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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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Gabrielle Empty
PostSubject: Gabrielle   Gabrielle I_icon_minitime12th January 2015, 10:39 am

Zora C. Manson

#1 An Unlikely Duo

The scene fade into the Crystal Expanse. A large, brown wooden ship comes out of a rift in the sky. The rift closes behind it as the ship falls through the air towards the ground. Gabrielle hanging on for dear life on the deck of the ship as it hits the ground sliding across the ice and slowing down just a few inches away from a wall. Gabrielle stands up to her feet, and looks around the area seeing the ice, and feeling the cold hit her skin.

Gabrielle: This does not look like Egypt.

Gabrielle MFzL0qQ

Gabrielle puts on a jacket, and her sais in their sheaths, and the chakram on the back of her waist before leaving the ship. On her walk she sees the transparent crystalline walls surrounding her location. Over in the distance she sees a small figure approaching her. Gabrielle places her hand over her eyes to shield from the sun to get a better look at the figure before waving both hands.

Gabrielle: Hey! Over here!

The figure suddenly stops and Gabrielle hurries over to their position to see that it's just a little girl in black robes, a hand inside her robes.

Gabrielle: Easy, I'm not going to hurt you. My name is Gabrielle, I just... flown in. What's your name?

Zora: Says nothing

Gabrielle: Do you know where we are?

Zora: Only stares at Gabrielle

Gabrielle: Can you speak?

Zora: Keeps quiet

Gabrielle: Great. Can you point me in the direction you came from?

Zora: Points to Isafaro where skyscrapers are visible in the distance

Gabrielle: All right. Now we're getting somewhere. Heads in that direction Come on.

Zora: Stays put

Gabrielle: Turns around to see Zora isn't following Come on.

Zora: Remains in her spot

Gabrielle: I can't just leave you here.

Zora: Holds her ground

Gabrielle: We'll freeze to death.

Zora: Points in the direction of the tower

Gabrielle: Stares in awe at the tower What is that?

Zora: Motions for Gabrielle to follow as she leads

Gabrielle: I hope you know what you're doing.

Gabrielle catches up with Zora and the two walk side by side towards the tower.

Gabrielle: Where are those robes from?

Zora: Keeps walking

Gabrielle: Gets in front of Zora forcing her to stop and kneeling down to take a closer look at her robes seeing the serpent crest above her left breast You from a school?

Zora: Nods

Gabrielle: I'll do my best to see that you get back there.

Gabrielle stands up and the two continue to walk until they reach the entrance of the tower.  To their dismay the entrance was cover by guards with muskets in their hands dress in medieval armor with a red tint. Gabrielle quickly put herself and Zora down into the snow to hide.

Gabrielle: Looks like we have company. I don't recognize their weapons. Do you think they're friendly?

Zora: Reaches inside her robes and pulls out her wand aiming it at the guards

Gabrielle: I'll take that as a no. Looks at the wand Is that a stick?

Zora: Glares at Gabrielle

Gabrielle: You're going to threaten them with a stick?

Zora: Glare intensifies

Gabrielle: Let's me take care of this. Grabs her chakram

Zora: Looks at it confuse and not impress

Gabrielle: Just watch.

Gabrielle stands up and aims the chakram, hurling it through the air as it spins around and around bouncing off a crystal ice wall and hitting the first guard in the head. It bounces back off the tower hitting the second and third guard knocking them out before returning to Gabrielle's hand. Zora looking on in shock.

Gabrielle: Just like old times.

Gabrielle and Zora walks over to the guards to find one of them still conscious, but laying on the ground. Gabrielle takes his weapon and kneels down to talk to him.

Gabrielle: Are there more of you.

Jherrazad Guard #1: Says nothing

Gabrielle: I'm dealing with a lot of mutes today. Are there more of you?

Jherrazad Guard #1: Continues to remain silent

Gabrielle: Grabs the guard and rapidly jabs two spots on the neck with her fingers I just cut off the blood flow to your brain. You'll die in about thirty seconds unless I take it off. Now, I'll ask again, are there more of you?

Jherrazad Guard #1: Y-yes!

Gabrielle: How many?

Jherrazad Guard #1: T-two hundred!

Gabrielle: You have two-hundred men, and they leave three of you at the gate? What's so important about the tower that they'd need that many men inside?

Jherrazad Guard #1: Who said there were only three of us?

Gabrielle and Zora look around to see more guards coming out of the snow with their muskets aim towards the two.

Jherrazad Guard #2: Let him go, or the girl dies.

Jherrazad Guard #1: Starts to bleed from the nose

Gabrielle: Jabs her fingers into his neck again allowing him to breathe

Jherrazad Guard #1: Gasps for air and falls to the ground

Zora: Descendo! A flash of light spark from the wand and the guard's gun go down to the ground firing into the snow

Gabrielle: Get down!

Gabrielle pushes Zora into the ground to avoid fire from the other soldiers.

Gabrielle: Inside, now!

The two retreat inside the tower slamming the doors shut and locking them before the guards could get in. Gabrielle looks at Zora displease.

Gabrielle: I thought you couldn't speak?

Zora: You thought wrong.

Gabrielle: Why didn't you say anything before?

Zora: We just met and I didn't trust you. I kept my mouth shut and let you assume whatever you wanted.

Gabrielle: Can I at least have a name?

Zora: Zora.

Gabrielle: That's a pretty name.

Zora: Walks away

Gabrielle: Approaches the wall and looks over the strange symbols glowing on it. She touches it carefully with her hand, trailing the symbols with her fingers What are these symbols?

Zora: I don't know. I'm not a Ravenclaw.

Gabrielle: A what?

Zora: Never mind. Turns back to Gabrielle The man I met back at Isafaro told me that this tower was responsible for bringing people from other worlds here. He also said that it was possible for the tower to bring them back.

Gabrielle: Isafaro?

Zora: The town you wanted to go to when you asked where I came from.

Gabrielle: That's why you didn't want to go there?

Zora: No, I didn't want to go there because it's bloody awful! I did you a favor bringing you here.

Gabrielle: And where is here, exactly?

Zora:  The Downward Spiral. At least, that's what the locals call it. The source of everything that's wrong with this place.

Gabrielle: You said it was responsible for bringing people from different worlds here? It didn't bring me here. One minute I was being sucked through a whirlpool, and the next I'm falling out of the sky.

Zora: That's how they started to appear, anyway. I went to sleep in my dormitory and woke up in the middle of a street being attacked by soldiers. For one reason or another people are starting to appear in other ways.

Gabrielle: That must have been frightening for you.

Zora: Nothing I can't handle.

Gabrielle: I can see that. You know magic?

Zora: Yes.

Gabrielle: What was that spell you used on the guard outside?

Zora: None of your business, Muggle. I already shown you more than is allowed.

Gabrielle: Muggle?

Zora: A term we use to describe non-magical folk like yourself.

Gabrielle: That's a strange term.

Zora: You're a strange people. Turns around and walks away

Gabrielle: Follows Zora up the stairs in the next room You should stay by me. You heard the guard outside, there are less than two-hundred men in here.

The sound of the main entrance downstairs being hit by the soldiers outside reached their ears

Gabrielle: The rest trying to find a way back inside. We'll be trapped in here if we're not careful.

Zora: That won't matter once we find a way home.

Gabrielle: And if we don't?

Zora: We will.

The two reach the top of the steps and walk down a large room until they hear gunfire from afar. They hide behind the doorway to the next room and peer around the corner to see Isafaro troops firing at more Jherrazad guards. The inferior muskets forcing the Jherrazad troops to take behind cover longer than the Isafaro men who fires off more shots with their weapons.

Gabrielle: What are those things?

Zora: You tell me. It's a muggle weapon.

Gabrielle: Do you recognize any of these guys.

Zora: The one in black are from Isafaro. They were the guys I had to escape when they caught me out past their stupid curfew! I suggest we let them kill each other.

Gabrielle: Good idea. We shouldn't be getting in the middle of a conflict when it's not our world to begin with. We can sneak past them. Follow my lead.

The two begin moving behind the pillars to the far right of the next room, behind the Jherrazad soldiers. They move from pillar to pillar when nobody is looking in their direction until they are in the all clear. That is until they can hear more gunshots and explosions coming from all directions in the new room they are in.

Gabrielle: It never ends, does it?

Zora: It's a wonder you muggles have lasted for as long as you have; with how easily you turn on each other.

Gabrielle: You may have magic, but we're all still human here. Don't go acting like you're better just because you can cast a spell or two. We have bigger problems.

Zora: I agree.

Gabrielle: North, west, or east. No matter what direction we choose to go in we have more soldiers to contend with. What do you think?

Zora: North is going upward. That's the direction we need to head in in a tower. I suggest this time we attack the armored men.

Gabrielle: What?

Zora: If we attack the armored men, the Isafaro troops won't attack us.

Gabrielle: I thought you said Isafaro was awful.

Zora: This isn't a matter of personal opinion, Gabrielle. When caught between two opposing side you ally with the strongest of the two. Isafaro has better weapons than these armored grunts, and we already got on their bad side outside.

Gabrielle: We sneak past them for as long as we can. If there's no other way through then we'll go with your plan.

Gabrielle and Zora go north, coming to a stop at another doorway watching the soldiers of both armies go at it relentlessly offering no way for them to get by.

Gabrielle: Looks like we won't be sneaking past these guys.

Zora: Now are you ready to do things my way?

Gabrielle: All right. Takes out her chakram But you stay behind me. Understand?

Zora: Nods

Gabrielle gets ready to throw the chakram until heavy footsteps shake the room. A large black knight with a great sword enters into the battle zone opposite of where Gabrielle and Zora are, cutting through various Isafaro's soldiers and withstanding their bullets not slowing down an inch.

Isafaro Soldier #1: It's the Black Knight!

Isafaro Soldier #2: Fall back! Fall back!

The Isafaro troops retreat, running right by Gabrielle and Zora not even noticing the two.

Gabrielle: Looks at Zora Still want to side with Isafaro?

Jherrazad Guard #3: Praise Kasul. I don't know how much longer we could have held up. What is it?

Kaso: Looks towards the doorway Gabrielle and Zora are hiding behind Someone else is here.

The other Jherrazad troops reload and ready their weapons.

Kaso: Show yourself, cowards! I know you're there. Face me!

Gabrielle: We have to give ourselves up.

Zora: It's just one overgrown imbecile and a couple of soldiers. We can take them!

Gabrielle: No, Zora. We have to give ourselves up.

Kaso: I'll give you until the count of three. One. Two. Thr–!

Gabrielle: Enters through the doorway with her hands up All right! You caught us. We mean you no harm. We're only trying to find our way back home.

Kaso: Surrender your weapons.

Zora: Comes through the doorway wand at the ready Petrificus Totalus! The spell hits Kaso dead on, but dissolve and leaves no lasting effect to Zora's horror

Kaso: Cheap black magic! Kaso charges the two

Gabrielle: Zora, get back!

Zora stands frozen in fear as the Black Knight raises his sword over his head and brings it down in a powerful swing towards the two girls, the scene fading to black soon after.



Gabrielle SailorVSig2
Ayen's Reviews
Now reviewing video games and movies because why not?
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Posts : 1777
Join date : 2013-03-01
Age : 30
Location : Kansas City, KS

Gabrielle Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gabrielle   Gabrielle I_icon_minitime19th January 2015, 10:13 am

Zora C. Manson
Luca Valentine

#2 What's Next?

The scene fade into the Downward Spiral. Kaso's blade comes down for the kill. Gabrielle stands between him and Zora, both sais out blocking the sword and holding it back as best she can while looking back at Zora.

Gabrielle: Get out of here, Zora! Run!

Zora: Snaps out of her freeze just in time to make a run for it

Kaso: After her!

Jherrazad Guards: Chases after Zora

Gabrielle: Push off Kaso's blade and use the nearby pillar as cover for his next strike

Kaso: Slice through the pillar cleanly cutting it in half

Gabrielle: Rolls away as parts of the ceiling falls to the floor

Cut to: Zora running away from the guards.

Zora: Starts panting as she runs

Jherrazad Guard #1: Blocks her path I got you now!

Zora: Everte Statum!

Jherrazad Guard #1: Gets knock through the air AHHHHHHHHHH!

Zora: Keeps running until she sees a bright white light filling up a doorway east of her location. She looks at the light, then the guards chasing her, and back at the light. Swallowing in a gulp, she runs towards the light and leaps through it disappearing and the light vanishes soon after

Cut to: Gabrielle and Kaso fighting

The two continue to cross blades, neither one gaining an advantage on the other.

Gabrielle: Didn't your mother ever tell you to pick on someone your own size? Dodges another swing of Kaso's blade Though, I suppose you've never met anyone your own size before.

