


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Tori Jacobs
Zira Firestone
Garrus Vakarian
Madeira Roberts

#11 Through the Crystal Expanse Season Premiere

The scene fade into the Crystal Expanse. We see crystallize ice bury beneath snow. The ice expose shinning brightly in the sun threatening to blind anyone who lay eyes on it. Our focus shifts to a pair of feet moving along the snow while carrying the corpse of a polar bear in her hand. She reaches a house of crystal ice and enters to put down the polar bear and cut it up using the fur as a coat, and takes what remains over to the fireplace and begins to cook it. A loud explosion sounds off outside her window, and the woman runs over to it to see a supernova coming from the holy city of Aircano. She stands there shock for a moment before she spins an one-hundred and eighty degrees and runs out of the home for dear life as the supernova begins to engulf the Crystal Expanse behind her.

When Worlds Collide NaH0W1C

The scene cut to a sky view of Tori and Miracle's group running away from the supernova. Snow and ice melts in the intense heat as Aircano soldiers, and some refugees, fail to keep up and are lost in the blast. The others having no choice but to keep running or meet the same fate. Creatures of ice with four legs leaping on the mountain tops on either side of their path roaring loudly into the air to announce their presence.

Tori: That's the LAST thing we need!

Garrus: They're to the left and right of us!

Tori: Garrus and Kragen, you take the right, Armando and Made, you take the left!

The four cover their flanks, firing bullets and electricity at the beasts. Madeira magnetizes the ice beasts closing in and sends them hurling into the path of the supernova. The tower up ahead begins to glow, and when the supernova draws near the tower begins to absorb it into itself transferring what remains and sending it elsewhere while the light from the burning star still in the heart of Aircano can be view from the Crystal Expanse. The group stops with the supernova no longer chasing them as the ice and snow on the other half of the expanse is absent.

Tori: Is it over?

The roar of the ice creatures sound off again as a group of them close in on the Aircano's party.

Tori: That answers that.

Solomon: Draws his sword Protect the refugees at all cost!

Jehanne: Also draws her sword

Miracle: Raises her staff

Armando: Charges into an ice creature smacking it through the air and unloading upon several more with his arm gun

Madeira: Does a guitar riff releasing a charge blast of electricity at three ice creatures running towards her

Garrus: Fires a shotgun shell at one ice creature, and fires off a second shell at another

Kragen: Pulls the pin off a grenade and throws it into the mouth of one ice creature, watching it explode from the inside out

Tori: Listens for where the ice creatures are and uses her case to fend them off; swinging the cane into its face and extending it to push the creature away into Garrus' shotgun shells

Solomon: Swings his blade diagonally into an ice creature watching the blade start to freeze off breaking it off, and replacing it with a knife that he thrusts through the eye of the beast killing it instantly

Jehanne: Hits a lunging ice beast with the flat end of her blade knocking it back into others and remaining close by Miracle's side

Miracle: Release a bright blast of holy energy from her staff watching them hurl across the sky and into the ground as more continue to come They're too many of them!

The group back up into each other surrounded by the beasts. Just as one begin to lunge at them fire flies through the air and consumes the beasts' body rendering it to ash by the time it could reach the group. The group looks up to see a woman in a polar bear coat releasing stream of fires at the surrounding ice creatures grunting and biting her lip as she burns them one by one

Tori: Feels the heat Is that fire?

Garrus: There's a pyrokinetic on top of the hill.

After the last ice creature melts the woman slides down the hill and stops in front of the group.

Zira: Hi.

Miracle: Hi...

Zira: I don't mean to be rude or anything, but can one of you explain to me what the hell is that thing!?

Zira points to the sun in Aircano in the distance. The group looks at it stun by the sight of it.

Tori: What is what?

Kragen: Star.

Tori: Star?

Armando: There's a star in Aircano.

Tori: As in a ball of burning gas, or the star from Super Mario Brothers?

Garrus: Burning gas.

Miracle: A second sun.

Jehanne: It must have been created when that child went supernova.

Zira: Holds onto her head in pain and starts crying

Madeira: Looks at Zira Hey, are you okay?

The rest of the group looks at Zira.

Zira: Yeah, I'm fine. Just a headache.

Madeira: You're crying.

Zira: I'm not the one crying.

The group is confuse until the sound of crying finally reach their ears. They turn to see a child on her knees tears falling down her face as she sobs uncontrollably.

Miracle: Wanda! Runs over to her

Tori: Wanda?

Jehanne: One of the refugees.

Miracle: Kneels next to Wanda Wanda, what's the matter?

Wanda: My parents fell behind.

Miracle: Looks at Wanda with sadden eyes and hugs her

Wanda: Pulls away and stands up You didn't even try to do anything! You were supposed to protect them!

Solomon: There was nothing we could do.

Miracle: Stands up Wanda, I understand that you're upset, but now isn't the time to discuss this. We need to go.

Wanda: Starts backing away I'm not going anywhere with you!

Miracle: Wanda, please–!

Wanda: Stay away from me! Runs off

Miracle: WANDA!

Solomon: Let her go.

Miracle: Solomon!

Solomon: We can't make her come if she doesn't want to.

Tori: You can't just leave her behind.

Zira: Don't worry, I'll get her. Begins to go after her

Jehanne: I think she made it clear she wants to be alone.

Zira: Trust me, she doesn't.

Miracle: What's your name?

Zira: Stops to look back at the group Zira.

Miracle: Thank you, Zira.

Zira: Nods and walks off

Jehanne: We should send an escort.

Solomon: We need all of our men here.

Jehanne: Is it really wise to leave a stranger with one of the refugees?

Garrus: With that kind of firepower she would have tried something already if she was a threat. Wanda should be fine.

Miracle: I trust her.

Kragen: You just met.

Miracle: I happen to be a good judge of character.

Tori: You had God pegged wrong. Not to mention whoever the hell that woman was you knew so well.

Miracle: Grows silence

Armando: What's our next move?

Solomon: We head for Hallowton. They have an inn there we can stay at until we figure out what to do next. You all should be able to make it back to Isafaro on foot if you so choose.

Armando: Sounds like a plan.

Tori: Where's June? Or Shinta? Or any of the others? Usually they'd have a thought or a quip to express. They've been quiet ever since we left Aircano.

The group is quiet. Miracle lowering her head in sorrow.

Tori: Where are they?!

Solomon: When that monster blocked the gate I had the refugees brought into the temple for protection. Your friends were with them when the temple came down.

Tori: Comes to the realization that her friends are gone No. No. No!

Miracle: I'm sorry.

Tori: NO! Starts to cry, but no tears can form

Garrus: Takes Tori in his arms and comforts her

Solomon: Turns around and begins to walk We should get moving before more of those things show up.

The camera pans up until the group looks like ants, and then zooms down on Wanda elsewhere in the expanse wandering with her arms wrap around her to keep warm, and tears still falling down her cheeks.

Wrath: Such anger. Such hate. It burns in her like a fire I have not seen for centuries.

Wanda: Stops and looks around for the source of the voice Who's there?

Pride: Too proud to admit she needs a shoulder to cry on.

Greed: Caring only for her own desires.

Lust: A desire for revenge.

Gluttony: In great abundance.

Envy: Envious of the power she does not have.

Sloth: Too lazy to put in the work required to get there.

Wanda: Who are you?!

Each demon appears in a puff of smoke introducing themselves.

Lust: Lust.

Gluttony: Gluttony.

Greed: Greed.

Sloth: Sloth.

Wrath: Wrath.

Envy: Envy.

Pride: Pride.

Lust: We are the Seven Deadly Sins, and we have a proposition for you.

Wanda: What?

Lust: You want revenge, don't you?

Wrath: Revenge against those who have wronged you.

Envy: Aircano.

Wrath: The Ancients.

Wanda: What's your proposition?

Lust: We give you our power. The ability to see into the hearts of man and bend the sins inside to your will.

Envy: And this. Generates a revolver in her hands The .357 Magnum capable of firing off any bullet your little heart desires.

Sloth: You'll have all the skill and power you require.

Wanda: What do I have to do?

Wrath: Renounce your god.

Lust: Forsake your past.

Pride: Your name.

Wanda: And then I can have my revenge?

Greed: You can have anything you want.

Wanda: Do it. I want you to do it.

Lust: Hold still.

The Seven Deadly Sins become energy, and one by one they all enter into Wanda's body causing her to scream in agony as she looks up into the sky.

Not far from Wanda's position is Zira falling to her knees feeling the same exact pain and crying out. When it passes, Zira pulls herself up to her feet and continues on following Wanda's path. She sees the back of Wanda's head and hurries over to her.

Zira: Wanda, are you okay? Wanda? I know you don't know me, but I promise I'm only here to help.

Wanda: Wanda is dead. Puts on her hat and turns around to face Zira with the revolver in her right hand My name is Sincara.

Zira: Zira looks on confuse as the scene fade to black



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PostSubject: Re: When Worlds Collide   When Worlds Collide I_icon_minitime11th January 2015, 1:03 pm

Tori Jacobs
Garrus Vakarian
Madeira Roberts
Queen Lori
Tony Stark
Sebastian Michaelis
Seras Victoria
Heinkel Wolfe

#12 Welcome to Hallowton

The scene opens up in Hallowton; a city similar to Victorian London with houses of stone and a large castle that connects to a cathedral overshadowing the city from afar. The group enters the inn not far off from the entrance of the city. Solomon takes out his pouch and pays for a night's stay while the others wait behind him. Garrus walks up to a silent Tori and looks at her.

Garrus: It occurs to me that it might be a good idea to pay our respects to Hellsing and the Queen while we're here. The whole point with Commander Fargason was to establish a relationship with them, and now we're at their doorstep. Maybe they could tell us what's been happening in Isafaro while we've been away.

Tori: Yeah, that sounds good.

Garrus: If you're not up for it the rest of could go.

Tori: No, I'll be fine.

Garrus: You sure?

Tori: I'm sure.

Solomon: Turns around and hands a key to Tori One room for the women, and another for the men. We'll be spread out between commanding officers, soldiers, and refugees. This is only good for one night so we better decide what we're going to do in the morning. Walks away with his men

When Worlds Collide NaH0W1C

Cut to: Inn Room #1

Tori, Madeira, Miracle and Jehanne are in a four-bed room. Tori and Miracle are sitting on their beds quietly while Madeira puts up her guitar and Jehanne removes her armor. Jehanne walks over to Miracle's bed and kneels down in front of her.

Jehanne: Let me check you.

Miracle: I'm fine.

Jehanne: Then it will be a quick checkup. Begins examining Miracle

Miracle: Do you think I did the right thing? Back in Aircano?

Jehanne: Pauses for a moment, and then continues her examination You made a tough call. In the end it all worked out.

Miracle: Though refugees were meant to die.

Jehanne: She could have been lying. You yourself always talked about false prophets.

Miracle: No, I don't think she was. When I prayed to the Lord, I could feel in my heart that she was telling the truth.

Jehanne: So then, what are you going to do?

Miracle: Looks over to Tori I don't know.

Madeira: Walks over ot Tori who is on the far right-hand side of the room across from Miracle's bed Hey.

Tori: Follows the sound of Made's voice to look up at her, and then looks back down to the floor Hey.

Madeira: Mind if I sit here?

Tori: It's a free country. I think.

Madeira: Sits down next to Tori on the bed I know we haven't known each other long, but if there's anything you want to talk about, or if you need a shoulder to cry on – I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm here for you if you need me.

Tori: Thank you, Made. I appreciate that.

Madeira: How's your other problem doing?

Tori: Not as frequent as before.

Madeira: Well, that's good. Do you think it has anything to do with what's her face blowing up?

Tori: Maybe. We really don't know much about it.

Madeira: Don't worry. We'll find a way to beat this thing.

Miracle: Walks over to the two and looks at Tori I'm sorry about your friends. I can tell that they meant a lot to you, and I wish things could have turned out differently, but know that they're in a better place now.

Tori: Where? With a god who asks his own people to perform genocide? You want to apologize for something apologize for even considering letting innocents die back there.

Miracle: What would you have had me do?

Tori: Fight.

Cut to: Inn Room #2

Kragen and Garrus are sat down on their beds while Armando and Solomon argue.

Armando: I don't know how they do things back in Aircano, but in Isafaro we don't just tell somebody to leave our own behind!

Solomon: Is an Isafarian really lecturing me on morality?

Armando: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Garrus: Stands up and moves between them This fighting isn't doing us any good. Zira said she'd look for the girl. Let's just sit tight and wait for her.

Solomon: I am not as easy to trust strangers as Lady Miracle. It's a safer bet to assume that we will never see either of them again.

