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 GC Discord Server Rules & Info

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PostSubject: GC Discord Server Rules & Info   7th December 2014, 12:54 pm

The GC Discord Server is a great way to get to know fellow members better and to have fun, laid back conversations together! As with all things, we do have a few rules for everyone to follow in order for everyone to have a good experience on GC.

Official Rules:
1. No gossiping or bashing/discussing of any member of the forums. No matter the topic.
2. All of GC's Rules and Code of Conduct apply, including how you talk and treat others. Please note, it's NOT just what you talk about, but HOW you talk to your fellow members.
3. Respect the Admin and Moderators if they ask you to be nice or to tell you that you are breaking rules.
4. Please do not spam too many posts. A little is ok, but a staff member will ask you to stop if it gets excessive.
5. Usernames must match your Galaxy Cauldron Username
6. Users may not make multiple accounts.
7. Members must put their nicknames in brackets beside their username, or split it with "|", for example: [Bubbles] Sailor Neptune or Bubbles | Sailor Neptune
8. Bot interactions should be kept in the #bot_official channel or in a club channel where appropriate. Please ask your club leaders if you are unsure.

Info and How to Join the Discord Chat:
The Discord Chat will be moderated by several Admin and Staff members.
Any rule breaking will be noted and taken care of accordingly.

To join the group chat, become a member of GC & visit this thread for the link.
It should open up Discord (if it isn't open already) and add you to the chat.
If that link does not work, please private message Artemis or Sailor Jupiter.

You will be required to confirm your understanding of these rules on the Discord server.

Special Colors
In the Discord chat, you might notice some members have different colors, here's what they all mean:

RP Admin
Admin Helper
RP Moderator
Lotus Crystal


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PostSubject: Re: GC Discord Server Rules & Info   Yesterday at 2:46 pm

Rule Update wrote:
Acknowledgement that these rules have been Read & Understood will now be done on Discord in the appropriate #welcome channels.


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GC Discord Server Rules & Info

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