Kaso: Still haven't. Charges forward, moving faster than you'd expect from a man his size, launching strike after strike on Gabrielle keeping her on the defensive

Gabrielle: Parries the strikes and looks for an opening to strike back until a gunshot rings in her ears, stopping her dead in her tracks as she looks down to see blood flowing from her stomach where she was shot

Kaso: Kaso pulls back his sword and thrusts it for Gabrielle heart to finish this

Gabrielle: Falls through the floor as a white light consumes it and vanishes soon after she's gone

Kaso: Cuts air and looks around confuse, tapping the floor Find her!

Jherrazad Guards: Looks around confuse also


Gabrielle MFzL0qQ

The scene fade in on Gabrielle coming to on the ground. Voices are heard all around her as she is move off the ground. Everything goes black and when we come to, we see Gabrielle on a hospital bed inside an infirmary, looking around bemuse at where she is when a nurse comes in

Nurse: I'd save your strength if I were you. You received a terrible bullet wound in your stomach. We were able to heal it, but you should stay in bed for a couple of days.

Gabrielle: Bullet?

Nurse: It's a type of projectile, small in stature, that causes a lot of damage to the body. A lot more efficient than the weapons you have.

Gabrielle: Where am I? Where's Zora?

Nurse: You're safe, and so is she. Looks behind her Here she is now.

Gabrielle sees Zora enter the infirmary with Luca Valentine by her side

Luca: I'm glad to see you're up already. Your friend here was worried.

Zora: Folds her arms I wasn't worried.

Luca: She's a proud one, but I can see right through that.

Gabrielle: Zora, are you all right?

Zora: Doing a lot better than you are.

Gabrielle: Glad to see you're feeling well. Looks at Luca Who are you?

Luca: I'm Luca Valentine. Welcome to Utopia.

Gabrielle: Utopia?

Luca: We're a shelter for people like yourself. Outworlders with nowhere to turn.

Gabrielle: I don't understand how I got here.

Luca: I summoned you. After Zora arrived and told me of your current situation, I created a gap through the tower to let you in.

Gabrielle: A gap? We're inside the tower?

Luca: As a mirror image, yes. You catch on fast, Ms. Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: How do you–?

Luca: Zora was kind enough to fill me in.

Gabrielle: Slowly stands up

Nurse: No, you should rest.

Gabrielle: I'll be fine, don't worry. I had worse.

Luca: Are you in a hurry to leave?

Gabrielle: Zora and I need to get back to our own world.

Zora: Looks down to her feet sad

Luca: I regret to inform you, that neither of you has a world to return to.

Gabrielle: What?

Luca: There was a great battle that took place here. A powerful being went supernova and was absorbed into the tower, destroying multiple worlds in its wake. Your worlds were a part of that destruction.

Gabrielle: You can't know that for sure.

Luca: I can because I took the remnants of those worlds to create Utopia, and I saved as many people as I could.

Gabrielle: What are you? A god?

Luca: Nothing so primitive as a god. I am merely a vessel for the Enchantress to work her magic.

Gabrielle: Enchantress?

Luca: Nods She is the one who grants me my power and envisioned... Looks all around them All of this. The two of you are welcomed to stay here for as long as you like, or until you figure out what you want to do. I do hope you'll stay a little, and enjoy what Utopia has to offer. If you have any questions, I won't be hard to find. Leaves with the nurse

Gabrielle: Sits back down on the bed I can't believe it.

Zora: I don't believe it.

Gabrielle: You think she may have been lying?

Zora: Yes.

Gabrielle: Why lie about it?

Zora: I don't know. All I know is I don't trust her, and I don't trust this place. I want to leave. Now!

Gabrielle: We just got here.

Zora: Correction: You just got here. I've been here a full week.

Gabrielle: A week? We've only been separated for a few minutes.

Zora: Maybe to you, but for me? It's been a week.

Gabrielle: Time much move faster here than in...

Zora: Genesis.

Gabrielle: What?

Zora: The place we were at before is called Genesis. It's the center point of where all the other worlds are merging. That's why we were brought there. Like I said, I've been here a week.

Gabrielle: Good work. Stands up What else did you find out?

Cut to: Utopia

Gabrielle and Zora are walking through a beautiful green field with people passing them by as they speak.

Zora: And that's everything. A bunch of powerful warriors got together, they blew moon turds up, and chibi everything else for the rest of us. That's why people started appearing through rifts and out of thin air.

Gabrielle: Don't swear.

Zora: You're not my mother, Gabrielle. I'll do and say what I like.

Gabrielle: I don't envy your mother back home.

Zora: I don't envy your children, if you ever have any.

Gabrielle: Suddenly stops and looks hurt

Zora: Notices Gabrielle isn't walking at her side and turns around to look at her What?

Gabrielle: Nothing. Let's go see Luca.

The two continues to walk until they find a gray castle in the distance. The guards let them through and they make their way to the throne room to see Luca with Lemara. Luca sees them and smiles as she approaches with Lemara.

Luca: I'm glad to see you up and about. How do you like Utopia so far?

Gabrielle: It's beautiful.

Luca: This is my associate, Lemara. She's been by my side since the beginning. Holding onto Lemara's hand

Lemara: It's nice to meet you. Luca neglected to mention your beauty.

Gabrielle: Stares silently unsure of what to say

Zora: Roll eyes

Luca: How may I be of assistance?

Gabrielle: We'd like to leave.

Lemara: Leave? Why would anyone want to leave? This place is a paradise.

Luca: Calm yourself, Lemara. We can't force them to stay if they don't want to. Looks at Gabrielle and Zora May I at least ask why you wish to depart?

Gabrielle: Looks at Zora

Zora: Looks away

Luca: I see. You are very kind to put the child's needs ahead of your own.

Gabrielle: It's not just that. What you said, these are things I have to see for myself.

Luca: I understand. Walks over to the wall and creates a doorway leading back into the Downward Spiral Should you change your mind you are always welcome to return.

Gabrielle: Thank you. Come on, Zora.

Gabrielle and Zora enters through the doorway and returns to the Downward Spiral as the doorway disappears soon after.

Lemara: The Enchantress isn't going to be happy about this.

Luca: Looks at Lemara Let me worry about the Enchantress.

Cut to: Downward Spiral

Gabrielle: Okay, we're out. Now what?

Zora: We find out how this tower works and go home. Same plan as before.

Gabrielle: Maybe we should have asked them how the tower works since they were inside of it.

Zora: Gets annoy with Gabrielle and storms off

Gabrielle: Zora! Zora, wait! Chase after her Zora, we need to stick together–!

Gabrielle comes around the corner and comes to a stop when she sees Sincara holding Zora at gunpoint Whoa, okay.

Sincara: Who are you?

Gabrielle: Just take it easy. We're only looking for a way back home.

Sincara: Outworlders?

Gabrielle: Yes.

Sincara: There's no home to go back to. For any of us. Holsters her gun and turns around and walks away

Zora: Begins drawing her wand

Gabrielle: Stops her and whispers No.

Zora: No one insults me with a muggle weapon!

Gabrielle: I said no. Remember what happened last time? How about you listen to me for a change?

Zora glares at Gabrielle, and puts her wand away following Gabrielle as they trail behind Sincara.

Gabrielle: What's your name?

Sincara: Sincara.

Gabrielle: I'm Gabrielle. This is Zora.

Sincara: Chuckles

Zora: What's so funny?

Sincara: Nothing.

Gabrielle: I don't suppose you can tell us anything about this tower?

Sincara: It was created by an ancient civilization that lived millions of years ago. It was said that their technology surpassed even Isafaro itself. Then a great catastrophe froze their land in crystal ice, thus making the expanse outside.

The three walks by corpses of Isafaro and Jherrazad soldiers.

Gabrielle: This your handy work?

Sincara: They were in my way.

Dead Isafaro Soldier: Eyes open

Gabrielle: What caused the catastrophe?

Sincara: Trying to play God.

Zora: Turns her head and sees the dead soldier getting up Gabrielle! GABRIELLE!

Gabrielle and Sincara turns to see the undead Isafaro soldier on his feet roaring loudly at the trio. The camera closing in on his face as he charges the three with his teeth bare. The scene fade to black.



Gabrielle SailorVSig2
Ayen's Reviews
Now reviewing video games and movies because why not?
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Posts : 1777
Join date : 2013-03-01
Age : 30
Location : Kansas City, KS

Gabrielle Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gabrielle   Gabrielle I_icon_minitime26th January 2015, 2:28 pm

Zora C. Manson

#3 We Have A Plan

The scene fade in on the Isafaro zombie charging at the trio inside the Downward Spiral. Sincara draws her revolver and fires off a single shot into the head of the undead soldier, watching its brains blow out and its body fall to the floor before it could reach them. The other dead Isafaro troops got up, these picking up their weapons and firing at the trio forcing them back into the next room. The bullets separating them as Sincara ran in one direction and Gabrielle and Zora ran in another, the undead hot on their trail never letting up while their bodies began to mutate.

Zora: Turns in the midst of her run and points her wand at the zombies Incendio!

The flames set one of them on fire, but it continues to chase them regardless

Gabrielle: Keep running!

Gabrielle and Zora makes it out of the tower and closes the entrance behind them as they back away.

Gabrielle: Looks around We lost Sincara.

Zora: Forget about her. There's nothing we can do now.

Gabrielle: Something or someone obviously doesn't want us finding out more about this place.

The doors bang behind them as Gabrielle and Zora could hear the zombies trying to break through.

Zora: We better get moving before they Nods head to the door make us dinner.

Gabrielle: I'm sorry, Sincara.

The two walk out of sight while the camera pans in on the door that continues to shake by the monsters on the other side of it.

Gabrielle and Zora walks through the Crystal Expanse until they arrive to a part where the ice and snow are absent only leaving ruins of buildings in their stead.

Gabrielle: What is this place? It looks like something melted away the ice.

Zora: Comes to a stop and tugs on Gabrielle's jacket Gabrielle, look!

Gabrielle and Zora sees a camp up ahead. People in old clothes gather around a fire to keep warm. As Gabrielle and Zora gets closer, an old man who looks to be their leader stands up and approaches the two.

Kain: What do you want?

Gabrielle: We're not here to cause you any trouble. We're just a little lost. I'm Gabrielle and this is Zora.

Kain: Observes the two I am Kain.

Gabrielle: Can you tell us what happened here?

Kain: From what I can tell, a great fire melted away the ice and freed us.

Gabrielle: Freed you?

Kain: You don't know? An ancient civilization was frozen here many years ago. A great nation by the name of Kari. We are from that great nation.

Gabrielle and Zora looks towards Kain in silence

Gabrielle MFzL0qQ

Gabrielle and Zora sits with the Kari survivors by the fire.

Gabrielle: You and your people were frozen under the ground for millions of years?

Kain: We were testing a new type of military weapon when it backfired and incarcerated us in a prison of ice.

Zora: Learned your lesson the hard way, then.

Gabrielle: Zora!

Kain: No, she is right. Had we not allowed greed and power to blind us then perhaps this expanse never would have been. There is a certain beauty to it, but also cold isolation. What can you two tell us of Genesis? How has it changed since our time?

Gabrielle: I'm afraid we can't tell you. We just arrived not too long ago.

Zora: That tower of yours has been snatching people from their own worlds and bringing them here. We just happen to be another name on the list.

Gabrielle: We weren't brought here directly because of the tower, but what she says is true for the most part.

Kain: So, the device works. It really can connect to different worlds. This is a marvelous discovery.

Gabrielle: If we brought you to the tower would you be able to work it?

Kain: I'm afraid only our engineers and scientists knew how, and they remain frozen beneath the ice.

Zora: What if we melted that ice?

Gabrielle: What?

Zora: If a fire of some kind already melted half of the expanse then surely we could melt the other half. Then the civilization would be back on its feet and able to bring us home.

Gabrielle: How do you intend to start a fire big enough to do that?

Kain: If we can find out what melted this half of the expanse we may be able to duplicate the effects to the other half.

Zora: Gives Gabrielle an “I told you it was a good idea look.”

Gabrielle: Sounds like we have a plan. Stands up I'm guessing whatever caused this will be in that direction Points to the exit of the expanse So we'll start there. Come on, Zora.

Zora: Stands up and follows Gabrielle out of the camp We're finally getting somewhere.

Gabrielle: Don't get your hopes up. We still don't know if we'll be able to repeat what caused this.

Zora: We'll do it if I have to melt the ice block by block myself.

Cut to: Aircano Ruins

The two make it to the ruins of the holy city nearly becoming blind by the sight of the second sun. They shield their eyes and look ahead as best they can.

Gabrielle: Is that a sun on the ground?

Zora: Do you think this is what melted the Crystal Expanse?

Gabrielle: It's possible. I wouldn't rule it out. It's close enough. We're definitely not repeating it if that's the case. Looks around the ruins This place has been wiped out. It could have been a small village, a capitol city, a farm. Nothing's left to tell one way or another. We need to try to find another town and learn what happened here.

Zora: Nods in agreement

Cut to: The Jherrazad Desert

Gabrielle and Zora walks across the black sand side by side

Gabrielle: A black desert. Can't say I ever traversed one of these. It's crazy to think we were just in a frozen wasteland not that long ago.