Kragen: Agreed.

Armando: All the more reason to send a search party.

Solomon: We can barely stand on our own two feet after the battle in Aircano. You want us to risk more of our men for one girl?

Armando: Just cut her loose, then? Let her fend for herself in that ice wasteland?

Kragen: War is war. The strong survive. Those who can't keep up is cut.

Armando: Would you be so willing to cut me loose if I couldn't keep up?

Kragen: Stands up and gets in Armando's face Yes.

Armando: Meets Kragen glare with a glare of his own

Garrus: I think we all need to get some shut eye. We should have clearer heads in the morning.

Armando backs down. Kragen returns to his bed, and Solomon simply stares at the group in silence before turning to get change.

The scene fade to black before fading back into Inn Room #1. We see Tori resting peacefully in her bed. In the blink of an eye Legion appears standing at the side of her bed looking down at where she sleeps. In another blink, Legion is on the bed climbing up and stretching out her hand for Tori's face.

Tori: Suddenly sits up. Her heart pounding beneath her chest, but there are no signs of Legion anywhere. Her heartbeats return to normal and she lays back down to go to sleep.

Cut to: Hallowton

Tori, Garrus, Kragen, Armando, and Madeira are walking towards the castle as the sun shines brightly in the sky.

Armando: I have to say I'm glad to be away from those Aircanians.

Madeira: Will we see them again?

Tori: If our paths cross again. Right now we need to worry about getting back to base. Hopefully someone in the castle will be willing to give us a ride.

Garrus: Did you ever find out who that Maricul woman was? Solomon wasn't very talkative.

Tori: According to Miracle she's a vampire who practiced the dark arts when she was still a human. If I wanted to know more I'd have to ask Hellsing.

The five are stop at the gate. Two Hallowton guards comes up to meet them.

Hallowton Guard #1: State your business at the castle.

Tori: I'm Captain Tori Jacobs of the Isafaro's Resistance in Sector Four, requesting an audience with the Queen.

The guards look at each other, and then Hallowton Guard #1 motions #2 to enter the castle.

Hallowton Guard #1: One moment.

The group waits. The gates come open and the guards lead them into the main entrance of the castle. There, a man in black is waiting for them, a polite smile on his face as he bows in greeting.

Sebastian: Welcome to Hallowton Castle, home of her Majesty the Queen, her royal guard, Hellsing, Devil May Cry, and overconfident entrepreneurs. Straightens up from his bow I am Sebastian Michaelis, butler of the Hellsing Organization.

Tori: Devil May Cry?

Sebastian: Yes, Miss. They are a faction of demon hunters who sought refuge in Hallowton prior to the Vulture's attack on the city.

Garrus: Demon and vampire experts? Sounds like the Queen has all her basics covered.

Sebastian: I have been instructed to lead you to the Queen. May I take your coat?

Tori: No thanks.

Sebastian: As you wish.

Sebastian begins leading them down the hall. As they walk, we can see the courtyard outside the windows in the hall. On the far left-hand side of the courtyard, we see knights training under the guide of Sparda. In the center of the courtyard, men in military uniform are doing pushups under the instruction of Seras Victoria. On the far right-hand side are men in white, swinging blades and firing off firearms under the instruction of Heinkel Wolfe.

Armando: Who are those men outside?

Sebastian: Hallowton soldiers to the left, and Hellsing men to the center and right. They're being led by Mr. Sparda of Devil May Cry, and Ms. Seras Victoria and Ms. Heinkel Wolfe of Hellsing.

Garrus: Looks like they're giving their men quite the little workout.

Sebastian: Neither organization are known for their leniency. Lightly chuckles. Turns his attention to Madeira

Madeira: Yes?

Sebastian: I was simply admiring your instrument. It would be nice to have some music in the castle if you have the time.

Madeira: Looks at her guitar and then back at Sebastian Uhh... Sure.

Sebastian: I'm looking forward to it.

Tori: Any news from Isafaro?

Sebastian: I'm afraid I'm not privileged to such information. I do hope Commander Fargason is doing well. He had such the chip on his shoulder when he left.

Garrus: We ran into a rough spot in Sector Twelve, but he'll be fine. He'll be safe at the base.

Sebastian: My master will be pleased to hear that.

They make it to the throne room. The doors fly open as Sebastian leads them in front of the throne where the Queen, Sazan, and Tony Stark are waiting.

Sebastian: Bows Your Majesty, introducing Captain Jacobs of the Isafaro's Resistance.

Tori and the other kneels.

Queen Lori: Rise.

Tori and co. stand up to their feet.

Tony: So this is the famous Captain Jacobs I've been hearing so much about? Walks down the steps of the throne room and approaches Tori

Tori: And you are?

Tony Stark: Tony Stark. In charge of the technobabble that our good friends here at Hallowton are woefully behind on. My friends call me Iron Man.

Tori: Is that a nickname?

Tony: You don't know the half of it. Heard a lot about you. I have to admit, I thought you'd be more buff, or have eyes, or an eye. Have the whole cyclops thing going on in your forehead.

Queen Lori: Mr. Stark!

Tony: Turns to face Lori Yes, Queeny?

Queen Lori: Be still.

Tony: Looks at Sazan Translation?

Sazan: The Queen wants you to shut up.

Tony: Brings a finger up to his lips and makes a zipping motion before stepping aside

Queen Lori: What brings you to Hallowton?

Tori: We were on a mission when our helicopter was destroyed and we barely escaped Aircano with our lives. We were hoping you could offer us a ride back to Isafaro so we could regroup with the Resistance.

Sazan: What brought you out of Isafaro?

Tori: It's a long story.

Queen Lori: Sebastian, inform Sir Integra that I will require an escort to take the Captain and her squad mates back to Isafaro.

Sebastian: Bows again At once, Your Majesty. Turns and leaves the throne room

Tori: I'd like to speak with this Sir Integra before we leave if that's okay.

Queen Lori: Any particular reason why?

Tori: I was told her organization was the best people to talk to about vampires.

Queen Lori: Sir Integra is a busy woman. If you require immediate assistance on this matter, Sazan is fully capable in answering any questions you may have about the species.

Tony: What's the Resistance's sudden interest in vampires? I thought your thing had more to do with dictators, genetic engineering, and cyborgs?

Tori: Like I said, it's a long story.

Tony: I happen to be a fan of long stories. Have a couple of my own, in fact.

Sazan: Tony, please. Looks at Tori What is it you need to ask?

Tori: You familiar with a vampire named Maricul?

Sazan: Pauses for a moment Y-yes. Have you seen her?

Tori: She's dead.

Sazan: Looks surprise

Tony: Vampires are usually dead.

Tori: Not undead. Dead-dead. Annihilated.

Sazan: How?

Hallowton Guard #2: Runs into the throne room My Queen! We're under attack!

Cut to: Outside the castle

Various demons of different types enter the city attacking civilians as an energy field fill the area. The camera moves underground to a series of tunnels where the demons are getting in. Behind them is a man in a mask with large arms and an action figure of Tori Jacobs in his hands. We get a closeup of his face to reveal Bane looking on as the demons enter the city.

Bane: I wonder which will break first, Tori Jacobs. Your spirit... Crushes the Tori's action figure in his hand Or your body.



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Tori Jacobs
Garrus Vakarian
Integra Hellsing
Madeira Roberts
Queen Lori
Tony Stark/Iron Man
Sebastian Michaelis
Seras Victoria
Heinkel Wolfe

#13 Invasion

The scene opens up to Hallowton being attack by demons before cutting back to the castle throne room.

Queen Lori: Immobilize Hellsing at once!

Hallowton Guard #2: Yes, My Queen! Runs out of the throne room

Queen Lori: Turns to Sazan Dispatch Devil May Cry. Make these intruders pay for invading our soil.

Sazan: Consider it done, Your Majesty.

Queen Lori: Mr. Stark!

Tony: Already on his way out of the room Way ahead of ya, Queeny. Speaks into his communicator JARVIS, suit me up.

Tori: What can we do?

Sazan: Follow me. We can use the extra hands.

Cut to: Hallowton's Streets

Civilians run in the streets as Hallowton knights engage the enemy and start slicing through them with their swords while other demons in the mass group start to tear through the knights' armor. Miracle, Solomon, and Jehanne leave the inn to see the fighting.

Jehanne: Where did all these demons come from?

Miracle: We have to help them!

Solomon and Jehanne join the battle hacking through the demons with their swords while Miracle provides magic support.

Cut to: Castle Gates

Seras: Wild Geese, move out!

The gates open allowing the Wild Geese to move into position and aim their weapons at the approaching demons. Seras sets herself up just above the gate aiming the Harkonnen cannon forward. Demons start to approach the gate.

Seras: Fire! Don't let any of them through the gate!

The Wild Geese unload their projectiles at the demons cutting them down one by one as Seras blasts a large sum of them with the Harkonnen, but more just continue to flood the city and head for the gates.

Seras: Where are they all coming from?

Cut to: Hallowton's Alleys

Heinkel: Watches a demon runs straight for her and pushes the barrel of her gun into its forehead and squeeze the trigger, blowing off its head in a single shot. Iscariot, purge this unholy taint from this land in the name of Her Majesty the Queen.

The Iscariot soldiers carves their way through the herd of demons with swords and bullets as Heinkel leads the charge.

When Worlds Collide NaH0W1C

Cut to: Castle Armory

Sazan leads Tori's group into the armory where the rest of Devil May Cry are waiting.

Sazan: We're under attack, people, let's get a move on!

Dante: Stands up and grabs Rebellion off the wall Nero! Stop making googly eyes at your sister.

Nero and Kyrie looks away from each other awkwardly as Dante shakes his head.

Sazan: Where's Sparda?

Dante: What, am I supposed to keep tabs on him, too? Bad enough I have to babysit these two Points to Nero and Kyrie

Chloe: Reaches out for the rocket launcher on the wall

Lady: Puts her hand on the rocket launcher first I don't think so.

Chloe: Come on! Just this once.

Lady: Takes the weapon off the wall and walks away No.

Chloe: Pouts and takes the rifle instead

Dante: Hurry it up before Hellsing steal all the good kills.

Trish: Walks by Dante You should be more worried about me stealing your kills.

Dante: Spins Ebony and Ivory around in his hands and drops them in his holsters Babe, please.

Dante, Trish, Lady, Nero, Kyrie, and Chloe leave the armory while Sazan and the others stay

Garrus: Interesting group.

Sazan: Where the hell is Andrew? Grabs a scythe and a pistol and heads for the exit This way!

Cut to: Integra's Office

Integra: Leans back in her chair with her feet on the table enjoying a cigar

Sebastian: Enters the office with a cup of tea and puts it on the desk I took the liberty of preparing you some tea, Master. I get the feeling this conflict is going to be a while.

Integra: Removes the cigar from her lips Sebastian.

Sebastian: Yes, My Master?

Integra: Removes her eye patch to unveil the symbol underneath glowing a bright purple Search and destroy!

Sebastian: Eyes begin to glow red and a smile graces his lips As you wish, My Master.

Cut to: Outside the castle

Sebastian leaps out of the window, silverware falling from the sky and penetrating the skulls of the demons below killing them by the time Sebastian lands on his feet and pulls back on his gloves.

Sebastian: I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you gentlemen to leave.

Demons: Roars at Sebastian

Sebastian: Such poor manners. Takes off his jacket and wave it like a cape Toro! Toro!

Demons: Charges Sebastian

Sebastian: Lifts up the suit jacket and send the demons straight into the path of the Wild Geese's bullets. He dusts off his suit and puts it back on

Dante: Let's rock! Jumps over the gate and fires with Ebony and Ivory at the demons

Nero: Joins Dante firing off shots with his revolver

Lady: Fires off her rocket, taking out large amounts of enemies and spinning her rocket, slicing a demon's head off with the blade at the end for getting too close

Trish: Lunges into the herd and smash her way through with punches and kicks using the Beowulf, surging electricity through her hands and feet

Chloe: Follows Trish firing the demons she misses with her fully automatic rifle WOOHOO!

Sparda: Slowly walks into the middle of the street with a large sword on his back. Watches as the demons quickly surround him, a large group of them, claws out, flying through the air and reaching out to slice through his skin. As they got closer, and closer, and closer, a loud bang erupts around Sparda, and all we can see is a purple flash of light as he moves his hands, sheathing and resheathing his sword and keeps walking as the demons bodies fall apart and hit the ground.

Dante: Watches Sparda Show off.

Nero: Look who's talking!

Demons sneak up on Nero

Dante: To your left.

