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 (Approved) Advanced Senshi/Prince: Chiba Mamoru / Tuxedo Kamen / Endymion

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PostSubject: (Approved) Advanced Senshi/Prince: Chiba Mamoru / Tuxedo Kamen / Endymion   30th January 2015, 3:21 pm

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Prince Endymion (past) - Chiba Mamoru (present civilian) - Tuxedo Kamen (present ally) - King Endymion (future - Crystal Tokyo)
Gender: Male
Age: 17-19

Date of Birth: August 3rd

Used Canons: 90's anime, manga, Sailor Moon Crystal

Appearance: Mamoru is a tall and lean young man. He has short black hair, styled so that it looks clean and cared for, but also a bit messy. His eyes are described as “midnight blue”, and in his previous lifetime as Prince Endymion that eye-color is what drew Princess Serenity in, reminding her of the Earth oceans she used to look at from her palace on the Moon. In their present lifetime, his eyes make Usagi feel like she’s known him before. Mamoru is not “macho”, but not “bishounen” either – he’s masculine without turning into a caricature. The clothes he wears depend on the lifetime we’re in, and the incarnation:

During the events of Silver Millennium, Prince Endymion wore a dark military uniform, with silver filigree designs around the torso. He had metal armor protecting his stomach, hips, knees and legs, and also wide metal shoulder pads. The outfit was completed with a long flowing cape: black on the outside and red on the inside. He carried a silver broadsword on his left side, held in place by two brown leather straps and a matching brown leather sheath.

As a civilian in the present day, his choice of clothes depends on the different depictions of the character. In the 90s anime he wore a black turtleneck shirt, purple pleated pants (the new Viz Media dub makes fun of them!) and a moss green jacket. He can also be seen in a light blue training suit with sleeves folded up, halfway between the shoulders and the elbows. Occasionally he may also wear different types of blue (baby blue and navy blue), but also fashion disasters such as a deep purple shirt with a high mint-green collar. In the manga and Crystal, he generally wears his school uniform: light grey pants, dark grey suit, a white shirt, black and silver belt, and a red tie. He also wears glasses: generally for his eyesight but sometimes also sunglasses. He can be seen carrying around books and reading in public places: the park, on the bus, etc. In both manga and Crystal, Mamoru carries around a star-shaped pocket watch.

In the future Silver Millennium of Crystal Tokyo, Mamoru becomes King Endymion, Neo-Queen Serenity’s husband, and father to Small Lady Serenity. His formal clothes now resemble a light-colored evening suit, with a flowing cape. The colors depend on the incarnation: in the 90s anime, his general color was light purple/lilac, coupled with white for the visible part of the shirt. In the manga, it looks like his entire outift is white, or a combination of light grey and white (with the inside of the cape being a lighter color than the outside). His shirt is decorated with filigree and on his torso he wears a collection of medals.

Personality: Much like his looks, the character’s personality depends on the different mediums where he is depicted, and on the period we see him in.

During the time of the Silver Millennium and the Golden Kingdom, Prince Endymion was the heir to the throne and the General of the Earth army. He was both a warrior, trained in battle, as well as a man of the court, mannered and educated. Given his studious nature, he was most likely a very good strategist, which leads one to conclude that he won his battles more through wits than through brute strength. The ladies of the court spoke highly of him, and whether realistic or romanticized, he was the subject of many tales that made their way to the people of the Moon Kingdom. Endymion had a strong bond with his four Generals, the Shitennou: Kunzite, Jadeite, Zoisite and Nephrite. Similar to Serenity’s four guardians, these young men grew up with the Prince, were his closest and most loyal servants, and were tasked with guarding his life and aiding him in making decisions. And just like the Sailor Senshi, the Shitennou have a very strong personal bond with their Prince: they are his friends, they share an almost brotherly connection. Later in the Moon Kingdom story, Endymion shows his intuitive, rebellious side, courting and falling in love with the Moon Princess, despite the fact that a Moon-Earth romance was taboo in their society. He’s loyal to his duties and orders, but only when they make sense to him: he is more loyal to doing the “right thing” than "what is done". In this case, he couldn’t possibly imagine how “love” could ever be “wrong”. He is courageous and protective, giving his life trying to save the Princess. During this time he is also one of the last remaining Earthlings not to’ve been brainwashed by Metallia.

