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 Star Wars Old Republic

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PostSubject: Star Wars Old Republic   16th November 2011, 4:39 am

Star Wars: The Old Republic is bioware's newest baby and its looking to be quite amazing. If anyone is interested in getting into the beta test, Curse.com is giving away some beta keys right now.


You do need an account with Curse.com and the Star Wars Old Republic website. But, even if you didn't plan on buying the game when it comes out, but wanted to try it out, this is the best way to do so! I hope they haven't given them all out yet. SWTOR is gunna be super popular. Anything Star Wars usually is. Also, if you have played the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic games in the past, this will be a real treat. It feels a lot like an MMO like World of Warcraft, but at the same time can feel like playing a single player RPG like KOTOR.

The two factions are The Republic or The Empire. There are several classes to pick from ranging from Jedi Knights to Smugglers to Bounty Hunters to Sith. You can chose if you want to be light side or dark side based on your actions and conversations with NPCs. Each class has companions that you receive that fight along side with you and can do other tasks for you like crafting. Also, the space flight (at the moment) feels a lot like a Star Fox type space flight fighter. I haven't gotten to it, but I've seen it in action and it seems pretty fun.

Anyway, the game comes out December 20th! So you got a month to try it out!


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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars Old Republic   30th November 2011, 2:57 pm

Lol.. This is all my brother and dad have been talking about for the past few weeks. They used to play Star Wars Galaxies but SWG is being shut down December 15th so they need a new game to play. I got invited to play because I got invited to beta but it's not my cup of tea ^^
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Star Wars Old Republic

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