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 [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Chibi Mercury/Awaki Mizuno

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Chibi Mercury/Awaki Mizuno   1st October 2014, 11:40 am

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Awaki Mizuno
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 10 / November 3rd

Used Canons: Anime and Manga

Appearance: Awaki has big, round eyes full of innocence that share the same shade of blue as her mother's. They are typically hidden behind thick coke bottle glasses which cover nearly half her face. Her hair is a raven black and is a long, curly mess, which she typically keeps in two long braided tails that extend pass her hips. Her hair is also kept back by a very simple light blue hairband. She is also a little on the short and chubby side.

Her attire typically consists of tank tops, short shorts, and open toed shoes like sandals or flip flops. She rarely ever accessorizes, besides wearing her hairband, because she feels like all of that stuff is a waste of time. Her outfits tend to consist of very dull, neutral colors, sometimes soft blues, and many consider her fashion sense to be very bland. Awaki doesn't feel the need to go all out, wear girly stuff, and try and impress others with what she wears. As long as it makes her comfortable and feel cool, she thinks they're perfectly fine the way they are.

Personality: Like her mother, Awaki is a very bright and intelligent young lady. She loves going to school and spending her time studying. Yet in contrast to her mother, Awaki has always been much more of a social butterfly, outgoing and easily making friends. And while her mother had studied medicine, mathematics and science in her youth, Awaki drifted toward the studying of social studies and pop culture. She spends her pastime watching movies, collecting comic books, and playing video and computer games. You'd be more likely to find her in a comic book store or arcade then you would a cram school. She also has an obsession with the sailor senshi, in particular the illusive Sailor V, who she constantly plays the video game of.

Awaki has a very high empathy toward other people. She can somehow always figure out what's troubling others, and she strives to be there for others and to help them in anyway she can. She has what would be considered a very pure heart, and she feels that everyone is inherently good. This makes her a little too trustworthy of others, and if someone wanted to take advantage of her and use her, they could easily do so. She does have the tendency to tease others though, but it is always in good spirit.

Despite Awaki's friendliness and her outgoing personality, she doesn't have as many friends as one would suspect. Many are turned off by her appearance, and those who look past that become unnerved by her obsessions and her ability to talk to them for hours on end, to the point of rambling. Either Awaki is unaware of her lack of friends, or she is and is just putting on a strong face, but you will often she her go on and on about how she's one of the most popular girls in her class.

Awaki can become very tired and irritable when she has nothing to do. She needs to constantly be in motion and doing something, anything, or else she is not satisfied. She has issues with the heat and anything hot, as it can make her break out into hives. This leads to her obsessively covering herself with sunscreen periodically and drinking several bottles of water in one sitting, as she is paranoid about breaking out in front of others. Many feel that she comes across as to boyish and that she should act more like a proper lady, and many theorize that she may act this way because of a lack of a father figure in her life. She also has zero percent interest in love, she just doesn't get what's so special about it. The romance genre grosses her out.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Awaki has untapped empathy capabilities. She is able to sense the exact moods of others, but at this point she is unable to tap into her powers very well due to her inexperience.

History: Awaki is the first and only child of Ami Mizuno. During the peaceful years, as the other guardian senshi began to settle down and marry and have children of their own, Ami was still busy as ever. Many were not anticipating her to ever get married or have children of her own, it just didn't seem like something she was interested in. The woman would rather have her nose stuck in a book and be out saving lives then raising up a child of her own. Not that she never had the occasional affair with a man, but they never ever went serious.

And then unexpectedly, one day Ami announced that she was pregnant. Her fellow guardians were shocked, and many questioned her about who the father was, but Ami always remained silent. Rumors floated about that the mystery father was Zoisite, yet he never came forward and Ami never personally confirmed or denied this, and it remains a secret to this day.

Ami somehow manages to balance her career and her life as a single mother. She does feel pings of guilt, worried that she'll become just like her own mother and become too busy with her career to give her daughter any attention. But for years, everything was ok.

As Awaki grew older and began attending school, her mother took on heavier and heavier workloads, and began to neglect her daughter. Awaki had turned into a sort of latchkey kid, always coming home after school to an empty house. She threw herself into her many different hobbies and obsessions, and would spends hours upon hours after school at arcades and comic bookstores, as she hated sitting in the house all alone. As Ami usually came home in the late hour, Awaki would often eat dinner alone, which usually consisted of prepared meals made by her mother. But after time went on she grew sick of heating up her dinner in microwaves, and learn some basic cooking skills.

Despite all these long periods of isolation from her mother, Awaki and Ami still manage to have a normal and healthy-as-possible relationship that they can. And on rare occasions, they'll even go out for frozen yogurt and tell each other what's going on in their lives. Awaki treasures every moment she spends with her mother, and she admires her greatly.

Other Noteworthy Facts:
Like a Star @ heaven Star Sign: Scorpio
Like a Star @ heaven Blood Type: O
Like a Star @ heaven Favorite Gem: Blue Zircon
Like a Star @ heaven Favorite Flower: Amazon Lily
Like a Star @ heaven Favorite School Subject: Social studies
Like a Star @ heaven Least Favorite School Subject: None
Like a Star @ heaven Favorite Food: Frozen yogurt
Like a Star @ heaven Least Favorite Food: Spicy foods

Storyline Specific Information:
Like a Star @ heaven Chibi Guardians: After Chibiusa and her Sailor Quartet take over as the main protectors of Crystal Tokyo, the original Guardian Senshi decide that the city is guarded well enough for them to finally start to relax. In the space of about 12 years, they each end up having and raising a child of their own within the palace. Each girl is destined to eventually replace their mother and become the guardian of Chibiusa's future child, but first they have to start as senshi in training. This is the story of Chibi Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus as they grow into their legacies, balancing school and relationships with training to become true senshi.
Like a Star @ heaven It's my First Time: Sailor Chibi Mercury is off on her very first mission to prove herself as a senshi! While the set-up is prearranged, she'll have to do her best to impress her evaluator, Sailor Neptune. When Chibi Mercury finds herself facing a difficult decision, will Neptune be able to assist while still remaining an impartial judge?

