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 [Relaxed] Opposites Attract

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PostSubject: [Relaxed] Opposites Attract   29th January 2015, 8:34 pm

Name of the Storyline: Opposites Attract  
Name of the Creator(s): JupiterThunderCrash and Miss Moon Rose  
Forum: Silver Millennium
Plot Summary:
After rumors of an incoming threat against the Moon Kingdom reach Queen Serenity, she decides to take action before it's too late. She summons Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury and gives them a mission to neutralize it, as she deems them the only ones capable of working together and getting the task done in a short amount of time. She sends them off to the planet Venus, the alleged source of the problem. Now the two guardian senshi, who could not have less in common with each other, must try to get along on the adventure of a lifetime for the sake of their kingdom. But what consequences will this mission have on their relationship?  

Details on any necessary information: This will take place years before the end of the Silver Millennium, during the time the Sailor Senshi were still adjusting to their new duties as guardians of the Princess. Mercury and Jupiter's connection with each other will be explored as they try to get to the bottom of an evil plot brewing on Venus, and the aim is to end the RP with them going from distant comrades to being much closer, like a budding romance. 

Sailor Mercury- Miss Moon Rose
Sailor Jupiter- JupiterThunderCrash


Any canon characters besides Sailor Mercury and Jupiter will be NPCs, and there will be no otaku characters.
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PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] Opposites Attract   31st January 2015, 8:39 am

Sounds great to me! ^^ I'm sure you guys have discussed whether this will be a battle-heavy rp or a character-heavy rp and how you could work and mold the mission around that! I'm excited to see what's in store!

Approved by Uranus!


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[Relaxed] Opposites Attract

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