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 The Social Connection

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Goddess Yami
Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Dark Lord Spam Goddess Yami
Posts : 9845
Join date : 2011-07-10
Age : 28
Location : La La Land

PostSubject: The Social Connection   13th November 2011, 12:50 pm

I thought I post my original works here as well!

Title: The Social Connection
Rated: T (there will be some swearing, but nothing extreme)

A prince working as waiter? Crazy,isn’t? Yami Ookami
never expected to be spending his summer working in a café let alone
living in a different county. But you must make sacrifices when you want
to become the hire to the throne…or maybe not.

It was a nice summer evening in the Mythical Kingdom. The skies were
cloudless and the stars were shining brightly. At the Royal family's
palace a lovely party was going on. All the nobles and royalties from
around the world were there.
People were scatter across the ball
room chatting. Everyone was having a good time except for the youngest
prince, Yami Ookami. Yami was in his mid-teens. He was very tall and has
an appearance of a dog demon. His skin was slightly tan and his eyes
were a bright orange. Yami's hair was also orange, but has a hint of red
in it. Also his hair was very spiky. He stood in the back of the
ballroom glaring at people. Oh how he hated social functions especially
royals one. There were just too many people for his taste and he had to
dress formally. Yami despised formal entire.
He let out a sigh and
headed over to the staircase. No one was paying attention to him so
maybe he could sneak back to his room. The ball room was actually the
main entry way into the palace. In the middle was a giant staircase
which led up to the family's bedrooms. Behind the staircase was door
that led to the throne room and the king's office. To the left of the
ball room was a door that led to the living area. Then to the right was
another door that led to the dining hall and other rooms. Eventually
both the first and second floor hallways would connect due to the fact
that the palace was shape like a rectangle.
Yami made his way to
the staircase he was about to walk up the stairs, but his father spotted
him. The king of the Mythical Kingdom was a young man and also tall
like Yami. He had short wavy sliver hair and his eyes were a bright
blue. He walked over to his son and grabbed him by the collar of his
"Where do you think you're going?" asked the king.
"To my room," Yami answered. "I hate it down here."
"Maybe if you made an effort it wouldn't be so bad."
brushed his father off and turned around and said, "There's no point
and you know that." He then turned around and walked up the stairs to
his bed room.
The king let out a sigh. His son's attitude was staring to get on his nerves. He wished there was a way to adjust it.
"Excused me," said a voice.
father turned around and saw a young human girl standing there. She
looked like she was Yami's age. Her height was about average for a woman
and she had long straight blond hair. The girl's eyes were blue and he
skin was slightly pale.
"You must be Flora," the king said now remembering who the girl was. "Queen of the Kaos Kingdom."
"Yes I am, Mr. Ookami," replied Flora and bow slightly. "I wanted to thank you for inviting me to your party"
The king laughed and said, "There's no need to be formal and you can call me Yaseiinu."
"Okay then," said the young queen.
"Flora, you have grown since the last time I saw you."
"I was seven."
"Of course. Sorry I didn't make it to your coronation. My son Yami was very ill."
"That's fine."
"So how are you handling being a queen?"
"Okay, I guess. It keeps me busy and I enjoy helping my people."
"That's good. You've been queen for a year, right?"
"Don't worry, you'll get hang of things soon," said Yaseiinu and gave her a big smile.
"Thanks," said Flora and returned the smile.
"So you enjoy helping people, huh?"
"Yes, I do. I love making people happy."
"Hmm," said the king and went into deep thought.
Flora stared at him wondering what he was thinking about.
"That's it!" he said aloud.
"Huh?" Flora looked really confused.
"Can you come and visit me tomorrow? I want to ask you something, but seeing how a party is going it's going to have to wait."
"Alright, when?"
"Tomorrow at noon in my office because that's when he's usually wakes up."
"Okay….who usually wakes up at noon?"
"You'll see," said the king and just gave her a big grin. He then walked off to go talk to some other guests.



   formally Yamichan16   
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Goddess Yami
Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Dark Lord Spam Goddess Yami
Posts : 9845
Join date : 2011-07-10
Age : 28
Location : La La Land

PostSubject: Re: The Social Connection   14th March 2012, 2:05 pm

bumping ^^


   formally Yamichan16   
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The Social Connection

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