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 Relaxed Senshi/Antagonist: Sailor Freeze

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PostSubject: Relaxed Senshi/Antagonist: Sailor Freeze   6th January 2015, 9:25 pm

Character Name: No regular name that she knows of, beyond Sailor Freeze. 
Gender: Female
Age: Looks 17, but is around 4.6 billion years old. 
Character Image: 

  • Sailor Freeze has short, blue hair that is covered in a layer of frost, making it look much lighter. Her ice blue eyes are pupil-less, and her skin is constantly cold, like she just climbed out of a freezing lake. Her breath condenses when it hits the air. 
  • She wears the same uniform as Mercury in terms of the white and blue coloring, but her fuku is more raggedy and even iced over in places.

Storyline Specific Information: 

Ghost Planets- Sailor Freeze  is a Phantom Senshi and serves as one of Queen Theia's loyal guardians and companions in finding the Silver and Golden Crystals. She pretended to be Sailor Mercury and committed crime to sully her name and draw the senshi out of hiding. 

Additional Information: 
Sailor Freeze was created and awoken by Theia and the healing powers of her crystal shards, to act as a friend and protective senshi. She remembers nothing before that moment, and was even named by her mistress. She was the first Phantom Senshi born, and though this seniority did not make her their leader, she and Theia have a rather strong trust between them. She also has a magical connection with Sailor Mercury.

Like their appearances, Freeze has a similar personality to Sailor Mercury, albeit a darker version. She is cold and calculating, her curiosity leading her to pick apart her opponent's reasoning before making her own moves. Her intelligence allows her to form complicated plans using the information she gleans. Her demeanor is usually distant and aloof, and she hates being touched by most people. At her core, she is lonely. She doesn't actively seek attention, but she does like to feel appreciated. 
RP Sample: 
Senshi Information 
Senshi Name: Sailor Freeze
Senshi Fuku: Near identical to Sailor Mercury's first outfit, but she has no visor. Her fuku is torn at the skirt a little, and worn down in other places. There are a few ice patches on it too, and the tiara on her forehead has a cracked blue stone in it.
Powers and Magical Items:

Ice Manipulation- Freeze can create and control ice's shape and movement, summoning it with a touch or firing a wave or beam of frozen energy.

Phantom Call- She has the ability to communicate with Theia through their bond, creating a holographic image.
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PostSubject: Re: Relaxed Senshi/Antagonist: Sailor Freeze   6th January 2015, 9:39 pm



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Relaxed Senshi/Antagonist: Sailor Freeze

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