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 Dreaming Gods

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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

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PostSubject: Dreaming Gods   3rd November 2011, 9:37 pm

She dared to rise only in her dreams. Dared to step upon
marble floors through white silk sheets that ghosted over her skin. She dared
to do so, for in her dreams her hands were not bound by metal and iron. She was
not forced into steel cages by her own subjects. In her dreams she was not a
danger to any one for she was just a spirit made up of wishful illusions of a
child goddess—condemn by those who stood on the same ground as her.

He knew this but he did not mind.

Beings of same strength yet different power. Children frozen
by Time’s hand for the purpose of protecting their Rulers—their jewels. She
would watch him with her round ice eyes and dared to stand beside him during
his prayers. Sometimes she would float about, the child in her bringing out natural
curiosity when she became restless and bored.

Sometimes she would speak. Speak to break the thousand years
silence between them.

“You are a God, are you not?”

And he would always answer. Always smiling. Pure, innocent.
Like an obedient child. Like a servant. “Am I? I suppose my power does have
such God-like qualities. I like to view myself more as a priest, however.”

“That is because you are bound to this place?” She peered at
him with her dead eyes. She cocked her head at him, her inky black locks shifting
with the movement. “You are like me. But

The boy in white stood, his height matching hers, and eyed
her with some sadness. Not pity. Not fear. Just sadness. “Yes. I am bound here
by the wishes of my master. To protect my master and his people. To care for
the dreams of all. I chose the solitude.”

The girl frowned. Her feet walked forward, bare against the
tiles, and her black skirts snaked behind her like a shadow. She kept walking,
even when the boy did not step to the side, and faded over his body in a mist.
He did not flinch. She did not stop.

“You chose to be alone for however long. I did not.”

The boy nodded, “I know.”

“If I had chosen to live in solitude would I have been
allowed a grand garden like you?” She turned back to him. “Would they not have
put those metal chains around me and put me into slumber? If I had said ‘yes’,
could I have been like you?”

He swallowed, “No.”


“Because they fear you. You are death. You are an ally.
Therefore you are this kingdom’s worst threat.”

The girl gave him a childish pout. She lifted her tiny feet
into the air and floated like the unreal being she was. She glided towards him
and touched the ground once more, wrapping her cloak around them. “Do you fear
me, Helios?”

They were Gods. Gods did not cry. Yet children did and they
were that too. He remembered that when he saw her black eyes soften and tears
wet the corners of her eyes.

“I, perhaps, fear your power.” He smiled at her then,
shrugging his shoulders, “But I can not fear you. You are as gentle as a

Her face, pale and white much like the moon above, lit up
with his words. Of course, it made him happy to see her face, usually stuck in a
frown like stone statue, now bright with a smile. It also, however, made him
sad for he knew he would be the only one to bestow such words unto her. Only
one, that is, except perhaps the White Princess.

As if she had read his mind—which could have been very
likely considering—she sprung away from him with a deep scowl, her cloak like
crow’s wings on her back. “I hate her.” Her voice came out younger. Wet. Like a
little girl. “She’s the reason I am like this. She is the reason why I can only
dream. I hate her so.”

They both knew it was a lie. She could not hate Serenity,
even if she dared to try. She was bound to her more than anyone else. But he
chose to allow her to believe that lie because, otherwise, it would only deepen
her sorrow.

Another time, Helios chose to leave the temple and the girl
followed after him, moving through walls like a ghost to keep up. Through the
garden they went, the sun high and breeze warm, though she would never know it.

“If I were real, would you invite me back?” She asked her
arms behind her as she drifted along. He looked up and nodded, “Of course.
Illusion of self or reality, you are good company.”

“Even if I were, to say, human?”

He stopped and stared, perplexed. Odd, she would ask. Gods
were usually content to be as they are, only masking themselves when they
wished to play with those that walked the Earth. Yet, how she worded it, one
could believe she meant to be actually human, with all the flaws and sicknesses

Then again, perhaps, to her, human was better than ever
being a God.

