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 anime final's (favorite and disappointing)

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PostSubject: anime final's (favorite and disappointing)   24th January 2015, 8:19 am

OK so people have their favorite final episodes for an anime an they have the one's that disappoint them. This thread came to mind after I watched the final for Hakuouki second season. I do ask that spoilers in this case be put behind tags if at all possible because not everyone has seen all of these shows and may very well be interested in it.

My favorite would have to be the ending for yu yu Hakusho it was just a nice way to end the series. It was just a kind of feel good moment that everyone enjoys seeing from a group of friends that have been through as much as team Urameshi has. So I really really love this ending.

I did find myself rather disappointed with the Hakuouki Hekketsuroku. It started off great right where Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan left off and it just kept building and building until a final showdown. All of a sudden after 10 episodes it's over just over no real explenation as to whats happened to the characters leaveing it up to the watcher to figure the things out on their own and of course your also expected to just assume on whats happened to characters that you havn't seen for a bit so absolutly no idea what happened to them so it's just a wait when did that happen and how kind of moment. I don't know just with howmuch tensio build that happened within the last few scenes i was disappointed with how it ended personally i found the end to be anticlimactic and well as I said severely disappointing. It was a great show I will likely go back to in the future but they could have executed that ending better or just I don't know um add a few more episodes go back to those characters that you know nothing more about and um tell us whats happening with them.
Hakuouki Hekketsroku things I don't quit understand:

I don't know after all the build up leading to that final it all just seemed anticlimactic in the end so i think they could have worked that out a bit better.

So what are everyone else's favorite endings or some of the one's that you found yourself immensely disappointed with or both.


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anime final's (favorite and disappointing)

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