Zora: Says nothing

Gabrielle: You know, I still don't know much about you.

Zora: What's to know? We're not friends. Ours is an alliance of convenience. You shouldn't even know I exist. If I were older I'd wipe your memory before we depart to ensure you wouldn't speak a word of this to anyone.

Gabrielle: I take it muggles and witches don't commune often?

Zora: Muggle-borns are bad enough.

Gabrielle: Muggle-borns?

Zora: I shouldn't have said that. Forget what you heard!

Gabrielle: Well, if you won't share I will. I'm from Potidaea. I lived there with my parents and sister. That was until I met Xena. We traveled together on the road for a very long time. She taught me how to fight, and how to take care of myself.

Zora: I don't care.

Gabrielle: If you ever want to get anywhere in life it wouldn't kill you to make friends.

Zora: I don't need friends.

Gabrielle: That's where you're wrong. Everyone needs friends.

Zora: Suddenly comes to a stop

Gabrielle: Stops next to Zora and follow her eyes to the trail of corpses along the villages they're approaching. Gabrielle walks over and examines one of the bodies

Zora: Careful, he might stand up.

Gabrielle: Looks like this guy has been dead for days.

Zora: What killed him?

Gabrielle: Hard to say. There are no wounds on his body, but his eyes are filled with terror. Like he saw the face of Hades himself before he died.

Zora: Hades? How Greek of you.

Gabrielle: I am Greek. Stands up You'd know that if you bothered to get to know me. Looks back at the corpse I don't like this.

Zora: You're not the only one.

Gabrielle: Men rising up from the dead, melted expanses, second suns, and now a massacre. There is something seriously wrong with this place.

Zora: All the more reason to find a way out of here. Kari is our only chance right now.

Gabrielle: And what if Luca was right? What if we don't have a home to go back to? What then?

Zora: I refuse to accept that.

Gabrielle: I don't blame you, Zora, but you may very well have to consider what you'll do if we can't go home. Starts leading Zora through the villages Stay close to me. Whoever did all this may still be around.

The two continue to walk until they see a figure approaching in the distance. Gabrielle reaches for her weapons ready to defend herself until a familiar tune hits her ears

Joxer: Joxer the Mighty roams through the countryside, he never needs a place to hide.

Gabrielle: It can't be. Runs towards Joxer

Joxer: With Gabby as his sidekick, fighting with her little stick. Righting wrongs and singing songs. Being mighty all day long. He's Joxer! He's Joxer the Mighty!

Gabrielle: Runs up to Joxer and hugs him tightly

Joxer: Gabrielle! I was just talking about you. Only good things.

Gabrielle: Lets him go

Joxer: Hey, you cut your hair.

Gabrielle: You know I cut my hair.

Joxer: No... I would have remembered that.

Zora: Catches up with the two

Joxer: Who's the squirt?

Zora: Excuse me?

Gabrielle: This is Zora. I met her after finding myself here.

Joxer: They got you too, huh?

Gabrielle: They?

Joxer: The gods, who else? I bet you it's that Ares. He always stuck me as the mischievous one in the family.

Gabrielle: I don't think Ares did this. I don't think any of the gods did this.

Joxer: Hmm... Welp, I'll have to take your word for it. Hey, where's Xena?

Gabrielle: Is sad by the question

Joxer: What's wrong?

Gabrielle: Xena died. In combat while we were visiting Jappa.

Joxer: Oh, Gabrielle. I'm sorry. Hey, how about another hug? Outstretch arms

Gabrielle: Joxer, no.

Joxer: Hugs Gabrielle nice and tight There. I guess we'll have to team up again to get to the bottom of all of this. It'll be just like old times. Junior can come along too. The more the merrier!

Zora: My name is Zora C. Mason from the noble house of Slytherin. Draws her wand And you will show me the proper respect!

Gabrielle: Put the stick down, Zora.

Zora: This is NOT a stick!

Gabrielle: I don't care what it is. You can either put it down, or I'll make you put it down.

Joxer: You better listen to her, kid. Gabrielle can pack quite the mean punch.

Zora and Gabrielle stare at each other for what feels like an eternity before Zora tucks the wand back inside of her robes and Gabrielle turns back to Joxer

Gabrielle: We actually already have a plan on how to get out of here. We'll fill you in on the way.

The three set out to the horizon as the scene fade to black.

Fade In: The Empire of Jherrazad

Gabrielle, Zora, and Joxer enters Jherrazad to see people in robes walking back and forth through the marketplace with sandals on their feet. They can see the black tower that stands over the city, nowhere near as big as the Downward Spiral, but still pretty big. Gabrielle looks over to one of the stands and sees an old television set. She walks over to the TV and grabs it to look at the screen.

Salesman: May I help you?

Gabrielle: How did you get the people inside this box?

Salesman: What?

Gabrielle: Puts the TV down and grabs the Salesman by his collar What did you do?

Salesman: I didn't do anything!

Gabrielle: How did the people get inside the box?

Salesman: It's a TV, lady!

Gabrielle: Looks over to Zora and Joxer

Zora and Joxer looks just as clueless as Gabrielle

Gabrielle: Let's the salesman go and walks back to the group We need to figure out where we are.

Zora: Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: Not now, Zora.

Zora: Gabrielle!

Gabrielle: What? Looks over to see the same Jherrazad guards from the Downward Spiral looking over the city. Stares silently at the guards as the scene fade to black.



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Zora C. Manson
Empress Ranko

#4 The Empire of Jherrazad

The scene fade in on Gabrielle, Zora, and Joxer hiding behind a building in Jherrazad so the guards don't see them.

Joxer: Okay, do either of you girls feel like telling me what's going on here? Peeks out from behind the building

Gabrielle: Pulls Joxer back behind the building Those guards tried to kill us back at the tower. We can't let them see us.

Joxer: Ah, but they don't know who I am, and that means they don't know how dangerous I can be! Tries pulling out his sword, but is unable to and spins around struggling to get it out until he hits himself with it and falls to the ground

Zora: We're going to die.

Joxer: Gets back up I'm fine. I'm all right.

Gabrielle: We just need to find a disguise.

Zora: Where are we supposed to find a disguise?

Gabrielle: Where there's a will... Looks up to see clothes hanging off a clothesline there's a way.

Gabrielle MFzL0qQ

The three come out from behind the building dress like citizens of the city, Gabrielle and Zora having their faces covered

Zora: I can't believe I let you talk me into this.

Gabrielle: Just roll with it, Zora, and try to sound less like you.

Zora: Mimics Gabrielle Oh, I'm Gabrielle. I wear clothes that barely cover my body, and fight with a Frisbee.

Joxer: Taps on Gabrielle's shoulder to get her attention

Gabrielle: What?

Joxer: I think she's making fun of you.

Gabrielle: Thanks, Joxer. I got that. Just stick to the plan. Ask around about Aircano and try to figure out if the sun and the Crystal Expanse are connected.

The three split up. Joxer walks up to one citizen.

Joxer: Pardon me, my good sir. Do you happen to know about a fire in Aircano?

Jherrazad Citizen: Looks at Joxer and walks away without a word

Joxer: Rude.

Cut to: Jherrazad Castle Gates

Gabrielle: Approaches a guard Excuse me. I hear frightful things from here to Aircano. Is it true that the city has a second sun?

Jherrazad Guard #1: I heard about this, too. Soldiers on patrol has seen the sun's rays of light from what remains of the holy city.

Gabrielle: Is it connected to the melted expanse?

Jherrazad Guard #1: Perhaps. The Empire has no interest in the fate of Aircano or the Crystal Expanse. Now you best run along, citizen.

Gabrielle: Yes, I will do that right now. Bows and walks away with an annoyed look on her face.

Cut to: The Markets

Zora: Standing across from a market owner with a crowd all around them What do you know about Aircano?

Market Owner: I know nothing. You buy?

Zora: What about all the corpses left in the villages?

Market Owner: No, no. I know nothing about that.

Zora: You're lying. I think you do know something about what's going on. Is it connected? The expanse, the sun, the dead bodies? Are they connected?

Market Owner: GUARD! GUARD! This little child is bothering me! GUARD!

Zora: Runs away from the marketplace and runs right into Kaso falling to the ground

Kaso: Looks down into the girl's eyes I remember those eyes. Bends over and grabs Zora lifting her up to her feet

Zora: Struggles beneath his grip

Kaso: Did you think I would forget?

Joxer: Hey! Pick on someone...

Kaso: Straightens up to his full height and turns around looking down towards Joxer

Joxer: Gulps Size.

Kaso: Who are you?

Joxer: I am Joxer. Takes out his sword Joxer the Mighty!

Kaso: Laughs, releasing Zora into the custody of his guards before drawing his blade You are a fool, Joxer the Mighty.

Joxer: We'll see who's the fool once you've met the end of my blade!

Kaso: Knock the sword out of his hands

Joxer: Looks at his hands

Kaso: Moves to swing his blade again

Gabrielle: Sends the chakram through the air disarming Kaso and catching it once it comes back around to her

Kaso: You!

Gabrielle: Unveils her face and smiles Did you miss me?


Jherrazad guards head towards Gabrielle aiming their muskets and firing at her.

Gabrielle: Jumps behind a shop's stand for cover and comes up throwing her sai into the eyes of one guard, and keeping the second one in her hand

Zora: Steps on the guard holding her foot and manages to slip out of his grip and run away

Gabrielle: Joxer, get Zora!

Joxer: Runs over to Zora and flees with her

Gabrielle: Jumps over the stand, grabbing the sai from the dead guard and rushing at the others while they reload. Hitting the hilt of the sais into the chest of one guard knocking him down, and tripping another before thrusting the sais into his face

Kaso: Rushes Gabrielle after reclaiming his sword and brings it down putting all his strength behind the swing

Gabrielle: Rolls out of the way of the swing and throws sand in his eyes while he is still bent over

Kaso: Moves his arm to remove the blindness while backing away

Gabrielle: Stays on him, holding the sais close to her fist and punching and kicking him with the blades, scratching his armor

Kaso: Only staggers back due to his size, wipes the dust from his eyes and rams himself into Gabrielle

Gabrielle: Falls to the ground, blocking his sword with her sais struggling underneath him

Zora: Looks back at the fighting We have to do something!

Joxer: But what?

Zora: Evanesco!

Kaso: His sword disappears

Gabrielle: Kicks Kaso off of her, getting on top of him and jamming the sai in her right hand into his eye penetrating the brain

Jherrazad Villagers: Gasp at the sight

Gabrielle: Gets up to find herself surrounded by guards with muskets aimed at her

Zora and Joxer are caught by the guards and pushed to Gabrielle's side

Kaso: Take them to the tower.

Gabrielle: Turns and looks surprised at the sight of Kaso standing up

Kaso: The Empress will decide their fate.

Fade out

Fade in: The Tower

Kaso and his men leads a now chained up Gabrielle, Zora, and Joxer, to the top of the tower where Empress Ranko is talking with her General, Alexander. They stop talking and face the group as Kaso presents the prisoners

Empress Ranko: Who are these people?

Kaso: These were the girls who attacked us back at the Downward Spiral. I never seen the man before today.

Jherrazad Guard #2: They were asking about Aircano and the villages that lay outside the walls.

Empress Ranko: Tell me your names.

Gabrielle: Gabrielle.

Zora: Zora.

Joxer: And I'm Joxer. Joxer the Mighty!

Jherrazad Guard #3: Whacks Joxer over the head

Joxer: Ow! Hey, that hurts.

Gabrielle: Let them go. They're only here because of me.

Empress Ranko: Then they'll die because of you. Take the others to the dungeons, I wish to speak to their leader alone.

Kaso and his men take Zora and Joxer away. Alexander is the next to leave, and the other guards follow suit leaving Ranko and Gabrielle alone in the throne room

Empress Ranko: Walks around Gabrielle, removing the clothes she stole and only leaving her default attire on underneath You are not from here. Are you an Aircanian spy?

Gabrielle: Says nothing

Empress Ranko: Strikes Gabrielle across the face When I ask you a question you answer. Grabs Gabrielle by the chin and force her to look into her crimson eyes Are you a spy?

Gabrielle: No.

Empress Ranko: Why are you here?

Gabrielle: To find out what happened to Aircano and the villages outside.

Empress Ranko: Why did you attack my men?

Gabrielle: They attacked us first.

Empress Ranko: At the tower as well?

Gabrielle: Says nothing

Empress Ranko: Lets go of Gabrielle I recognize those eyes. They are eyes of war. Eyes of a warrior. Do you enjoy the battle?

Gabrielle: No.

Empress Ranko: Liar. I can see it in your eyes. You enjoy it, and that frightens you. You want to fight me right here, right now.

Gabrielle: Are you afraid?

Empress Ranko: Women like us don't have that luxury.

Gabrielle: You and I are nothing alike.

Empress Ranko: You barely know me.

Gabrielle: I know the type.

Empress Ranko: I'd say give it time, but you don't have a great deal of time left. Tomorrow morning, you and your friends will be executed. You and the man will be beheaded. As for the child... you get to watch her hang.