Nero: Turns and shoots the first two demons that approach him in the head, but the third gets too close

Kyrie: Whacks the demon over the head with her staff knocking it over, and crushes its head with her foot. Turns to smile at Nero

Dante: Shakes his head and looks up to see Iron Man flying through the sky Here comes the suit.

Iron Man: Targets the demons starting to corner the Iscariot forces and fires several missiles at them exploding them into pieces JARVIS, perform a scan on the area, let me know where they're coming from.

JARVIS: Scan in progress.

Sazan: Leads Tori's group behind the gate by the Wild Geese What's the situation?

Seras: Those bastards keep coming!

Sazan: If there's a never ending supply then there must be a portal or something somewhere. We need to find it and close it and the rest should be like clockwork. We just need to find out–

Iron Man: From Sazan's radio Iron Man to Peacock.

Sazan: Answers the radio What did I say about the nicknames?

Iron Man: You're colorful like a Peacock. JARVIS just performed a scan on the area and found an entry point that leads down underground inside the warehouse. That's where the demons are coming from. There's also a strange purple energy thing all around the city. I don't know what it is.

Sebastian: I can answer that. Jumps down in front of Sazan and the others Inside the energy field I could feel a suppression of my abilities. Our other field agents has reported similar issues. It's preventing us from tapping into our full potential. Whoever staged this attack has really done their homework.

Iron Man: I'm going in.

Sazan: Tony, no! I need a bird's eye view of the area. We need to find the source of that energy field and shut it down.

Iron Man: No can do. Lands on the ground and go underground

Sazan: Dammit, Tony! Sebastian, tell the others to refocus their efforts on shutting down that generator. Tori, I need your team to meet up with Tony underground.

Andrew: Underground you say? Walks up to the group with a remote in hand I finally get to test him out!

Sazan: Andrew, no!

Andrew: Plays with his remote

Clash: I'm a shaaaaaaaaaaark! Rides out of the castle and digs a tunnel underground, coming up the other site of the gate and charging at the demons, cutting through them with his tail, fins, and eating them with his bare teeth. Drones fly from his back and launches concussive blasts of accelerate particles and missiles Suck my diiiiiiiiiiiiick! I'm a shark!

Sazan: Embarrassing.

Tori: What was that?

Garrus: A shark.

Tori: Okay...

Sebastian: How very efficient. Why base it on a shark, I wonder?

Andrew: You know... Because reasons.

Sazan: All right, Tori, I need you meet up with Iron Man now!

Tori: Got it.

Sebastian: Rejoins the battle

Tori: Garrus, to my right, Kragen, to my left. Armando, you have the biggest gun so take the front. Madeira, can you electrify the gates and the outer wall so it can fry any demon that gets too close?

Madeira: Yeah. That sounds good, actually.

Tori: Do that then cover my rear. You're my eyes and ears out here. Move out!

The gates open to allow Tori's team out and closes right behind them. Madeira electrifies the gate and outer wall, and then rejoins with Tori as they shoot their way through the herd of demons, Garrus and Kragen watching Tori's flanks as Armando leads the group through the swarm. The Devil May Cry agents and Sebastian spread out to look for the source of the energy field while Hellsing troops continue to keep the demons at bay. Miracle and her group meeting up with Iscariot to help them. Andrew sends Clash underneath the ground, with the shark's built-in camera he can see the underground tunnels where the demons are coming through

Andrew: Sazan, look at this. We have tunnels underneath the city.

Sazan: What? But how?

Andrew: This is truly amazing.

Clash continues to explore the tunnels until a glove fist slams into his eyes breaking the camera and ending Andrew's connection

Andrew: moon turds! Someone just punched my shark! The asshole!

Sazan: Speaks into the radio Tony, look out. There's someone down there with you.

Cut to: Underground Tunnels

Iron Man: Searches the tunnels and whistles lowly Someone's been busy. Okay, underground tunnels. Aims his wrists at the ceiling Easy peasy.

Bane: Rams into Iron Man sending him crashing into the ground

Iron Man: Hits the ground hard Not so peasy.

Bane: Man of iron. Picks up Iron Man Fly back to Queen and country! Tosses Iron Man through the air

Iron Man: Activates thrusters and retake control of himself, turning around and firing his repulsors at the ceiling to send it crashing down on Bane

Bane: Catches the piece of the ceiling on his back and lifts it up

Iron Man: Well, moon turds.

Bane: Throws it into Iron Man knocking him into the wall, the piece of concrete pinning him down

Cut to: Castle Throne Room

Queen Lori: Watches the battle from the window

Assassin: Sneaks towards the Queen from behind drawing a knife, and getting closer, and closer, and closer...

Integra: Unloads several shots into the back of the assassin with her pistol watching him fall to the floor dead

Queen Lori: Turns around and gasps at the corpse now on the floor

Integra: Walks towards Lori Are you all right, Your Majesty?

Queen Lori: Yes. Who is this man?

Integra: Kicks him over onto his back and unmasks him Anyone you recognize?

Queen Lori: Shakes head How did he get in here?

Integra: He must have been hired to infiltrate the castle. This demon invasion serving as the perfect decoy to distract the rest of our forces from the real threat. Our enemy is no fool. This attack was planned very carefully.

Queen Lori: I want this finished.

Integra: What are you suggesting?

Queen Lori: You know what I'm suggesting.

Integra: Very well. Drops her cigar and crushes it underneath her heel ALUCARD!

Cut to: Outside the castle

Integra: Echo ALUCARD!

Sazan: Looks frighten

Integra: Echo ALUCARD!

Sparda: Glances back at the castle

Cut to: Castle Basement

We see a pitch black room, the only light shinning down on a man in a chair as Integra's voice echoes through castle walls

Cut to: Closeup of Alucard's face

Alucard: Grins

The scene fade to black



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PostSubject: Re: When Worlds Collide   When Worlds Collide I_icon_minitime25th January 2015, 2:59 pm

Tori Jacobs
Zira Firestone
Garrus Vakarian
Integra Hellsing
Madeira Roberts
Queen Lori
Tony Stark/Iron Man
Sebastian Michaelis
Seras Victoria
Heinkel Wolfe

#14 Bane

The scene fade in on the ongoing battle in Hallowton. Integra's voice still echoing through the air as the sky turns blood red and bats fly through the night's sky.

Armando: What's happening to the sky?

Tori: Just keep moving!

The bats collide into one another at the heart of the city, forming a man in blood red, eyes behind a pair of yellow sunglasses as his fangs are bare in a large grin. A silver gun shinning in the light of the moon as he holds it in the air, and then brings it down atop his forearm, balancing the barrel as he fires off shots that boom across the battlefield, .454 caliber bullets speeding through the air and causing giant holes to form in the demons killing them on impact as the man continues to fire relentlessly at the horde.

Alucard: Is this all you have? Running blindly into my bullets just to be struck down? Mindless demons no better than ghouls. You don't even know about the man pulling your strings.

A flash of Bane's face appear on screen before disappearing.

Alucard: You're not even worthy of licking the devil's ass! Charges into the swarm and begin ripping them to pieces with his bare hands as if they're made out of paper

When Worlds Collide NaH0W1C

Cut to: Warehouse Entrance

Tori's group continues to fire at the swarm that flood out of the warehouse. More of them starting to surround them as they do their best to break through, but it seems futile at this point.

Tori: Don't let them box us in!

Armando kicks one demon in the face, knocking him back into others while Garrus, Kragen, and Madeira keeps attacking the demons all around them. Madeira magnetizing some and hurling them through the air. Kragen is the first to run out of ammo, resorting to throwing a grenade to break a path through the swarm only for more to quickly take their place. Garrus and Armando also run out of bullets and just when the demons are about to take them, fire engulfs the entire area, burning the demons alive in one go. The group looks out to see Zira, arms suffering from third degree burns as she clears a path through the demons for the group to enter the warehouse.

Zira: This is the second time I had to save your ass!

Tori: Zira!

Zira: Just go! I can't keep this up forever!

The group enters the warehouse.

Tori: Iron Man said the entry point was here somewhere. Let's find it before another wave comes.

Garrus: Scans the area with his omni tool Over there. Points towards the storage room

The group enters the storage room to see a bunch of torn crates and the entrance of the underground tunnel.

Tori: We need to plan this carefully. We're out of ammunition.

Garrus: And we can't go back.

Tori: Made, stay by the entrance. Any demon come out of that hole you fry them.

Madeira: Nods

Tori: Kragen, rig the place to blow. Try to hold out for as long as you can. If they start to overrun you, blow it.

Kragen: Understood.

Tori: Looks at Garrus and Armando You two are with me.

Armando: Are you sure it's a good idea for you to go down there with your blindness?

Tori: I made it this far, didn't I? The more hands the better. If Iron Man hasn't came out of there yet that means he's in trouble. You have your orders. Let's not waste anymore time.

Tori, Garrus, and Armando enters the tunnel. Kragen stays behind and rigs the entrance with explosives before rejoining with Made in the storage room, knife in hand.

Cut to: Sparda

Sparda: Knocks in the door of a house and begins searching. Finds nothing and leaves.

Cut to: The Docks

Chloe and Lady searches the docks and the ships, but to no avail.

Chloe: Find anything?

Lady: Nothing.

Chloe: Goddammit!

Lady: Jumps out of the ship and back onto the docks Let's get back to the rondevu point.

Cut to: Alley

Nero: Has to fight his way through several demons to the end of the alley

Dante: Waits for him at the end What took you so long?

Nero: I was busy.

Dante: So was I. There's nothing here. Come on.

The two leaves the alley.

Sparda, Dante, Nero, Kyrie, Trish, Lady, Chloe, and Sebastian meet up in the middle of the road.

Sparda: Did you all find anything?

Chloe: No.

Kyrie: Nothing on our end, either.

Nero: Or ours.

Sebastian: If the source is not on the surface, then perhaps it's beneath it. Mr. Stark found an entrance point to a tunnel at the abandoned warehouse. I believe Captain Jacobs is on her way there now. All we need do is follow the bodies.

Sparda: Alucard will be able to handle their main forces. That will allow the rest of us to get to the tunnels.

Dante: Come on, Pops, I want to shoot something.

Sparda: You'll have plenty of opportunity for that when we find out who's responsible for this mess. Leads the team to the warehouse.

Cut to: The Castle Gates

The Aircano and Iscariot forces stop to see the demon army impale on spikes all throughout the street.

Miracle: Looks on in horror W-what happened?

Solomon: They've all been impaled on spikes.

Jehanne: What could have caused this?

Heinkel: The worst being to ever be created.

Cut to: Alucard's face

Heinkel: Alucard.

Alucard: His hat and sunglasses are not absent More. More. More. More! More! More! MORE! Absorbs the blood of the demons into his body Tonight is a perfect night for a massacre. Don't disappoint me now.

Sazan: Looks on horrify

Andrew: This guy is insane!

Seras: Alucard...

Cut to: Castle Throne Room

Queen Lori: Watches the onslaught with her hands shaking on the window still

Integra: Notices the Queen's fear It was your idea to summon him.

Queen Lori: I know, but–

Integra: I would tell you that fear is a natural born instinct when faced with such a monster, but fear is not a luxury that women like us have. STOP SHAKING!

Queen Lori: Stops

Integra: No matter what he does, don't look away. You'll bare witness to everything you set loose upon your enemies, and after tonight, not even the fires of hell will be able to frighten you.

Cut to: Outside Castle Gate

Alucard: Smiles as a second wave of demons charges towards him. Outstretches his arms, and summons the very demons he devour earlier; sending them smashing into the herd of demons and watching as their brethren rips each other apart limb by limb feeding him further as he grows stronger with each kill

Cut to: Underground Tunnels

Tori, Garrus, and Armando searches the tunnels and finds Iron Man underneath a piece of concrete

Armando: Over there! Runs over to Iron Man and uses his strength to lift it off him

Iron Man: Did anyone catch the number of that truck?

Garrus: Sees more demons coming their way We got company!

Tori: Armando, grab Tony and let's get the hell out of here!

Bane: Comes around the corners from one of the tunnels and aim his gattling gun at Tori

Garrus: Tori, look out! Pushes Tori out of the way and gets hit by the bullets instead sending him crashing into the ground

Tori: Garrus! Runs towards him

Bane: Fires at the roof collapsing that tunnel blocking Tori in with him We meet at last, Captain Jacobs.

Cut to: Armando and Iron Man

Armando: Picks up Iron Man on his back and sees demons coming his way. Hang on!

Iron Man: Aims his repulsors at the demons and fire knocking several of them back on their asses

Armando: Thanks.

Iron Man: Don't mention it.

Cut to: Tori and Bane

Tori: Keeps a tight grip on her cane as she tries to track Bane through sound Who are you?

