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 (Approved) Advanced: Chiba Mamoru/Endymion

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PostSubject: (Approved) Advanced: Chiba Mamoru/Endymion   9th February 2015, 12:47 pm

General Information
Name: Chiba Mamoru
Gender: M

Birthday: August 3rd
Age: 17-19
Birthplace: Tokyo
Canons Used: Manga, Crystal, original anime

Physical Description (include clothing generally worn): Mamoru is fairly tall at 5'9”. He has dark hair, blue eyes and neutral skin tone. Generally he is pale but in good shape as other students at his school have mentioned his athletic prowess. His usual wardrobe consists of dark clothing or earth tones, patterned dress shirts w/ nice pants, and ofccasionally tuxedos at times even when not active as Tuxedo Mask.

Personality: Mamoru is a reserved person but very kind and compassionate. He is very intelligent and admired by the students at his high school. He also has a friendly, big brother-like connection with the Inner Senshi, in addition to his passionate love for Usagi. Usually he is the voice of reason, figuring out threats and difficult situations at about the same speed as Sailor Mercury. Mamoru has a strong intuition that helps guide him as well due to his connection with the planet Earth and his psychometric abilities. His strongest driving force is his love for Usagi and Chibiusa. He would do anything to protect and support them in their civilian and Senshi lives, even at the cost of his own. He fully believes in Usagi and provides her rock for support from which her power can shine to overcome practically anything.

As Prince Endymion, he was a just and noble prince. Peace was the foremost of his goals both for his own home world and that of the Moon Kingdom. His love for Princess Serenity of the Moon was also a guiding force and helped reinforce his desire for peace. However, he may not have been as intuitive as his reborn self, since he seemed unaware of Beryl's unrequited feelings.

King Endymion of the future Crystal Tokyo is the fusion of both his past and present selves. As King he supports peace for Crystal Tokyo and the solar system but retains his intuitive abilities as Tuxedo Mask as shown when he provides hints and suggestions to his present-day self to lead the Senshi to Crystal Tokyo and to reveal necessary information about the future without giving away too many details. He (and the Queen) also retain some of their younger/present-day personalities by feigning illness or busy-ness to opt out of tedious diplomatic proceedings.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Mamoru can interpret dreams, sharing healing energy with others, and has an underlying connection to the planet Earth.

History: In his past life, Mamoru Chiba was Endymion, Prince of Earth. His family presided over the united peoples of the planet, and he had four generals underneath of him, the Shitennou. Love came his way when Serenity, the Princess of the Moon came down to Earth and they met in the courtyard of his family’s castle. From there they fell in love and continued to see each other often. However, there love was not able to overcome all. Another Earth woman was jealous of his feelings for Serenity, which allowed an evil energy being Metalia to possess her and turn the people of Earth against the Moon Kingdom. Endymion was killed protecting Serenity from Beryl’s killing blow and Serenity killed herself in despair immediately. By the power of Queen Serenity of the Moon and the Legendary Silver Crystal, Serenity and Endymion were reborn on Earth in the present day.

Mamoru had a normal childhood upon his reincarnation, as an only child to two loving parents. Tragedy was unfortunately not far behind once again, as his parents were killed in a car crash on his 6th birthday and he emerged with amnesia. Mamoru has since lived alone, becoming very involved in school and admired amongst his fellow students. In later high school, he began having strange dreams about a woman calling out to him and mentioning an object called the Legendary Silver Crystal. The dreams compelled him to begin searching at night as Tuxedo Mask to locate this mysterious object.

His life would change once more when a clumsy girl with hair styled into odango, Usagi Tsukino, bumped into him outside of Crown Game Corner. Soon after, he began meeting Sailor Moon, a mysterious guardian of justice that was saving the world from the inhuman monsters and also searching for the mysterious Silver Crystal. Over time, his dreams became clearer and when the search for the Silver Crystal came to a head, he discovered that the girl with odango hair was Sailor Moon and also the lost love of his past life, Princess Serenity of the Moon. Shortly after regaining his memories, he was brainwashed and made a servant of the Dark Kingdom, sent back to Earth to confuse the Senshi and recover the Silver Crystal. In the end, Sailor Moon restored his memories and defeated the evil of the Dark Kingdom with his support.

Mamoru would go on to fight alongside the Sailor Senshi against the Black Moon Clan from the future, the Death Busters from a faraway solar system, and the Dead Moon Clan. It was after overcoming these enemies that he and Usagi were formally installed as the rulers of their Solar System, sending out a beacon of light and hope to the galaxy. However, their happiness was short-lived, as their light attracted the attention of Sailor Galaxia who stole Mamoru’s sailor crystal in front of Usagi’s eyes, effectively killing him. Usagi blocked this memory, but overtime worked her way to the Galaxy Cauldron, foiling Galaxia’s power play and triumphing over Chaos to save all her loved ones and resume their lives on Earth. A few years later he and Usagi were finally married.
Storyline Specific Information: 

Boys and Knights (written by Yamichan):

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Tuxedo Mask

Senshi Fuku: A black tuxedo with a white mask and black top hat. He also has a black cape with red fabric underneath.


- Wordless transformation with a rose in the anime

- Psychometry: He can have visions of the past and future by making contact with certain objects or people. This connection is also used to sustain Chibiusa’s life force when she is rendered comatose by the Death Busters. Mamoru can use this power to sense the state of his home planet.

-Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber: Tuxedo Mask fires concussive energy blasts from his hands. 

Weapons or Magical Items: 
- Golden Crystal: Sailor Crystal of Earth, granting him his abilities

- King’s staff (upon coronation)
- Gentleman’s walking stick: used for engaging enemies and fending off projectiles
- Roses (anime-only) to distract enemies and give Sailor Moon the upper hand

Guardian: N/A 

RP Sample: 

A warm wind blew in softly from the harbor. Mamoru walked slowly along the sidewalk as the sun inched toward setting, trying to decide what he could say during his impending meeting. The Senshi of the Outer Planets had asked to meet with him, now that there was no more hiding of secret identities, but he was not particularly clear why. Perhaps they thought he could convince Sailor Moon and the others not to interfere any more with the Death Busters? That was fruitless, he knew. A small smile crept across his face as he thought of Usako's determination to save everyone. Uranus and Neptune didn't believe in her power though, and he couldn't find the words to help them understand.  

He also knew how much it pained Usako to be at odds with Haruka and Michiru. They had spent so much time getting to know each other prior to the revelation that the thought of them as Senshi both excited her and gave her cause for sorrow upon their rejection of combining forces against the Death Buster.

Setsuna surprised him, on the other hand. She knew of Usagi's strength in purifying the Black Moon Clan in the future and what good she would bring as Neo-Queen Serenity in the 30th Century. So why had she sided with Uranus and Neptune?

Mamoru looked up at the sky and saw the moon beginning to rise in the darkening East, and smiled again. Looking at the moon always inspired him even when Usako wasn't around. He held onto that feeling she inspired and him and knew he would come up with the words, if only the Outer Senshi would be open to listening. At that, he increased his pace to the designated meeting spot.

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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) Advanced: Chiba Mamoru/Endymion   21st February 2015, 10:51 am

Approved. Smile

For future cases, please feel free to bump your character submission thread when the profile is ready for review. Smile (Also, just a tiny note: I noticed few places in the physical description where Mamoru was accidentally called by another pronoun.)


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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) Advanced: Chiba Mamoru/Endymion   21st February 2015, 1:58 pm

Thanks, I took a past character submission for formatting purposes and thought I might have not deleted a few pronoun mismatches.


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(Approved) Advanced: Chiba Mamoru/Endymion

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