Cut to: The Dungeons

Joxer pace back and forth in his cell while Zora sits down perfectly still. A single soldier stand guard by the cell.

Joxer: What would the Empress want with Gabrielle, huh?

Zora: I don't know. You know her better than I do.

Joxer: If we could just get the key from that guard, we could bust out of this joint.

Zora: If I had my wand I could unlock the cell door with a single word.

Joxer: Well, you don't have your wand. So we need to put our heads together and come up with a plan.

The cell door opens and Gabrielle is thrown in with the others.

Joxer: Gabrielle! You're okay.

Gabrielle: Are the two of you hurt?

Zora: No.

Joxer Sees the red mark where Ranko hit Gabrielle Did that man strike you? Hey! What kind of a man strikes a lady?

Gabrielle: Joxer! Be quiet! This is nothing. We have to get out of here tonight. The Empress plans to execute us in the morning.

Joxer: All right, what's the plan?

Gabrielle: We fight.

Joxer: What?

Gabrielle: We start a fight forcing the guard to come in here to break us up. When he does we take him by surprise and make our escape.

Joxer: I can't hit a girl. It'd be unheroic.

Gabrielle: Then allow me. Grabs Joxer's nose and twists it

Joxer: AHHH!

Jherrazad Guard #3: Hey! Knock it off in there!

Gabrielle: Pushes Joxer It was your idea to come here. Pushes him again It's your fault we were captured, and it's your fault we're all going to die!

Joxer: My fault? It was you who seduced me into coming along in the first place with your luscious curves and pretty eyes! Winks at Gabrielle for her performance

Gabrielle: Shakes her head and punches Joxer in the face

Joxer: Ow!

Jherrazad Guard #3: I had enough of this! Enters the cell

Gabrielle: Jumps the guard and begin punching him in the face

Zora: Jumps up from her seat and runs at the guard, pulling out his sword while he fought with Gabrielle and running it through his chest

Guard #3: Gasps and falls limp to the ground

Gabrielle: Looks at the corpse and then looks over to Zora

Joxer: Straightens his nose as he gets up and sees the body before looking at Zora

Zora: Looks at both of them and sees the blood on the edge of the sword as the scene fade to black



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Zora C. Manson
Empress Ranko

#5 Innocence Lost

The scene opens up in the dungeons with Gabrielle, Zora, and Joxer.

Gabrielle: Zora, what have you done?

Zora: You wanted to take him out.

Gabrielle: Not like that.

Zora: I've seen you kill before. Why is it such a big deal when I do it?

Gabrielle: Give me the sword, Zora.

Zora: Throws the sword at Gabrielle I didn't want the stupid muggle weapon anyway!

Gabrielle: Grabs the blade, cleaning the blood off before getting the keys off the guard. Turns her head to see Zora already leaving the cell. Zora, wait! Gets up and follows Zora out grabbing her I said wait! We need to stick together.

Zora: A hell of a lot of good that's done me.

Gabrielle: Walks over to the other cells and unlocks them letting the prisoners out

Joxer: Are you sure that's a good idea?

Gabrielle: We need the distraction. We'll sneak out while the guards are trying to regain control. Come on.

The three leave the dungeons, already hearing the commotion cause by the prisoners as the guards engage them. They enter a room near the stairs and find their weapons in there. Gabrielle discards the guard's sword and hands Zora and Joxer their weapons before taking her own, but she notices the chakram is missing.

Cut to: Tower Throne Room

Empress Ranko: Examines the chakram

Alexander: What kind of weapon is it?

Empress Ranko: A type of throwing object, from what I can tell. A handle that splits in two, bladed edges all the way around. Cut her finger on the edge of the blade and watches it bleed before healing on its own Extremely sharp.

Kaso: It's a pathetic excuse of a weapon from a girl who will be dead soon.

Empress Ranko: A pathetic excuse of a weapon that disarmed you, so I hear.

Kaso: A lucky shot.

Empress Ranko: Was the sai in the eye a lucky shot as well?

Kaso: Says nothing

Empress Ranko: Returns her gaze back at the chakram and throws it through the air. The chakram bounces off the walls, Kaso's armor, and reaches the entrance of the throne room

Gabrielle: Grabs it when it comes to the entrance Thanks. I've been looking for this. Runs out of the room to rejoin with the others

Kaso, Alexander, and the rest of the guards in the throne room chases after her, only to run into the conflict between the free prisoners and the guards trying to hold them off.

Empress Ranko: Moves forward at blinding speeds, zipping by the soldiers fighting and sheathing her sword, her swings sending off loud explosions as the prisoners are cut to pieces and their blood spill onto the floor. She stops in front of the stairwell in the next room, blocking it from Gabrielle's group

Gabrielle, Zora, and Joxer are force to a stop. Gabrielle looks shock at how fast Ranko can move as they see the other soldiers surround them.

Empress Ranko: Going so soon?

Gabrielle MFzL0qQ

Zora: Gabrielle, what do we do?

Gabrielle: Takes out her sais I challenge you.

Empress Ranko: You challenge me?

Gabrielle: Do you refuse? If I win you let us go free, or do you plan to prove me right before?

Empress Ranko: I have nothing to prove to you, nor can I ignore such an insult to my honor. Steps up to Gabrielle, and leaves a hand on the hilt of her sword I'll even let you have the first move. If I win you die.

Gabrielle: Get back, guys.

Zora and Joxer steps back to give the two room while the rest of Zora's guards also stand in watch.

Joxer: Don't worry, kid. Gabrielle knows what she's doing.

Zora: I'm not so sure.

Empress Ranko: Well? Are you going to make the first move or do I have to do it?

Gabrielle: Examines Ranko for a moment and then comes at her, throwing punches left and right with the sais'hilts

Empress Ranko: Moves her body to the left and right to dodge the punches, sheathing her blade and slamming the hilt into Gabrielle's stomach repeatedly at a speeds faster than Gabrielle can react

Gabrielle: Staggers back from the force

Empress Ranko: Follows after her, bringing her sword down to Gabrielle's head

Gabrielle: Swings her sais up to block the blade and delivers a kick into Ranko's mid-section, following up with more blows to the head

Empress Ranko: Endure the shots and grabs Gabrielle with her free hand tossing her over her head and onto the ground


Gabrielle: Takes the ground out from under Ranko with her feet

Empress Ranko: Trips, but quickly lands on her free hand and then jump back up to her feet

Gabrielle: Throws the chakram towards Ranko

Empress Ranko: Hits the chakram with her sword

The chakram splits in half and continues to fly through the air coming back at Ranko.

Empress Ranko: Strikes both down to the floor before they could hit her

Gabrielle: Can't believe what she sees

Empress Ranko: Too slow.

Zora: If I can just take her sword... Reaches inside her pocket for her wand Gabrielle can end this.

Joxer: Stops her If you do that these guys will blast us with whatever those things are! Points to the muskets in the guards' hands Let Gabrielle handle it.

Zora: She's going to get herself killed!

Joxer: Trust her. She has a plan, I know it.

Gabrielle: Gets up to her feet with her sais back in her hands

Empress Ranko: Don't tell me you're tired already.

Gabrielle: Throws the sai in her left hand at Ranko

Empress Ranko: Runs by the sai and comes at Gabrielle with her blade's tip raise against her

Gabrielle: Predicts where Ranko is going to go and get within her sword's range, slamming her into the ground and getting on top of her with the sai to her throat It's over!

Zora: Is overjoyed with happiness

Joxer: All right! Yeah! In your face!

Jherrazad Guard #1: Growls at Joxer

Joxer: Backs down

Gabrielle: Let us go.

Empress Ranko: Glares at Gabrielle

Gabrielle: Let. Us. Go!

Empress Ranko: Leave this place and never return.

Gabrielle: Gets up, putting away her weapon and retrieving the sai and chakram on the floor. She motions for Zora and Joxer to follow her as the three leave the tower and the desert empire behind

Empress Ranko: Eyes narrow over the direction Gabrielle went in as the scene fade to black

Fade in: Campsite

Gabrielle, Zora, and Joxer are sat around a campfire in the desert. Joxer is asleep and snoring while Gabrielle sits next to Zora who was shaking from the cold.

Zora: Moves closer to the fire

Gabrielle: Not too close. You'll burn yourself.

Zora: I'm freezing!

Gabrielle: Takes off her jacket and puts it on Zora Here. This should do.

Zora: I don't want your stupid muggle jacket! Takes off the jacket and throws it back at Gabrielle. Gets up and walks away from the fireplace, folds her arms and looks out to the sky I hate it here. I hate this whole bloody world! I want to go home! I want to sleep in my own bed!

Gabrielle: Stands and moves up behind Zora I promise I'll do everything in my power to get you home.

Zora: Your promises mean nothing to me. We spent all that time in Jherrazad and we have nothing to show for it. Nothing!

Gabrielle: Is this really about being homesick?

Zora: What do you mean?

Gabrielle: Zora, you took a life. You saw his blood and watched him die.

Zora: He was just a stupid muggle holding us prisoner!

Gabrielle: He was just a guard.

Zora: So were the others. You killed them. I saw you.

Gabrielle: Yes, I killed. Wasn't the first time, and I fear it won't be the last. But I only kill when I have no other choice. The first time you kill someone, it changes you. Innocence is lost and the guilt threatens to rip you apart. I know what you're going through.

Zora: You don't know anything. Turns around to face Gabrielle with tears in her eyes You don't know ANTHING about me!

Gabrielle: I'd like to.

Zora: He was a bad man. He was a bad man who did bad things. He worked for that woman who wanted to kill us. He would have hurt others if I didn't–! Right?

Gabrielle: It isn't always that simple.

Zora: I was trying to help.

Gabrielle: I know, Zora. I know. I'm sorry I didn't show you a better path sooner. I'm supposed to lead people out of violence, not lead them into it.

Zora: Then it's your fault.

Gabrielle: Simply looks at Zora

Zora: It's your fault.

Gabrielle: Says nothing

Zora: Storms over to Gabrielle and shoves her It's your fault! Shoves Gabrielle again IT'S YOUR FAULT!

Gabrielle: Continues to do nothing

Zora: Starts beating on her chest while crying It's your fault! It's your fault! It's your fault!

Gabrielle: Grabs Zora and pulls her into a hug

Zora: It's your fault! Cries into Gabrielle's shoulder

Gabrielle: Holds Zora close, stroking her hand gently through her hair to sooth her Shh. It's okay. Everything is going to be okay.

Cut to: Morning

Joxer: Puts his sheath back on to his waist All right! Where are we headed next?

Gabrielle: We're not going to get any answers here. We keep moving to see what else is out there. If there's nothing we head back to the Crystal Expanse.

Joxer: Got it. Good plan.

Gabrielle Looks over to Zora, and then back to Joxer Why don't you scout out ahead, Joxer? Make sure the coast is clear for us.

Joxer: You can count on me. No one is a match for Joxer the–! Falls down on his face, but quickly gets up Mighty! Runs on ahead

Gabrielle: Walks side by side Zora How are you feeling?

Zora: Stares down at her feet

Gabrielle: You can talk to me, Zora. It's not good to keep these feelings bottled up.

Zora: I don't know how I feel. I never felt anything like this before.

Gabrielle: Steps in front of Zora and kneels down, placing her hands on Zora's shoulders You need to forgive yourself, Zora. That's the only way you'll begin to heal. It's all you can do now.

Zora: How do I do that?

Gabrielle: There's no one-size-fits-all approach to forgiving yourself. You have to figure that out on your own, but know this. You can rise above this. This can change you for good or for bad, and I'm going to do everything I can to make sure it's good. I won't leave your side until this is over.

Zora: You promise?

Gabrielle: I promise.

Zora: My favorite color is green.

Gabrielle: I'm sorry?

Zora: You said you wanted to get to know me. My favorite color is green.

Gabrielle: Smiles and straightens Zora's tie I had a hunch. It's a good color.

Joxer: Gabrielle, good news! I found a town!

Joxer points to Moon Valley on the horizon.

Gabrielle: Good work, Joxer. Hopefully things will go over more smoothly this time. Looks at Zora and smiles again But we'll be ready for whatever comes our way.

Zora: Smiles back

The three make their way for Moon Valley.

Joxer: What do you girls say to a ballad? I happen to know the perfect one.

Gabrielle: Go ahead, Joxer.

Joxer Joxer the Mighty roams through the countryside, he never needs a place to hide. With Gabby as his sidekick–

Gabrielle: Not a sidekick anymore.

Joxer: Fighting with her–

Gabrielle: Holds up sai Little sai.

Joxer: Come on, Gabby, you know the words!

Gabrielle/Joxer: Righting wrongs and singing songs. Being mighty all day long. He's Joxer!

Zora: Please stop.

Gabrielle/Joxer: He's Joxer the Mighty!

Zora: Stop singing!