Bane: Your bane. Charges Tori and connects with a series of hard lefts and rights, slamming his muscular arm into her shoulder

Tori: Spits out blood from the massive fists colliding in her body and falls on her hands and knees

Bane: The great Captain Jacobs reduced to a common chibi.

Tori: chibi you! Kicks her feet up, slamming her boot into Bane's face as he bends over to pick her up. Using her cane to lift herself up to her feet and swinging the cane into his skull

Bane: The cane breaks on impact with no effect on Bane as he slams his body into Tori, running with her as he slams her back into a wall and deliver a fury of punches against her chest and stomach, grabbing her head and slamming a knee into her mid-section

Tori: Holds up her arms to absorb the blows, but takes the worst of the knee and screams

Bane: Picks Tori up over her head and tosses her halfway across the tunnel

Tori: Hits the ground hard and coughs out more blood

Bane: I expected more. Kicks Tori on her back and tears the blindfold from her eyes, looking down at her bloody eye sockets For years I was haunted by the emeralds that were your eyes. They taunted me in my prison, but now they are gone along with your pride. Steps on Tori's chest to keep her pin down to the ground

Tori: Starts to choke

Bane: Today I look in the face of fear. Today I conquer the face of my nightmare.

Tori: Talks through choking I don't even know you!

Bane: Before I was a face without a name, now I am a name without a face, and you will remember my name.

Cut to: Armando and Iron Man

Armando: Runs over to Garrus' side Garrus! Can you walk?

Garrus: Yeah. Tori is on the other side of that wall. I can't get through.

Armando: Looks at Iron Man Do you think you can blast through that thing?

Iron Man: I could, but the rocks are coming from above. I risk burying us in here if I do that.

Garrus: The shark! It was able to dig its way down here before going offline. If we can find it it may be able to dig our way to the other side!

Armando: You find the shark. I'll be right back! Takes off with Iron Man

Garrus: Starts to crawl in search for Clash

Cut to: Tunnels Entrance

Armando: Comes out of the tunnels and lays Iron Man down Garrus and Tori are still back inside. I'm going back in to get them.

Kragen: Sees more demons coming Demons!

Madeira: It's okay. I can take them.

Kragen: Too many. Holds up the detonator

Armando: No! Our people are still down there!

Kragen: Captain's orders.

Sparda: Keep it open.

Kragen, Armando, and Madeira turns to see Sparda and the rest of Devil May Cry enter the room

Sparda: We're going in.

Sparda, Dante, and Nero lead the charge, hacking through the demons while Trish, Lady, Chloe, and Kyrie follow behind them taking out the demons they miss. Sebastian is the last one in the storage room staying with the others.

Sebastian: I can tell why this place was abandoned. It's filthy. Miss, Holds up two buckets of water will you be a dear and fill these up with electricity?

Madeira: Stares at Sebastian bemuse

Cut to: Underground Tunnels

Garrus: Repairs Clash with the omni tool

Clash: Eyes light up

Garrus: Andrew, can you hear me?

Andrew: From Clash Hey, you fixed my shark! Awesome!

Garrus: Listen to me, Tori is stuck on the other side of that wall. I need you to dig a hole so I can get through it.

Andrew: Consider it done, my friend!

Clash: Digs under the ground and comes back up the other side I'M BATMAN! Opens its mouth and brings its teeth crashing down on Bane

Bane: Grabs its mouth and keeps it at bay, breaking the jaw before picking the shark up and throwing it aside

Garrus: Comes up out of the hole and strikes Bane with his fists

Bane: Endures the first few punches before grabbing Garrus' arm and twisting it

Garrus: Let's out a scream from his arm being snap

Tori: Garrus!

Bane: Grabs Garrus and puts him in a headlock. Looks towards Tori You care for him. Good. Snaps Garrus' neck




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PostSubject: Re: When Worlds Collide   When Worlds Collide I_icon_minitime1st February 2015, 4:07 pm

Tori Jacobs
Zira Firestone
Garrus Vakarian
Madeira Roberts
Queen Lori
Tony Stark/Iron Man
Sebastian Michaelis

#15 The Path Becomes Clear

We fade in on Tori watching Garrus' body fall limp to the ground. She stares at the body in shock and is soon filled with anger as she screams at Bane. Bane closes in on her, but before he can make it to her he feels a sharp pain all throughout his body. Bane pulls up his sleeve to see his skin crawling off his arms leaving only muscle and bone behind as he stares at it in surprise. Screams echo through the walls of the tunnels and up to the surface, but it is not Tori who is doing the screaming, it's Bane.

Bane: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Flees from the scene

Tori: Crawls across the tunnel reaching out a hand for Garrus and feeling his body before pulling him towards her and crying

When Worlds Collide NaH0W1C

Cut to: Devil May Cry

The group continues to cut through demons left and right as they search through the tunnels. Sebastian rejoins them, buckets in hand, swinging one bucket of water fill with electricity at a herd of in-coming demons electrocuting them on impact. They all come to a stop as they feel the power coming from Tori's location.

Nero: What the hell was that?

Sebastian: How interesting.

Chloe: Sniffs the air and touches the nearby wall The captain is just beyond this wall. She's in a lot of pain, guys.

Trish: Kneels down next to the hole in the ground There's a hole over here! Leads right to her.

Sparda: Approaches the hole with the others Must be Andrew's handiwork. The rest of you search the tunnels for whatever is keeping the energy field up. I'll get the captain.

Dante: How come you get to go charm the lady?

Sparda: Because unlike some people, I actually have tact.

Dante: Blows Sparda off and begins searching with the others.

Sparda: Enters the hole and comes up the other side to Tori's location to see her weeping over her loss comrade.

Clash: Comes over to Tori. Eyes grow sadden at the sight of her crying

Sparda: Captain Jacobs?

Tori: Who's there?

Sparda: Sparda, commander of the Hallowton forces. I'm here to help.

Tori: You're too late.

Sparda: We have to go.

Tori: I'm not leaving him.

Clash: Moves closer to Tori

Andrew: From Clash's Radio You can put him on Clash's back. He'll be able to carry him out of there.

Tori: Puts Garrus on Clash's back

Clash: Straps him in so he can't fall

Cut to: Nero

Nero: Finds a generator and go over to it I found one! Some kind of generator. Pushes random buttons How does this damn thing work? Lifts up his sword and smashes it into the generator causing it to explode and knocking him back through the air as the rest of the tunnel he's in collapses.

Kyrie: NERO! Runs over to Nero's side Are you okay?

Lady: Walks up to the two Can we try to not blow this place up while we're in it?

Nero: The generator was rigged to explode when I hit it.

Lady: Why would you hit it?

Cut to: Sebastian

Sebastian: Walks up to the second generator and examines it This looks like Isafaro technology. Looks up to the ceiling The energy goes up all the way to the surface. It's amazing what humans can do these days. Crack his hands and activates the controls super fast, turning the generator off in a matter of seconds That should do the trick.

Chloe: Reaches Sebastian You knew how to shut it off?

Sebastian: Of course. What kind of butler would I be if I couldn't do something as simple as that?

Cut to: Dante

Dante: Aims his shotgun towards the third generator from far away and hits it with a charge shot, walking away casually as the explosion collapses that tunnel

Sparda: Comes out of the hole in Dante's path with Tori and Clash behind him Where are all those explosions coming from?

Dante: The generators. Whoever set them down here decided to make them bombs, too. I don't think anymore demons will be coming back from that end.

Tori: Bane. The man said his name was Bane.

Dante: Bane? What is he some kind of comic book villain?

Sparda: You would know.

Dante: A man has to stay entertained somehow in-between jobs.

Sparda: Is that all of them?

Trish: Yells There's one more over here!

Dante: Looks over in Trish's direction and aims the shotgun at the generator Hey, Trish! How fast can you run?

Trish: Eyes widened, she rushes at Dante before the shotgun shell hits the generator blowing it and collapsing the tunnel behind her. Kicks Dante in the stomach Asshole!

Dante: Takes the hit You outran it, didn't ya?

Sparda: Let's get out of here.

The group leaves the tunnels and Kragen explodes the final exit as everything fades to black.

Fade in: Hallowton Streets

We see work crews going through the streets of Hallowton cleaning up the mess and beginning to rebuild the city.

Cut to: Castle Infirmary

Tori: Sits down on the bed cover in bandages, head lowered

Sazan: Enters the room with Nero at her side and hands Tori a file

Tori: Looks up at the sound of the two and takes the file What's this?

Sazan: Everything you need to know... about our mother.

Tori: Maricul is your mother?

Nero: She's no mother of mine.

Sazan: We had different fathers, but yeah. We came out of her.

Tori: She didn't look old enough to be a mom.

Sazan: She's a vampire. Immortality and all that.

Tori: You're both part vampire?

Sazan: I'm half human, half vampire. Nero is half demon, half vampire. His father is Vergil, the Dark Slayer, twin brother of Dante and son of Sparda.

Nero: I was surprised to hear it. From what I've been told Vergil wasn't that interested in the ladies.

Sazan: Maricul can be... rather persuasive. For all we know the Maricul you encounter is a completely different person to the one in our world, but that should give you some understanding of what you saw.

Tori: Thank you.

Sazan: How did she die? We weren't close or anything, but I need to know.

Tori: During the fight in Aircano, the monster we were facing went supernova. She stayed behind and laughed in the face of death.

Sazan: That's my mom. More guts than brains. You should get some rest. We'll be able to prepare a ride for you back to Isafaro tomorrow. You and your fallen comrade. I'm sorry for your loss.

Tori: Says nothing

Sazan and Nero leaves the room.

Tori: Puts the file away and lays back down on the bed. After falling asleep she suddenly wakes up in Moon Valley forest. The forest near her home. She gets up to her feet and feels the place out with her hands. Unaware of the silver eyes staring back at her.

Ghost: The silver eyes glow through the darkness until the rest of her body appears and stands before Tori We meet again, Tori Jacobs.

Tori: Who are you?

Ghost: You know of us already.

Tori: Sees flashbacks of her getting up in the river of blood despite her skeleton being fractured You were that voice I heard back in Sector Twelve. Then my question is–

Ghost: What are we? We are but a shell of a world gone by. A world turned to ruin by the Ancients.

Tori: So, you know about the Ancients.

Ghost: We have seen them in all their power and glory. We know what they have, and WILL do to the world you seek to protect.

Tori: How do I stop them?

Ghost: First you must be brought back to form. You are in no condition to challenge the Ancients, to challenge your fate. You have been blinded by the Ancients and cannot see, this is why Garrus Vakarian has fell.

Tori: Don't you talk about him!

Ghost: Your anger is useless. Set aside your emotions and see the truth. You have already began to tap into the power of the Nightmare, but in your current state you will never be able to control it.

Tori: The Nightmare?

Ghost: It is what plagues your mind and manipulates the reality around you. It is what you set loose upon your enemy when your anger became uncontainable. If you do not learn to control it then everything, and everyone around you will die.

Tori: Why give me that kind of power? What's the chibi point?!

Ghost: It was not intentional, but a consequence to the First Guardian's power. All who is touched by its essence are cursed with it, but not all are able to wield it. Seek out the one called the Blind Assassin in the Jherrazad desert and learn to master your other senses. After you have, return to Hallowton and seek out the guidance of the Legendary Dark Knight. He will be able to provide you with the training necessary to control the Nightmare, before it consumes you.

Tori: Then what?

Ghost: We will return with further instructions. Begins to fade away

Tori: Wait! I still have so many questions left to ask. Ghost! GHOST! Tori finds herself back in the castle infirmary, looking around the room before returning to her bed and going to sleep

Cut to: Castle Throne Room

Tori, Kragen, Armando, and Madeira are before Queen Lori, Sazan, and Sparda.

Queen Lori: For your service to the crown, we grant you safe passage to Isafaro. A jeep is waiting for you outside these walls, and with it a carrier that our men will drive to deliver your comrade's body back to his home. You have our thanks, and our sympathies.

Tori: Thank you, Your Majesty. Turns to leave with the others

Tony: Enters the Throne Room Good, I caught you just in time. Here, a memento for all the good work. Hands Tori's a new cane

Tori: Takes it and feels it up A cane?

Tony: Made by adamantium steel, nearly indestructable. That thing will be breaking guys like Bane's head, not being broken by them. It's also silver and blessed so it's handy against all weirdos who go bump in the night. Looks at Sazan No offense.

Sazan: Makes a face at Tony

Tori: Thank you, Mr. Stark. I'll be making good use out of it.

Tony: Please, call me Iron Man.

Tori: Kisses Tony on the cheek and walks out with her group

Hallowton Guard: How does he do it?

