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 RP Moderator Position Open

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Lotus Crystal


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PostSubject: RP Moderator Position Open   16th December 2014, 6:48 pm

The RPG Moderators watch over the role-playing and discussion areas of the Galaxy Cauldron RPG and are active participants in our role-playing activities. They help keep the RPG active and running smoothly, so we all have fun.

The RPG has one RPG Moderator position open and I will be accepting applications until 23 December 2014. That is one week from the date of this announcement.

If you think you would like to take on the mantle of the Rainbow Crystal Moderator, fill out the following application and send it to Sailor Venus, our Roleplaying Director. If you have any questions or concerns about the application or any duties of being a moderator, feel free to ask them via PM to Sailor Venus.

Any member accepted as a role-playing moderator can later apply to be a role-playing administrator.

Role-Playing Moderator Application


[b]Username:[/b] Provide your GC username, so we know who you are.
[b]Tumblr:[/b] Don't have a Tumblr? That's alright, click *here* to make one or just leave this blank.
[b]E-mail:[/b] Provide an e-mail that you check regularly.

[b]Approved Character Link:[/b] [i]Please provide a link to the profile of at least one character you have had approved to play in our Forums[/i].

[b]Most Active Storyline Link:[/b] Please provide a link to the storyline, RP Event, or RP Game Event you have been most active in.

[b]How many hours can you dedicate to the RPG (per week)?:[/b] How many hours each week can you reasonably be expected to do your duties as a role-playing moderator? Be realistic. We know school and work can get in the way, sometimes.

[b]How long have you been roleplaying?:[/b] Tell us how many years or months you have role-played.

[b]Which series have you role-played?:[/b] Tell us what anime/manga/book/television/etc. series you have role-played before. It's okay if you have little experience role-playing the Sailor Moon series!

[b]Do you have experience as role-playing moderator? If yes, please list what your duties were, how long you held the position(s), and provide a link to the website you moderated for (if available):[/b] As a moderator, you might have been expected to greet newbies, know the rules, organize members for fun activities, review character profiles, etc. Be sure to provide plenty of details, because not all moderators have the same duties across all websites/forums.

[u]If you have no experience, then tell me what sort of duties you expect a role-playing moderator at Galaxy Cauldron to have.[/u]

[b]Do you have experience as a role-playing administrator? If yes, please list what your duties were, how long you held the position(s), and provide a link to the website you were admin of (if available):[/b]
Same as above! Please, provide plenty of details. [u]If you have no experience, then tell me what sort of duties you expect a role-playing administrator at Galaxy Cauldron to have.[/u]

[b]Why would you like to have a role-playing moderator position on Galaxy Cauldron?:[/b] [u]In other words, why do you want to be a role-playing moderator and why should we want you as a role-playing moderator? This is a chance to let your wishes and talents shine, so you can explain why you would make a great role-playing moderator.[/u] Maybe you have experience, maybe you have certain skills that would be really useful, and maybe you can help everyone have fun.

[b]What ideas do you have for the RPG? Please provide a detailed response:[/b] [u]Do you have ideas for how we can make the RPG a better and more fun place to role-play? Telling us a good idea shows that you already have what it takes to be a role-playing moderator and you'll take the position seriously. It also demonstrates how much you know about the RPG.[/u] [strike]Because providing an idea that is already in place doesn't look very good o.0[/strike]

[b]Which forum would you like to moderate?:[/b] Take a look to see what forums are available! [u]For bonus points, describe why this would be the best forum for you to moderate.[/u]

[b]Please include a role-playing sample. The sample should be at least 300 words in length. The sample can be a dialogue or a monologue, but must feature a canon or otaku Sailor Moon character.[/b] In other words, can you role-play? As a role-playing moderator, you'll be expected to help others role-play if they ask for help. You don't need to be an expert at role-playing and this sample doesn't need to be a masterpiece, but you should be able to point a newbie in the right direction.
If you don't know what to write about, then look for some writing prompts online. Maybe your favorite character is going on his or her first date? Maybe your otaku character has just discovered Usagi's identity as a sailor senshi.



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RP Moderator Position Open

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