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 Otome Games

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Honestly, I’ve never fit in with the world. I was always alone.
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PostSubject: Otome Games   Otome Games I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 16, 2015 11:41 am

Wiki wrote:
An otome game (乙女ゲーム otome gēmu?, literally "girl game") is a story based video game that is targeted towards the female market. Generally one of the goals, besides the main plot goal, is to develop a romantic relationship between the female player character and one of several male, or occasionally female characters. This genre is most established in Japan, and is mostly made up of visual novels and simulation games (particularly dating sims).

So I play 3 Otome games. I was wondering if anyone out there would be interested in playing along with me. I have invite codes that if used gets us both nice goodies.

These are the games I play(on my Kindle)
The Cinderella Contract
Otome Games Asena1
Google Play wrote:
Arith-metic, the people who brought you the popular romantic simulation games that have caused millions of hearts to flutter, offers their newest Otome Game, ""The Cinderella Contract"" for digital release!
Hot princes offer you marriage contracts...
A love story unfolds with each unique prince. 
Which one will you choose in the end...?

Quote :
But it's not all about romance!
The game is jam-packed with cute avatars!
Play dress-up and experience the fun life of a princess!

You, a linguistically gifted correspondent, go with a client
to a party filled with foreign socialites.
Wait, are those hot socialites also princes!?
These gorgeous guys clamor around poor, disoriented you.
You let a prince escort you the rest of the evening, which passes like a dream.

Then, the next day...
You're about to fly back home, when you get caught up in an investigation! 
Coming to your rescue is a prince from last night...!?
And what's more, he demands that you enter a contract marriage with him as thanks...

You can't turn down his command!
Will you find true love at the end of the aisle?
Or will you find...

[The wicked, sadistic prince: Yuri]
This prince has a devilish side lurking under his sweet smile.
He claims it was love at first sight!? Not that you mind a prince saying he loves you...
But you just met him; how can this be...!?

[The innocent, nurturing prince: Yelisei]
Yuri's younger brother, the complete opposite in personality. Pure-hearted and always smiling.
You're happy to gain a nice little brother, but his childish, overbearing antics are a bit much!?
His large stature doesn't make you feel any safer, either...

[The pushy, alpha-male prince: Claude]
This blue-eyed blond would be a textbook-perfect handsome prince if he weren't so pushy and arrogant.
He pushes you to marry him and become a saint...
Everything is forcibly stolen from you...!?

[The mysterious clergyman: Lugar]
This cardinal is soft-spoken, but it's unclear what's really in his mind.
At the center of church politics, Claude opposes him and warns you to stay away...
But what if Lugar, suspecting you're not a true saint, comes to investigate...!?

[The strong-willed hot-cold prince: Cyril]
Is his rough, un-princelike speech just a way of covering his shyness?
He makes pretty bold statements, but his demeanor seems clumsy...
He says, ""you should just fall in love with me."" What's that supposed to mean...!?

[The dynamic, older prince: Maynard]
Rebellious Cyril's gentle, yet firm Dad.
Though his relationship with his son is strained, he's always nice to you...
You come to rely on him for his maturity more and more...?

It's free and easy to play! Perfect for you if you:
Love a good Cinderella story.
Love romantic comics and movies.
Find the idea of a surprise marriage appealing.
Naturally, this game will also entertain the most seasoned Otome gamers!!

※ Play basically is free. However, you have to charged a fee if you
enjoy special scenario, the avatar part.

Fairy Love Tale
Otome Games Th?id=HN.608015594024536726&pid=1
Google Play wrote:
【A simple explanation】
"I told you that I fell in love with you at first sight, didn't I? so I won't let you go to other princes."
You were taken by the white rabbit of Alice in Wonderland,
then became the queen of the fairy tale world!
The forbidden love game with the seven princes has finally been released! 
Free dating sim!

Quote :

【Detailed explanation】

Got taken by the white rabbit of Alice in Wonderland――then you became the queen of the fariy tale world!
The forbidden love♥️game with seven princes from fairy tales has finally been released!
As the queen of the fairy tale world, you open the forbidden door to rescue the world――
The shocking ending is waiting for you――!?

【The Main Story】
Before the due date of tasks, you were nodding in the office because of tiredness. All at once a white rabbit appeared in front of you, and the rabbit took the important document and then started to run away!
You were running after the rabbit to get that document back, and when you got out from the office, you were suddenly fallen into the mysterious black ground……。 
When you woke up, you realized where you were was a castle!?
You were regarded as a queen of the fairy tale world, and got proposed by the seven princes――!?
In confusion, you would have to choose one prince to become your partner and also the king of the fairy tale world――

【The handsome princes who will be the fianc of you】
In the Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale, the seven princes from the famous fairytales showed up!

