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 January 5 Town Hall Meeting Notes

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PostSubject: January 5 Town Hall Meeting Notes   5th January 2015, 5:18 pm

Hi again! XD 

So, just in case you missed it or you had more ideas to add to the conversation, here is the quick-and-dirty rundown of our January 5th Town Hall Meeting!

First, January Events!
---::  Clue Game still in progress
1st::   December RP Activity Points Card posted! Don't forget to collect your stamp!
1st-30th::  The Lunar Chronicles Event
4th-14th::  2 Week Event - Gloria: Time is Running Out!
5th::   * Roleplayer of the Month Announced! Addelyn!
5th::  Featured RP Announcement: Outsiders: The Forbidden Love Saga
5th::  *  Town Hall Meeting - GC Chat - RP & RPer of the Month announced here!
5th::    Town Hall Meeting Highlights Stickied in Welcome Area (here!)
18th::    Featured RP Liveblogging Chat - Skype Post here for an invite!

Other topics discussed were having more RP Contests/Challenges, like our "Storyline Completion" and "Activity Challenge"s of the past, and having more LiveChatRP's, with varying topics and plot depth! If you have any specific suggestions for Contests/Challenges or LiveChat RP's, please share them below!

Thank you!


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January 5 Town Hall Meeting Notes

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