“Yes, I suppose I would, Lady Saturn…”

Silent then, she crawled herself into a ball and hovered down
to his height, stopping to rest her head (or to try to anyway) on his shoulder.
The boy did not mind. He smiled, his thumbs twirling together as he hummed a
little tune to comfort her. They stayed like, two godly children, until the
night came and the black star stood over head, taking the girl away until the
morning when her star disappeared into the sky.

Saturn came and went with each passing day, her dreaming
spirit always willing to take her where he was for friendly interaction. And
Helios always welcomed her sight during his prayers, standing to attention when
she appeared to him.

Sometimes they were silent. Sometimes they would talk.
Sometimes he would tell her of his frustrations; of how he was so old he no
longer knew his age or the face of the first King he served. He would tell her
how wished to meet his prince whom he protected without a question or a doubt. He
would share his wishes to be a normal boy, one that would grow old and die the
same as everyone else.

Sometimes they would tell of the same dream, where a pink
haired girl would float in and out, laughing sweetly like an angel.

They did this until one night when the sky turned red with
blood and the moon went dark. That was the night Helios could do nothing as the
Golden Kingdom and the Silver Millennium crumbled before him in tragedy.

That was the night he saw a Goddess give into her curse and
die like those who had damned her, her chains breaking off and giving her

And, when silence fell upon him, he swore he heard a soft,
maybe happy, whisper.

“Thank you, my

He did not see her again for a millennium. After the
bloodshed and war had passed, after his prince and princess had finally
reunited, and after he had met the pink haired girl that smiled at him with
wine red eyes.

She came to him—still young and still wise—her smile wide
and her arms open. She stood before him as a human, free and happy.

He smiled back, “Welcome back, Saturn.”

“Call me Hotaru. Saturn is the name of a sleeping goddess
who only dared to dream.”


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Sailor Uranus
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Sailor Uranus

Outer Senshi Admin  Roleplay Director

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PostSubject: Re: Dreaming Gods   3rd November 2011, 9:44 pm

Smile beautiful.


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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: Dreaming Gods   3rd November 2011, 9:57 pm

Ya know, I was supposed to be doing homework... But, this totally distracted me. ^^



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PostSubject: Re: Dreaming Gods   3rd November 2011, 11:11 pm

I never even imagined interaction between these two in the Silver Millennium, but this is... this is such an amazing way to put it. Having Saturn in chains reminded me of how she is being portrayed in a sailor moon fan comic I'm following on deviant art. Can't wait to read more by you!


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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: Dreaming Gods   4th November 2011, 6:23 am

This is a really beautiful piece and the imagery is beautiful!! Lovely work!! ^^


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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: Dreaming Gods   4th November 2011, 8:44 am

Wow... That is very interesting! You also write so good we can picture this in our head, like a movie. It's beautiful and maybe I'm not using the right term, but I find it very romantic. I'm usually not a romantic person, but this is the kind of romance I love.


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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

Title : Kat's fine, too
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PostSubject: Re: Dreaming Gods   4th November 2011, 10:52 am

I really glad you all like it, guys. I've had the idea of the two interacting for a while now so I wanted to put it into action.

Hm. I suppose I did write it in a very romantic way, Jo. I'm very heavily inspired my fairytale so my tends to come off in that style. I think I was leaning more towards a friendship kind of thing here.


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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : GC Official Galaxia Sama
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PostSubject: Re: Dreaming Gods   4th November 2011, 11:27 am

I could see your writing was about friendship but friendship can sometimes be romantic too, in a certain way since the closeness between the two and the feelings they shared which sounded very deep.

I also loved the thing about Helios wanting to be friends with Saturn even thought all the others were kind of afraid of her. It's almost like it was a forbidden friendship somehow, but feelings are being more important to him than everything opinion other could possibly think.


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Dreaming Gods

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