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 (temp topic) Jewels of the Moon Kingdom suggestion/event/poll!

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PostSubject: (temp topic) Jewels of the Moon Kingdom suggestion/event/poll!   8th November 2011, 8:39 pm

Okay! For those of you reading Jewels of the Moon Kingdom, in chapter 11 you might remember a certain wager the five made - that the winner of the time trials race on the new rocket equipment would decide a collective punishment for the losers.

I need ideas for different punishments that they could come up with!
Looking for one from:
  • Jadeite
  • Nephrite
  • Zoisite
  • Endymion
  • and Aphrodite/Princess Venus/Sailor Venus (as Kunzite passed the pleasure to her devious genius).

So... Any ideas? Very Happy If it's specific to a character, please say which one. ^^

*Please note: Punishments could and probably should be embarrassing, but nothing too humiliating. They are representing Earth, so they can't make total fools out of themselves (i.e., losers have to wear a dress, etc.) but pretty much anything else works. ... like employing a particular code word that the losers must react to in some form or fashion. (i.e., every time Zoisite says 'X' the others must jump up and down touching their nose until he calls it off by saying 'Y' ((X and Y being substitutes for some other word... hahaha))).

Secondary note: If you have any cool pictures of the Shitennou, please photo reply them. x_x I'm severely lacking.

If you like a punishment that someone else has offered and wish to second it, juste quote them. ^^ And I've asked this same thing on tumblr, so I'll add in any suggestions I get on there I if I get any.

Thanks! Smile


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(temp topic) Jewels of the Moon Kingdom suggestion/event/poll!

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