Tony: Natural born talent.

Cut to: Outside the Castle

Tori and co. approaches the jeep with the carrier parked next to it. Hallowton guards open up the carrier putting Garrus' body inside before closing it up. A member of the Wild Geese getting behind the wheel waiting for the others to get in the jeep.

Tori: Hands the file over to Madeira I need you to read this for me.

Madeira: Why me?

Tori: Kragen is going to be driving, and I need Armando to keep a lookout in case their trouble. I can't read it for obvious reasons.

Madeira: Right. Got it. Flips through it Maricul? Isn't she dead?

Tori: She is, but I'd feel better knowing more about her anyway. Let's get moving.

Zira: Hey! Waves to the group and approaches them Heading out already?

Tori: We've spent enough time away from base. We need to get back ASAP.

Zira: I understand. I don't care too much to stick around this place myself. I just wanted to say– Pauses, looking at Tori in shock

Tori: Just wanted to say what?

Zira: Snaps out of it Just wanted to say... This is going to sound crazy, but I want to join you.

Tori: What?

Zira: You know what I can do. I already saved your asses twice. Let me come with you.

Tori: This isn't a luxury cruise. We're going back to a war zone.

Zira: You mean like the one you're leaving? Yeah, I think I can handle that.

Armando: We could use the extra hands.

Tori: Why? Why do you want to come with us?

Zira: Because I was experimented on, too. I was taken from my home and turned into a lab rat. My powers, everything I can do, all because of the Vulture's damn experiments. I've been living in exile in the Crystal Expanse because of it, and I'm tired of running. I don't want to run away anymore. Give me a chance to prove myself. I can be a great asset to your team.

Tori: Okay, Zira. Shakes her hand Welcome aboard.

Zira: You won't regret this.

Tori: Get in the jeep before I do.

Zira jumps into the backseat with Madeira and Armando while Tori sits in the front next to Kragen. Kragen starts up the jeep and drives off with the carrier close behind as they make their way back to Isafaro.



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PostSubject: Re: When Worlds Collide   When Worlds Collide I_icon_minitime8th February 2015, 4:34 am

Tori Jacobs
Zira Firestone
Madeira Roberts
Imai Katayo
Logan S. Gunn
Peter Fargason
Aminee Starlight
Meryl Silverburgh
Wedge Antilles

#16 New Beginnings

The scene fades in on Isafaro, Sector Four. Tori's jeep and the carrier parks in the entrance of the rebel base as Imai and Logan comes out to greet them.

Logan: I was starting to think you guys would never come back.

Imai: Where the hell have you been?

Tori and co. exit the jeep.

Imai: Where are the others?

Tori: Lowers her head in sorrow

Imai: No...

Wild Geese: Walks up to the pair and salutes On behalf of the Hellsing Organization and Her Majesty the Queen, I've returned to you the body of your fallen comrade.

Imai: Only one?

Tori: Garrus was the only body we could get. The others were lost in the ruins of Aircano.

Imai: Ruins?

Tori: I'll explain everything inside.

Cut to: Back of the Base

Soldiers fire off their weapons into the sky as Garrus' casket is put down in the ground. Five more graves next to his with tombstones holding the the names Shinta, June, Lily, Nex, and Mary on them. We get a closeup of Tori's face, looking in the direction of where she can hear the burial. Imai walks up to her side and looks over the tombstones on the ground.

Imai: They were good people. They kept this place running smoothly, but we have to keep pushing forward.

Tori: What do you want me to do?

Imai: Go home.

Tori: Ma'am?

Imai: Consider this an honorable discharge. You've done more for me and this army than can ever be repaid, but you're in no condition to fight anymore. Go home. See your family. Your friends. Live.

Tori: You expect me to just walk away?

Imai: We can give you a desk job, or put you in communications if you really want to stay. With your blindness you're a liability on the field. I know that might not be what you want to hear, but I'm only trying to be straight with you as I feel you would for me if our roles were reversed.

Tori: I understand.

Imai: Take as much time as you need to decide what you want to do next. I stand by my original recommendation. You're long overdue for a trip home. Walks away

Tori: Walks towards the graves. Stands in front of them in silence before bringing up her hand into a salute

When Worlds Collide NaH0W1C

Cut to: Kitchen

Tori: Walks into the kitchen

Zira: Is alone at the table eating a steak Hi.

Tori: Hi.

Zira: This place has some good food.

Tori: It's mostly scavenge from when we took the sector.

Zira: How did you take the sector?

Tori: Opens up the icebox Dumb luck.

Zira: I can make something for you if you'd prefer.

Tori: I don't need eyes to make a sandwich.

Zira: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you.

Tori: I'm not offended.

Zira: Yes you are.

Tori: Are you a mind reader now?

Zira: As a matter of fact, I am.

Tori: Looks at Zira in surprise. Finishes her sandwich and sits across from Zira, taking a bite out of her sandwich, chewing and swallowing before she spoke You've been reading my mind this whole time?

Zira: It's not something I can control. I can only read thoughts you're thinking in that moment, so I don't know your life's story or anything.

Tori: When were you going to tell us this?

Zira: I was looking for the right time. I was afraid if I told you up front you'd be reluctant to take me with you. In addition to the telepathy and pyrokinesis, I'm also a telekinetic and empath.

Tori: You just have everything, don't you?

Zira: I was experimented on by the Vulture. They increased my brain's capability until I was able to do impossible feats. Feats my body wasn't able to handle. When I escaped the thoughts and emotions from other people became too much. They would cause me to panic, and panic would cause me to burn up. Rolls up her sleeves to unveil the third degree burns on her arms, and brings Tori's hands to them so she can feel them It still hurts even now. I couldn't take it, so I went to the one place I knew where I could get away from it all.

Tori: The Crystal Expanse.

Zira: No one ever stayed in the expanse for long. I figured with my control over fire, I'd be able to keep warm where others would freeze to death. I was at peace, isolated from the world. But ever since the tower showed up, and people from other worlds started magically appearing, the voices came back. Then that star exploded and I knew there'd be no peace left for me there.

Tori: There's no peace for you here, either.

Zira: Says nothing

Tori: Did you ever find that girl?

Zira: Yeah. She refused to come with me. Took off for the tower calling herself Sincara.

Tori: Sincara? Strange name.

Zira: She was in a lot of pain from losing her parents. I feel the same pain in you. It makes breathing hard, and I feel like my heart stopped.

Tori: I can leave.

Zira: No. I have to learn to control these powers some time.

Tori: There are easier ways for you to do that than to be around me.

Zira: I actually enjoy your company. You have a determination I never felt before in anyone else. No matter how hard things get, no matter how impossible they seem, you never give up. Right now you're in so much pain, but you endure. How do you take it?

Tori: I just do.

Zira: I hope to one day have that kind of strength.

Tori: Stick around, I might rub off on you.

Zira: Smiles and eats with Tori

Fade out.

Fade in: Military Base First Floor

Kragen, Armando, and Madeira are line up with other soldiers as Tori and Zira joins the group. Imai, Logan, and Peter Fargason enter the room. The soldiers line up and salute at their presence

Imai: At ease.

The soldiers lower their arms.

Imai: We lost a lot of good people in the past couple of days. I don't intend for their deaths to be in vain. We're going to find out more about the Ancients, we're going to find out more about Bane, and we're going to put a stop to them all.

Tori: Bane was after me, ma'am.

Imai: Bane may have wanted you dead, but the amount of planning it took to build those tunnels would have taken months. You were just the frosting on the cake.

Armando: How will we be able to find Bane?

Peter: Hallowton's intelligence tells us that the technology used in the attack was Isafaro. That would suggest that Bane may be working for them.

Logan: Or at the very least had dealings here. We can start the search there.

Imai: In light of recent developments, we have a couple of changes to make to the ranks. Logan and I discussed it long and hard, and decided that Armando will be taking over Tori's command as squad leader.

Armando: Me?

Imai: You're the most qualified person here, and you already proven yourself a good leader with the squad you came in here with.

Madeira: What about Tori?

Imai: Tori won't be going back to the field.

Kragen: Discharge.

Imai: Honorable discharge.

Armando: You can't just kick her out.

Tori: It's okay, Armando. Imai and I talked about this during the funeral.

Imai: Time to meet your new squad mates. Introducing first, Pop Idol by day, ass kicker by night, Aminee Starlight.

Aminee: Walks up to the group blowing bubblegum. Hi.

Armando: What do you do?

Aminee: Sing, dance, takes out her pistols and spin them around, firing off several shots to the bottles on the table on the other side of the room before holstering the guns Shoot things.

Imai: Next up I'll admit is a hired gun. A mercenary with a mouth the size of the Crystal Expanse. Deadpool.

Deadpool: Walks in with his arms in the air WOOHOO! Give it up for Deadpool! He's so awesome! He's the greatest! Looks at the camera How are you enjoying the fanfic disguised as a television show so far?

Tori: What is he talking about?

Imai: I learned to just roll with it. And finally, Meryl Silverburgh. Former Vulture soldier until her men turned on her, now she fights with us.

Meryl: Enters the room and salutes Armando Reporting for duty, sir!

Armando: At ease.

Meryl: Lowers her arm

Imai: Your first assignment is to return to Sector Twelve and find any information you can on the child that escaped there, and save the people who are still stranded on the rooftops. Logan, deploy a pickup team to collect the Golden Trio from the Morlocks and move them into the prison here. Commander Fargason, collect all the intelligence you can on this Bane character to help us track him down. You have your orders, now move out!

The group salutes and then move out to perform their assignment, leaving only Tori and Zira remaining with Imai

Zira: Commander, what about me?

Imai: I need to get you in training to see what you can do before knowing how to use you. We can start tomorrow at 0900 hours. Walks up to Tori

Tori: You're just now picking up the Golden Trio?

Imai: The Vulture has doubled their attacks on this sector since you left. I haven't had the time. Have you decided what you're going to do?

Tori: I'm going to take your advice and go home.

Imai: What made you decide this?

Tori: I have something I need to do.

Imai: I'll have Wedge prepare the helicopter.

Tori: Are you sure that's a good idea?

Imai: Wedge is the best pilot we have. I'm sure he can avoid whatever Vulture decides to throw at him. I'll let him know you're coming. Leaves the room

Zira: Looks at Tori You're leaving?

Tori: There are things I need to do away from here. Don't worry. I have a feeling you're going to do fine here. Leaves Zira's side and walks up to Madeira who's preparing for her next mission

Madeira: I don't like this. It's not going to be the same without you.

Tori: You're in good hands. Armando knows what he's doing. Don't worry about me. I don't plan to be gone forever.

Madeira: It was an honor serving with you.

Tori: It was an honor serving with you. Walks over to Armando

Armando: So, this is what responsibility feels like?

Tori: You've had responsibilities before.

Armando: Never on this scale. Any advice?

Tori: Listen to your gut, and your teammates. Don't try to take on everything on your own. You'll do fine. Walks away from Armando and goes over to Kragen

Kragen: Turns to look at Tori

Tori: I'm going to miss you most of all.

Kragen: Give them hell.

Tori: You too. Don't you die on me, Kragen. That's an order.

Kragen: Yes, Captain. Salutes

Tori: Salutes

Cut to: The Resistance Helicopter Pad

Tori: Walks up to the helicopter

Wedge: Waits for Tori You ready, ma'am?

Tori: As ready as I'll ever be.

The two enter the helicopter and Wedge gets in the pilot seat. Before they can take off, Zira enters the helicopter and straps herself in across from where Tori is sitting

Tori: Who's there?

Zira: It's me.

Tori: Zira? What are you doing here?

Zira: You need someone with eyes.

Tori: Smiles

The helicopter takes off into the sky and flies out into the horizon.



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Tori Jacobs
Zira Firestone
Zora C. Manson

#17 Warning

The scene fade in on the Jherrazad Empire. We cut to Empress Ranko entering her bedchambers to find a man laying on her bed.

Ares: Nice place you have here. Stands up from the bed

Ranko: Reaches for her sword

Ares: That won't be necessary. I'll be long gone before you can swing it.

Ranko: I'm a fast draw.

Ares: I know all about that. It's a shame you were emasculated in front of your men.

Ranko: Who are you?

Ares: You know, I never get used to that. People not knowing who I am, but that will change soon enough. I'm Aries, God of War, and I know where you can find Gabrielle.

Ranko: You know Gabrielle?

Ares: She and I go way back. Moves around the bedroom looking over stuff I knew her when she was just a farm girl. You wouldn't believe it looking at her today.

Ranko: Where is she?