In the 90s anime, Mamoru Chiba of the present day was older than the senshi (a college student, as opposed to a high school student). He first encountered Usagi when she threw her disaster of a test and it landed on his head. He joked about her bad grade and hairstyle and then continued to tease her every time they ran into each other. Mamoru was a bully to Usagi for the greater part of the first season, even though there were hints that he didn’t really “mind” her presence, or dislike her as a person – he just liked to see how wound up she’d get. Perhaps not intentionally, but this sort of behavior hints at emotional confusion within the character: bullying to show he liked someone. It should also be noted that apart from Usagi’s (and later Chibiusa’s) antics, Mamoru does not respond well to clinginess and bickering. When Rei Hino forcefully “dated” him for a while (even though he didn’t see it as “dating” and treated her more like a little sister than a lover), he seemed to be easily tired by her behavior and sometimes even tried to avoid her. However, he probably didn’t want to hurt Rei’s feelings by directly telling her to leave him alone. This also goes to show that he felt much more “in his element” with Usagi, daring to tell her anything that was on his mind (even if it could come off as mean); than he was with other people. Later in the story, after Mamoru and Usagi regain their past-life memories and become a couple, he mellows down and stops being mean to Usagi. Even so, his attitude in the anime sometimes resembles the way a brother would treat his sister, probably because of the age gap and the way their personalities are handled in the 90s anime, as opposed to Crystal and the manga.

As Tuxedo Kamen (90s anime) he is protective, but altogether not very useful. He usually acts as a Deus Ex Machina, showing up on window ledges and light posts and throwing a single red rose at the enemies, spewing out something “wise” and then running away without staying to watch the outcome of the fight. He only stays around to help if the girls can’t handle the situation on their own, if the enemy has somehow captured him, or if Sailor Moon needs to draw power from him.

In Crystal and the manga, the age gap between Mamoru and Usagi is smaller, and the “teasing” period is a lot shorter. In these incarnations, Mamoru never truly “bullies” Usagi, but teases her a few times and then starts to develop feelings towards her, both as Sailor Moon and as Usagi. It should also be noted that he figures out her identity a lot earlier, around chapters/episodes 2-4. He appreciates Usagi for who she is and not for their past, which he remembers later on. He is more affectionate and supportive and shows a lot more respect for her as a soldier. In fact, he even comments that she and her friends have powers that they can use in battle, while he is just a regular guy. Despite that lack of respect for his own abilities, he does jump to protect Sailor Moon with his bare fists, against enemies with magical powers. This shows bravery, protectiveness, stubbornness, but also proves him to be foolish when emotional. Overall he is much more invested in his relationship with Usagi and treats her with a lot more respect than his 90s counterpart.

As King Endymion, he is a husband, father and rules Crystal Tokyo together with Neo-Queen Serenity. Not much is said about his personality in the future, but it’s clear that he continues to love his family deeply. Diana does however mention that the King and Queen always get sick right before a big fancy event and then their health is restored immediately after the event is over. This shows a playful side to the royal family and perhaps hints that his former Golden Kingdom personality shines through his King form more than it did through his Mamoru and Tuxedo Kamen forms: a little bit rebellious; a little bit indifferent to "social norms".

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Mamoru does not have the “sparkly” powers the girls have, but he is attuned to Nature and the Earth. Whether in his Tuxedo Kamen or his Mamoru form, he is the carrier of the Golden Crystal, which is the star seed of the Earth and a very powerful crystal, similar to the Silver Crystal. Because of this, he can use psychometry: he can touch people or objects and see their memories or thoughts. Mamoru also has healing abilities, as shown on occasion - one of his school-mates notices this and becomes suspicious of him. He can also touch the ground and find things and people all over the Earth (for example, find the fallen senshi after a battle), and because of his connection to the planet, the state of his health can be heavily influenced by the health of the Earth itself. This “ability” manifests itself when dark powers take hold of the planet and when sunlight fails to feed its energy to Nature.

History: The character’s history starts during the time of Silver Millennium. Endymion was born to the royal family of the Earth (the Golden Kingdom) and spent most of his life in the Terranean capital Elysion. He was the heir to the throne and early on he was trained in combat, strategy, as well as all of the courtly areas that a crowned prince should master. He was the General of the Terranean army, and best friend and leader to the four Shitennou. One day he met Serenity, the Moon Princess, and the two of them fell in love, despite the social rule that Moon-Earth relationships were forbidden. They were happy for a while, until the villain Metallia brainwashed Beryl (a lady of his court who had a crush on him) and the other earthlings, to do her bidding and to attack the Moon Kingdom. Endymion died protecting Princess Serenity and she followed him shortly after, via suicide. It is at this time that Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom placed a spell to assure that her daughter, her daughter’s lover and all of her guardians would reincarnate and live their lives together in a peaceful time.

Thus, Prince Endymion is reborn in modern-day Tokyo as Mamoru Chiba.

However, as Mamoru Chiba, his life takes a wrong turn when his parents die on his 6th birthday. The three of them were in a car accident, and Mamoru was the only survivor. He loses all memories of his life up until that point, and with them, the memories of his parents and a warm home. Mamoru then lives in an orphanage for a few years, until moving into his own apartment and attending high school. He dreams of becoming a doctor, but in truth he likes to read about a multitude of different subjects, not just medicine. He starts dreaming of a young woman, who asks him to find the Silver Crystal for her. Without fully understanding “why” himself, Mamoru dons a tuxedo and a mask and sets out to look for the legendary stone.