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PostSubject: Re: Gabrielle   Gabrielle I_icon_minitime16th February 2015, 2:08 am

Author's Notes: Check out When Worlds Collide #17 for Part-1

Zora C. Manson
Tori Jacobs
Zira Firestone
Empress Ranko

#6 Rite of Succession

We open up to Moon Valley where Gabrielle, Tori, and Zira are staring down the Jherrazad army.

Empress Ranko: ATTACK!

The army advances for the city. The Moon Valley residents begin firing at the army with their rifles. Tori knocks one Jherrazad soldier off his camel with her cane while Zira sends several of them hurling back into each other with her telekinesis. Ranko drops down from her camel and charges at Gabrielle at full speed. Gabrielle crosses her arms and braces for impact as the two collide, their blades clashing into one another echoing through the air.

Alexander: Charges Tori with his sword in hand

Zira: Tori, to your right!

Tori: Blocks Alexander's sword with her cane

Alexander: Is that adamantium?

Tori: Pulls back and move a couple feet away Give the boy a prize! Spins her cane around and parries Alexander's in-coming strikes

Kaso: Marches towards Zira

Zira: Sees Kaso coming and pushes him away with her telekinesis

Kaso: Only move a few inches due to his size

Zira: Boy, you are heavy.

Kaso: What is this? Magic has no effect on me.

Zira: Not magic. Ignites her arms in flames Science! Unleashes a wave of fire towards Kaso

Kaso: Jumps through the fire and punches Zira in the face

Gabrielle MFzL0qQ

Zira: Is sent through the air by the force of the punch and hits the ground. Wipes blood from her mouth I can't read his mind. Guess I'll have to do this the old fashion way. Gets up and uses her telekinesis to snatch the Jherrazad soldiers guns out of their hands and aim them all at Kaso. Firing off each gun one by one before impaling Kaso with the blades on the muskets

Kaso: Is move only slightly by the bullets and keeps coming despite the impaling, pulling the weapons out and continuing his march towards Zira, sword in hand

Zira: I think we've gotten off on the wrong foot. Uses her telekinesis to lift up both of Kaso's feet knocking him over onto his back

We cut to Ranko and Gabrielle fighting in front of the Razor's Edge

Gabrielle: Ducks underneath Ranko's sword and lands two blows in Ranko's face with the sais handles

Empress Ranko: Take the blows to the face, grabbing Gabrielle by the neck and throwing her into the ground. Rushes her and thrusts the sword towards her heart

Gabrielle: Quickly grabs the flat ends of the blade to hold it off, but feels her soul weakening as she grunts in pain

Empress Ranko: Moves the blade closer to Gabrielle's heart

Ares: Appears on the roof of a building looking down at the fight between Ranko and Gabrielle

Gabrielle: Feels herself becoming more weaker the longer she holds onto Ranko's sword

Zora and Joxer exit the Razor's Edge to see Gabrielle in danger


Joxer: Charges, screaming angrily at Ranko as he raises his blade against her

Empress Ranko: Pulls away from Gabrielle and plunges her sword into Joxer's chest devouring his soul in the process

Joxer: The life in his eyes fades away as his body falls limp to the ground

Zora: Can't believe her eyes

Gabrielle: Has flashbacks of Eve killing Joxer. Grows angry and returns to her feet

Empress Ranko: Turns around and swings her sword at Gabrielle

Gabrielle: Gets too close for Ranko's sword to hit her, grabs Ranko's arm and breaks it

Empress Ranko: Screams as she drops her sword

Ares: Ooh.

Gabrielle: Grabs Ranko's sword and picks it up

Empress Ranko: Doesn't believe it

Gabrielle: Stabs it through Ranko's chest unknowingly stealing her soul

Ares: Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

Gabrielle: Pulls the sword out of Ranko's chest

Empress Ranko: Falls to the ground dead

Gabrielle: Drops down to her knees and holds onto Joxer crying

Zora: Runs over to Gabrielle's side Gabrielle. Gabrielle, look!

Gabrielle: Looks up to see Alexander, Kaso, and the rest of the Jherrazad army bowing to her What's going on?

Tori and Zira moves over to Gabrielle and Zora while the Moon Valley citizens hold their ground in case the Jherrazad army tries anything else

Zira: How were you able to grab the sword?

Gabrielle: What do you mean?

Tori: That sword you're holding is called the Kasul. A soul devouring blade that Jherrazad both fears and worships. Forged in the fires of the Netherrealm. It chooses its users. Anyone it finds unworthy of its power, it devours.

Gabrielle: It devours souls? Looks at the blade

Kasul: Inaudible whispers

Gabrielle: I can bring Joxer back.

Zira: He's been ran through. Even if you could restore his soul his body would never survive.

Gabrielle: He can't die here, it's not his time!

Zira: What?

Gabrielle: Uses the power of Kasul to restore Joxer's soul, and heal the wound in his chest bringing him back to life

Joxer: Coughs and looks up in confusion W-what happened?

Gabrielle: Joxer! Hugs him

Joxer: C-can't breathe!

Gabrielle: Lets him go and helps him up to his feet

Joxer: Looks around at the people bowing Why are these people bowing to me?

Gabrielle: They're bowing to me, and I'll explain later. Looks at Kasul As for you...

Kasul: More inaudible whispering

Gabrielle: I don't want your soul! Releases Ranko's soul into the air

Ares: Watches Ranko's soul flies away That's going to be a mistake.

Tori: You need to get rid of the sword.

Gabrielle: What for?

Tori: The sword is evil, Gabrielle. It will only drain away all the good inside of you.

Kasul: More inaudible whispering

Gabrielle: You just want the power for yourself.

Tori: Gabrielle, that's the sword talking not you.

Zira: It's too late. Kasul already has a hold of her mind.

Zora: What are you talking about?

Gabrielle: Don't listen to them, Zora. They're lying. I'm fine.

Zira: You're far from fine.

Joxer: Hey, I think I know my friend here a little better than you do. She saved my life.

Tori: You may try to do good with the power at first, but in the end the Kasul will win out. It always does.

Gabrielle: Get out of my way.

Tori: I can't do that.

Gabrielle: Raises the Kasul and swings it downward at Tori

Zira: Tori, look out!

Tori catches the Kasul's blade with her cane and steps back as Gabrielle continues her assault. This act of aggression prompting the Moon Valley residents and the Jherrazad army to resume their battle.

Joxer: Anyone who messes with Gabrielle Tries to draw his sword Messes with me! Sends his whole sheath flying away from him. Chases after it

Zira: Follows Joxer

Zora: Blocks Zira's path and aims her wand at her Get back!

Zira: I don't want to hurt you!

Zora: Then why are you yelling?

Zira: Because everyone in this city is chibi angry! Hurls Zora's wand away with her telekinesis

Zora: Chases after her wand

Zira: Moves some vines around Zora and ties her up on the ground

Zora: Let me go!

Zira: Sorry.

Tori and Gabrielle continues to exchange blows, neither one gaining an advantage over the other. Ares watches the two duke it out, enjoying the battle as he threw a couple of mock punches himself. Police sirens sound out through the air as several police cars pull up and officers get out of their cars and take cover behind them to join in the fighting against the Jherrazad army

Tori: Oh, sure. Now the police shows up.

Joxer: Ducks down and holds his ears at the sound of all the gunshots. Finds his sword and grabs it, taking the sword out of its sheath. He sees Zora

Zora: Joxer, help me!

Joxer: Runs over to Zora and tries pulling the vines off

Zora: Hurry!

Joxer: Aims his sword at the vines

Zora: What are you doing?!

Joxer: Relax, I know what I'm doing.

Zora: Just get my wand, I'll undo it myself. Joxer, no!

Joxer: Cuts the vines freeing Zora There. Was that so bad?

Gabrielle and Tori's weapons collide as they push against each other.

Tori: You need to let go of the sword before it's too late.

Gabrielle: I need it!

The two break away and continue to parry each other's strikes while avoiding bullets at the same time. Alexander heads for the two, and attacks Tori forcing her to roll back and out of the way

Gabrielle: What are you doing? I can handle this.

Alexander: It is my job to protect the Empress at all cost!

Gabrielle: Empress?

Tori: Gets up If memory serves me correctly...

Alexander: Performs multiple attacks with his sword to keep Tori on the defense

Tori: Matches each strike and slams Alexander's sword to the ground, quickly bringing her cane back up and whacking him over the head knocking him unconscious You never did learn how to wear a helmet.

Ares: That has got to hurt.

Police Officer: There's someone on the roof! Get him!

The cops starts shooting at Ares

Ares: Watch the bullets hit him but have no effect on his body That any way to treat a god? Generates an electric ball in his hand and throws it at the police, blowing up their cop cars and sending the officers through the air in the midst of the blast

Gabrielle: Turns her head to see the blast site and Ares standing on the roof above Ares!

Ares: Waves at Gabrielle before vanishing into midair

Zira: Runs towards the blast site and uses her pyrokinesis to put out the fire

Tori and Gabrielle stare each other down, both trying to goat the other into making the first move as Zora and Joxer come onto the scene.

Zora: Locomotor Mortis!

Tori: Tori's legs locks together and she struggles to keep balance

Gabrielle: Delivers a kick straight to Tori's chest sending her into the ground. Looks back to Zora and Joxer Let's go!

Gabrielle climbs up on Ranko's camel and helps Zora up to the back of it while turning away from Moon Valley

Gabrielle: Everybody back to Jherrazad! Now!

The Jherrazad army follows her orders, returning to their camels and leaving the city as Joxer runs after them on foot

Joxer: Hey, wait for me!

Zira: Runs back to Tori What happened?

Tori: My legs are stuck together.

Zira: This is going to hurt. Uses her telekinesis to force Tori's legs open breaking the spell

Tori: AHH!

Zira: I said it would hurt. Grabs Tori's cane and gives it back to her as she helps her up

The two turn and we see the Jherrazad Empire running off into the distance with Gabrielle as their new Empress

Zira: What are we going to do?

Tori: There's nothing we can do now. I still have a job to do.

The scene fade to black



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Zora C. Manson

#7 Descent into Hell

The scene opens up in the throne room of Jherrazad's tower. We see Gabrielle sitting down in her new throne with the Kasul in her hands. She looks over the sword, her fingers trailing down the strange markings etch onto the blade and looks up when she hears footsteps. Alexander and Kaso enters the throne room with a couple of guards, the group kneeling before Gabrielle and standing back up with their arm to their heart.

Alexander: We await your orders, My Empress.

Gabrielle: You. Guy with the...

Jherrazad Soldier #1: Musket?

Gabrielle: Yeah, you. There are a lot of hungry people in Jherrazad. Make sure they're well fed.

Jherrazad Soldier #1: At once, My Empress. Leaves

Gabrielle: And you. Tighten our security at the gates in case that woman decides to follow us.

Jherrazad Soldier #2: Bows and leaves

Alexander: Anything you require of us?

Gabrielle: Yes, actually. Mister...

Alexander: Sir Alexander, of Jherrazad Eastern Division. And this is Sir Kaso, of Jherrazad Western Division.

Gabrielle: You can start by explaining to me what all this thing can do. How does it work?

Kaso: Don't you know?

Gabrielle: As a matter of fact I don't.

Alexander: The Kasul drains the souls of its victims with each strike. Even those who so much as touches it without the sword's consent. Once they belong to the Kasul, whoever wields it can summon whatever powers and abilities the user's soul wielded upon death.

Gabrielle: Like healing.

Alexander: Yes.

Kaso: It is essentially an army in one.

Gabrielle: Then what do I need you for?

Kaso: If you wish to take on the whole world by yourself, I will gladly step aside.

Gabrielle: I mean no offense.

Alexander: The Kasul can only go as far as its wielder. With us you'll be able to cover more ground and have people to watch your back.

Gabrielle: Can the Kasul create fire?

Alexander: I believe Ranko has taken the souls of several pyromancers throughout Jherra.

Gabrielle: Round up the troops. We're going to the Crystal Expanse.

Gabrielle MFzL0qQ

The scene fade in on the Jherrazad army marching through the Crystal Expanse. Zora coming up to Gabrielle's right as they ride

Zora: If someone told me a couple of years ago that I would be riding on a smelly camel with a bunch of muggles, I would have told them they were out of their bloody mind!

Gabrielle: Life is full of surprises. I wouldn't have believed half of the things I've seen if I didn't live to experience them.

Jherrazad Soldier #3: Walks right into a claymore mine and explodes

The rest of the group comes to a halt. Gabrielle, Zora, and Joxer looking around in confusion as Alexander, Kaso, and the other Jherrazad soldiers draw their weapons

Alexander: Form a  perimeter! Protect the Empress at all cost!

Gabrielle: Alexander, what's going on?

Alexander: We are under attack by the Blind Assassin. The explosive our man stepped on was her calling card.

Gabrielle: Blind Assassin? The woman back at Moon Valley?

Alexander: No. This woman is much more vile. She's been after the crown for years.

Gabrielle: She wants to be the Empress?

Alexander: Only the gods know what goes through that woman's mind.

Gabrielle looks around, listening to the sounds all around her, and then what lays behind the sound. She hears the footsteps of Fukari up ahead and sees the Blind Assassin in the distance.