Ares: She's held up in Moon Valley with her friends. Still trying to find out what happened in Aircano. Approaches Ranko I suggest rallying up your troops, march towards the city, and tell them to surrender Gabrielle to you or you'll torch the village, and kill them all. And when they give Gabrielle up, make your intention for peace, and then take the town for yourself.

Ranko: I have no interest in Moon Valley.

Ares: Then give it to someone who does. You're an Empire. Empires conquer! You're cornered in the middle of the desert with no way to expand your terrain. You keep this up, your men won't respect you, and you won't be able to contest with the best of what Isafaro and Hallowton has to offer. Moon Valley is the first step of having all of Jherra at your mercy.

Ranko: And you will assist in this?

Ares: I'm something of a strategist. The omniscience helps.

Ranko: Why do you want to help? Why want Gabrielle dead?

Ares: She and I have never seen eye to eye. It's sad, really, I could have taught her a lot. But you? I see a fire in you that I haven't seen since an old friend's passing. And besides, I love war. So, what do you say? Do we have a deal?

Ranko: Smirks

When Worlds Collide NaH0W1C

Fade in: Moon Valley

The helicopter lands in the city and we see Tori and Zira getting off, looking back at Wedge the pilot.

Tori: Thanks for the lift. I'm going to miss your old war stories.

Wedge: It's been an honor serving with you, ma'am. I'd stick around, but I need to get back to base.

Tori: Make sure Imai and the others stay out of trouble for me.

Wedge: Nods and takes off

Tori and Zira begin walking through Moon Valley

Zira: So, this is your old home?

Tori: I grew up here with Shinta, June, and the others. We went to high school together. Even ran an investigations agency for supernatural activity.

Zira: Really?

Tori: Used to hunt ghosts, zombies, all sorts of stuff.

Zira: Sounds like you lived quite the life.

Tori: Had more brush ins with death than I care to admit. Is the Razor's Edge still around?

Zira: Looks over to see a building with “Razor's Edge” in flashing neon lights above it Yeah. Over to your right.

Tori: I could really use a drink right now.

Tori and Zira enters the Razor's Edge.

Joxer: Joxer the Mighty, master of virility, every woman wants him, he's so sexy it's a sin, if you want a special tryst, he's the man you can't resist, by every measure he's a prize! Just check out his shoe size! He's Joxer, Joxer the Mighty!

Zora: Sitting at the table covering her ears

Zira: That's new.

Gabrielle: Walks up to Joxer Okay, Joxer. I think you had enough to drink.

Joxer: Nonsense! Barkeep, another round for everyone! Points to Tori and Zira You two, would you like to join in on my ballad?

Zira: Ballad? Who says ballad anymore?

Tori: No thanks.

Gabrielle: Grabs Joxer's shoulder and drags him back to their table.

Zora: Is he done singing?

Gabrielle: Yes, Zora. He's done singing.

Zora: Takes out her wand Can I hex him?

Gabrielle: No, Zora.

Zora: Just a wart on the edge of his nose. He won't feel a thing and I know the counter-curse.

Gabrielle: No.

Tori and Zira walks over to the bar.

Barkeep: Do my eyes deceive me? Tori?

Tori: Al. It's been a while.

Barkeep: I can't believe it. What happened to your eyes?

Tori: Long story. Al, this is my friend, Zira. We met during my team's trek through the Crystal Expanse.

Gabrielle: Overhears Tori's conversation and looks over to her

Zira: Nice to meet you.

Barkeep: What brings you back to Moon Valley?

Tori: Taking time off. You still sell Brandy?

Barkeep: You bet.

Tori: Give me a glass.

Barkeep: And what can I get for your friend?

Zira: I'll have a vodka.

Barkeep: Brandy and a vodka coming right up. Good to have you back, Tori.

Gabrielle: Looks back to Zora and Joxer I'm going to go talk to them. They may know what happened in the Crystal Expanse.

Joxer: Got ya. I'll cover you if things go wrong.

Gabrielle: Sits up from the table and walks over to Tori and Zora Hi. I couldn't help but overhear you two have been through the Crystal Expanse?

Tori: That's right.

Gabrielle: Was half of it melted at the time?

Zira: No, not at the time.

Tori: Why do you want to know?

Gabrielle: I have some friends who were awakened when the expanse melted. We're trying to free the rest of their people so their scientists can tell us how the Downward Spiral works.

Zira: The people of Kari are back?

Tori: You're talking about bringing an entire civilization back from extinction.

Gabrielle: They're the only ones who know how the tower works. We're just trying to find a way home.

Tori: I can't help you. Turns away from Gabrielle

Gabrielle: Grabs Tori by the shoulder and forces her back in her direction Can't or won't?

Tori: What's the difference?

Gabrielle: If you know something–

Zira: Hey, back off, lady! I'm sorry you and your friends can't get back home, but there's nothing we can do even if we wanted to help you. The thing that caused the Crystal Expanse to melt was a supernova.

Gabrielle: Supernova?

Zira: The second sun in Aircano. If it wasn't for the tower absorbing it this whole planet would've been destroyed. There's no way you'd be able to duplicate that power to melt the rest of the expanse, and it'd be a suicide mission to try.

Gabrielle: How did you–?

Ranko: Distant People of Moon Valley!

Cut to: Moon Valley's Entrance

Ranko is on a camel with Kaso, Alexander, and her army behind her.

Ranko: I am Empress Ranko of the Empire of Jherrazad. You have someone I want! The Battling Bard of Potidaea!

Cut to: Razor's Edge

Gabrielle: Looks surprise that Ranko knows that name

Cut to: Moon Valley's Entrance

Ranko: Her name is Gabrielle. She has short blond hair, barely enough clothes to cover her shame, and she is armed with a sai and a mysterious round bladed weapon. She is accompanied by a child in black robes, and a stupid little man in armor.

Cut to: Razor's Edge

Joxer: Hey!

Cut to: Moon Valley's Entrance

Ranko: If you do not hand her to me before the sun sets, I will burn this village to the ground!

Cut to: Razor's Edge

We get a closeup of Tori with a serious expression on her face at Ranko's threat.

Zira: Tori, she's talking about the people in the club.

Tori: Why is the Empress of Jherrazad after you?

Gabrielle: It's complicated.

Tori: Is it?

Zora: Stands up Gabrielle, we have to go!

Gabrielle: I'm not going to let this town be burned on my account. Heads for the exit

Zora: She'll kill you!

Gabrielle: I beat her before, I can do it again.

Tori: Get away from that door. I'll deal with Ranko.

Gabrielle: I don't need somebody else to fight my battles for me.

Tori: I'm not doing it for you.

Cut to: Moon Valley Entrance

Tori and Zira exits the Razor's Edge and walks towards the Jherrazad army.

Alexander: Captain Tori Jacobs, leader of the Isafaro's Resistance.

Kaso: This is who they send to represent them?

Tori: Nobody sends me.

Ranko: What are you doing here?

Tori: I could ask you the same question.

Ranko: You've no doubt heard what I said back inside the club. I want Gabrielle.

Tori: There's no Gabrielle here. Take your men and leave.

Ranko: I know you're lying.

Tori: I don't know what she did to you, and frankly I don't care. NO ONE threatens my home! I'm giving you one chance to leave. Just one chance. I suggest you take it.

Ranko: Or what?

Tori: I'll make you wish you had.

Ranko and her army laughs.

Ranko: You'll forgive me if I don't find a blind woman and her girlfriend threatening.

Zira: Girlfriend? Do I really give off that vibe

Tori: Now's not the time, Zira!

Ranko: This country is weak. Where's your army? Your city's defenses?

Tori: They're coming, and you'd do best to leave before they get here.

Civilians start coming out of the shops around them with shotguns and pistols, using their doors as cover

Ranko: This is your idea of an army? Men and women with rifles?

Tori: It's better than the muskets I remember your men using.

Ranko: As long as a bullet hits its mark it doesn't matter where it's fired from.

Tori: Agree to disagree.

Ranko: I'll give you one more chance to hand Gabrielle over. Do it and I'll spare this village and these people.

Zira: She's lying! She plans to take this city no matter what we do.

Ranko: Very well. If it's war you want–

Gabrielle: RANKO!

Tori, Zira, and Ranko look over to see Gabrielle by the Razor's Edge entrance with her sais in her hands.

Gabrielle: If it's me you want, come and get me!

We switch between Ranko, Tori, Zira, and Gabrielle before the scene fade to black.


Author's Notes: You're going to want to tune into Gabrielle tomorrow to see the conclusion.


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Tori Jacobs
Zira Firestone
Terry Jacobs
Tina Jacobs
Alvin Jr.

#18 Home Sweet Home

The scene fade in on a farm in Moon Valley. Tori and Zira approaches the farm's gate as they talk

Zira: This is where you lived?

Tori: I used to play with the animals all the time. After I helped dad tend the farm for the day. Me and my brother both.

Zira: A brother, too? You're lucky.

Tori: No siblings?

Zira: I was an only child. According to my parents they did have one baby before me, but she was stillborn. They said she was born with silver eyes. The strangest thing.

Tori: I'm sorry.

Zira: It happens. Nothing we can do about it. I still had a good life, before Vulture came and took it all away.

Tori: The less I hear that name the better.

Zira: Here, here.

Tori and Zira enters through the gates and head for the house. On the way Zira spots a child with an infant in her hand. The child pushes off the fence she was leaning back on and looks at them suspiciously.

Zira: There's a little girl here.

Tori: What does she look like?

Zira: Short black hair, brown eyes, and the coolest hat I've ever seen.

Clementine: Tori!

Tori: Do I know you?

Clementine: It's me, Clementine.

Tori: I'm sorry. I don't know any Clementine.

Clementine: We met back at the motor inn.

Tori: A motor what?

Zira: She's telling the truth, Tori. I can see you in her mind. I don't know how, I don't know why, but it's there.

Tori: What is this, Doctor Who? Look, kid – Clementine, you must have me mixed up with somebody else. I'm sorry.

Clementine: But you have the same name, and blindfold, and the cane you used. You helped me, Lee, and the others fight off walkers. Don't you remember?

Zira: What's the chibi a walker?

Clementine: You know, as in the walking dead.

Zira: You mean zombies?

Clementine: We call them walkers.

Zira: That's a stupid name.

Clementine: You're stupid!

Zira: Nice comeback, kid.

Clementine: I'm not a kid!

Tori: Is that your baby?

Clementine: No. I'm taking care of him.

Zira: Where are his parents?

Clementine: They're dead.

Tori: Are my parents home?

Clementine: They're inside the house. Are you sure you don't remember me?

Tori: I'm sorry, I don't. That's just means I'll have to get to know you all over again.

When Worlds Collide NaH0W1C

Tori, Zira, and Clementine enter the house. Tina comes out into the hall and sees them.

Tina: Terry! Terry, get down here! It's so good to see you!

Tori and Tina hug each other.

Tina: What happened to your eyes?

Tori: I'll explain later.

Terry comes down the stairs and sees Tori

Terry: Am I going to get a hug, or is that just a girl thing?

Tori hugs her father

Terry: Your eyes...

Tina: She'll explain later, dear. We heard what happened in the city. Are you all right?

Tori: Nothing I couldn't handle. Mom, Dad, I'd like you to meet Zira. I met her in the Crystal Expanse.

Zira: It's nice to meet you both.

Tina: Girlfriend?

Zira: No. Why does everyone keep thinking that?

Clementine: You look like a cute couple.

Zira: Shut up!

Clementine: Well you do.

Tina: Let's move this conversation into the living room. You can catch us up there.

Cut to: Jacobs Living Room

Tina: They're all dead?

Tori: I lost them inside the temple during the fight in Aircano. I lost my squad mate Garrus during the attack on Hallowton. It seems like no matter where I go, death always follows.

Clementine: I know how you feel.

Tori: How old are you?

Clementine: I just turned twelve not that long ago.

Tori: You're far too young to be knowing how I feel.

Clementine: Tell me about it.

Tina: Neither of you have to worry about that now. You can stay here.

Terry: We haven't done anything to your old room. Clementine can sleep in your brother's room.

Tori: Where is Toby, anyway?

Terry: He lives further in town with his new girlfriend. Works by the docks.

Tori: I never considered him a dock worker.

Terry: Neither did I. He certainly has the strength to be lifting boxes all day.

Tina: Please tell me you're here to stay.

Tori: I wish I could, Mother. But there's something I have to do.

Zira: We can stay for the night.

Tori: Zira–

Zira: You should spend this time with your family, Tori. Not all of us has that luxury.

Terry: I'll call your brother. Let him know you're here.

Tori: Thank you. I'm going to go and check out my old room.

Tori and Zira leaves the living room and heads up the stairs.

Clementine: Mrs. Jacobs, do you mind watching Alvin for a bit?

