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 The Restaurant

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The Restaurant Empty
PostSubject: The Restaurant   The Restaurant I_icon_minitime8th December 2014, 11:03 pm

This is an alternative ending that I was inspired to write based on a scene in the Roleplay between JTC and I called Outsiders: A Forbidden Love Saga. 


The Restaurant Scene
Yuuta and Amina

Amina blinked in confusion as Minako left in a hurry, clouds of dust could almost be seen trailing behind her. What in the world was going on? First Minako had practically kidnapped her and taken her shopping for a new dress and then insisted she wear it and accompany her to a new restaurant. Then they had found Fuyoku and Yuuta there and joined them in a private dining room. Shortly after they sat with the two other senshi, Fuyoku had received a text message and had needed to leave, saying she had promised to watch a movie with Kumoka and Minako got a call from Usagi, telling them to enjoy the food before she left.

“Did we just get ditched by our friends?” She shook her head.  So much for the girls’ night out that Minako had insisted on.

“Yeah, I think we did. I guess since we’re not paying…you wanna eat with me?” Pleased he had asked her to stay, Amina blushed before nodding. They ordered some food, talking and laughing in between bites as they shared amusing stories of their childhood and their friends. Amina just finished recounting to Yuuta amusing story she was recounting to Yuuta about Ami and baking when the server brought a new round of food for them. He gently placed a small pot full of hot broth between them and placed a plate full of thinly cut slices of raw beef. In front of each of them a small bowl with what looked to be beaten raw eggs were set down.

“What’s all this?” Amina was familiar with some Japanese food but she had never seen this before. It did kind of remind her of hot pots she had had while in Taiwan and wondered if this was a similar concept.

“It’s called Shabu-Shabu. Here, it’s probably easier if I just show you how to eat it.” Knowing that Yuuta was better with actions than words, she nodded. He took a piece of the raw beef on the plate, dipping it into the hot broth, swirling it around. When he took it out, it was partially cooked. He then dipped the meat into the raw egg and popped it into her mouth. If they had been in the west, Amina would have been disgusted at the thought of eating raw egg, being concerned for diseases or parasites. However, she knew that the process to clean and sterilize the eggs in Japan were way more stringent and made the eggs safe to eat raw.

Yuuta grabbed another slice of beef and repeated the process, this time holding it out for her to take. Without thinking, she leaned forward and ate the piece of beef from the chopsticks with her mouth, as she would have done with a friend back home in Canada. Realizing what she had just done, she sat back, blushing. It was considered exceptionally rude in Japan to do what she had done. If someone offers you food, you use the back of your chopsticks to take the food and place it on your plate. She knew this! How could she have forgotten! Stupid, stupid, stupid! Her mind furiously ranted.

“Yuuta, I’m so sorry!” she said, her words blurring together in his nervousness. Her eyes remained glued to her lap, too afraid to look up and see the anger and disgust in his eyes. “I must have momentarily forgot, please forgive me.” Hearing low laughter coming from across the table, she looked up shocked. Was he mocking her?

“There’s nothing to forgive, it’s not a big deal,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“If you’re sure.” She let out a sigh of relief when Yuuta easily forgave her for the social taboo she had committed. The blonde woman could only figure because she felt so comfortable with him, the Japanese table manners that she knew had slipped her mind. The only thing perhaps worse than what she had done would be to leave her chopsticks pointing up from a bowl of rice as they resemble the incense in bowls of rice that are used in funeral services. They continued to chat while they ate, Yuuta occasionally feeding her bites of food in between funny stories of the Galilean Senshi. By the time a new round of food came, Amina was laughing so hard, she was nearly doubled over. She righted herself when the waiter put the new plates down.

“Thank you!” she is beaming brightly at the waiter. The dish they had brought looked so good. Just as she was about to grab some, she heard Yuuta hiss. She looked over and gasped at what she saw; part one of the chopsticks lay broken on the table, while the other was still barely connected to the other half remaining in Yuuta’s hand.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” he said, putting down the chopsticks. When he went to move his hand to his lap, presumably to hide his injury from her as to not worry her, she saw a flash of red.

“Fine my ass, you’re bleeding!” she said, her voice a near growl. She stood from where she had been kneeling at the table and walked around to the other side. She sat down close to him, making it easier for her to see. “Hand please.” When he seemed reluctant, she gently grasped his wrist and brought his hand up for inspection.

He was lucky; there was only one big piece of bamboo in his hand and not a bunch of little splinters. Grabbing one of the cloth napkins from the table, she used it to protect her hand from the bamboo as she gently pulled the piece out of Yuutas hand. Placing the slightly bloody bamboo on the table, she used a clean corner of the napkin to clean his hand as best as she could. Snagging the other clean cloth napkin, she reached for the knife as well and used it to cut the napkin into something she could use to bandage his hand.

“There, all done,” she said as she tied off the bandage, securing it in place. Bringing his hand up a bit, she leaned down and pressed a kiss to the center of his palm. “Does it hurt at all?” she couldn’t help the blush that spread across her cheeks. What was wrong with her? This was the second time tonight she had acted without thinking. Japanese people were much more reserved than Western people. She was most likely embarrassing him to death. She looked up and was surprised to find a look of awe on his face.

“Just be careful for the next few days and your hand should be fine,” she told him. As she moved to get up, Yuuta’s hand shot out and grabbed her arm, gently tugging on it, indicating for her to stay.

“Amina, I…I need to tell you something.” The blonde stilled in her seat, a feeling of dread overcoming her. When those words were spoken to her, it almost never leads to anything good.

“You know I really like spending time with you right? And we grew close during the mission to Zenar. What I’m trying to say is that, I’m in love with you Amina.”

“This isn’t a dream, is it?” This had to be a dream. There was no way in the world that Yuuta returned her feelings. Part of her was tempted to pinch herself to see if it really was a dream but the other part didn’t want to. If this was a dream she wanted to stay right here.

“Nope. Unless we're both dreaming, this is pretty real.” The corners of his lips tugged upwards in amusement.

“I never thought you’d feel the same.” Looking back on it now, it seemed pretty obvious that he liked her; he was always finding excuses to touch her, or reasons to see her. She felt him draw her closer to him as he leaned slowly towards her, giving her to option to stop and slow things down.

“Trust me, I do,” he whispered in her ear before claiming her lips softly. When they pulled apart, he rested his forehead against hers. They had a lot to work out but Amina had a feeling things would turn out fine.

The End
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The Restaurant

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