■Albert(The classic prince from Cinderella)
"I would like to be with you forever. Can I hope this...?"
■Luca(The forceful prince from Little Red Riding Hood)
"I told you that I fell in love with you at first sight, didn't I? so I won't let you go to other princes."
■Leonhardt(The cool prince from Beauty and the Beast)
"Don't touch me too much, I might be under an illusion……"
■Ferris(The self-centred prince from Sleeping Beauty)
"Don't forget that from the moment when I met you for the first time, you have belonged to me."
■Elio(The tender prince from the Snow White)
"What do you want me to do for you? Well, ok, I'll love you more."
■Silvio(The very sadistic prince from the Blue Kingdom)
"What a nice reaction. Queen, I feel like I really want to……harass you"
■Kite(The hot&cold prince from the Snow Kingdom)
"If I was your lover, would you depend on me……?"
■Harold(The white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland)
"Tell me anything. I am here for you."

The splendor love♥dating game on the fairy tale world with lots of handsome characters!
【The system of love♥️dating game】
It's simple even though you are playing this for the first time!
Use the story tickets which will be provided everyday, and progress the story. You can progress five stories per day.
Moreover, by login everyday, you can get useful items for progressing the game!
If you faced with a Love Mission in the middle of the story, co-operate with your friends and do the Love Lesson then gather&save the Elegance points!
This love♥️dating game has lots of events, cute and lovely avatars so you can play with them as well! Be the princess, dress up and get more and more friends. The Limited-time offer event provides special stories and luxurious avatars!
Not only the princess avatar, but also you can play with the prince avatar!
※Basically, it is a free game. However, there will be some charged items which will help you to progress the story smooth.

My Forbidden Love
Otome Games 81gpJczXDrL
In the story you are an ordinary citizen but become a celebrity out of the blue one day.
You are now in the center of the whole attention of your butlers and superiors... and before you know it you fall in love with them.

I really love thee games they are fun and interesting. If anyone wants to play message me and I can get you invite codes Smile


Otome Games HikariDemand
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Honestly, I’ve never fit in with the world. I was always alone.
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Age : 28

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PostSubject: Re: Otome Games   Otome Games I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2016 11:19 pm

any one playing otome games out there?


Otome Games HikariDemand
  Sigs by Mercury, NQS, Venus, mystery, and green pea. Avie by Sunyeons
 Otome Games 3120549547  Yumi's forum wife Otome Games 3120549547  Batgirl's soul sis
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Leg Lamp Power, Make Up!
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PostSubject: Re: Otome Games   Otome Games I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2016 8:58 am

I never have, but does Hatoful Boyfriend count as otome? I've never played, but the concept is hilarious. All the pretty birds!


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PostSubject: Re: Otome Games   Otome Games I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2016 11:14 am

Yes hatoful boyfriend counts and the games true ending/path will stick with you forever.

Some otome games I own, note I haven't gotten to them all yet. The link will send you to the steam page where you can find more info about the game.

Hakuoki, memories of the shinsengumi for the 3ds
Blue rose
Cafe 0 ~ The Drowned Mermaid
Duplicity~beyond the lies
The East tower series; played in best order for story completion
How to Take off your mask
The Men of Yoahiwara:Kikuya
The Men of Yoshiwara:Ohgiya
My Lady
Pyrite Heart
The Royal Trap
[url=]Seduce Me
Serafina's Crown


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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : Batgirl, Batgirl, watcha gonna do?~Dubbed Sailor Potassium Monkey~
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PostSubject: Re: Otome Games   Otome Games I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2016 11:38 am

I used to play these! I will definitely look in to these recommendations when I can. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Otome Games   Otome Games I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2016 12:30 pm

I love Royal Trap. Generally I love all visual novel games by Hanako Games, though Long Live The Queen isn't really a dating sim (but also a great game). Date Warp is a bit odd and doesn't offer much of an interesting story though.


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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: Otome Games   Otome Games I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 08, 2018 11:29 pm

I love Otome Games and I play them all the time too, but only the free ones since I don't have money to buy the paid ones. My favorite Otome Games that I played so far are the ones made by Hanabi Media such as, Love Triangle Hot Rommies, Ghost Love, Love Cuts, Love Triangle Begin Again, Love Triangle Heartstrings, and Love Magic which are all mobile Otome Game and the good thing is that they are all free. I also play Otome Games on the PC as well and if anyone can recommend me some free Otome Games, I would really appreciate it since I am looking for some new Otome Games to play right now.


Otome Games Sailor10
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: Otome Games   Otome Games I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 09, 2018 12:20 am

ah, i like playing mobile otome games in my spare time! In high school I played one called Midnight Cinderella! The story was pretty interesting, the music and art was good, and you had a little avatar you could dress up and I. Was. Stylin. Also, sometimes it would glitch and you were like. Talking to a floating head or something, so that was fun.

I also played Mystic Messenger; it's super fun (Jaehee is my favorite <3), especially since I had a lot of other friends playing so we would compare/complain about certain characters. I beat all of the routes and then deleted it, so when then they came out with more routed, I'd already lost my progress, so I haven't played since.

I've messed with some others but those are the only ones I've seriously played and beaten multiple routes.


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Otome Games

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