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 [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Chibi Venus/Hikari Aino

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Chibi Venus/Hikari Aino   2nd October 2014, 10:41 pm

Advanced Character Profile
Character Name: Hikari Aino
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 11 / February 14th
Used Canons: Manga & Anime
Appearance: Hikari inherits her father’s silver eyes and her mother’s beautiful blonde locks. However, she doesn’t particularly care for long hair. Minako forbids her from cutting it, though, and after one particular epic fight that resulted from her trying to defiantly cut it on her own, Hikari hasn’t touched it again since. However, she compromises by tying it up into a ponytail most of the time so that it doesn’t bother her. She finds leaving them down is impractical and the hair constantly gets in her way especially during training and physical activities. She uses a similar red bow as her mother’s to tie it up, but would occasionally use a variety of other colors as well.

Her attire mostly consists of sensible, neutral colors like white, cream, or brown and her sense of style is more on the practical side. She doesn’t usually look for flair in her clothes. This is a source of ever-present misery for Minako who, despite her attempts to drag Hikari out to shopping as often as she could, is unable to plant the appreciation for clothes and style in her own daughter. It drives Minako crazy that she can’t play dress up with Hikari, but it makes the few times Hikari bothers to clean up nicely and put on a pretty dress all the more special.

Personality: For the most part, Hikari is responsible and mature for her age, especially considering her mother’s carefree attitude. While Minako has both parts within her, Hikari seems to only prefer the serious side so far. She admires the fact that Venus is a leader and aspires to be one too for her generation. And so she tries her best to imitate that side of her mother and become a cool and collected girl. However, her tendency to take everything seriously often ends up in her completely missing a joke, and even when she gets it, she hardly laughs at them. She finds them trivial and not particularly entertaining.

When it comes to love, Hikari does not really believe in it. After all, if her own mother, the self-proclaimed goddess of love, could not find true love, then what hope does anyone else have, really? Sure, yeah, Neo Queen Serenity and the king seem really happy together, and she does envy Chibiusa for it, but that’s got to be a one-in-a-million chance, right? Besides, the queen is a miracle worker. You can’t hold anything up to her unrealistic standards. After watching her parents’ marriage crumble and end up in divorce, Hikari becomes jaded about it all, though she knows better than to show it in front of her mother. She would never hear the end of it. Minako might put her in therapy.

So around everyone else, Hikari acts like the bumbling fool she thinks people expect from her when discussing love. She acts boy-crazy, and then when she actually has to talk to boys she will act as if she has no idea what to say and make a fool of herself purposefully. She has even perfected the art of blushing at will. It appears to be the one aspect in her life she is not in control of, but that’s the point of the charade. She’s channeling none other than her own mother in her younger days. And the acting skills? She learned those from the best, too.

Her sole ambition is to become a dependable and capable leader like her mother had been. She likes hard work and achieving things, and is learning things much better than her mother ever did at school.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Hikari is a fast learner for the most part, and she also inherits Minako’s agility and fast reflexes. She excels in sports just like her mother did and physical activities are where she shines the most. She especially excels in gymnastics.
History: Hikari was the firstborn and only daughter of Minako Aino and Kunzite. After the love fortune told by Adonis/Kaitou Ace that her love would never be fulfilled because her fate was to continue battling on, always protecting Serenity, Minako decided to, quite simply, challenge fate. She didn’t like the idea that an old enemy could decide her entire future for her. Admittedly, she still felt that what he said rang true; that she never seriously gave her heart to someone, always half joking in her many crushes, and eventually simply agreed that her duty was the important thing. She did not need a man in her life to make her feel complete. She had known this since as young as her high school years and it hadn’t changed hundreds of years later after Crystal Tokyo was built.

Even during the more peaceful years, where her duty didn’t demand her complete devotion anymore and she had all the time in the world to have as many love affairs as she wished, Minako still didn’t feel interested by it. However, when her friends started to settle down one by one, even Rei—that traitor!—Minako started to panic. Suddenly, the idea of never having romance—true romance—in her life was unbearable. Surely Adonis was wrong. Surely there was one person out there who truly loved her and whom she could truly love.

There was such a man. One who truly loved her, anyway. Minako found herself drifting closer back to her very first crush—no, not from her Minako days, but from her Silver Millennium days—Kunzite. Being around him brought back the excitement of a new love, when she was still innocent and didn’t even know what she was feeling yet. When she was not fickle Minako, but steadfast and dependable Venus. Surely that version of her knew better, right?

And he was her original love. The very first person she had ever loved. Maybe he was the one all along. First loves were special, right? Just look at Serenity and Endymion. She figured she ought to at least give him a chance. And they worked pretty well, really. He was dependable, and he was the king’s guard, so he was an ideal man on paper, all that bad history aside. So when he proposed… well… Minako said yes, of course, how could it be any other answer?

They got married, and for a while, Minako thought she’d finally found her happily ever after. This was it! Finally! Their honeymoon was wonderful, everyone was happy, and soon she even found herself pregnant with a daughter. Everything was perfect!

Except Minako wasn’t really meant to be a wife or a mother. She was a free spirit, and Adonis had been right all along. Maybe not about how her duty would always take up her entire life. But about how fickle her heart was, and how she never really seriously loved just one person. Ever. Except, of course, Serenity.

And the strain of being a mother didn’t help either. Minako was completely unequipped for raising a baby or being a mother. Most of the nights when Hikari was crying and she couldn’t figure out what to do, she just ended up in tears, burying her face in a pillow to try and block the endless wails while Kunzite attempted to deal with it. He was, thankfully, better at it, but having a daughter turned out to be something that Minako didn’t really enjoy in the long run. It made her feel… old. It made her feel as if she was losing her beauty and youth. This was not her dream.