Senshi Information (delete this section if not applicable)

Senshi Name: Sailor Chibi Mercury
Realm of Influence(s): Water, Ice
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Mercury Power Make Up
Senshi Fuku: Chibi Mercury's is pretty much identical to her mother's. The colors consist of a blue and lighter blue. Her front and back bow and gloves are a light blue, while her collar, choker and skirt are a blue. Instead of wearing boots like her mother, Chibi Mercury wears a pair of blue sneakers with light blue shoelaces, white trimmings, and a lose pair of white bobby socks. Her bodice is sleeveless like her mother's, and she wears a translucent blue visor like her mother, but her's more resembles the type of chunky safety goggles one would wear in a lab. Her tiara has a light blue gem, and she wears matching earrings.

Like a Star @ heaven Mercury Arctic Bolt: Awaki shoots out shards of ice. Depending on both her concentration and experience, these can be several small bolts of ice that are quick yet don't do much damage, or few larger and chunky bolts that can deal hefty damage.
Like a Star @ heaven Therapy Medicine: When times of great stress occur during a battle, Awaki can concentrate and use this power to heal her teammate's emotional well being, and enabling them to put all of their focus back into the battle. This power can rarely be used, and Awaki is unaware of having it at the beginning of her training.

Weapons or Magical Items:
Like a Star @ heaven Transformation Wand: Transforms Awaki into Sailor Chibi Mercury.
Like a Star @ heaven Communicator: Allows her to communicate with her teammates.
Like a Star @ heaven Goggles: Enables her to see through heavy fogs and smoke as well as seeing others' colored auras. They work like a mood ring and each color is associated with a certain mood. She is able to use these in both her civilian and senshi form.

RP Sample: Awaki had been hard at study throughout the day, finishing all of her work ahead of her class and being left to sit there and twiddle her thumbs. As lunch rolled around, she eagerly pulled out her lunch and made her way over to a group of her friends. "Hey everyone!" She beamed happily. "Ya wanna eat lunch together today?"

The other girls gave Awaki a quick glance, and turned back to each other, mumbling quietly under their breath. One girl then stepped forward. "Yeah.... um, actually, we can't do it today Awaki. How about you try again tomorrow?" A few of the other girls shot a glance toward her and giggled. Awaki grinned, "Sure thing ladies! I'm a popular girl anyways, can't let you hog me all to yourselves." As she turned and walked out of the classroom, she swore she heard one of the girls say "What a freak." Maybe it was just her imagination?

Awaki found herself on the building's roof, staring out at the endless sky as she ate her lunch. She sat there in utter silence, and a thought quickly flashed through her head. They never wanna eat lunch with you. No one wants to do anything with you. She laughed and shook her head, pushing negative thoughts away. They're bad for your health.

Lunch ended and Awaki made her way back to class. The rest of the day went as planned. She quickly completed her classwork and got through all of the homework she had received. As the school day ended, she pack up all of her things and approached one of her many group of friends. "Hi guys!" She shouted as she walked up from behind the group, consisting of an even mixture of boys and girls. "You guys wanna go somewhere after school? Like the arcade?"

The group of kids stared back at her silently, before one of the boys spoke. "Uh..... sure, Awaki. We'll be there in a little while." Awaki adjusted her glasses and smiled. "Great! See ya there." She gave a small wave before she turned and skipped out of the classroom. She could faintly hear one girl moan and complain, "Why did you say yes to her?" and the boy replying "Look, I just said that to get that idiot to leave us alone." Awaki looked back, but she simply shook her head. They must be talking about someone else, surely.

As Awaki entered the arcade, she was greeted by Mr. Furuhata. She smiled and waved at him, and made a quick beeline to the Sailor V game. She occasionally glanced down at the watch, checking how much time had passed. She had already been in here for over an hour, and still no one had shown up. The next few hours quickly slipped away and the sky outside grew dark. She was the only person besides Mr. Furuhata left in the arcade, and he was getting ready to close up shop for the night.

He tapped her on the shoulder. "Awaki? I'm closing up shop."

She quickly flipped around. "Wait, Mr. Furuhata, you can't close up shop yet! My friends still haven't stopped by." There was a tiny bit of panic and begging in her voice.

Motoki scratched his head. "Um, you can just call me Motoki, ok? I don't think they're coming dear. Do you need a ride home? It's pretty dark out there now."

For a moment Awaki's mouth curled downward into a frown, disbelief spreading across her face. She quickly reverted back to her usual grin and nodded, "Yeah, I need a ride. I don't think mom would like it if I was out this late." Motoki gave her a pat on the shoulder and went to close up the shop. As she waited outside for him, his words continued to register in her head. She pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose, and let out a sigh. He was right. They weren't ever coming by. No one would ever come.


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Chibi Mercury/Awaki Mizuno   29th October 2014, 9:17 am

Ready for review, finally. ^^


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Chibi Mercury/Awaki Mizuno   29th October 2014, 11:32 am

Ooh, I love how much you've put into this profile! I like how similar and non-similar she is to her mother. Those differences make it even more interesting hehe I loved reading your RP Sample too, even though it broke my heart for this girly =[ Everything seems good though!



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[Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Chibi Mercury/Awaki Mizuno

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