Gabrielle: She's over there! Our archers should be able to reach her.

Alexander: Archers! Fire!

The archers raise their arrows and fire at Fukari's position. The distance is too far away to clearly make out whether or not the arrows hit their mark. Seconds later, a grenade falls by the Jherrazad army.

Jherrazad Soldier #4: GRENADE!

The grenade activates, but instead of exploding it releases a super sonic sound that threatens to shatter the Jherrazad army's eardrums. Gabrielle, Zora, and Joxer cover their ears as the rest back away from the loud noises of the grenade. Shurikens fly through the air, killing off Jherrazad soldiers one after another.

Gabrielle: Joxer, take Zora to safety.

Zora: No! I want to fight!

Gabrielle: Now isn't the time to argue. Go with Joxer! Alexander, Kaso, you get the rest of the troops behind those rocks and cover me. Once the coast is clear follow where I step.

Gabrielle jumps off of the camel and lands on the ground several feet away. She looks at the ground, being able to pinpoint where the claymores are and avoiding them while dodging in-coming shurikens Fukari throws at her. Gabrielle takes out her sai and throws it at Fukari. Fukari catches the flat ends of the blade with her palm and lets it fall to the ground. Gabrielle throws her second sai and watches Fukari knocks it out of the air. Gabrielle draws the Kasul and charges at Fukari with inhuman speed thanks to the Kasul's power. Fukari draws her Katana at the same speed and the two blades collide, the screams of the blades sounding off so loudly even the Jherrazad army can hear from afar.

Gabrielle: Why are you attacking us?

Fukari doesn't answer. She continues her assault against Gabrielle. Gabrielle parries what she can, but even with her superior speed over Fukari, Fukari's smaller weapon allows her to perform more strikes and inflict more damage to Gabrielle. Gabrielle charges up the Kasul and slams it into the ground causing an explosion to erupt underneath Fukari's feet forcing her back. Gabrielle stays on the offensive, breaking off into more combos with the Kasul, only to have them stuck away by Fukari's sword, the two pushing into the other with their blades as Fukari hears Gabrielle's army closing in.

Fukari: You need an army to defeat one woman?

Gabrielle: No human woman could throw that far.

Fukari: Observant.

Fukari backflips away from Gabrielle, pulling out a detonator and setting off the C4 bury underneath the ground killing several of the Jherrazad soldiers coming this way. Gabrielle tackles Fukari to the ground and starts punching her in the face. Fukari kicks her off, and the two get up to their feet exchanging punches and kicks, Gabrielle getting a good right hook into Fukari's jaw, knocking the woman down before reclaiming the Kasul and bringing it to Fukari's throat.

Gabrielle: I'm going to ask again.

Alexander and Kaso rejoins Gabrielle's side.

Gabrielle: Why did you attack us.

Fukari remains silence.

Gabrielle: Answer me!

Kaso: Kill her.

Gabrielle: What?

Kaso: She killed our men, and attempted to take your life. That is an act punishable by death. Kill her and take her soul!

Zora and Joxer runs up to the scene.

Gabrielle: I'll decide what we do with her.

Zora: Gabrielle, are you all right?

Gabrielle: I'm fine, Zora. Looks back at her men Tie her up and put her on the camel. We'll return her to the dungeons for questioning after we're done here.

Kaso: This is a mistake.

Gabrielle: That's an order, Sir.

Kaso reluctantly ties Fukari up as he and Alexander escort her back to the camels.

Joxer: Do you think we'll ever get to travel anywhere safely?

Gabrielle: Not in this life.

Zora: I could have helped.

Gabrielle: No, Zora. You saw what happened to those men. I could never live with myself if something happened to you. Let's get back with the others before someone else decides to jumps us.

The three returns to the group and they continue down the expanse. Zora looks over her shoulder to see Fukari riding a camel with ropes holding her in place. Fukari is looking straight at Gabrielle as they ride. Zora turns her head back to Gabrielle.

Zora: She sees fairly well for a blind woman.

Gabrielle: There are other ways to see than with your eyes, Zora. I'll show you some day.

Zora: I don't trust her. You should have killed her.

Gabrielle: No, that's not how we do things.

Zora: She attacked us.

Gabrielle: And killing her would make us no better than she is. You should know now how killing someone changes you. We only kill if we have no other choice, and we should pray that our choices are never taken away.

Zora: You killed Ranko and took her country. What does that make you?

Gabrielle looks at Zora unsure of what to say. We cut to Kain and his group of survivors spotting Gabrielle and her army coming their way. They approach them cautiously as the army comes to a stop.

Kain: Gabrielle, who are these people?

Gabrielle: They're with me. I found out what freed you from the ice. It was a supernova created in Aircano. The tower saved this land from destruction when it went off.

Kain: A supernova? That's amazing! I wish I could have seen it for myself. But, we'll never be able to duplicate that kind of power. It'd be foolish to try.

Gabrielle: I wouldn't be so sure. I'm not about to cause a second supernova, but I think I can create enough heat to melt the rest of the ice in this expanse.

Kain: How?

Gabrielle got down from the camel and draws the Kasul. Kain and the other survivors backs away from Gabrielle in fear.

Kain: The Kasul! You brought that blade here?!

Gabrielle: You know what this is?

Kain: Of course we know. Its evil is unmatched by any other power in all of Genesis!

Gabrielle: Evil? No, I'm going to use it to help you. To revive your fallen nation.

Kain: You keep that blade away from us and these lands. We want no part in it!

Gabrielle: You don't have to be afraid.

Fukari: Why shouldn't they be? The Kasul is a demon blade. Only death and destruction follows wherever it goes.

Zora: It's just a stupid sword! It can't be good or evil on its own.

Fukari: How naive. You truly are foreigners in this land. You'll learn soon enough. Even the purest of hearts can turn to black at the hand of the Kasul. Empress Ranko was once a good-hearted woman. Think about that.

Alexander: Silence your tongue, vile woman, before I silent it for you.

Fukari: I have a name you know. It's Fukari. I suggest you get used to speaking it.

Alexander strikes Fukari.

Gabrielle: Alexander! That's enough.

Gabrielle turns back to Kain.

Gabrielle: Listen, I understand that you're afraid, but you have my word. I am only going to use this sword to help you.

Kain draws a small blade of ice from his jacket.

Kain: I said keep away!

Kaso: Protect the Empress!

Gabrielle: No, wait!

Kaso plunges his great sword into Kain's heart while the Jherrazad soldiers fire off their muskets slaughtering the rest of Kain's camp. Gabrielle screams and runs over to Kain's body holding it in her arms.

Gabrielle: What have you done?

Kaso: They threatened your life. I performed my sworn duty.

Gabrielle: They were the last of their people!

Kaso: That matters not to me.

Gabrielle stands up and stares Kaso down.

Gabrielle: I was handling it.

Kaso: You were handling it poorly.

Gabrielle: The next time you act without my say–

Kaso: You'll what? Tie me to a camel and take me on a ride across the countryside? I do not know what the Kasul has planned for you. All I know is that it chose a weak leader.

Alexander: Kaso, you speak too freely!

Kaso: I have served Jherrazad faithfully for countless generations! I've earned my place to say what I wish.

Gabrielle: That's right, Alexander. Kaso has earned his place.

Kasul: Inaudible whispers

Gabrielle swings the Kasul upward, cutting through the neck of Kaso cleanly despite wearing armor and removing the head from his body. Kaso's head falls into the ground while his body collapses in on itself. The others in the group look on not believing what they've seen. All but Fukari who sat on her camel calmly.

Gabrielle: In Hades.

The scene fade to black with everybody staring at Gabrielle speechless.



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Zora C. Manson

#8 From Friend to Foe

Fade in: Jherrazad Tower

We cut to Zora and Joxer walking down the halls as they speak.

Joxer: I never seen Gabrielle get that mad before. I mean, the girl always had a temper, and she packs a mean punch, but I've never seen her strike someone down in cold blood before.

Zora: I have.

Joxer: Really? When?

Zora: When you died. She picked up the Kasul and killed Ranko without a second thought.

Joxer: She did that for me? Grins

Zora: Will you focus! I fear Fukari might be right about the Kasul. You know Gabrielle better than anyone else here. Maybe you can break through to her.

Joxer: Leave it to me.

Cut to: Tower Throne Room

Gabrielle is looking at a map of Jherra on a table with soldiers by her side when Joxer walks in.

Joxer: Gabby! How you doing?

Gabrielle: What do you want, Joxer?

Joxer: Can we talk alone for a minute? Without the guards?

Gabrielle: Looks at the guards Leave us.

The guards leave the throne room.

Gabrielle: What is this about?

Joxer: Zora and I are worried about you.

Gabrielle: Worried?

Joxer: Taking over Jherrazad. We think the pressure is getting to you. It may do you some good to rest for a couple of days.

Gabrielle: I appreciate your concern, but I don't have anytime to rest. I need to plan.

Joxer: Plan for what?

Gabrielle: Riding to Moon Valley.

Joxer: Why would you want to go back there?

Gabrielle: We need to expand our land, get out of the desert.

Joxer: Now I may not know everything that's going on here, but the Gabby I know would never take someone's home away from them.

Gabrielle: According to intelligence Isafaro is the only nation in this entire continent with the resources available to help us learn more about the tower, and they only respect power.

Joxer: No one is going to respect us if we conquer a farming village.

Gabrielle: My mind's made up, Joxer. Walks away

Joxer: Gabrielle! Gabrielle!

Gabrielle MFzL0qQ

Cut to: Dungeons

Zora enters the dungeons and stops in front of Fukari's cell banging on the bars.

Zora: Hey. Hey!

Fukari: They send the child?

Zora: What do you know about the Kasul?

Fukari: I know that's right now it's corrupting your friend. Making her think that violence and force are the best answers to her problems.

Zora: How do I make it stop?

Fukari: Nothing short of removing her from the Kasul's clutches will save her, and if you so much as touch it it will take your life and your soul.

Zora: I know a spell that I can use to move it.

Fukari: Magic has no effect on it. Especially black magic.

Zora: Then what do we do?

Fukari: Kill her.

Zora: No! I won't do that.

Fukari: You don't have to do anything.

Zora: If I get you out of here, you have to promise you won't hurt Gabrielle. I know a spell to take you down if I have to.

Fukari: Cross my heart.

Zora: Alohomora!

The dungeons' door unlocks allowing Fukari to leave her cell.

Zora: I'll take you to your weapons.

Cut to: Tower Ground Floor

Gabrielle: Tell the others to get ready to move out. We should make it to Moon Valley by nightfall. They won't expect another attack so soon after the first.

A sonic grenade falls by Gabrielle and the other soldiers' feet.

Jherrazad Soldier #2: MOVE!

The grenade goes off, deafening the ears of Gabrielle and the soldiers as Fukari enters the room. The Blind Assassin throws her shurikens at the guards around Gabrielle, one in the neck of the first soldier, two in the chest of the second, and three in the head of the third. Gabrielle turns to see Fukari.

Gabrielle: How did you get out?

Fukari: It's what I do.

Gabrielle and Fukari draws their blades and charge at one another. The two parrying each other's swords strikes waiting for an opening. Zora comes up behind a wall and watches the fighting, taking out her wand and aiming for the Kasul blade. Fukari aims a strike at Gabrielle's head, and Gabrielle moves to the side. Gabrielle swings the Kasul for Fukari's knees, and Fukari jumps over it, swinging the Katana diagonally prompting Gabrielle to back flip away from the Katana's reach. Fukari throws two shurikens at her in the midst of the back flip, cutting Gabrielle's sides by the time her feet touch the floor.

Gabrielle: Two can play at that game.

Gabrielle throws the chakram across the room, it bounces off the walls and cuts a torch in half, the torch dropping to the ground and igniting a fire around Fukari's position. Gabrielle jumps through the fire and continues to battle with Fukari. Zora looks on in frustration. Inside the fire Gabrielle manages to take Fukari off her feet, and tries to push her face into the flames. Fukari struggles, doing her best to keep away from the fire as her face inches closer to it.

Zora: Evanesco!

The fire vanishes and Gabrielle looks over to see Zora.

Gabrielle: Zora?

Zora: Wingardium Leviosa!

Zora attempts to levitate the Kasul, but it doesn't move from its spot. Fukari gets out of her grip and reclaims her Katana. Gabrielle reaches the Kasul first and slams the hilt of the blade into Fukari's head knocking her back. More guards appears on the scene, firing their muskets at Fukari and forcing her to retreat.

Gabrielle: After her!

The soldiers chase Fukari down while Gabrielle turns back to Zora, sheathing her sword and walking over to her.

Gabrielle: What did you think you were doing?

Zora looks at Gabrielle unsure of what to say.

Gabrielle: It was you. You were the one who set Fukari free. Why?

Zora: That blade is controlling you. It's turning you into a monster! I didn't know what else to do.

Gabrielle: You betrayed me.

One of the Jherrazad soldiers come over to the two.

