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 [Advanced] Sailor Chibi Mars/ Atsuiko Hino

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Sailor Chibi Mars/ Atsuiko Hino   5th October 2014, 8:43 pm

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Atsuiko Hino
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 11 August 29

Used Canons: Manga and Anime

Atsuiko kept her hair short, not wanting to have to fuss with it, like her mother’s gorgeous long locks. She looked ethnically Japanese but on the right side, there was a blonde streak of hair that grew and she had navy blue eyes, the same colour as her fathers. She is a miko on her mother’s shrine. Her miko outfit consists of a pair of red hakama, and a white haori. When not wearing that, Atsuiko prefers to wear comfortable clothing, not paying too much attention to the current fashion trends.

Due to her spiritual powers being stronger than her mothers, Atsuiko tends to be spaced out frequently, her attention more focused on what she sees with her powers rather than what goes on around her. Because of this, she tends to be fairly quiet and occasionally blurts out random bits of wisdom, which really creep people out.

Occasionally, Atsuiko felt alone and craved to have the company of others. For the most part, she was fine with how things were. Sometimes thought, it built up- all the names, all the whispers behind her back, all the times she was laughed at. When it became too much, she felt like a freak, that no one besides her parents ever wanted her around.

She was a tad bit socially awkward, never knowing what to do or say with people. Most people who knew her just ignored her most of the time. Atsuiko wished that she was close to someone, maybe she would be able to share all the wonderful and sometimes terrifying things that she saw. Despite everything, Atsuiko really was a sweet and caring person who would do anything for the people she cared about.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
Psychic Abilities: Like her mother, Atsuiko is a psychic, however, she is much stronger than her mother was. She is very attuned to the psychic plane and tends to pay more attention to that, then the real world.

Atsuiko Hino is the daughter of the Sol Senshi Sailor Mars, a.k.a. Rei Hino, had priestess of the Hikawa Shrine and the reborn Shintennou Jadeite.  Back when her parents first got together, their relationship was rock to say the least. It wasn’t the loving, supportive relationship they had now.

Back when her mother and aunts had been in their final year of high school, Aunt Usagi and Uncle Mamoru had gotten the bright idea to try and revive the Shintennou, who, upon the defeat of the Dark Kingdom had turned into stones of their namesake. By combining the two crystals, they were able to give the Shintennou another chance at life. While the intentions had been good, Usagi had failed to mention what she had planned to do until after it was done. That hadn’t sat well with some of the Senshi, especially Rei.

Her mother knew logically that the Sintennou had been brainwashed in the Silver Millenium and again when the Dark Kingdom when the Dark Kingdom had risen several years ago. However, the remembered pain of the betrayal still fresh and Rei had been angry and hurt, wanting nothing to do with her past lover.  Jadeite had known that Rei would be mad so for the first few months, he made it his mission to stay as far away from her as he could.

It worked fairly well until Christmas time came around. Usagi had insisted that they all get together for a Christmas party. The next thing Jadeite knew, he had been shoved under a plant that was hanging from the ceiling by Zoicite. He looked up to see a protesting Rei being herded by Minako and Usagi. Before he knew it, he had an armful of a spitting mad Rei and a grinning Minako demanding that they kiss, saying something about mistletoe and that they had to kiss.

What followed was history. It was still several months before they got together however. Something about that night and the brief kiss that had occurred between them seemed to shift something in Rei that allowed her to slowly let him into her life.

They were opposites in many ways and for the first few years of their relationship, leading to some pretty epic fights between the two that had become legendary in their circle friends.  When they found out that they were pregnant with Atsuiko, Jadeite and Rei made an agreement to reduce fights between them, especially when a fight late into her first trimester nearly caused her to lose the baby.

Atsuiko grew up very quiet, her attention, and focus on what she saw with her psychic powers, which greatly worried her parents. She was teased constantly at school because of how different she was from the others, which left her without a lot of friends. Even the daughter of the other senshi barely tolerated her.

Storyline Specific Information:

Chibi Guardians: Atsuiko is the daughter of Sailor Mars and has recently taken up the mantle as Chibi Sailor Mars where she is a senshi in training. The story follows the girls as they learn how to work together as a group and explore their powers.

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Chibi Mars
Realm of Influence(s): Fire
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Mars Power, Make Up!

Senshi Fuku:
Atsuiko’s fuku is almost identical to her mothers. The collar, chocker, skirt and back bow are all red as well as her star earrings, the cuffs to her gloves and circle pendant on her front bow. Her front bow, like her mother’s is purple. Her boots differ from her mother. Atsuiko’s are knee height and red, with a white trim in the shape of a V.

Mars Ember Shield: She is able to raise a shield of fire in order to protect herself or other senshi. She can also form it into a sphere to trap enemies if needed.

Mars Burning Phoenix: An attack that uses the Ofuda scrolls to purify an enemy. She holds the scroll in front of her, calls the attack and a flame shoots out from the scroll, taking the form of a phoenix before enveloping the enemy.

Weapons or Magical Items:

Transformation Wand: Allows her to transform into Sailor Chibi Mars
Communicator: Allows her to communicate with the other Chibi Senshi.
Ofuda Scrolls: Helps her vanquish evil. Can be used both in civilian and senshi form.
Guardian: N/A

RP Sample:
Atsuiko, or Suiko as she liked to be called, not that anyone really listened to her anyway, sat in front of the fire in a pose that her mother had taken many times before her, searching the fire for answers. She decided today to ask the fires why people didn’t like her and if there was anything she could do to change. She knew she was a bit spacey at times, things capture her attention due to her psychic powers, but she wasn’t a bad person.

She sighed, tears stinging the side of her eyes as the fire refused to give her any answers. What was she doing wrong? Normally answers came so easy in the fire to her. Maybe she really was the freak that everyone told her she was and the fire had no solutions to offer her. Maybe that’s why it was quiet. She slumped over dejectedly. I guess I’m meant to just be alone for the rest of my life

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Sailor Chibi Mars/ Atsuiko Hino   25th October 2014, 7:47 pm

Profile is now ready for review <3
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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Sailor Chibi Mars/ Atsuiko Hino   29th October 2014, 6:59 am

Aww the poor little girly. She's really an interesting character, and it will be fun to see how her stronger psychic powers will continue to develop! Hopefully she can find some happiness along the way too hehe =] Everything appears to be in order!



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[Advanced] Sailor Chibi Mars/ Atsuiko Hino

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