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 Advanced Civilian: Tesherin

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PostSubject: Advanced Civilian: Tesherin   1st February 2015, 12:14 pm

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Tesherin Walker
Gender: Male
Age and Date of Birth: 19, Febrary 3rd
Used Canons: N/A - From an AU manga-verse

Appearance: Just from glancing at Tesherin, one might not ever guess that he was from a long line of military families and had spent his entire life jumping from base to base, from military-run school to school; with shaggy dark brown hair and light-lined, highly styled facial hair lining his jaw, chin, and upper lip, you’d think he’d come from a line of musicians rather than war strategists – tall musicians at that. His height is somewhere between 6’2 and 6’3, and he’s not afraid to use it to his advantage when playing with people, especially when teasing kids. Despite Tesherin’s laid-back style, his military upbringing shines through in his general demeanor, such as his stance and his quick reactions, and the fitness of his body toned through military-school exercises and punishments. But of all of his physical characteristics, what most people remember about Tesh are his light green eyes, for with the darker green lining the outside of his iris, they are quite striking.

Tesh is often seen in the outfit he wore when the word ended: a pair of cargo pants and a black tee-shirt. While adorned with several accessories, such as his earthy hemp-and-beads necklaces and a thick leather bracelet, he doesn’t seem too attached to anything but a silver thumb ring.

Personality: Tesh’s main strength is his charisma, a magnetic pull he has between himself and whomever he’s talking with, a charm he can turn on and off, but mostly leaves on for his own benefit – he likes letting people know they’re wanted and accepted, and enjoys harmless flirting just to put smiles on ladies’ faces; whether old or young or his age, he likes making girls twitter, though strives to make it clear that he doesn’t really mean anything by it. While he does have traits and skills he prides himself on – his singing for example – his inner confidence stems mainly from knowing and liking who he is, and not really caring whether others like him or not. An effect of this confidence is that Tesh is often bold with his ideas and notions, and will make his voice heard if he feels strongly about something, and is quick to back up someone with a good idea. Part of his charm is his mischievous streak – a love of small, harmless pranks to brighten his (or his companions’) day.

He generally dislikes tiffs between people; he’d prefer to either stop the fight before words turn heated, or to just walk away and not bother himself if he knows the verbal battle to be inevitable. Having some combat training, he’ll use it if he or someone undeserving of a fight is threatened.

Tesh is calmest when he is actively doing something – whether mentally or physically, if he’s thinking or doing he’s generally calm and even tempered. He’s got a long fuse and can take quite a bit of pestering before he actually gets angry. Having grown up in various atmospheres and never getting particularly close with anyone in particular (except his sister), when Tesh is angry or sad, he keeps it to himself. Rather than lashing out, he grows quiet and sullen and a little more than grumpy.
Strengths: Decisiveness, Charisma
Weaknesses: Easily Distracted, Occasionally competitive
Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Tesh plays the guitar and the piano, and can sing rather well.
History: Tesherin was born overseas on a military base, and it seemed that no matter where they went or how often they moved, he was always at a military base. From tropics to northern climates, Tesherin’s father and mother were shipped from one area to another throughout his entire life. He met hundreds of people, attended dozens of schools, and, for the most part, he was just fine with that. A new place meant new adventures, and while he never got to keep his friends for very long, he did get to meet and grow to understand a lot of different people. 
When he reached his latter teens and his parents began to concern themselves with his college education, they took a family trip to visit relatives in Star City. It was rather apparent that Tesherin wasn’t the military type (which was okay with them; his sister, Kenna, was more than interested in following in their footsteps) and they wanted the best for him, so they were looking into a state college centered in Star City with a variety of offered majors; music theory and production among them.
… however, the trip lasted longer than planned when the Dark Moon attacked.

After the devastating destruction, Tesherin was alone. He had been out on a walk at the time, and was pulled inside an alcove by a good Samaritan when the bombs – or whatever they were – started to fall. Afterwards, sticking with the older man who had saved him, Tesh went back to his aunt’s apartment complex to find the place in shambles. He joined in the effort to find survivors, but by the end of the three day search, his family were not among the 20 pulled from the wreckage.
He was ‘adopted’ into another family of sorts – a large family. A family of survivors – a family that would continue on no matter what. They didn’t know what their big plan was – do they fight the new regime? Do they join it? Do they run away? – but they knew they would be in it together.
The night of the announcement, Tesh made up his mind: he would fight. He had been in the apartment building that housed a large number of survivors and had been there when the group’s leader came forward and actually put a plan together – his words were important, and Tesh would side with him. So he signed up for the Resistance, and decided to split his time between Cross’s forces and the people who helped him out.

Other Noteworthy Facts:  Blood Type : O
Orientation : Straight
Significant Other: None
Pet : None
Fears : This is it. This is all there is to life anymore, and there isn’t any hope of a real future for any of them. The Aliens have won.
Desires : his family is alive out there somewhere – that they got out okay. A free Earth. Some amount of normalcy.
Habits : Loses eye-contact when bored with a conversation. 
Pet Peeves : People who lose eye-contact with him when he’s talking to them. (haha); being ignored, being written off.
Storyline Specific Information: After the destruction of much of Star City, it seems citizens have three choices laid out before them: 
Give in, move into New Nemesis, and live under the rule of the Black Moon Clan. 
Hide; stay where they are in Star City, or flee the area altogether, else survive by whatever means necessary until this crisis sorts itself out. 
Fight. Join the Resistance, and take back Earth. 
Tesherin has chosen option three.
RP Sample: The sounds of soft static were the first he heard when he woke up, and the sound sent a ripple of anxiety though him. He rolled over onto his back and sat up, propping himself on his elbow, his eyes immediately finding his lifeline and staring hard at it. The radio was dark. No red transmission light, despite the static; he began to relax - that meant a message wasn't trying and failing to get through. That meant no one was in danger, no one had been found by the Droids. He rubbed his face with his hands to wake up, yawning mightily. When he finished his mind finally placed the static noise.

It was raining.

He turned around, looking out the small gap between the curtains and boards, and barely saw the grey sky above through the grime that coated the windows. It was raining debris; all the concrete ash that had been hanging over the city was falling back down... all their efforts to clean things up a bit were officially a waste. He chuckled at the thought, venting his frustration with laughter. Melvin was going to love this. But, maybe... maybe this could mean clean drinking water, if they could find a way to sort out the bad stuff. He considered, thinking back to science classes on the base - maybe if they waited long enough, the silt would separate from standing water, and they could treat it with iodine, and then... 

He stood, threw on his tee-shirt, and grabbed his radio before walking out of the room.


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PostSubject: Re: Advanced Civilian: Tesherin   5th February 2015, 10:23 pm

I enjoyed reading this profile! I find it ironic that he was never into the whole military stuff, and actually almost seems like the sensitive guy with his love for music and all, but now he's decided to join the resistance. But I think he's got the making of a leader as well, so this should be interesting.



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Advanced Civilian: Tesherin

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