Jherrazad Soldier #2: My Empress, are you all right?

Gabrielle: Take Zora to the dungeons until I decide what to do with her.

Jherrazad Soldier #2: Yes, My Empress!

Zora: Gabrielle, please! This isn't you!

Gabrielle turns her back on Zora while the soldier takes away Zora's wand and leads her into the dungeons.

Cut to: Tower Throne Room

We see Gabrielle sitting in her throne with the Kasul by her side, more whispers coming from the blade as Gabrielle looks straight ahead with a dark expression on her face. Alexander enters the throne room with a couple of guards and bows to the Empress.

Gabrielle: Did you find her?

Alexander: No, My Empress. The Blind Assassin is long gone.

Gabrielle stands up, going over to the nearby table and cutting it in half with the Kasul in her anger. Looks back to Alexander.

Gabrielle: This is on you.

Alexander: My Empress?

Gabrielle: How are we to be respected or feared, if our prisoners can be released at the hands of a little girl?

Alexander: The guards on duty had no reason to believe that Zora would betray you. I will gladly remove the head of the traitor from her shoulders myself.

Gabrielle: Laughs You can kill a child, but finding and subduing a full grown woman is too much for you?

Alexander: My Empress, that is not–!

Gabrielle thrusts the Kasul through Alexander's chest.

Gabrielle: I don't have time for excuses.

Joxer: Gabrielle!

Gabrielle drains Alexander's soul and his body falls to the floor as Joxer runs up to them.

Joxer: What have you done? First Zora is put behind bars, and now this?

Gabrielle: Zora betrayed us, Joxer. She set Fukari free and then tried to take my sword.

Joxer: I suppose he tried to take your sword too?

Gabrielle: It's more a matter of what he didn't do, than what he did. I need to know you're on my side, Joxer.

Joxer: I am always on your side, but Zora is right. That sword is changing you. Gabrielle, I mean it now, give me the sword, before it makes you do anything else you'll regret.

Gabrielle: A lot of people have been showing interest in my sword lately. You know what? If you want it so much, here. Stabs the sword into the floor Take it.

Joxer grabs the hilt of the blade, and almost instantly upon touching it did the Kasul start draining his soul. Joxer cries out in agony, and removes his hands from the hilt, passing out and crashing into the floor seconds later. The soldiers stand over him, looking down at his dumb, unconscious face as Gabrielle took the Kasul back into her hand.

Gabrielle: Put him with the other traitor. Then search every square inch of the desert! I want Fukari found and brought to me! Don't bother coming back to this tower until you have her!

The soldiers pick up Joxer and carry him out of the throne room. We cut to the exit of the tower as soldiers ride out on camels, and leave through the city's gates in search of the Blind Assassin. Next we see Zora sitting alone in her cell until the door opens up and the guards pushes Joxer inside the cell letting him drop to the ground. Zora gets up and runs over to his side, lightly slapping his face to wake him up.

Zora: Joxer, what happened?

Joxer: Gabby... Gabby. The sword. I-I tried taking the sword.

Zora: Why would you do that? The sword hurts anyone it doesn't want to be its wielder.

Joxer: Sure, now she tells me.

Zora: I don't know what to do. Gabrielle has fallen deeper into the Kasul's power than I thought. Now Fukari is gone, and without my wand I'm useless.

Joxer: You're not useless. You actually came up with a plan. I'm the useless one. Joxer the Mighty, more like Joxer the Doofus!

Zora: You're not a doofus. Okay, yes, you're a doofus, but you have a good heart. God, look at me, I'm comforting a muggle. Had you met me a month ago I wouldn't have given you the time of day. I wouldn't have given a half-blood the time of day, let alone a full fledged muggle.

Joxer: I have no idea what you're talking about, but thanks.

Zora: There has to be a way out of this. Come on, Zora, think. You're a Slytherin. You're supposed to be sly and cunning. Do something sly and cunning. I got it!

Zora walks over to the door.

Zora: Guard! GUARD! I have to go to the bathroom! Please! You can't expect me to go in front of this doofus, can you?

Joxer: Hey!

Zora: Shut up! Guard!

Jherrazad Soldier #3: Will you quit your belly aching!

The guard comes to the cell and opens the door. He escorts Zora to a private room with a bucket.

Jherrazad Soldier #3: You can piss in here. Make it fast!

Zora: You expect me to go in a bucket?

Jherrazad Soldier #3: Just hunch down over it.

Zora walks over to the bucket and looks at it. She turns to the guard and glares at him for just standing there expecting to watch.

Jherrazad Soldier #3: All right, all right. Don't get your underwear all up in a bundle.

The guard gives Zora her privacy, and Zora moves over to the bucket. She grabs the bucket, looks inside it and then gets an idea.

Zora: You can come back now. Turned out to be a false alarm.

Jherrazad Soldier #3: What?

The guard reenters the room.

Jherrazad Soldier #3: Next time you can just go in your pants!

Zora hits the guard over the head with the bucket, putting it on his head and jamming it down before taking the guard's keys and running back to the cell. She unlocks it and opens it for Joxer.

Zora: Come on! We have to get out of here.

Joxer: What about Gabrielle?

Zora: We can't help her on our own. We need to find Fukari. Come on!

Zora and Joxer leaves the dungeons, reclaiming their weapons and sneaking out of the tower. They run for the city's gates, blending in with the crowd as they make their way out of the city. Before leaving, Zora looks back at the tower and mourns silently for her friend who is slowly slipping away by the power of the Kasul, turning away and leaving the city with Joxer as the scene fade to black.



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Zora C. Manson

#9 Internal Struggle

The scene opens up on Jherrazad Tower. We see the ground floor, the dungeons, the infirmary, and finally the throne room with Gabrielle. Nobody else is present inside the tower. The only person left is Gabrielle sitting alone on her throne with the Kasul in her hands. Inaudible whispers echos in the air as Gabrielle keeps the Kasul close to her side. Looking straight ahead into space not making a sound herself. Gabrielle stood up from her seat, entering her bed room and closing the door behind her. She comes out on the balcony and looks at the city below. Men, women, and children, walking back and forth with their heads down in fear. Gabrielle feels a sudden breeze hit behind her and a voice calls out to her.

Xena: Gabrielle.

Gabrielle turns around to see Xena standing in the bed chamber smiling at her.

Gabrielle: Xena?

Gabrielle MFzL0qQ

Gabrielle moves closer to Xena and gently lay a hand on her cheek. Xena holds onto Gabrielle's hand lovingly, closing her eyes while Gabrielle caress her cheek.

Gabrielle: Is it really you?

Xena opens her eyes as Gabrielle lowers her hand.

Xena: Yes, Gabrielle. It's me.

Gabrielle: I thought I lost you.

Xena: You never lost me, Gabrielle. I've been here the whole time.

Gabrielle: It's been so long since I've seen you, that I almost forgot.

Xena: I know.

Xena looks at the Kasul. The Kasul releases a low growl in Xena's direction, and Gabrielle sheaths the blade.

Gabrielle: They've all turned against me, Xena. Zora. Joxer. I thought I could count on them, but I was wrong.

Xena: Gabrielle, no one has turned against you. The blade in your possession is poisoning your mind. Turning you against your friends.

Gabrielle: You too?

Xena: The Gabrielle I know would never consider taking over a city, even as a last resort. You have to get rid of that sword.

Ares appears in the room and approaches the two.

Ares: Why? Gabrielle seems fine to me. A little less goody-goody, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Xena: Ares.

Ares: Hi, Xena. It's been a long time.

Gabrielle: You can see her, too?

Ares: You're not the only one here who loved Xena.

Ares moves over to the other side of Gabrielle opposite of Xena.

Ares: But believe it or not, I'm here for you. You should keep the blade. Use its power to your advantage. Because you're right, Isafaro, Hallowton, they won't respect anything less than brute force.

Xena: Ares only plans to use you to achieve his own end. You know this better than anyone.

Ares: It's true, I've had my schemes in the past, but I promised Xena a long time ago I'd leave you to lead your own life in peace. Think of this more as a friendly suggestion. Keep the blade. How else are you ever going to get home, now that the remaining Kari survivors are dead?

Gabrielle: He's right, Xena. I don't have any other way to get back.

Xena: War isn't the answer.

Ares: Isafaro has all the resources you need to study the tower, but they'll never just give them to you. Your only choice is to take it by force. You'll be doing this continent a big favor.

Xena: That's how it's start. You fight for the right reasons, and then you lose what remains of yourself. If you let Ares take you down this path you may never come back from it.

Gabrielle: We used to fight all the time.

Xena: Not like this. Gabrielle, if our roles were reversed and I was wanting to use the blade's power what would you tell me?

Gabrielle: Get rid of the sword. Then you'd tell me to trust you.

Ares: That is true. You would tell her to trust you.

Gabrielle: I need time to think.

Gabrielle leaves the bedroom.

Ares: That's all right. You take all the time you need.

Xena: This isn't over, Ares.

Ares: Oh, I think it is.

Ares teleports out.

Cut to: Jherrazad Desert

Fukari, Zora, and Joxer are walking through the desert on their way back to the Jherrazad Empire.

Zora: Are you sure it was a good idea to leave Tori and Zira back at the campsite?

Fukari: We need someone to hold the fort while we're gone. Who better than them?

Zora: I just hope that monster doesn't attack them.

Fukari: I think Beelzebub has another target in mind.

Zora: How do you know?

Fukari: Call it an educated guess.

Joxer: So, what's the plan?

Fukari: The plan is to go in, knock some sense into your friend, and then get out.

Zora and Joxer comes to a stop.

Joxer: That's a plan?

Zora: Might be the only plan we have.

The three make it to Jherrazad to see no guards are on duty.

Fukari: As I expected. Gabrielle sent all her men out to find me and left no one to defend her.

Ares appears in front of the trio.

Ares: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Joxer: Ares!

Zora: Who?

Joxer: The God of War. He was always causing trouble for Xena and Gabrielle in the past.

Ares: Gabrielle sends her regards.

Ares fires a ball of electricity at the three. They jump out of the way as the ball hits the wall behind them, and the people in the city begin to run and panic. Joxer gets up and draws his sword.

Joxer: I don't believe for a minute Gabrielle sent you!

Joxer charges at Ares, but Ares smacks him away with his arm and into one of the shopping stands nearby. Ares looks towards Fukari and Zora.

Ares: A blind woman and a child. I don't like your odds.

Fukari throws shurikens towards Ares, but Ares grabs both shuriken and drops them to the ground.

Zora: Caeruleus Accendo!

Blue fire comes out of Zora's wand and hits Ares right in the chest. Ares takes the hit and laughs.

Fukari: Zora, I'm going to keep him distracted. You get to Gabrielle.

Zora: What am I supposed to do then?

Fukari: You're her companion, you traveled together. Think of something!

Fukari charges Ares with her Katana raise, Ares take out his own sword and the two begin to clash in the middle of the street as Zora uses the shopping stands to sneak on through and head for the tower.

Cut to: Throne Room

Gabrielle wanders through the throne room looking weak, and paranoid. She clutches the Kasul to her chest and keeps looking over her shoulder expecting someone to sneak up on her. She can hear the whispers from the Kasul and swings at thin air.

Gabrielle: They want my sword. They want my sword! They can't have my sword!

Gabrielle turns to see a Zora slowly walking up to her. Zora comes to a stop when Gabrielle sees her, Gabrielle wrapping an arm around her sword.

Gabrielle: You want my sword.

Zora: I only want to help you.

Xena walks into the room and watches the two.

Zora: Gabrielle, please! That sword is changing you. You're not yourself.

Gabrielle: Everyone needs to stop saying that! You don't know me. None of you know me!

Zora: I know you'd never harm an unarmed person.

Zora slowly takes out her wand and drops it to the floor, slowly approaching Gabrielle with her hands up.

Zora: I know you'd never hurt a child.

Cut to: Jherrazad Streets

Fukari and Ares continue to parry. Fukari delivering several kicks to Ares, Ares moving back just enough to avoid the first couple, and ducking underneath the third. Ares gets in one good uppercut with his free hand, sending Fukari several feet through the air and into the ground with his strength. Ares stays on the offense, coming up and swinging his sword down just as Fukari was coming up, raising up her Katana to meet his sword.

Cut to: Throne Room

Zora continues to slowly approach Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: Stay back! Don't come any closer!

Zora: You need to put down the sword.

Gabrielle: No. I need it.

Zora: No, you don't. You made it this far without the sword. You can make it even farther without it.

Xena: Listen to her, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle looks at Xena. Zora follows her eyes, but can only see thin air.

Gabrielle: We need it to find a way home.

Zora: We'll find another way.

Gabrielle: How can you be sure?

Zora: Look at everything we've been through so far. Together I know we can find a way home.

Gabrielle: I thought I was just a muggle?

Zora: You've shown me that being a muggle isn't such a bad thing.

Cut to: Jherrazad Streets

Fukari throws a sonic grenade by Ares feet. When it explodes it slightly irritates Ares as he clears out his ear

Ares: You trying to give me an earache?