Tina: Of course, hon.

Cut to: Tori's Room

Tori: My dad wasn't kidding. They really haven't done anything to my room.

Zira: So, this is the woman cave?

Tori: Woman cave?

Zira: Men call their rooms caves, why can't we?

Tori: I thought it was because we were more sophisticated.

Zira: Depends on the time of day. Or month.

Tori: Did you just make a PMS joke?

Zira: Men do it.

Tori: I don't give a crap what men do.

Tori moves around her room, feeling the soft mattress on her bed, the dry walls, and the books still sitting on the shelf after all this time. She takes one of the books out, dusts it off and smells the pages.

Tori: I haven't sat down with a good book in a long time.

Zira: You read?

Tori: All the time. When I wasn't watching TV or playing video games. A lot of good it does me now, though.

Zira: They make books for the blind.

Tori: Puts the book back None of those are on my shelf.

Zira: You feel weird. Being in your room after all this time. All the deaths.

Tori: You playing Counselor Troi with me?

Zira: It's not something I can control.

Tori: You seem to control your powers well enough in battle.

Zira: Blocking out unwanted thoughts and emotions are harder. Some times I don't feel like myself because I absorb the emotions of the people around me. That's why I like being around you. You're confident, determined, and sexy. It makes me feel confident, determined, and sexy.

Tori: I'm all for making a girl feel sexy.

Zira: You're horrible.

Tori: You're the one who said it.

The two get close. Real close. Smiling at one another as their faces inches closer together. Zira is unsure if she should proceed as Clementine comes in the doorway

Clementine: Am I interrupting?

Zira: N-no! You're not interrupting anything.

Clementine: I started reading your books, but Mrs. Jacobs got mad at me. Didn't want me going into your room.

Tori: Which book?

Clementine: The one about the frogs.

Tori: Ah, Froggy and the Seven Dancing Ducks. Reaches down and grabs the book, going over and handing it to Clementine. Here, I won't be doing much reading anyway. If my mother gives you trouble, jus tell her I okay it.

Clementine: Thanks.

Zira: I'm gonna go wash up.

Tori: Bathroom is to the left.

Zira leaves the room. Tori sits down on the bed as Clementine looks around the room. Her eyes stopping on the poster on the wall.

Clementine: Who's that?

Tori: Arix, Rockstar of Hell. I used to have a crush on him when I was younger.

Clementine: Used to?

Tori: He was an ass. Albeit, a sexy ass, but I soon found out that I leaned more towards the fairer sex.

Clementine: You're a lesbian?

Tori: Bisexual, technically. I just prefer women.

Clementine: I don't know what I prefer.

Tori: You have more than enough time to figure it out. You're not from around here, are you?

Clementine: No.

Tori: How did you end up here?

Clementine: I was running from some walkers with Alvin–

Tori: Alvin's the baby?

Clementine: Yes. While we were running I just ended up in a forest. Ran away from some wolves and that's when Mr. Jacobs found me. He scared the wolves away and brought me here. This is the happiest I've been in a long time. I'm afraid it's not going to last. It never does.

Tori: I'm not going to lie to you, Clementine, there are a lot of bad things here that might make you wish you were back home with the walkers, but there's also a lot of good here too. Good that's worth protecting.

Clementine: You sound like Lee.

Tori: Lee is?

Clementine: A friend. He taught me how to survive back home.

Tori: I'm afraid to ask what happened to him.

Clementine: He died. I had to shoot him. To keep him from turning into one of those things.

Tori: I'm sorry.

Clementine: He's not the only friend I had to kill.

Tori: We all do what we have to do in a tight spot.

Clementine: How do you know if it was the right choice?

Tori: You don't. You justify it to yourself, you reason with yourself, and to others who you share it with. You make an argument for it, and you fight off all counter-arguments that your mind can come up with, but you never know. When the lines are blurred, when all you see are different shades of gray, you can't ever know.

Clementine: Now you really do sound like Lee.

Tori: Lee sounds like a smart guy.

Clementine: He was. Wanna share war stories?

Tori: Sit down and show me what you got.

Clementine sits down next to Tori on the bed.

Clementine: Walkers.

Tori: Zombie soldiers who can wield guns and mutate.

Clementine: Cannibals.

Tori: Werewolves.

Clementine: Bandits.

Tori: Assassins.

Clementine: Crazy guys who wants to make you their daughter.

Tori: Vampires who wants to sire you and make you their wife.

Clementine: Russians.

Tori: You win this round.

The scene fade to black with the two continuing to share.



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PostSubject: Re: When Worlds Collide   When Worlds Collide I_icon_minitime1st March 2015, 9:21 am

Tori Jacobs
Zira Firestone
Kara Kent
Minako Aiko/Sailor Venus
Terry Jacobs
Tina Jacobs
Toby Jacobs
Alvin Jr.

#19 Family Dinner

The scene opens up with Zira and Clementine working on the farm while Tori watches.

Tori: What's the matter?

Clementine: This cow won't give me any milk.

Tori: That's because you're squeezing her too hard. You have to take it easy. Like this. Gently strokes the cow and then milks her

Zira: Wow, you're really good at milking cows.

Clementine: You're blushing.

Zira: No I'm not.

Kara: Tori!

Tori stops milking the cow and stands up to follow the sound of the voice

Tori: Kara?

Kara runs over to Tori and picks her up squeezing her.

Kara: I'm so happy to see you!

Tori: Y-you're crushing me!

Kara quickly loosens her grip on Tori and puts her down.

Kara: Sorry! I don't know my own strength. What happened to your eyes?

Tori: I lost them in a battle.

Kara: I'm–

Tori: Sorry? Most people are.

Kara: Who's this?

Tori: You're going to have to be more specific.

Kara: The one closer to your age. I met Clementine. How's the milking going?

Clementine: It's a pain in the butt.

Kara: You'll get it down.

Tori: This is Zira. Zira, this is Kara. We went to school together.

Zira: It's nice to meet you.

Zira feels the happiness and jealously from Kara rubbing off on her as they shake hands. Zira can also feel her hand starting to break from the handshake.

Kara: Nice to meet you too.

They end the handshake. Zira rubs her hand while Kara looks back at Tori.

Kara: Where's the rest of the crew?

Tori: They're dead.

Kara: What?

Tori: Died in Aircano.

Kara: No! I-I should have been there. I might have been able to do something.

Tori: Even you can't be everywhere at once.

Kara: I should have been here when Jherrazad attacked, too. You can bet I won't be wandering off anytime soon. Besides, I want to catch up with my best friend.

Tori: We'll have plenty of time to do that. We're just waiting for my brother.

A car pulls up to the farm. Toby and Minako come out of the car and heads for the group.

Toby: Hey!

Tori: Speak of the devil.

Tori greets her brother and hugs him.

Toby: You get shorter?

Tori: Nope. Five, seven, just like last time.

Toby: I must be getting taller.

Tori: Like you need it. The blindfold is for–

Toby: Dad filled me in on the phone. Tori, this is my girlfriend, Minako.

Tori: I hope my brother haven't been giving you too much trouble.

Minako: Are you kidding? He's been the perfect gentleman. He told me all about you of course.

Tori: Good things I hope.

Minako: Nothing but the best, and a few embarrassing stories. Like the time–

Toby covers Minako's mouth

Toby: That's enough, Sweetie.

Minako: Muffles Sorry.

When Worlds Collide NaH0W1C

We find ourselves in the Jacobs' family dinning room table.

Zira: This meal is delicious, Mrs. Jacobs.

Tina: Thank you, hon. It's my secret recipe, so eat as much as you like. Before Mina eats it all.

Mina is gobbling down her food like an Anime character.

Minako: Mouth full You say something, Mrs. Jacobs?

Tina: No, dear, nothing at all.

Toby: The whole town is buzzing after the attack by Jherrazad. Why attack us after all this time? And the Empress is dead? She was Empress for how long? Five-hundred years?

Terry: She was Empress when I was a kid. Where the hell were those so-called 'superheroes' when they decided to attack? Addresses Tori We're lucky you arrived when you did.

Kara and Minako looks to their plates in guilt.

Tori: I was just in the right place at the right time.

Minako: I'm sure Sailor V had a good reason for not showing up.

Kara: Superwoman, too.

Terry: If you say so.

Tori: I don't think we'll have to worry about the Jherrazad Empire anymore. Once the Mayor toughens up security around here I think the new Empress will leave us alone.

Toby: You haven't told her yet?

Tori: Told me what?

Toby: Mayor Valentine is dead. Suicide, or something, but some folks suspects foul play.

Tori: Suicide? She always seemed so happy.

Minako: It usually is the happy ones.

Terry: Foul play my left foot. She couldn't take the pressure of her job anymore and chose the easy way out.

Tina: Terry, please.

Terry: What? I'm just stating my opinion like everyone else has the right to.

Toby: We'll be having a new election soon enough. Once everything settles down.

Tori: Who's running?

Toby: That billionaire Lex Luther is running. Because of that no one else has announced their candidacy. I'm just going to avoid the polls altogether if he's running unopposed. That's just a joke.

Tori: Why is Lex suddenly interested in public office?

Terry: Who knows, but you can bet he's up to no good. God help us all if that man is elected.

Kara: Here, here.

Zira: You should run for Mayor, Tori.

Tori: Are you serious?

Tina: Oh, Lord, I think my secret ingredient is getting to her.

Minako: What exactly did you put in this?

Tina: If I told you then it wouldn't be a secret.

Minako: I lost my appetite.

Toby: I told you my mom was a miracle worker.

Minako: Shut up, Tobe.

Zira: I'm serious. This is your home, isn't it? Everyone knows you, you have real battle experience and you know how all the neighboring countries think. Why not you?

Tori: You know why.

Terry: Hell, I'd vote for you. You'd be the first one in that seat who's actually been to war. That'd score you the veteran vote right off the bat.

Tina: Can't we just have one dinner where we didn't discuss politics?

Tori: Sorry, Mom. Can Zira and I be excused for a moment?

Tina: Certainly. Addresses Minako Why aren't you eating?

Minako: I'm full.

Clementine: I'll eat it.

Tina: Nonsense. With your body you could use to gain a couple of pounds, put a little meat on your bones! Now eat!

Tori and Zira move into the living room

Tori: What was that about?

Zira: Think about everything you could do if you were Mayor. The Resistance would have a new ally in the war against the Vulture, you could make a bid for the tower, join forces with Hallowton and whatever remains of Aircano, and you'd be able to cover more ground to learn more about the Ancients and the prophecy.

Tori: How do you know about that?

Zira: It's all you ever think about.

Tori: I know you can't control it, but you need to learn to try. My mind is the last one on this planet you should be reading.

Tori starts walking up the stairs to the second floor.

Zira: Will you at least consider my idea?

Tori: Stops to answer I'm not a politician.

Zira: All the more reason you should run.

Tori climbs up the stairs without another word.

Cut to: Tori's Room

Tori is standing in the middle of her room when Kara comes in and looks around.

Kara: I remember this room. I have a lot of good memories of this place. Overnight sleepovers with the girls, pillow fights, Lily's insistence we play spin the bottle with each other.

Tori: Girl was always trying to find action one way or another.

Kara: Yeah. So, what are you doing up here?

Tori: Needed to be alone. Zira wants me to run for Mayor.

Kara: Not the worst idea I've heard. I'd vote for you.

Tori: I don't want that kind of responsibility.

Kara: Then don't run. Nobody can force you to run. Did you want to talk?

Tori: About what?

Kara: There's obviously something troubling you. I want to help.

Tori: I'm sorry, Supergirl, but this isn't something you can help with.

Kara: I'd like to try anyway.

We cut to a few minutes later, Tori and Kara sitting on the bed as Tori told her everything.

Kara: Wow, you've been through a lot.

Tori: You can say that again.

Kara: Are you really sure this 'Blind Assassin' will be able to help you?

Tori: If she managed to be an assassin despite her blindness, then she's as good as anyone else. Provided I can convince her to train me.

Kara: Let me accompany you. I could help.

Tori: No. I need you here. Now more than ever. Gabrielle may have retreated, but there's no telling what she'll do next as long as she has that damn sword. Besides, I have Zira with me.

Kara: She has a thing for you.

Tori: Really?

Kara: Yeah.

Tori: How can you tell?

Kara: I can tell.

Tori: I haven't noticed anything.

Kara: You never do. I used to have a pretty big crush on you when we were younger.

Tori: Yeah?

Kara: Yeah.

Tori: I guess my perception skills aren't as good as I thought.

Kara: It's fine. Once you and June started going out it was clear you two were meant to be.

Tori: June...