Mamoru first meets Usagi when her failed test lands on his head, and then they keep bumping into one another. In Crystal and the manga he quickly pieces together who Sailor Moon really is, and a connection between the two forms fast, despite everyone else’s suspicions that Tuxedo Kamen may be an enemy instead of an ally. However, he is kidnapped and brainwashed by the Dark Kingdom, and thus forced to fight his lover and her friends. Throughout the story, the character is kidnapped, brainwashed or manipulated several times, often serving the role of “damsel in distress”. Mamoru also gets to meet his and Usagi’s daughter, Chibiusa (Small Lady Serenity), and gets a glimpse of their future in Crystal Tokyo.

In the future following the Sailor Moon series, a disaster strikes the Earth and Usagi manages to save its inhabitants and make them almost immortal. King Endymion rules the new Crystal Tokyo together with his wife (now Neo-Queen Serenity) and their lives go smoothly until the Black Moon clan hits and Chibiusa is sent back in time to get help from the past Sailor Moon. After the enemies are defeated, Endymion and Serenity carry on with their lives and watch their daughter grow into a young woman and evolving senshi.

Star Sign: Leo
Favorite Gem: Jadeite, Nephrite, Kunzite, Zoisite
Favorite Flower: Red Roses
Storyline Specific Information: ---

"Senshi" Information:
According to the word of Naoko Takeuchi, men cannot be "senshi". However, Mamoru holds the Golden Crystal and is able to access its powers, obviously has a very strong bond to his planet and is pretty much the male equivalent of a "Sailor Earth". So I will keep the word "senshi" word in this profile, but will not refer to him as such in actual writing.

"Senshi" Name: Tuxedo Kamen / Tuxedo Mask
Realm of Influence: The Earth

Henshin/Transformation PhraseHe does not have a transformation "phrase" - at the beginning he just dresses himself in his costume and mask (Usagi sees his outfit on his chair when she first "visits" him, and he's wearing it the first time they meet) and later on he transforms without a fixed phrase. In the 90s anime his transformation includes flying rose petals, his top hat flying around, and "castanets" music in the background.  

"Senshi" Clothes: As Tuxedo Kamen, Mamoru wears a black tuxedo with a white shirt, a cape, a white mask over his eyes, and sometimes a top hat. He wears a white bow-tie and a golden medal around his collar, tied with a red band. His cape is black on the outside and red on the inside, similar to his Endymion cape. In the manga and Crystal, Mamoru also wears a star-shaped pocket-watch. In the '90s anime he carries a cane. 
·         Psychic powers and psychometry – Used in both civilian and "senshi" form. He can see images and memories when touching objects or people. He can search for people or things on the entire surface of the Earth. He is attuned to the state of the planet and his health increases or decreases together with the health of the Earth.   
·         Healing Powers – Mamoru can use his powers to heal himself and others. However, the extent of his healing abilities depends on the severity of the wounds/illnesses in question.
·         Roses – He can conjure up sharp red roses from thin air, and use them as darts against an enemy or to block an enemy's attack. 
·         Cane Attack – 90s anime Mamoru carries around a black cane that he can use as a sword, shield, or that he can extend to his will. 
·         Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber – A potentially lethal blast of energy.

Weapons or Magical Items: 
·         Roses – '90s Anime only
·         Cane – '90s Anime only
·         Broadsword – As Prince Endymion
·         Sword/Rod Item – As King Endymion

RP Sample: Mamoru sat down on the park bench and took out his book. He was on time – not a minute sooner or later than the agreed upon hour. But he was meeting Usagi, so he wasn’t surprised to find himself alone for a while. It was a warm spring day and somewhere behind those trees some kids were playing – he could hear their laughter echoing through the park. Mamoru zoned out thinking about his daughter --- errr... “future” daughter. What a weird situation this was. What a messed up life he and Usagi had. Meeting his daughter before having a daughter, and raising her both in his adolescent form and in his grown form centuries later... Weird, weird, weird. But he loved Chibiusa all the same. In fact, maybe it was better this way. He and Usagi grew to love her as a person and not just because she was “theirs” – and only after the connection had formed, did they discover the weird truth about the young girl’s parentage. But then, he had such a warped vision of parenthood to start with... In fact, his past seemed as abstract and weird to him as his future: nothing supernatural here. Just amnesia... And yet, his perfectly normal amnesia had taken away all knowledge of a home and a loving family. A small smile formed in the corners of his mouth: he felt a weight lifting off his shoulders every time he realized that his daughter would never have to go through all of that. Knowing the future has advantages and disadvantages, but among the truly great advantages was the reassurance that your children will be alright.


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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) Advanced Senshi/Prince: Chiba Mamoru / Tuxedo Kamen / Endymion   31st January 2015, 1:27 pm

Approved! Smile


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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) Advanced Senshi/Prince: Chiba Mamoru / Tuxedo Kamen / Endymion   31st January 2015, 1:45 pm

Thank you! Very Happy


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(Approved) Advanced Senshi/Prince: Chiba Mamoru / Tuxedo Kamen / Endymion

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