Fukari: No.

Ares takes a step forward and a claymore mine explodes underneath him sending him crashing back through the air.

Fukari: I needed time to set the mine.

Cut to: Throne Room

Zora: Just put down the sword, and we can get out of here.

Gabrielle starts to lower the sword. The Kasul lights up in a red glow, taking control of Gabrielle's arm and thrusting the blade into Zora's chest.

Gabrielle: NO!

Zora screams in pain. Gabrielle fights for control of her arms, pulling the sword out and throwing it away. Zora falls forward, and into Gabrielle's arms, Gabrielle dropping to her knees as she holds Zora close.

Gabrielle: It's gonna be okay, Zora. It's gonna be okay. We're going to patch you up, and you're going to be fine.

Zora: It hurts.

Gabrielle: I know, Zora. I know. I'm sorry.

Gabrielle looks over angrily at the Kasul. She stands up, grabbing the Kasul by the hilt and taking it through her bedroom into the balcony. Sensing that Gabrielle is no longer on its side, the blade begins to devour her soul, but Gabrielle fights it long enough to spin around with the Kasul still in hand, and throws it all the way out into the Jherrazad Desert.

Cut to: Jherrazad Streets

Ares stands up in time to see the Kasul flying through the air from Gabrielle's throwing arm. He looks on angry and teleports out of the area right before Fukari's Katana could strike him. Fukari runs over to get Joxer and the two proceeds into the tower.

Cut to: The Infirmary

Gabrielle carries Zora into the infirmary and lays her on the bed. She starts to tend to Zora's wound.

Gabrielle: Stay with me, Zora. It's going to be all right.

Fukari and Joxer enters the infirmary.

Joxer: What happened?

Gabrielle: Zora was helping me come to my senses, and the Kasul took control of my body and made me stab her.

Fukari: She's lucky to be alive. Where's the Kasul now?

Gabrielle: I tossed it.

Fukari: You tossed it?

Gabrielle: I threw it in the desert.

Fukari: You threw the most dangerous weapon in Jherra in the desert?!

Gabrielle: The sand will bury it, and it'll be lost to time. It's over, Fukari.

Cut to: The Jherrazad Desert

We see the Kasul sticking out of the black sand. A pair of feet approaches the blade, and a hand grabs the hilt. The Kasul allows itself to be wielded, and as the Kasul lifts up, we see the face of Callisto looking over it. Pressing her ear to the flat end of the blade and hearing the whispers as she smiles, and everything fade to black.



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Zora C. Manson

#10 Callisto Season Finale

Fade in: Jherrazad Tower Infirmary

Gabrielle, Fukari, and Joxer are standing over Zora who is still recovering.

Fukari: We can't stay here. Once the soldiers return and see you no longer have the Kasul they'll turn on you without a second thought.

Gabrielle: Not a very loyal bunch, are they?

Fukari: On the contrary, their loyalty to the Kasul is second to none.

Gabrielle: Zora is in no condition to travel. As long as they still think I have the sword, they won't give us any problems.

Fukari: How do you plan to do that?

Gabrielle: Joxer, give me your sword.

Joxer: Why?

Gabrielle: Give me your sword!

Joxer gives Gabrielle his sword.

Gabrielle: All I have to do is paint this black and keep it in its sheath. Joxer, look after Zora. Fukari, you may want to leave. I might be able to convince them I still have the Kasul, but if they see you wandering around free they may get suspicious.

Fukari: Agreed. I have some business back in the desert, anyway.

Gabrielle: And Fukari, thank you for coming here to help me.

Fukari: Don't get sentimental on me now, Gabrielle. I like you better when you're trying to kill me.

Fukari takes her leave, and Gabrielle exits the infirmary, finding some black paint and painting Joxer's sword before putting it in the Kasul's sheath.

Gabrielle MFzL0qQ

Cut to: Throne Room

The Jherrazad soldiers enter the throne room where Gabrielle is waiting atop her throne. They kneel before their Empress and lower their heads.

Jherrazad Soldier: Forgive us, My Empress, but we were unsuccessful in finding the Blind Assassin.

Gabrielle did her best to fake her anger, slamming a fist against her armrest and standing up.

Gabrielle: You show the same incompetence as the two Generals I killed.

Jherrazad Soldier: We are prepared to surrender our souls to you.

Gabrielle pauses for a moment.

Gabrielle: No. You're not worthy of feeding the Kasul. Get out of my sight!

Jherrazad Solider: Yes, My Empress!

The Jherrazad soldiers stand up, bumping into each other while they hurry out the door.

Gabrielle: That wasn't so hard.

Cut to: Jherrazad City Streets

Callisto enters the city and looks around at the people. She grabs one of the civilians by the neck and looks at him.

Callisto: What is this place?

Jherrazad Civilian: Guard! GUARD!

Callisto: Ah, ah!

Callisto draws the Kasul and holds it up to his neck.

Callisto: Play nice and I won't have to gut you.

Jherrazad Civilian: You have the Kasul! This is the Empire of Jherrazad, but if you have the Kasul than that means Empress Gabrielle–

Callisto: Gabrielle? Where is she?

The civilian points to the tower. Callisto lets the civilian go and makes her way for the tower.

Cut to: Tower Infirmary

Gabrielle walks in to see Zora resting in bed. She grabs a seat by her side and sits down next to her. Gabrielle takes Zora by the hand and holds onto it tightly.

Gabrielle: I need you to come back to me, Zora. I don't know how much longer I can convince them I still have the Kasul if they don't actually see it. I was never as good as Xena when it came to tricking people. Of course, you don't even know who Xena is. I think you'd like her. She taught me everything I know. You're a fighter just like her. I know you'll jump back from this. Zora, I need you–

Jherrazad Guard: Distant Intruder at the gate!

Gabrielle quickly stands to her feet and runs out of the infirmary.

Cut to: Tower Gate

Guards are standing with their muskets on Callisto when Gabrielle comes onto the scene. Joxer being the last one on the scene not believing his eyes.

Gabrielle: Callisto.

Callisto: Gabrielle, it's so wonderful to see you again. Did you cut your hair?

Gabrielle: Shoot her.

Callisto: Now, now, Gabby. Why would they want to shoot their Empress?

Callisto draws the Kasul showing it to the guards.

Gabrielle: It's a trick.

Jherrazad Guard: Then show us yours!

Callisto: Yeah, Gabby. Show the little man your big sword.

Gabrielle pauses, unsure of what to do before looking towards Joxer.

Gabrielle: Grab Zora and get her out of here!

Joxer runs back inside the tower as Gabrielle draws the fake Kasul and starts swinging at the guards, staying out of their muskets line of fire as she knocks them to the ground one by one.

Callisto: My turn.

Callisto jumps over the Jherrazad guards, landing next to Gabrielle and swinging the Kasul to meet Joxer's blade.

Gabrielle: Callisto, you need to lose that sword!

Callisto: And why would I want to do that?

The two continue to parry.

Gabrielle: The sword is evil! It corrupts anyone it touches!

Callisto: Sounds like my kind of weapon.

The two parry more, their blades meeting each other over their heads, down by their knees, and at the middle of their bodies. The guards reload their weapons and aim at Gabrielle who backflips away and takes out the chakram.

Callisto: What are you doing with Xena's chakram?

Gabrielle launches the chakram at the guards, the chakram smacking them on the heads and bouncing off the walls. Callisto reaches out to grab it, but half of it comes undone and continues to Gabrielle's hand while Callisto looks at the other half.

Callisto: That's different.

Gabrielle and Callisto jumps over each other, landing back to back and turning around striking one another with their half of the chakram. Gabrielle manages to reattach the chakram, now wrestling Callisto for it, kicking her repeatedly in the stomach forcing Callisto to lose her grip. Gabrielle exchanges the chakram for her sais and strike Callisto, Callisto quickly using the flat end of the Kasul to block the strikes and bringing the Kasul down forcing Gabrielle to leap away from its reach.

Callisto: When did you get good at fighting all of a sudden?

Gabrielle: Things change, Callisto.

Callisto: We'll see about that.

Callisto releases her battle cry and charges at Gabrielle to continue the fighting.

Cut to: Tower Infirmary

Joxer enters the infirmary and grabs Zora, holding her over his shoulder as he leaves the room to have Jherrazad guards block his path. He turns around to go the other way only to have more Jherrazad guards block his path. He looks around, the guards gaining on him, as he slips to the right causing the guards to run into each other as Joxer escapes down the stairs.

Cut to: Tower Gate

Gabrielle and Callisto battle continues. Gabrielle stays out of Callisto's range and connects with the hilts of the sais against her chest.

Callisto: What's the point of a weapon like that if you're not even going to use it properly?

Gabrielle sweeps down to trip Callisto, but Callisto spins around to the side and kicks Gabrielle onto the ground as soon as she gets up to her feet.

Callisto: Xena still has some things to teach you, I see. Where is my old friend, anyway? It's weird not seeing you two joined at the hip.

Gabrielle: Xena is dead, Callisto.

Callisto: What?

Gabrielle: Her body was turned to ashes in Jappa.

Callisto: No... No! I was supposed to kill Xena!

Gabrielle: It's over, Callisto!

Callisto: Oh no, Gabrielle. If I can't kill Xena then I'll kill her stupid little sidekick!

Callisto thrusts the Kasul, releasing a fireball from the tip of the blade and blasting it into Gabrielle's chest knocking her several feet through the air.

Callisto: Ooh, I like that. Let's see what else this baby can do!

Callisto slams the Kasul into the ground causing a massive earthquake that causes the tower to tremble, buildings in the city to collapse and people to fall to the ground hanging on for dear life. Gabrielle is unable to get back to her feet while Callisto laughs at the sight.

Callisto: This thing has been dying to come out!

Callisto rushes Gabrielle with super sonic speed, running back and forth to Gabrielle, striking her again and again, finally knocking her over with the final strike. Joxer comes out of the tower with Zora in hand and sees Gabrielle being beat up by Callisto.

Joxer: Gabrielle!

Callisto spots Joxer.

Gabrielle: Joxer, run!

Joxer tries to leave, but Callisto fires a block of ice at Joxer knocking him down to the ground, Zora rolling out of his arms and starting to come to.

Callisto: Today must be my lucky day. I get to kill the sidekick and the sideshow!

Callisto stands over Joxer aiming the Kasul for his throat.

Callisto: Now, how can I prolong your suffering the most?

Gabrielle: Leave him alone, Callisto! This is between you and me!

Callisto: Oh, you're wrong, Gabrielle. This is between you, me, and everyone you care about.

A weak Zora slowly reaches out for the wand that fell out of her pocket.

Callisto: Maybe I can give him the plague?

Listens to the Kasul's whispers.

Callisto: Oh, that's really good.

Zora grabs the wand and lifts it up.

Zora: Lumos Maxima!

Callisto turns and cover her eyes from a blinding flash of light. Gabrielle uses this moment to throw the chakram, disarming Callisto, and then running at her and jumping through the air delivering a hard kick to Callisto's chest knocking her into the desert sand. Gabrielle helps Joxer up to his feet and the two go to grab Zora.

Gabrielle: We need to leave now!

The three escape Jherrazad as Callisto is still on the ground suffering the aftermath of that kick. Jherrazad soldiers surround Callisto and try to help her only for her to slap their hands away.

Jherrazad Guard: My Empress, what may we do to assist you?

Callisto looks up at the guards angrily.

Callisto: After them, you idiots! I want Gabrielle and her friends dead!

Jherrazad Guard: At once, My Empress!

The guards run over to the camels. Callisto gets up to her feet and grabs the Kasul in her hand, climbing up on a camel and leading her new army on a charge after her enemy, letting out her familiar battle cry once again as they leave the city.

Cut to: Jherrazad Desert

Gabrielle, Zora, and Joxer are walking along the black desert, Gabrielle keeping a hand on Zora's shoulder as they move along.

Gabrielle: Good job back there, Zora. We couldn't have done it without you.

Zora: D-don't mention it.

Joxer: Now what do we do?

Zora: Tori and Zira shouldn't be too far off. Fukari was going to help Tori with her blindness in the desert. We could–

Gabrielle: No, Zora. You don't need to be in the desert any longer than necessary. We need to find a town so you can finish healing.

Zora: I'll be fine.

Gabrielle: My mind's made up, Zora. We're going to a town and you're going to get some more rest.

Zora: Has anyone ever told you you're as stubborn as a mule?

Gabrielle: Yes.

Gabrielle looks out into the distance, and we cut to Xena smiling at the three as they walk through the desert.

Zora: Are you ever going to tell me what you see when you're staring out into space?

Gabrielle: Maybe some other time.

Joxer: I'll tell you what I see, a great big pile of grapes ripe for the picking.

Gabrielle: That does sound good.

Joxer: A couple of apples, some oranges, and a nice juicy steak!

Zora: I just want a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans.

Gabrielle: Now, when you say every flavor?

Zora: I mean EVERY flavor.



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