Kara pulls Tori into a hug as the scene fades out.

Fade in: Jacobs' House Front Porch

Terry, Tina, Toby, Minako, Clementine, and Kara are seeing Tori and Zira off.

Tina: Do you have to go so soon? You just got here.

Tori: Yeah, Mom. I still have something I need to do. I'll be back, don't worry.

Tina: You may as well ask me to stop breathing.

Terry: You take care out there.

Tori: I will, Daddy.

Kara: Addresses Zira Keep her out of trouble for me, will you?

Zira: Won't be easy. Trouble seems to always find her.

Clementine: Thanks for the book.

Tori: Don't mention it.

Tori and Zira say their goodbyes and make their way out of Moon Valley as the scene fade to black.



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PostSubject: Re: When Worlds Collide   When Worlds Collide I_icon_minitime8th March 2015, 2:21 pm

Tori Jacobs
Zira Firestone
Lord Beelzebub
Zora C. Manson

#20 Black Desert Season Finale

We open up in the Jherrazad Desert. Tori and Zira walks across the black sand as they search for the Blind Assassin.

Zira: I'm hot.

Tori: It's the desert. What were you expecting?

Zira: I've been in the cold for years, I'm used to the cooler climate.

Tori: We should cool down once we find some caves. If we find some caves.

Zira looks over to see Jherrazad soldiers riding through the desert in the distance.

Zira: Tori, there are Jherrazad troops beyond the horizon. A whole flock of them.

Tori: Where are they headed?

Zira: Nowhere near Moon Valley as far as I can tell, but that many Jherrazad troops is never a good sign.

Tori: Can you get a read on them?

Zira: They're too far away for my powers to work.

Tori: We better find those caves.

Cut to: Zora and Joxer

Zora and Joxer treks through the desert, Joxer looking exhausted as Zora presses on keeping a lookout.

Joxer: What are we going to do? We've been walking for miles, let's face it. We're never going to find her.

Zora: Sarcasm That's a nice attitude to have. What happened to the “do anything” Joxer the Mighty you're always sprouting off about?

Joxer: He died of a heat stroke ten miles back.

Zora: Wait. Look.

Zora and Joxer sees Tori and Zira up ahead.

Zora: It's the people from Moon Valley. We're saved!

Zora starts off in a run, but Joxer grabs her shoulder and pulls her back.

Joxer: What make you think they're gonna want to help us?

Zora: Do you have a better idea?

Zora and Joxer approaches the two. Zira spots them and notifies Tori.

Zora: Let me do the talking.

Tori: What do you two want?

Zora: We're not here to fight.

Zira: Yeah? Why is this place crawling with Jherrazad soldiers?

Zora: They're searching for Fukari.

Tori: Why?

Zora: She was a prisoner in Jherrazad until she escaped. You were right about the Kasul. It's already changing our friend. We were hoping to find her to help us save Gabrielle.

Zira: How did she escape?

Zora: I let her out.

Tori: You're in luck. We're looking for the same woman. We'll cover more ground if we look for her together.

Zira: Can we trust them?

Tori:You're the psychic.

They can see Jherrazad soldiers heading towards their position

Zira: We better get moving. Those soldiers are heading right for us.

The four runs off as the scene fades out.

When Worlds Collide NaH0W1C

Fade in: Caves

Tori, Zira, Zora, and Joxer walks through the cave.

Joxer: We haven't been properly introduced. I'm Joxer. Joxer the Mighty!

Zira: And I'm Zira the Magnificent.

Joxer: Ahh, has a nice ring to it. What do you say after this you and I–?

Zira: No.

Joxer: You haven't even heard what I was going to say.

Zira: Trust me, I don't need to.

Zora: Are we really going to find Fukari in these caves?

Tori: I may not know Fukari, but I know what it takes to survive in the desert. These caves are the only shelter from the heat of the day, and the cold of the night. If Fukari wants to survive she'll be here.

Zira: It's getting darker.

Tori: Welcome to my world.

Zira: We're going to need more light. I can–

Tori: Zira, no. It will hurt you.

Zira: We don't have any alternatives.

Zora: Lumos!

The tip of Zora's wand lights up lighting the way in the caves.

Zira: Spoke too soon.

Tori: What was that?

Zira: Zora just gave us some light from her little stick.

Zora: Wand.

Joxer: Careful, she's sensitive about her little stick.

Zora: It's a bloody wand!

Tori: Get between us, Zora.

Zora stands between Tori and Zira providing light as the group walks deeper into the cave.

Zora: I'm sorry.

Zira: For what?

Zora: The fight back in Moon Valley.

Zira: Don't worry about it. You were only helping your friend. I was just a stranger to you.

Zora: I'm afraid by the time we get back to Gabrielle she'll be a stranger to me, too.

Tori: Don't worry. We'll save her.

As they walk, strange markings appear on the walls of the cave. This grabs Zora's attention who gets a closer look at them.

Zira: What is it?

Zora: These are the same symbols from the tower.

Tori: The writings of the Karians. What is it doing here?

Zira: You never seen them here before?

Tori: No. Not in any of the caves I've been to. We best keep moving.

The four continue on until they find an elevator with the same symbols on the doors as the cave walls.

Zira: Looks like an elevator, or some kind of lift.

Tori: Guess the only place to go from here is down.

Joxer: You know what? Someone really should go back and stand guard at the entrance of the cave. I volunteer.

Joxer walks right into a wall

Joxer: On second thought, I'll stay with you guys.

Zira: Can we even get it working?

The four examine it. Zira tries pulling on the levers, Zora attempts using her wand to get it to work and Joxer touches the symbols. As soon as he does, the elevator activates and begin taking them down.

Zora: I can't believe it.

Joxer: No puzzle is too great for Joxer the Might–!

The elevator shakes, and falls the rest of the way down crashing at the bottom. When the smoke clears, the four get out of the elevator.

Tori: Is everyone all right?

Zira: I'm fine.

Zora: Me too.

Joxer passes out.

Zora: He'll be fine.

The three look around to see a shrine with candles all around them.

Zira: We're in a shrine of some kind. We don't need that light anymore, Zora.

Zora: Nox.

The light from Zora's wand extinguishes.

Zira: There's a chest over here.

Tori: Be careful, Zira. We don't know what's all inside here.

Zira: I don't think there's much one can put into a small chest.

Tori: Looks can be deceiving.

Zora: You're just going to open up a random chest you find in a cave?

Zira: Somebody has obviously never played the Legend of Zelda.

Zora: The Legend of what?

Zira opens the chest and finds a scroll inside. She picks it up and unfold it.

Zira: It's a scroll.

Tori: What does it say?

Zira: It's not in English.

Tori: Of course.

The scroll's words suddenly convert into English.

Zira: Wait, it's changing. Dear traveler, if you are reading this then it means you have found the tomb of the gods, from within lies truths the Lord wish you neither see nor hear. This is the beginning of your damnation. You will surely be pitied from this day forth, forevermore.

Tori: How morbid.

The room shakes, the candles blow out and the walls spin around and around. A stand with a globe on top of it comes up and casts a white light on the shrine and images begin to appear with voices coming from the walls. Joxer gets up in time to see the images play out.

Hooded Man: You mean to tell me–?

Nats: It is as I say. Lord Yahweh was but once a man like you.

Tori: What?

Hooded Man: How is that possible?

Nats: In the dawn of creation came the Trials of Fate, a great conflict between good and evil that spread throughout the realms like a wildfire! It was destined to consume the worlds from the first days right down to the last days of man! In the first Trial on Genesis a man by the name of Jeho stood out above the rest as worthy to the Creator and became the first god.

Hooded Man: Would the first god not be the Creator?

Nats: The Creator is, as his namesake implies, the Creator. Neither god nor man, for they are both his creations. The Creator cannot be comprehended, the Creator just is. Jeho from that day forth called himself Lord Yahweh! He created an army of angels to do his bidding. The first angels were his very close friends. I stood among them. My human name was Nats, but as I evolved I took on a new name. Lucifer.

Zira: Lucifer?

Nats: At first I could not complain. I was given things no mortal man could have ever imagined when Yahweh created his kingdom, but soon things began to change. Yahweh grew addicted to the prayers and worship of man. He grew to become an envious and jealous god! All those that did not worship his name was sent to the fires of the Netherrealm to burn forever! I was the only one who wanted to see his corruption. I was the only one who stood against him with an army of his own creations! Then we were cast out of heaven and onto Genesis.

Tori: You won't hear that in Sunday school.

Hooded Man: I have followed the teachings of Veneficus for many years. My people and I have been cast out of Aircano because of the teachings of this corrupt god! Once word reaches their ears it will change everything. A new dawn is at hand!

Nats: Yes, brother. A new dawn is at hand.

Nats walks over to a black box on the shrine.

Hooded Man: What are you doing?

Nats: And on the Eighth Day, God created the Ancients. The first he would call his prophet, the second his will, and the third, the omega. In one form or another they existed by his commands. His strongest warriors far outweighing the creations of man and that of angels. They would become his equals.

Nats slowly opens up the black box.

Nats: You will be the harbinger of my ascension! I will send forth your terrors into the heavens!

Nats opens the box, and terrors come pouring out causing the hooded man and the others there to fall to their knees clutching their heads. Even Nats is brought down to his knees and screams in pain.

Zora: What's happening to them?

Tori: The Nightmare.

The globe breaks ending the images on the walls as the entire room shakes violently. The four backs away from the shrine as it moves down like an elevator. Moments later, it starts coming back up, and above the shrine is a large beast that towers over the four.

Tori: Who are you?!

Lord Beelzebub: You do not know me? You do not know me?! I am the evil that chokes this world in its darkness. The face behind the blood red moon on the battlefield. I am in the soul of every devil that wanders Genesis. The one that wields the seven deadly sins within the palm of his hand. I AM BEELZEBUB!

Tori: Why does every villain need to monologue?

Zira: We need to get out of here.

Lord Beelzebub: There will be no escape for you. I have been dormant for a long time, and I require a blood sacrifice.

Tori: The only blood that will be spilt today is yours.

Beelzebub roars at the group. Joxer moves to protect Zora while Tori and Zira prepare to attack. Two grenades flies through the air and latches onto the chest of Beelzebub. They explode and knock the demon back as Fukari comes out of the shadows.

Fukari: Run!

Tori and the others head back to the elevator.

Lord Beelzebub: You insult me with a human guise?

Fukari: I'm going to do a lot more than that.

Beelzebub forces Fukari to turn into her demon form, her skin becoming purple, wings growing from her back, and horns atop her head as she charges full speed ahead at Beelzebub and collides with a loud crash, slicing her Katana through the demon's stomach.

Lord Beelzebub: Power.

Beelzebub feeds off of Fukari's demon energy and uses the strength to strike Fukari so hard he sends her hurling back into the lift with the others, just in time to join their ride to the floor above. The group escapes the cave and continues to run as far away as possible.

The scene cut to the black desert in the middle of the night. Zira and Joxer coming back with firewood that Zora sets ablaze with her wand to provide warmth.

Fukari: So, you want me to train you, and you guys want me to save your friend?

Tori: That's the long and short of it.

Fukari: I'm popular today.

Zora: What was that form you changed into back there?

Fukari: My demon form. I'm half demon on my father side. I only change into that form when I absolutely need to, but good ol' Beelzebub was able to change me without my consent.

Tori: It seems every time I enter a cave here I release some type of beast.

Fukari: You're bad luck.

Zira: I still can't believe it. God, Satan, all the angels, they were all human. What I can't understand is why? Why appoint men as gods?

Tori: That's what I intend to find out. Yahweh, Beelzebub, the Ancients, the tower, they're all connected somehow. But first thing first, will you help us?

Fukari: What's in it for me?

Tori: We'll be in your debt.

Fukari: You're already in my debt. I saved your life, remember?

Tori: And if we weren't working the elevator at the time, you wouldn't have been able to get away from Beelzebub in time.

Zora: Please, Fukari. We need you.

Joxer: Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Fukari: Gabrielle may already be too far gone. Are you prepared for that?

Zora: We still have to try.

Fukari: At first light we'll head back to Jherrazad, and I promise to do what I can.

Zora: Thank you!

Fukari looks at Tori and stands up.

Fukari: As for you, follow me.

Tori stands up and follows Fukari away from the camp.

Fukari: The blind leading the blind.

Cut to: Cave Exit

Lord Beelzebub emerges from the cave and looks up at the stars in the sky. His eyes coming down to see the second sun still burning in Aircano over the horizon.

Lord Beelzebub: Your star will shine bright no longer, Yahweh.

Beelzebub begins his march for the ruins of Aircano as the scene fade to black.



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When Worlds Collide

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