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 RP Activity STAMPS!

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Sailor Uranus
Outer Senshi Admin
Roleplay Director

Sailor Uranus

Outer Senshi Admin  Roleplay Director

Title : Oh, you mean you DON'T have an Elephabulous? Shame.
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RP Activity STAMPS! Empty
PostSubject: RP Activity STAMPS!   RP Activity STAMPS! I_icon_minitime1st January 2015, 5:05 pm

RP Activity STAMPS! 1955989781  Hello hello everyone!

It is my extreme pleasure to finally release these beauties (made by lovely wonderful Sailor Neptune♥️) into the world!! Back in April when we put together the RP Activity Points Card, we had in mind a cute rewards system for points, but were unable to reveal it until this month! 

RP Activity Stamps!
Click above to get the refresher on GC Stamps! 

RP Activity STAMPS! Stamp_dark_blue_normal_by_tsuki_no_kagayaki-d7gil69RP Activity STAMPS! Stamp_green_normal_by_tsuki_no_kagayaki-d7gil65RP Activity STAMPS! Stamp_orange_normal_by_tsuki_no_kagayaki-d7gil5yRP Activity STAMPS! Stamp_purple_normal_by_tsuki_no_kagayaki-d7gil5rRP Activity STAMPS! Stamp_red_normal_by_tsuki_no_kagayaki-d7gil5dRP Activity STAMPS! Stamp_turquoise_normal_by_tsuki_no_kagayaki-d7gil55RP Activity STAMPS! Stamp_yellow_normal_by_tsuki_no_kagayaki-d7gil4r
RP Activity Stamps fall into the Achievement Stamp category and cannot be traded. 

  1. Each month has a specific color crystal attached to it. You cannot claim another month's color for achievements made in a different month. (Example: December's crystal color is red. For activity points earned in December, you can not grab the yellow crystal, or the green crystal, or the blue crystal - only the red one. If you didn't earn a red crystal in December, you'll have to wait around until the next month red is offered to claim it.) 
  2. Each month has three specific point-controlled tiers. You can only collect one tier each month. For example, if you earned 30 points in December, you can choose to collect the full crystal or the half crystal, not both. And I think it goes without saying that you can only collect the stamps your points allow for - if you earned 5 activity points for December, you cannot claim the full or the shiny stamp. 
  3. You can only claim stamps if you post your point card in the monthly reporting threads in the RP Welcome Forum. Once posted, you can claim the corresponding stamp immediately; however, towards the end of the month I'll probably do a summary post saying who earned what stamp if you wanted to wait til then. If anyone earns a shiny stamp they will be lauded in the next month's Town Hall Meeting! 
  4. Two Shards make a Crystal! If you get two Crystal Shards of the same color, they can be combined to make a Crystal! If you get five crystals of the same color, they can be exchanged for shiny crystal~
  5. If you collect all seven full crystals you will earn the Rainbow Crystal Stamp and special roleplay section perks will be heading your way as thanks for your activity! We consider holders of the Rainbow Crystal Stamp to be like our Lotus Crystal members ♥️

The Crystals for specific months will be posted in the Activity Points Card Report Thread for that month!

Since we are just opening this up now but our Activity Points Cards have been around a good while, please feel free to go back to previous months and claim the crystals you earned there! *Note: Shiny Stamps will be handed out by an RP Admin!




  • January (red)
  • February (orange)
  • March (violet)
  • April (light blue)
  • May (green)
  • June (blue)
  • July (yellow)
  • August (green)
  • September (red)
  • October (orange)
  • November (violet)
  • December (light blue)


  • January (green)
  • February (blue)
  • March (yellow)
  • April (???)
  • May (violet)

Point Allotments:
RP Activity Points
RP Activity Points
RP Activity Points
RP Activity STAMPS! Stamp_red_shard_by_tsuki_no_kagayaki-d7gil57

RP Rainbow Crystal Shard Stamp!
RP Activity STAMPS! Stamp_red_normal_by_tsuki_no_kagayaki-d7gil5d

RP Rainbow Crystal Stamp!
RP Activity STAMPS! Stamp_red_animated_by_tsuki_no_kagayaki-d7gip1l

Deity of RP! SHINY! Oh! Rare!
RP Rainbow Crystal Stamp
Collect all 7 RP Rainbow Crystal Stamps (all different colors!) and earn the Roleplay Section Rainbow Crystal Achievement Stamp!
RP Activity STAMPS! Stamp_rainbow_by_tsuki_no_kagayaki-d7gil3t

Happy Roleplaying! Start your collections today!  RP Activity STAMPS! 1955989781


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Super Awesome Space Museum//Kyra's RP's
RP Activity STAMPS! Qq4GRc

RP Activity STAMPS! WYxcDXRP Activity STAMPS! VfipPuRP Activity STAMPS! QcYyasRP Activity STAMPS! RCRME8RP Activity STAMPS! MwKWL7RP Activity STAMPS! WbL1DGRP Activity STAMPS! 2tcOIqRP Activity STAMPS! JbCUuoRP Activity STAMPS! V4DbwTRP Activity STAMPS! YtpCB5RP Activity STAMPS! Mmp9t9RP Activity STAMPS! Dx2prT
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RP Activity STAMPS!

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