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 Viz release - Rightstuf or Amazon?

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PostSubject: Viz release - Rightstuf or Amazon?   25th December 2014, 9:34 am

Hey guys. So, the release of the second Viz Media set is coming soon and I have it pre-ordered on both Amazon and Rightstuf. The reason I have it ordered on both sites is that POs went up before the first set was released and I didn't know whether or not I trusted RS - and Amazon had a smaller price. Now that I have received my Rightstuf order, I know what to expect from the packaging... and from the shipping delays.

While Righstuf shipped my parcel on time and all that, it took about a month and two weeks for my Sailor Moon Set 1 to get to me. However, when I wrote to them, they told me to make a claim and that they'd help me out. The packaging was good, albeit a bit voluminous for the small content.

With Amazon I've never bought DVDs / Blu-Rays but I have bought books and my experiences were, again, not fantastic. Shipping took a long time, yet again, and the packaging was also too voluminous for the content. But maybe not as "safe". Then again, with the time I pre-ordered this set, and considering the shipping fees for both Rightstuf and Amazon, I'd come out about 16$ cheaper by using Amazon. But I know from experience that the Amazon customer service sucks big time, so if I end up having any shipping issues I'd get into more trouble with Amazon than I would with RightStuf.

Physically, the only good part of RS over Amazon is the greeting card set, which I don't care about anyway.

Now my question to you guys is... has anyone from Europe bought the first set (DVD or Combo, I don't think it matters) from either of these two sites? And what was your experience like? Which of my two pre-orders should I honor and which would you cancel, if you were me? While I was waiting for my never-getting-here RS set I was already thinking about sending an email to cancel that order and just go with Amazon in the future, but now that the item is here and super safe and in great condition I'm having second thoughts.


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Viz release - Rightstuf or Amazon?

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