The pregnancy and birth had been hard enough on her as it was, and dealing with the baby for the next few years soon became simply impossible. Makoto ended up stepping in most of the time later, because Kunzite was worried about Hikari not having a proper mother figure. As such, in her early years, Hikari actually thought Mako was her mother, until she grew a bit older and realized the truth.

Kunzite eventually gave up and told Minako that clearly this wasn’t the life that she wanted. She wasn’t happy, he wasn’t happy, and they were probably wrecking Hikari’s life. He told her he didn’t want to play house anymore and the sad thing was that it didn’t even break Minako’s heart when he asked for a divorce. And that was the only thing she needed to know that the decision was for the best. It would be unfair of her to keep tying him down when she didn’t even love him properly.

So the two went their separate ways, but shared custody of their daughter. They both made sure they were equally in their daughter’s life and that despite the fact they were divorced, Hikari still had enough of both of their love. After the divorce, Minako tried more to be a better mother. It helped that Hikari had gotten through her difficult years by now, too. Minako was able to treat her more like a friend, and tried her best to make up for all the times she hadn’t been there before. Now that she was not tied down anymore, she slowly returned to her old, cheerful self. She actually started enjoying her times with Hikari and was able to bond with her much like she had with Chibiusa once.

Hikari didn’t blame her for the way things happened. She didn’t detest her mother for utterly failing for those first few years. She understood that Minako was a complex woman who sometimes didn’t even know what she really wanted. She was great at her job, an exemplary senshi and leader, but when it came to her personal life… she had always been a mess. And so Hikari chose to admire her mother’s good traits and forgive her for the bad ones. Knowing that she, too, would someday grow up to be a senshi, she focused on her training and aspired to be as excellent a leader as her mother had once been.

And unlike her mother, she would know better than to trust love.

Other Noteworthy Facts:
Star Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: A
Favorite Gem: Topaz
Favorite Flower: Sunflower
Favorite School Subject: Physical Education
Least Favorite School Subject: None
Favorite Food: Ramen (mostly because this is the only thing Minako usually manages to cook and the rest is atrocious) and the rare treats from wonderful Mako-chan
Least Favorite Food: Everything else that Minako cooks
Storyline Specific Information:
Chibi Guardians: After Chibiusa and her Sailor Quartet take over as the main protectors of Crystal Tokyo, the original Guardian Senshi decide that the city is guarded well enough for them to finally start to relax. In the space of about 12 years, they each end up having and raising a child of their own within the palace. Each girl is destined to eventually replace their mother and become the guardian of Chibiusa's future child, but first they have to start as senshi in training. This is the story of Chibi Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus as they grow into their legacies, balancing school and relationships with training to become true senshi.
Senshi Information (delete this section if not applicable)
Senshi Name: Sailor Chibi Venus
Realm of Influence(s): Light, love, metal
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Venus Power Make Up
Senshi Fuku: Chibi Venus’ fuku is in a lot of ways identical to her mother’s. Her signature colors are orange and yellow. Her collar, choker, skirt, earrings, brooch, and shoes are orange, her front bow is dark blue and her back bow is yellow. Her tiara has a yellow gem. Around her waist, instead of a chain, she has twin ribbons of orange and yellow. Her shoes are yellow heels with an ankle strap.

Lovely Radiance: Hikari could unleash an attack in the form of a giant shining heart which could blind and burn an enemy with its light.
Ribbon Heart Whip: She could transform the ribbons around her waist into a whip which creates a powerful force when lashed toward an enemy. (Unofficially dubbed the Love Whip by Minako.)

Weapons or Magical Items:
Transformation Pen: The item Hikari needs to transform into Sailor Venus.
Communicator: The item she will use to communicate with her fellow senshi.

Guardian: N/A
RP Sample: Sometimes Hikari remembered watching her parents when they were still married, from the crack of her bedroom door in the middle of the night. They didn’t know she was listening, didn’t know how loud their argument had gotten and how it’d woken her up from a fitful sleep. She stood in that small crack of light and watched as her mother—her pretty mother—looked so miserable. She never understood that. Her mother was loved by so many. She was beautiful and capable and perfect. She should be happy.

Why wasn’t she happy?

It was one question that haunted Hikari for a long time. She wondered at first if it was herself making her mother unhappy. Maybe she never meant to have a daughter. Maybe she changed her mind about it and wished Hikari never existed. But then other times she would try so hard. She would be so lenient to the point of irresponsible in offering Hikari whatever she wanted. Hikari saw the guilt in her eyes, and she saw love there, too. Not always so obvious, but soon she knew for certain that whatever her mother might feel about this family, she did love her.

But Hikari also learned that love was a mind-bogglingly complicated thing. It was simple when shared among friends and family. But the whole soul mate business that the other girls dreamed about? That seemed completely inexplicable and foreign to her. There was not enough love in her mother’s heart for someone to share the rest of her life with. Or maybe her love was so abundant she couldn’t bear to share it with just one person forever. Whichever was the case, Hikari knew that she bore the same curse and blessing. Within her was the same blood of Venus—the goddess of love that was never destined to find love for herself.

So she decided to go ahead and save herself all the pain by not even looking.


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Chibi Venus/Hikari Aino   8th October 2014, 6:26 am

Oh, I really love the history of this girl and how she has been shaped by her life to make way for her own unique personality. It's always nice to see a different take on things like this, and this is awesome xD The RP sample is so sad though, it breaks my heart. Poor little girlie, she's so young and already so disillusioned about love, (ironic that her birthday is on Feb. 14 hehe)  and she already has a burden on her shoulders.

Everything looks to be in order. I am excited to read this RP, it sounds fun xD



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[Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Chibi Venus/Hikari Aino

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