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 [Advanced] Moon River

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Moon River   27th December 2014, 10:00 am

Name of the Storyline: Moon River
Name of the Creator(s): Sailor Mercury & Miss Moon Rose
Forum: Silver Millennium
Plot Summary: Eons ago, at the beginning of time, Queen Serenity tasked young Sailor Pluto with the duty of guarding the Gate of Time, explaining the three taboos she mustn't break and setting her up for a life of loneliness. Their relationship started of as very professional, but as time moved on and Pluto grew more accustomed to her life and the way she would be living for eternity, she became desperate for at least one person she could hold on to, one person she could love and depend on. She needed someone who would never leave her, and that person was the queen, the only person who even knew of her existence.

Queen Serenity, feeling sympathetic and understanding Pluto's loneliness, would be that warm embrace, that support system. Soon they gained a very close, mother-daughter relationship. One where Pluto felt comfortable going to Serenity for that feeling of love that she never really got anywhere else. Serenity, in turn, would find herself enjoying Pluto's daughter-like company, and sometimes even making excuses for her to leave the gates. And knowing that Pluto holds the knowledge of all time, she also values the senshi as her most trusted advisor.

This love between them would only grow, and knowing that they were both supposed to live forever, Pluto found herself longing to be with the queen. But will it ever work? Or is it doomed from the start, especially when the queen's daughter arrives, and she becomes the center of her universe?

Details on any necessary information: This takes place back in Silver Millennium shortly before Princess Serenity is born. Pluto has been guarding the Gate of Time for a few years, but both she and Queen Serenity are still quite young. It will start shortly before Queen Serenity goes to the Galaxy Cauldron to ask for a daughter, and it will end with the fall of Silver Millennium.

Restrictions: Only Sailor Pluto and Queen Serenity will be playable, if any other character is needed they will be NPCed.


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Moon River   29th December 2014, 4:40 pm



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[Advanced] Moon River

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